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  • Caromac7

    Expectations too high at the beg of season. Poor / embarrassing handling of suarez issue. Under use of kuyt and maxi…they could have supported Henderson, shelvey and Carroll. Adam not good. Players played out of position..rotated too often..do we really have a clearer idea of our best 11? I don’t. Poor tactics by kenny…but I think he should be given more time…but only a season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gary-Anthony-Davies/798221191 Gary Anthony Davies

    What the hell do us fans know about training and motivating a football team? let alone running the most successful british football club in history? Yes I agree that the team should have done better this season, however look at where we were with H&G at the helm, Kenny has done a good job as far as I am concerned….. However fans falling out won’t help anything, get behind the club and be positive and have faith.

  • JulHI

    I would like the club owner to approach x Barca coach.

  • LFC since 1986

    WORST SIGNING OF THE SEASON. Any chance I can tick them all…..

  • Lee

    Before everyone pans Charlie Adam for being “woeful” – 1 thing to remember is, prior to Lucas getting injured, the 2 of them had struck up a fairly useful partnership in a few months – and once Lucas was out injured then Charlie seemed to slowly regress with every passing week.  At £7 million he cannot be classified as a flop – and let’s face it folks, had he been fit and available at the weekend, we would’ve preferred him in midfield to Henderson who gives me hope at getting a professional contract at 27yrs old having never played a competitive match in my life!  The decline of El Toro worries me the most – he was fantastic up until Feb and his form has dipped alarmingly.  For the first 5 months of the season every pundit was singing his praises about being the best left back in the league; so I have no doubt his form will return once he gets a full pre season under his belt at Melwood rather than turning up 1 day before the season started in August past.

  • Hussein A Abbas

    Its time that the young youth Raheem S should be given chance to play at list 45 mints in each game he is a future star . Kyut should not be sold we need midfield players and defence to help agger and skertel

  • http://www.facebook.com/stompa74 Mark Scott

    I Think too many people are quick to judge ! Have the forgot some of the
    dross we watched under Hodgson , No one will say we have had a good
    season, but I See plenty to be optimistic,Andy Carrol has been
    unplayable last few games ! Lucas back for pre season , bring in Aqua
    man or Joe cole , bit more creativity in thwe middle. Carra is no
    doubts slower now, hey it happens to the best of us, but by god i’d
    carry him out before a match if I had to, he’s a colussus ,a legend and
    bleeds Liverpool. Steve G was dissappointing with injuries etc and may
    have to consider a new deeper quarter back type..( Alonso ) role,
    Allowing then perhaps Adam more influence or further dow the line Suso !
    Kenny has made some mistakes , ( Downing has been awful ) but
    remember how long he had been out the game, and he still has pride and
    humility in the job , since he cam back in things have been more like
    the old Liverpool, keep it in house etc Alright his handking of the
    Saurez Evra affair was very poor,. but he asdmits he got that wrong !
    I’d give him at least one more full season , Liverpool F C Are not a
    sacking club , the man’s had one full season, granted longer than
    Hodgson , however I agreed with his dismissal, played awful football
    and he gave no inspiration to players or fans . I’m optimistic for the
    Reds but not so for the Whites of England this summer !!

  • redbybirth

    Why is everyone whinging about us being unlucky? You make your own luck. As an attacking force we were pretty poor this season, and often had no idea what to do in the final third.
    But remember we’re a team in transition. Liverpool have a proud tradition, and we know what it is to win, so us fans are hungry we want it now. But we have a new manager, new owners and a lot of new players. Lets be honest, the team has needed an overhaul for years now! So the management have decided to build gradually, investing in young players and renovating the LFC business, to secure a sustainable future.
    Its going to take two or three years before we’re challenging for major honours again, and likely it will be with a very different looking team.
    We need to have patience and support the change. Support Kenny and let the players know what it is to wear the Liverpool red. We can bring out the best in them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/haabbas Hussein Abdulrehman Abbas

    Guys its not that worst that one can say we did not do anything
    that is not true our players got injured we were robbed some matches .
    So well done guys there keep it up .