Brendan Rodgers’ post-Spurs 0-3 Liverpool Interview

Brendan Rodgers was in a positive mood after Liverpool’s 3-0 victory at Tottenham and Mario Balotelli‘s debut on Sunday.

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  • Jason Le Page

    Sky have just shown that Brendan has the 2nd best record in his 100 games for us beind Kenny’s 1st stint. Yet we still hear some people on here having a go at him. Thank you Brendan!

    • Anthony C

      I’ve never seen anyone on here have a go at BR or his ability to do the job..The may disagree with a choice he’s made now and again.

      • Jason Le Page

        Paul Mancini and Carr71 are 2 names off the top of my head. Paul’s abuse of Brendan this pre-season was disgraceful

        • Abyss

          Paul’s a troll for all practical purposes. He generally has some ridiculous over-the-top harsh things to say.

        • Anthony C

          In fairness, Carr never really slates BR, apart from when he picks Joe Allen..But that’s more of an issue he has with the player. I don’t read Paul’s posts anymore because they’re just gibberish and way over the top, so you may be right there. I read a couple and they were nonsense, so I save myself the mental anguish now and skip them

    • tyler durden

      To beat the great bob paisley is going some! playing great style as well – champs league spot for this year and build again next summer is the target – win the league is the dream!

  • Janka

    So it seems we are expecting one more signing. We’ve seen today that new signings are doing well together. Well done BR.

    • DisDoesn’tMakeSense

      He said it’s possible but unlikely in one interview. Must be Romero or Valdes.

  • jtppn

    Brendan joked that Raheem with his mazy dribble was in the box like Ricky Villa but his finish was like Ricky Gervais, hahahahahahaha.

    Would have capped a wonderful moment if Raheem had managed to put it in the net. Maybe next time !!!

    • JonnyS

      can’t believe Raheem hasn’t seen the office. Is it that old?

  • Dervish G

    Suddenly i am optimistic about winning the league title :3

  • Armstrong Andrew

    Awesome manager we got here. Sound tactically and very diplomatic in his interviews too.