Infographic: LFC v Swansea in stats – Brendan of old at Brendan of new


Many thanks for our friends at for this impressive infographic detailing the recent form of Sunday’s two sides.

Liverpool face Brendan Rodgers‘ former club Swansea at Anfield, having lost to the South Wales side in the League Cup at home earlier in the season. Kick-off at Anfield on Sunday, 17th February is 3pm.

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  • JohnJubal

    Why do LFC need stats to make them look good? I know Liverpool were on numerous occasions a great team as history speaks for itself. An emphasis is placed on ‘were’ and not on ‘are’ a great team but then again how does one define great!? If they ‘are’ then so ‘are’ all those mid table teams too because it’s now 2013 and it’s been a very long time since they were league champions and are equally dreaming like the many to be champions of the English premier league! Clearly something isn’t right at Anfield because it is notable they have a lot to prove if they are to recognized as a team to be revered and to become great again. The are a hit and miss team now and have not been consistent as they once were in the past!

    • ash

      Calm down mate. The table is only there for people who are interested in stats.

  • max

    BR needs to be sacked

    • scottie

      Oh aye… Thats a great option. Lets keep sacking a manager every year and continue to have a massive squad overhaul each season, keeping us fragmented and and mediocre. From the start of this we new it was a project. No realistic supporter expected to be at the top this season. We knew it would take a few seasons. Lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater like. Lets not be Chelsea supporters either going on sensation. We’re all frustrated and want to return to glory, but I just don’t think its going to happen if we continue to sack a manager every season. We haven’t the money to buy already made, finished quality. We have to take time and nurture it.

  • Rederik

    May be we can raise our game and beat Swansea, says it all , GREAT PROGRESS UNDER F.S.G AND B.R.

  • marcticksimple marctick

    Swansea are better now than when they had Rodgers & we are worse now that we’ve got Brenden Rodgers.

    Swansea were below us with him in charge. We are now below them, now that he is in charge.

    Doesn’t that say it all?

    Of-course it’s not good form to keep sacking managers but where many felt Kenny needed another season, fewer and fewer feel that way about Rodgers because he does not appear to recognise the deficiencies of his system-lead approach.

    Surely 2/3 of a season is long enough to show us that the seeds of future success are not being sown. I just see a team producing mediocre performances week in, week out.

    It’s time for the Ameicans to wake up and smell the coffee. Rodgers is not the man to make Liverpool great again. It’s that simple

    • josek

      And to think that Liverpool supporters used to be revered for their intelligence & knowledge of the game.