John Barnes wants Liverpool return


Former Liverpool captain John Barnes has expressed his desire to join other club legends at Anfield as the club continues to build for the future.

COVENTRY, ENGLAND - Saturday, April 6, 1996: Liverpool's captain John Barnes in action against Coventry City during the Premiership match at Highfield Road. Coventry won 1-0. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman and Rob Jones are all now working with young players at the club’s youth academy, whilst Kenny Dalglish was appointed a non-executive Director at the weekend.

Barnes said he would relish the opportunity to work in a ambassadorial role “to protect the brand of the club”.

“I would most definitely take the job. I played for Liverpool and working there would be a great way for me to show my appreciation to the club,” Barnes told

“It is the modern truth that we now lack legends that can identify with the club.

“I feel that being part of the system would benefit the club a lot since I understand the culture.

“The reality is that players come and go, but the club remains and that is why it is important to always protect the brand of the club.”

Barnes made 407 appearances in his time at Liverpool, after signing from Watford in 1987.

He scored 108 goals for the Reds and won 79 international caps for England.

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  • Ricky Martin

    Uhhh arguably our second most naturally gifted ever footballer next to Dalglish?! Yes please!!

  • Reddy

    No……….we can’t keep going back, are we going to keep bringing ex-players back?, and where does it all end?, Rush, Toshack, Keegan, Smith,St John, etc?, are these ex-players coming back too??, madness, in my opinion!.

    • CARR71

      in a ambassadorial role who would be better ,these are the kind of people we need at the club,he has nothing to do with coaching or development of the players ,just promoting the clubs name worldwide

      • krisbei

        I bet Sterling wouldn’t mind a few hours with Barnes going through his game and how he could improve.

        • CARR71

          i said as a ambassador ,coaching is completely different ,if sterling wants to improve he could do worse that study videos of barnes ,or even have an informal chat

          • krisbei

            I know you said ambassador, but once you have him in, you would get him to contribute where it could bring an advantage. He could be a very good mentor to Sterling, they have similar backgrounds which no-one else at the club has.

        • magic2ouch

          judging on the way he’s playing sterling’s gonna need a bit more than a few hours with digger!

    • krisbei

      Old players using their experience to train and give advice to young players, while maintaining the Liverpool ethos, what a stupid idea. That is the sort of silly idea that Bayern München and Barcelona have, and its obviously never done them any good.

    • This Is Anfield

      Do you say the same about Ajax? Who have Stam, the de Boer brothers, Bergkamp as coaches, plus Overmars and van der Sar on their board?

      Or how about Bayern Munich? Who have Mattias Sammer, Franz Beckenbaur and Karl-Heinz Rumminege on their board?

      Didn’t think so.

      • Linx Cool

        Yes Robbie and Jones as mentors possible coaches as have badges, Mcmanaman should join Dalglish on board, as did good job at Sunderland (they went down hill/bump when he left!). Barnes as scout!

  • Gregz0r

    Forget ambassadorial roles, Get Barnsey on the training ground to teach players how to (1) beat one or two players. And (2) get to the byline and send in pinpoint crosses.
    That art has been lost to football.

  • jbgtown

    What’s wrong with having 7 kids??

  • Abyss

    This is so fantastic to read! Please, let’s try and get as many of our ex-club legends/players as we can and make sure they can contribute in some way. This is something I feel that none of the other top clubs barring Manchester United can offer. And all I can think of with regards to United are Giggs, Scholes, and the 2 Nevilles. And it kind of ends there.

  • Gano1

    Fingers crossed!!!