Suarez out of Newcastle match


Luis Suarez has been handed a one match ban for a gesture he made towards Fulham fans and will now miss Friday night’s match against Newcastle.

He has also been fined £20,000 by the Football Association.

Hypocrisy is becoming a speciality for the FA:

Guess which of the above resulted in action, and which ones didnt?

9 May 2011: Manchester United and England player Wayne Rooney is photographed and videotaped making a clear V-sign toward Chelsea fans. FA decides not to take action.

17 December 2007: Chelsea and England player Ashley Cole is photographed making a clear V-sign toward Arsenal fans. There is no immediately available record of the FA taking any action.

19 January 2010: Manchester United and England player Gary Neville is photographed clearly extending a middle finger toward Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez in full view of fans, at the end of a heated local derby. There is no immediately available record of the FA taking any action.

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  • Dawnielee69

    All i can say is who our these people who gave Suarez this rediculous ban? and what teams do these so called people of the football asociation support?. I hope these questions have been asked, are these people unbiased towards our club? is this a linch mob of stuck up Southerners, or even worse, maybe Mancheser united corrupt agents? who knows alls i know that once again we are been treated disgracefully again by this kangaroo court of a so called F.A officials. Its about time we stood up to these people and maybe sign a petition against the ruleing of the F.A s 8match ban thats been given against Luis Suarez, and the question needs to be asked how did the come to this 8match ban decision?. And we need this action to start A.S.A.P. Were entitled to to know the answers to these questions and lets not let these people get away with this, because this will open a big can of worms and maybe these people will be brought to justice for fixing this rediculous ban on our Player and Club. Y.N.W.A.

  • Anonymous

    Suarez was charged by the F.A. and admitted his guilt. He has accepted his ban. Surely given recent events the club must have known they would be under the microscope. 

  • Beyuxy

    Suarez need to be patient becos is not a british  as well so if day cant not ban Rooney and Anshey

  • B-mcann

    Another clear showing of the wonderful organisation that is the FA well done lads you guys really don’t try to hid the fact that if your an England international its perfectly ok to make finger gestures with no consequence to there actions while saying to the rest of the multidude of nationality’s within the league here is a 1 match ban and a fine. Are you guys having a laugh..