Liverpool to sign Norweigan Vegard Forren – Reports

on 14.01.2013

Liverpool are on the verge of signing Norweigan centre-back Vegard Forren from FC Molde for a reported fee of £4m.

Reliable Norweigan TV2 report that Modle have accepted a bid for the player and he will undergo a medical on Tuesday.

Forren, 24, has been linked with rivals Everton and Man United in recent weeks and has been likened to Arsenal centre-back Thomas Vermalaen, or indeed Liverpool’s Daniel Agger. Forren is left-footed and comfortable on the ball.

He made his competitive debut for Norway in October last year. The Norweigan LFC website,, describe Forren as having “Played all 30 games this season in Norway (Molde), made huge strides and a national regular now. Great on the ball, great on the head, leftfooted, can also play left back. A playing centerback, like Agger.”

They claim Liverpool first scouted Forran as far back as 2008, and that Southampton and Fulham are also interested in him.

Forren’s arrival is expected to mean Sebastian Coates will head out on loan this January.

UPDATE: The Liverpool Echo tonight claim reports of a deal for Forren are “premature” but that he will train with the club on a trial.

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  1. MOLDE! and this shows that Brenden don’t know what hell is doing, I come from norway and I can say with 110% that Foren don’t have a chance in PL he will be eaten alive.

  2. Forren is highly rated in Norway and especially by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Molde’s manager. Been following Molde close all my life, and I think Forren will be a very good third choice, and in time can start battling to be an regular starter. This will strengten our squad, no doubt at all. Hes a reader of the game, very good with the ball in hes feet, hes quite similar to Agger actually, and thats not a bad thing is it?

        • What a stupid comment. City also baught Sinclair and Rekik, they’re not better than average……….cop on.

          • sinclair is still a fine player he just doesn’t get time on the pitch and rekik is only 18 so there’s no point in judging him now, infact he has already made the first team aged 18 so imo he’s far from average. also city tried way harder to sign agger then these players so there goes your comparison

          • ‘there goes your comparison’ is your opinion and your opinion only. You can’t prove that Agger was looked at as a first choice. Miacon was another squad player along with Sinclair and that’s all City were shopping for last summer, Squad players.

  3. I remember looking at plenty 10 minute clips of signings we made in the past including Leonhardsen, Nunez, Vignal, Pongolle, Song and many more……….they were all excellent!!……… the rubbish leagues they were playing in. This guy is just another water carrier and will probably fade away in twelve months. Can you imagine Gerrard running to Suarez with excitment exclaming “You’ll never guess who we’ve just signed!! Forren!! and Suarez says: Stevie, you’ve been here far too long”

  4. Im also norwegian.And Forren is overrated and far from good enough for us.He would be a good buy for the likes of norwich and reading.This is another step backwards.Forget Forren and try to fetch Stephan de vrij insted.If we wanna compete for the top 4 that is..

  5. Never heard of the guy.
    From those clips he looks pretty slow and cumbersome though. Which isn’t much different than the flaws with Coates.
    And Liverpool are in desperate need of pace. All over the pitch.

  6. The problem is the top players want to play for Champs League teams, of which we are not. However we do need another CB. Defending for 2nd goal against Utd showed this Coates is clearly not up to the task. Other sites have stated BR is offering him a 1 week trial first. So lets see. I heard Wisdom is more of a CB, maybe he should get a few more chances instead of full back this season. Lets face it our seasons over. The best we can hope for is 7th tops

  7. Guys you will never learn we are relegation fodder and when Suarez and Reina leave in the summer the writting will be on the wall, Leeds Utd,Nottingham Forrest and Aston Villa were once great back when Jesus Christ himself was centre back and Moses was dividing the red sea.
    The stark reality is no player is interestred in our history rather our present and very bleak future we have the worst owners ever and we are run like a lemonade stall operated by elementary school children hang on wait they would still do a far better job.
    If no decent quality players are brought in this window, come the summer time we will not only be struggling to attract new players we wont even be able to keep the star players we have, I mean where would you rather be if you were a Suarez a club fighting for trophies or mid table of the EPL if were still able to hold our place there.
    The ARABS DO what the Americans can only TALK about they just get it done, Ian Ayr is a calamity raving on about money not being a problem what planet is he on ? Hes too busy funding his midlife crisis of driving around in sports cars with women young enough to be his daughter rather than tying up top deals and where is FSG ?
    No stadium, no Transfers G&H in disguise
    If any true Liverpool fan cared for this club they would boycott all home games and merchandise until all signs of AMERICAN GREEDY SCUM are gone SICK TO Death of them they would sell their own souls to their enemies for the first sign of a profit

    • U call yourself a fan? I,am not chuffed to bits with our owners but fsg are a hundred times better than g&h, go & join another clubs fanbase, your a joke of a “support”er

      • Are they. ?
        FSG have not got us any players in the 30-40 Mil all they have done is to removed players that they think is asking to much salery. So where are we now. ? We got players that is more like championship then Premiere league. If suarez or Reina leaves in the summer then we are where Aston Villa is this year.

        Sorry thats FACT! and it has nothing about being a fan or not.

        H&G did bring us high class players that is FACT.

  8. Yet another good player we have lost out on,Rodgers wanted to see him on trial first,well you can see how good he is so bravo,lost out on a positive good signing. I don’t think Rodgers is good at singing new talent,this ain’t the first one we have lost out on and I bet not the last.Oh well YNWA in my heart and hope for the best for rest of season.

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