Report: Liverpool agree £10m deal for Emre Can

Liverpool have agreed a deal for Germany under 21 midfielder Emre Can, according to German newspaper Bild.

Can, 20, is a player who has been linked with a move to Liverpool in recent weeks and suits the profile of player The Reds are seeking to sign under manager Brendan Rodgers and owners FSG.

The German midfielder has impressed for Bayer Leverkusen this season, having signed from Bayern Munich last summer. He’s scored three goals in 36 appearances in all competitions, but also has a fiery record with 13 yellow cards and one red – against PSG in the Champions League.

Can is a versatile player, predominantly a defensive midfielder but also capable of playing left-back and more attacking midfield.

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ESPN report Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voeller refusing to comment on the rumours.

Reports suggest Can will be a replacement in the squad for Lucas Leiva, who is linked with a move to Inter Milan for a similar fee.

The Brazilian, 27, says he isn’t aware of Inter’s reported interest. “I can say that at the moment I have received no offers,” he told The Liverpool Echo.

“Liverpool have never contacted me regarding this possibility. I can’t say there is a chance of me going to Inter because I am under contract at Liverpool.”

Bild claim that The fee amounts to approximately 12 million euros, just under £10 million.

Would Can be an upgrade on Lucas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jaymyson

    I think Bony is extremely average, he also doesn’t fit our style of play. Also why would you want us to sell Suso?? He’s quality, whilst Borini is extremely useful and young.

    • stopmakingsense

      Bony doesn’t fit our style but our style should be as flexible as possible without resorting to playing like the rich man’s Tony Allardyce over there at Chelski. Sometimes I wish we had another type of forward player to throw in there when it’s not quite working out. We’re going to find a lot more teams parking the bus against now that everyone knows how we play. Having some strength and power in the air as well as pace and trickery would only make us better.

      • Jaymyson

        Yeah fair play, I agree that it would be a good idea to bring some strength into our attack but there are way better players out there than Bony.

        • stopmakingsense

          Especially for the £20m asking price that’s being thrown around. The money would definitely be much better spent elsewhere but I would like to see us bring a third option up front. Remy is my favourite at the moment. I like Borini but I just don’t see him as a game changer.

  • Jay Byrne

    Liverpools Fernandinho?

    • Joe Bloggs

      Liverpool’s Michael Ballack.

      • easternred

        If so then very few things can be better than this.

  • Goh Jun Ling

    The way he dispose possession and keep possession is just intelligent. My only concern is his discipline records on field, considered that EPL is a more physical league. But with his young age, I believe he will just improve, definitely an upgrade over Lucas, even for now.

  • tyler durden

    Looks a good catch but for me lucas still stays as the backup to Gerrard in the do role. Can is (initially) another rotation in the midfield and cover/starting option at lb.

    • Joe Bloggs

      Lucas will be gone this summer. Inter is willing to pay a good price and we can buy someone younger and better for that same price.

      • tyler durden

        Any idea who? I like lucas as he loves the club, appears popular in the dressing room, and was part of the early season midfield three when we really started playing without Gerrard. Not sure we would get someone as good to sit on the bench. If there’s good money fine as lo ng as a replacement is signed first.

        • Joe Bloggs

          Yes he is popular and has a great atttitude, but we certainly can’t populate an entire squad with these qualities. Lucas is a lost sheep in Rodgers’ system. Time for some ruthlessness on the business end.

          • tyler durden

            Know 2hat you mean re being ruthless but all top teams have some players who are just loyal servants – never first choice but reliable when needed and better than the guy who is happy to join as second choice. This is where lucas is. Also remember he is 6 years younger than Gerrard and a Brazil international. If can is seen as the long term replacement for Gerrard and provides competition elsewhere in the meantime then great but what about when Gerrard groin goes at the world cup do we take on the CL with a midfield of can hendo and CONTINUO? Need at least one more option before we let him go.

  • Zanatos

    I can see the logic in this signing. Gerrard will most likely be our first choice DM next season in my view, so this player at his age would have a season of settling in time, where he can get used to the league, play a few games in the cups and come on as a sub from time to time.

    However I don`t think he is “YET” ready to be deamed first choice material for the DM role.

    A very skilled player, with good experience for his age and if we sell either Allen or Lucas (hopefully Allen rather than Lucas) it will be pretty much a straight swap in terms of money outlays.

