Maxi Rodriguez denies he has left Liverpool


Argentinian international winger Maxi Rodriguez has denied reports that he has left Liverpool for boyhood Argentinian club Newell’s Old Boys.

Click Liverpool, amongst others, reported Maxi had agreed to leave Anfield after two and a half years at the club.

However, the 31-year-old has told Ole newspaper in his homeland, “I do not know where these things go, I have one year left on my contract at Liverpool.”

Maxi is currently in Rosario, celebrating the birth of his daughter Aitana.

Congratulations to Maxi.


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  • Stubert

    Wouldn’t blame you if you do Maxi, should have seen you playing alot more last season. YNWA.

  • JA JA


  • Satheshbm92

    Grt news !


    Yes it,s time for a good old fashioned clear out after all if Brendan replaces present players with new players who will get Liverpool a fourth place then all the moaners will have nothing to moan about , is that not what the majority leaving comments on this is Anfield have been saying for the last three months, fourth place, fourth place, wouldn,t do if we won something, just keep focused on a fourth place, something tells me Brendan will set his sights higher than a fourth place and hopefully ignore the moaners.

  • Seanlfc1980

    He denies leaving, read it again before commenting you spastic cases…

  • Sayed Ahmed

    He hasnt left man ya nonce!

  • NOB

    maxi volve!!! te lo pide un leprosa

  • gatoho

    For those of you blasting others, the headline changed from before and it read he had left

  • anon

    They don’t understand the word DENIES.. :)

  • tony

    is this monty python? or is everyone responding to a different story.

  • Sebastián Paronzini

    Maxi, we are waiting for you to hold you in our arms!!! we know that you love the glorious Newell’s Old Boys, The “Head Speakers are dying”, they won’t believe what they read!!!! Cabeza de parlante la tenés recontraadentro!!!!!

  • Eugenio J. Coutee

    Although he was good players but now we can hope we will get better replacement than Maxi Rodriguez in Liverpool.
    Sports Tip

  • olrem

    That’s some baaad Google Translate. Here’s what it should’ve said:
    “I don’t know where these things are coming from, I have another year in my contract with Liverpool and haven’t had any discussions”

  • mick the kidder

    I hope Maxi is given a new extended contract with LFC he is a fantastic asset to our squad, and maybe if given more game time could prove to the new manager is worth at the club. Maxi has a knack of being in the right place at the right time, he`s such an intelligent footballer and in my opinion deserved more game time last season than a couple of others. If Maxi Rodriguez was used more consitantly than KENNY aloud him to be, he would have scored a lot more goals than any other midfielder or forward did last season no doubt, you cant expect a player to be at there best without playing a more consistant role within the team, Brenden Rodgers, i hope will realise in maxi he has a skillfull inteligent football player, who if given the chance will prove to all how good he really is, and will be one of the first players pencilled in on the teamsheet every game, thats how highly i rate the man he could be the ledgend we all our hoping for if given the opportunity. LFC4EVER.

  • david

    Maxi said: “I want to come back to the club I love, but Liverpool has the last word”. Come on Maxi!!! We are waiting for you in Argentina!!! Newell’s loves Maxi too!!