Iago Aspas confirms exciting move to Liverpool

on 08.06.2013

Spanish striker Iago Aspas will complete a move to Liverpool, the player himself has confirmed.

The 25 year old is quoted explaining his move to Merseyside and how he turned down offers from Italy, Portugal and other countries in order to transfer to the Reds.

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Reuters news agency quote Aspas telling Spanish newspaper Marca:

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“When I heard of Liverpool’s interest I did not hesitate even for a minute.”

“It is one of the biggest clubs in the world and although I also had offers from Italy and Portugal and other countries I decided that my future was in English football.”

“I am very calm but at the same time very excited because I am making a very significant step forward in my sporting career.”

The left-footed attacker is expected to complete a £7.1 million move to Liverpool this week, arriving from Celta Vigo where he scored 12 goals last season.

Aspas told Marca:

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“I was forced to cancel the holiday we had planned to the Caribbean, but the cause is more than justified.”

The Spaniard is exciting to join up with fellow native Spanish speakers and hopes they will help him learn a new language:

“I hope you help me at first Reina, Suso, Dani Pacheco, Luis Suarez, Coutinho, Lucas Leiva and Jose Enrique”.

Aspas will be a welcome addition to Brendan Rodgers squad, adding pace and versatility across the attacking options. He is described as “fast and direct and can play through the middle, in a deeper role, or down the flank”.

Marca report that his wages will be around £25,000 per week on a four year deal. He is likely to replace Stewart Downing in the Reds’ squad, who is expected to leave the club this summer. With Aspas also being left-footed he can play a similar role on the right of the attack, cutting inside but having more of an eye for goal than Downing.

Read our in-depth scout report on Aspas here


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  1. sorry to be negative, but, after all the other disappointments in the transfer market i am not going to get too excited until i have seen this guy play in our system, i hope he does well and we play better and win more games, fingers crossed!

  2. It seems like we will be back on track next season, to emulate the 2009 performance!!!! exciting news!!! we have been awaiting patiently for the dawn of these precursor signs of our revival.

    Won’t it be possible to keep stewart in the squad. He will add cover if we have to compete for different cups and also this will provide competition for the lad because he can respond positively to pressure. Remember how his performance went up when he was told that he could leave

    • Aspas will be on less than half Downing’s wages, and is 4 years younger. We will sell Downing while we can still get value from the transfer. Aspas is more direct and will provide more goals and options.

  3. Why would we want to sell Downing now when he got competition, that is what makes the player better. 2 players in each position is what makes the team more competitive.

    • Because Downing will be 29 next month, now is the only opportunity to sell him for a reasonable fee.

      Not to mention the fact his wages are higher than most new signings and thus it is hard to justify giving a new signing a lower wage.

      Or the fact we are replacing him with better players that fit into Rodgers system and style better.

    • Sell Downing for around 10 mill, look into Atsu or Ince for under 5-6 mill. Make money, bring in some more youthful players. Still have competition. That’s what I hope to see.

  4. When I had first heard about our link with Aspas, I was not too pleased to say the least because one he isn’t a ‘marquee’ signing us fans would have preferred and two from from the old reliable youtube I just didn’t feel that he possessed a pizzazz or finesse that makes a world beater.

    But then I realized wait, not every player in even the best team in the world is going to be a Luis Suarez, or a Phillipe Coutinho. There are players that are going to be the Maxi’s, the Bellamy’s, the Kuyt’s of the team, and they matter just as much. Aspas looks to me like a very very ambitious player, with the team’s best interest at heart, albeit slightly limited technically. Skills and techniques can always be taught but not heart, grit and determination – the three things that make this a splendid signing.

    Welcome, Iago, I’m quite certain you’ll be adored by the Kop.

    • I would just like to point out that many supporters were critical and skeptical of Coutinho when we first signed him for the same reasons. Now he is being compared to Messi and is being lauded as one of the best dribblers in English football. I’m not saying he is going to be the next Coutinho, but he is already better than Downing (who makes upwards of £80k per week) and at £25k per week he is already a better asset.

      • “albeit slightly limited technically.” I think you should watch Iago Aspas a bit more to judge. I’m a Celta Vigo fan, I’ve seen many games with Aspas on the field, and I’d say Aspas will be on the top-3 skilfull players playing for Liverpool next season. He’s got pace, dribble and technique … Good business with him.

        • I second you there. Some people need to watch him in a game environment not youtube clips before claiming he is limited.

          At Celta Vigo he was the main striker but was also the creative force who set others up as well as taking some set pieces.

          He has a good first touch, good close control at speed while also able to take shots at goal from different positions and awkward positions that only Suarez was willing to do for us before. He is in the top 5 creative Spanish strikers of the last season which all point to someone not limited technically as alleged.

        • I’m not disagreeing with you mate, but I’m not sure where you got £60,000. Just about everything I have come across says £80,000. A few said £70,000 but I didn’t see anything with 60. Is there possibly a better source that I am missing as I realize a lot of it is just speculation anyway?

          I definitely agree with you that even 60 is too much though!!

      • I agree. He is nothing like Assaidi but even at that I still can’t understand why we haven’t played Assaidi. The few times he came on as a sub I was impressed with his skill, movement and his passing (despite a few misplaced balls). Then again, I’m not the manager and I can’t see how he is in training or how he fully meshes with the squad. Still a bit of an odd one for me, though.

  5. That last bit about having more of an eye for goal than Downing doesn’t mean much , I’ve got a better eye for goal than Downing and I haven’t kicked a ball in 30 years

  6. A very special player is heading for Liverpool, his life has always been entirely football and just that, you can be sure you will have a completely comitted Liverpool player and considering how Michu performed this season in Premier, don’t know what this guy is capable of.

    Best of luck, Reds! you are a really admired club in Spain

  7. I hope he turns out to absolutally brillient for the Pool and he deserves everyones support for the season ahead.

  8. I think Rogers is on the right path in rebuilding the team so far, hopefully next season we will be more consistent with the results.

  9. If descriptions of him are accurate then he sounds like he could be a useful addition. I especially liked hearing of him being a livewire, hardworking, and tireless. I’ve not seen him play, gave up watching La Liga years ago, it’s about as competitive as the SPL was before Rangers got dumped out. The Bundesliga just keeps getting better though.
    I’ve got to admit I’m nervous about this summer, the club has been disappointing in recent years so I’m just hoping that they perform a lot better this year. Suarez is making eye’s at Real, not surprised at all….been saying for ages that he would either move this or next summer at the latest if we hadn’t sealed CL football. I’d think better of him if he gave the club another season in light of the strong support he’s had from fans and the club itself, even when he’s brought problems on himself. Reina could be out the door for Barca, although I’d be disgusted if the club sold him for the paltry £8 million it’s reported that Barca are looking to pay. Carra has retired, taking his vast experience with him. In short we could reach the end of the window having said goodbye to three quality players, three big personalities, three winners, a ton of experience & in the case of Carra and Reina – players who are real leaders.
    If that happens it’s vital that the club brings in players who not only have the talent to fill their boots, but who also have experience & real leadership qualities.
    January gave me hope that the scouting and recruitment setup at the club showed signs of working well, and that we might actually have a good summer for a change. Fingers crossed that proves to be the case. Coutinho and Sturridge made a real impact for us, hopefully they will continue where they left off next season & that any incoming players have the same talent and make the same sort of impact for us. If that’s the case then we’ll have something to look forward to.

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