    I don`t think this is anything more than a prospect/future signing rather than the bigger better signings which are yet to come.

    A good signing none the less.

  • Nelly79

    And why would Suarez want to leave? What can Madrid or Barca offer him next season that we can’t?

    • Sha Ker Huss Ain

      his family lives there and he said real madrid is his dream

      if i was playing for a club(say athletico) no matter how happy i was if lfc came in i would not think twice could be a once in a lifetime opportunity

      plus madrid is much bigger ,otherwise alonso,owen and mcmanaman would not leave lfc for them

      • Nelly79

        That’s just nonsense!

    • J Addy

      A realistic chance of winning the Champions league?

      • Nelly79

        How much money has Madrid spent on the best players in the last 8 years and last season was the first time they made it to the semis. During that time, we won it and made it back to the finals 2 years later.

        So you think he doesn’t stand a chance of doing that here?

  • Birdman Awal

    I respect him alright but this is not the time to get all sentimental about it, we need to be more ruthless in our dealings this summer, he has given his all, but am sorry his best is not enough, in his 6 seasons with us only 1 and half were good, the rest were awful, he is not good enough, we must get rid of him

    • alan.c94

      I can see why people want rid of Lucas, his form in the Henderson spot isn’t good, but when he plays as a DM he has been great for us and with champions league football this season we can’t expect Gerrard to be fit every game to play that DM role. So I think we should keep him.

  • Birdman Awal

    the truth is, I appreciate his efforts but I dont support nonsense, he has given his all which is not good enough, so keeping him means we are wasting time and resources unless we are to use him in cup games.

  • Birdman Awal

    well, I think you guys are being unnecessarily sentimental about the whole thing, this is LFC, we want best players in every position, and Lucas is no where close to that category of players so we should buy better,

    • alan.c94

      Admittedly , Lucas was bad in the regular midfield spot this season, but he has been great in the DM spot for us and you don’t honestly believe Gerrard will play every premier and champions league game in that position, do you ? no point getting a back up for that DM role when we already have someone we can easily use as a backup, who’s great there.

  • Twistadee11

    B Rodgers is going to make a huge mistake again then, as Y M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan or F Reges(26) Of Porto are the only two mobile defensive midfielders who are needed at club. One of the two should be brought to club.

    E Can is good but he is not in the calibre or class of either Y M’Vila(23) Or F Reges(26). E Can(21) is just a bit more mobile than Lucas(27) and better on ball than Lucas but he should not be brought to club.

    Whereas Y M’Vila(23) and F Reges(26) are more mobile, tougher in tackle, better ball winners, better at protecting back 4, physically stronger and dominant in the park than Lucas(27) and both are good passers of the ball also.

    • Rak S

      What’s with the “(age player)” thing?
      You missed out “B Rodgers (41)”

      • Twistadee11

        Alot of people do not know the true ages of some players, Rodgers is assembling and building class, quality side/squad for NOW and FUTURE.

        Rodgers should stop wasting millions on potential: Alberto, Aspas, Borini, Llori.

        We need class, quality players who will hit the ground running straight away in premiership and be first team starters. They have to be upgrades on what we currently have at club:Not players who will need a year or two after we sign them.

        Y M’Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan Or F Reges(26) Of Porto are both better players than E Can(21) and who will hit the ground straight away.

        • Rak S

          Sure, But you wrote M’Vila(23) and Reges(26) three times in that first post…

  • Nelly79

    But he’s has all that at Liverpool ????????

  • Birdman Awal

    you talking like you are at the highest frequency of your stupidity, if you dont like what Rogers is doing you can go and support city, Lucas will be sold this summer, you heard it here first,

    • Matthew Horvath

      Who said he didn’t like what RODGERS (not Rogers) is doing? What the f**k has that got to do with this discussion?

      • Birdman Awal

        we will get rid of all the dead woods, if you dont like the revolution, go support chelsea,

  • FMaster823

    Why would you want to sell Agger, the player with the biggest win percentage in the premier league???

  • manunited

    10m is nothing in todays game

  • Rak S

    True, but they also consider if that “bad attitude” can be curbed or harnessed to actually improve performance.

  • Paul F.

    You’re forgetting IBE.