Lucas becomes LFC’s third most popular player


Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva has become the club’s third most popular player in terms of shirt sales, behind captain Steven Gerrard and striker Luis Suarez.

LFC retail sales manager Chris Jennions told LFC.tvSteven Gerrard and Luis Suarez are number one and two, but Lucas Leiva has come in at number three.

“Lucas is very popular and the fans realised last season how much they missed him as a player, and being number three is a reflection of his popularity.”

The Brazilian midfielder has been on the sidelines since November when he suffered an ACL injury. He is expected to return just in time for pre-season training, having begun light recovery work towards the end of last season.

The 25 year old showed impressive form in the first half of the season, following on from his form the year before when he won player of the year. He is now undergoing intense rehab work and back running again.

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  • PatrickTheRed

    Lucas the beast Leiva!! I love this guy more that Gerrard and Suarez put together.. There’s not many genuine players left today but he’s one..

  • lucaswho?

    he is an average player at best…you fools are easily impressed

    • dillon

      you obviously don’t know your football, get lost creep!

    • j75j

      The fact he made more tackles in 12 games then the rest managed in 38 games is impressive.

      • lucaswho?

        wow! impressive statistics isn`t it? Lucrap has no skill and cant do anything except tackling. he just tackles a lot during matches because he obviously dont know how to do anything else with the ball. It is his way of compensating for his lack of skills just like dick kuyt does when he runs around aimlessly spoiling countless chances in front of goals. Kuyt uses his “workrate” to compensate for his short comings while lucrap uses his tackling. Both should be sold.There are a waste of space on the field…

        • Yan

          I think tackling is the job of a defensive midfielder to get the ball back? Right? Haven’t got any skills? I won’t even bother giving you examples of how good he is cause you are a piece of ****…

        • j75j

          Lack of skills? He won the
          Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball) in Brazil a trophy won by players like Kaka,Romario,Robinho,Tevez and Neymar.
          Rafa changed Lucas from the attacking box to box midfielder to a defensive midfield player who can dictate and control a game allowing other players to get forward. Do you expect every player to be like Messi!!!!!

    • lord almighty

      Yeah so until he go injured he was miles ahead with most completed tackles and pases (in the whole prem) the boy has become a man and is now a great. If you think his average then you are the fool and a retarded one at that

    • 5timesbaby

      Another manc or bitter blue sticking their oversized nose in again where it is not wanted. Lucas is quality


      Lucaswho I remember some d–k heads saying that about George Best you must be a manc scumbag to come of with a statement like that.

    • index1000

      It must be really hard wearing a hat with that knob on your head.

  • Lucas is a star

    If u think Lucas is only average ur nuts! Liverpool were going fairly well until what happened? LUCAS got injured. I rest my case. (IMO he’s 2nd best behind Luis Suarez)

  • mick the kidder

    Lucaswho? our you the village idiot how can you say Lucas Leiva is an average player? he is one of the first names penned in on the Brizilian national team sheet, and the LFC team sheet to. Lucas is deployed at the heart of our midfeild to break down any opposing teams offensive play, which he has done better than anyother midfield player in the english premeir league if not the world. Lucas will never be a flare player but he has a skill that very few players possess. So come on who`s the real fool here? Lucas`s roll in a Liverpool shirt is more important than most, you dont get player of the season for being poor? obviously your not so clued up on football if i was you i`d go study a sport, that dosen`t involve to many tactical possitions which you obviously dont understand.

  • j75j

    I reckon under Rodgers Lucas might be able to return to more of the player he was in Brazil with the onus now being on more attacking and possession football then being expected to play counter attacking or defensive football which didn’t suit his Brazilian style of football which won him the move to Europe.

  • kopite61

    Would of sold him after the 1st 2 seasons , But his hard work has paid off , big style.
    He has become a real quality player.An did we miss him . Cannot wait for next season to see how he fits on with brendan’s new style.


    It,s not that long ago that some supporters were rubbishing Lucas how times can change if players are given a chance to settle in, some of our new player bashing supporters should take note , and get behind the players and the manager give them time and it could be Kenny signed up some brilliant players that Brendan will get the best out of, I hope Lucas makes a full recovery and gets back to his old self he is with out doubt probably the one player we can do not want to be with out.

  • redatheart

    Lucas is a class act – probably our BEST player actually – and his absence for most of last season cost us dearly. He’ll also fit in very well under B.R’s system where possession is everything – getting in the face of opponents to win the ball back quickly when we don’t have it. Cant wait to see him back.