Focus on: Andy Carroll vs Bolton (21 Jan)

We take a look at the stats of Liverpool striker Andy Carroll in the Reds’ 3-1 defeat at Bolton on Saturday.

Is Carroll cutting the mustard? Leave your thoughts and opinion in the comments below this article, or tweet us @thisisanfield.


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  • Anonymous

    At 72 yrs old you can keep all your “stats”. I know a player who is able and I know a player who isn’t – and Carroll is in the “isn’t” class.Carry on with you stats though it will be interesting when we get to the bottom of the table once more! As an old-fashioned fan I just know that he , Adam, Henderson and Downing are simply poor,poor players! We are bound nowhere with them..

  • Adrian Leigh

    sell him cut our losses Adam Morgan shud be giving a chance cudn’t be any worse dan carroll

  • Razor Rae

    The truth of the matter is that unfortunately Andy Carroll is not a trade mark Liverpool FC kind of striker , its all good blaming others for the poor supply of crosses for the big man to profit from but it’s about time the big man makes a few chances of his own . You can’t wear the Liverpool No9 & blame the lack of service for your poor performance in front of goal what about the poor finishing infront goal when he does get the service on a plate. Liverpool strikers have never only relied on service to score goals he has big boots to fill & need to start repaying some of the faith the club has shown in him its easy to blame everybody else needs to have a good look in the mirror. In saying that the service has got to be better not just service but overall play , players like Adams, Henderson & Downing need to take a good look at their selfs too as they were surppose to be an improvement on the squad we had last year . Carroll’s no better than N’gog , Downing is no better than Babel & Adam is no better than Mereles……

  • Damian-mellor

    Why isn’t your awful manager getting dogs abuse? He bought the clown in the first place! 

  • mike

    go back to newcastle you lazy geordie mug, need to loose weight you fat mess.

    • AndyCarroll

      I think you mean ‘lose’ not ‘loose’ you thick ****. I doubt you would be playing better than me and anyway I like a curry and a few (read ALOT) beers most nights, who doesn’t? 

  • Kingraj

    Downing, Henderson are totally useless. Can’t even cross the ball to the forward. KD need to throw them out before you can see Andy scoring.

  • old kopite

    sorry andy you have had your chance to shine ,but this is liverpool fc and if you dont perform your out shown the gates :*)

  • zditta

    More games, more crosses in the box. Simple.

    • Andy Carroll

      Thanks for the support. Appreciate it.

  • Kenny Dalglish

    A big waste of money!

  • Kenny Dalglish

    Too many big time charlies, the sooner louis is back the better. The cart horse needs to be put down!

  • 3PhDs

    Face it. AC is SH*T

  • Anonymous

    carroll put the effort in and done better!!
    adams is shockinly bad, he offers nothing. he henderson should be played at centre bfore he loses wat confidence he has left.
    downing on bench………..say no more.
    carroll slowly getting better, the others aint.
    so lets debate them, oh forgot we didnt pay 35mill for them!!

  • Erik

    Perhaps it’s time to sell Carroll. He’s not getting very much help from his mates, true – it’s just useless to serve him a high ball: he brings it down and we loose it. Our midfield has no creativity, apart from occasional flashes from Gerrard (that hardly no one else cathes). Often there’s just one ore to reds in the box – that’s partly why why score so poorly and have become an easy squad to face. But still, Carroll. passing, shooting and especially MOVING have been terrible. He looked like an elk yesterday. He was fantastic in Newcastle but now he’s just sucking energy from the whole team. Maybe his kind of position isn’t really adequate to the way we try to play (besides, how ARE we trying to play?). We’d need like five more players with the intensity of Bellamy now to reach fourth place. And a whole bunch of luck. And other referees. YNWA

  • Deeppowinak

    we are missing the most important stats:
    Passes not in position to receive: 24
    Good positions not taken up because I’m waiting for the schoolboy ones: 78
    Times I couldn’t be bothered to make an effort: 654
    Times I fell over because my ponytail is pulled too tight: 12
    Cost per goal: 8 750 000

  • Dirk Kuyte

    Yesh but for shuoor, we should be not having a liddle shmoke

  • Roz Murray

    it dosen`t take 20 game`s for a quality striker to come good.Liverpool fans are no mugs.We have had three world class strikers.Rush Fowler Torres. Carroll is no where near any of them cut your loss and get rid.