West Ham vs. Liverpool – LIVE – Follow the Reds’ Upton Park clash here

on 02.01.2016

Liverpool take on Slaven Bilic’s West Ham United on Saturday afternoon in the first Premier League game of 2016. We’re live to bring you the latest.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 2, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia in action against West Ham United during the Premier League match at Upton Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

West Ham vs. Liverpool is live on BT Sport for UK viewers, and kicks off at 12:45pm (GMT). Our live coverage updates automatically and is brought to you by Jack Lusby.

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West Ham: Adrian; Tomkins, Collins, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Noble, Kouyate; Antonio (Jenkinson 86′), Lanzini (Obiang 39′), Valencia (Payet 64′); Carroll

Substitutes: Randolph, Jenkinson, Obiang, Song, Payet, Zarate, Jelavic

Liverpool: Mignolet; Clyne, Lovren, Sakho (Allen 82′), Moreno (Smith 61′); Lucas, Can; Ibe, Firmino (Lallana 61′), Coutinho; Benteke

Substitutes: Bogdan, Toure, Randall, Smith, Brannagan, Allen, Lallana

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  1. Bloody injuries are ruining our season, Lallana’s the only attacking option on that bench!
    The only thing we can do is go all out & get a couple in the first half
    then double up on defenders for the second & hope for the best..!

      • He isn’t that far off it. Also I don’t really buy the idea of a definitively best starting 11, especially with the squad we have.

        • Yeah he isn’t that far off it that is why he is only making small changes.Moreover,he has talked about consistency from his team that is probably another reason why he is sticking with the same line up

      • Smith, Allen, and perhaps Toure to make sure Sakho doesn’t get injured. He is injury prone, and I think its directly related to the amount of games he plays

        • Agree. But you have to consider quality too. Toure not really the same player as before, Smith untested, Allen just got of illness. So I think this team is okay. I do expect to see changes in next two cup games against Stoke and Exeter.

    • Rotation wasn’t needed today – we can afford to rest players as necessary for a week or two after today’s match, with two cup games preceding the Arsenal and Man U matches

  2. Anyone catch that silly Heavy Metal Klopp vs Symphonic Wenger advert for the Pool Arsenal game???

    Wish I could unsee that!
    My eyes have been violated!

  3. Dear relevant Deity

    Deliver unto us 3 points and save us from mid table

    I promise I’ll be good.


    *failure to deliver 3 points will result in blaspheming and other no no’s

  4. I want to see utter domination from Lucas and Can, no messing about, Nail em. I worry how Lovren and Sakho will handle Carroll but they have been solid so far

  5. Come on lads a winning start to 2016 would be the icing on the cake after a winning finish to 2015, if we win 1-0 I would be happy enough so come on Benteke lets see you win three in a row for us,

  6. i’m a bit worried about this! not sure Can and Lucas are going to be able to dominate the midfield on their own.

    • I worry Can will go forward & leave Lucas exposed (possibly leading to bookings/sending off) or Can will himself go into the book for recklessness!
      Think this match will be a rough & ready battle – just “pray” we suffer no more injuries & keep 11 men on the pitch..!

  7. Ok I’m gunna be Klopptimistic here but Bentekkers will break out of his shell today & will shine brightly & get a hat trick..!

  8. With plenty out here nervous, I predict our team will surprise everyone and win this one comfortably.
    We all can be klopptimistic afterall :)

  9. this kit is the best thing new balance has done in a long LONG while.. nightmare if you wash your own clothes though

  10. The biggest problem is, too many players in the starting XI having a tendency to go missing in matches. I can take 1 but not more than that.

  11. We let them do a job on us in the return fixture – I doubt we’ll be able to do the same back with our current attacking limitations, but I am confident of a win nevertheless!

  12. Watch Can, hope he steps it up today, he is going to be key to winning or losing…Non of this half 4r5ed casual passing today.

  13. soooooooo time for some fifa 16…… this LFC team is tooo much sh** way too much sh** we cant even strin two passes together……. seriously we need a new team

  14. Moreno looking for the early cross that Benteke supposedly feasts on. Benteke doing his Balotelli impression drifting around the edge of the box.

    The sooner we can get a new striker in, the better

  15. west ham players showing more desire than LFC….. LFC doing the same sh** misplaced passes…… shirking out of 50/50s….. wheres the hunger the desire to be an LFC player? these players are embarrassing

    • Everybody keeps focusing on the goalkeeper and defence, but my priority would be getting rid of and upgrading on both Benteke/Balotelli and Lallana

  16. as i said earlier today, the bulk of this liverpool team are gutless, lightweight bambis, who most of the players like lallana think that tricks and flicks and the odd goal every 20 games or so is okay and basic a-z of football such as through balls, crossing, set pieces, and regular goals are not neccesary!

    • its not cowardly..they just don’t have the physicality..the ones that do..are few in number..and not all on the pitch

      • I don’t fully understand your opinion on this squad, you make it out that they’re really great, when they have proven time and time again that they’re gutless.

        • they’re not great. of course not. in terms of squads.. its a better squad in balance and depth and variety than what we had..a couple of seasons ago..but givent he relative weakness and incompetence of the whole league, it makes us a 50-50 for top 4. It should. All our main rivals have subjectively better squads than us in some respects. Underperformance and mentality have always been an issue..with some familiar weaknesses like against buses and physicality.

          good quality players can be gutless too btw. I don’t think its a guts issue. ..I think its a project issue. We’ve systematically gone for young inexperienced players who are unknown names..usually with liverpool being their first big club experience..and then things like these become an issue. also our hoodoos as a club.

        • to summarise..given liverpool’s standards of yesteryear..nowhere near a good squad..in context of the current league standards, there only are 3 good squads-arsenal, chelsea and city and only 2 of them are performing. In that context, we should be up there fighting for top 4.

          Compared to liverpool’s really bad squad standards a couple of seasons ago when we had a thin squad..this is a better one. Keeping a reina instead of bogdan, a kuyt instead of an origi/benteke maybe, an agger instead of toure, would have made this a MUCH better squad though

  17. Imo this is y liverpool would never get top 4 . Benteke is so lazy , I usually have benteke back but he is playing like a poor man’s Ballotelli

  18. Same 5h1t3, different game… Always too timid, what exactly are they scared of? certainly aint a fear of failure…. I don’t know if it’s a case of not listening or not being told, but they make the same pointless mistakes every game… Pass the ball, stop running around and away fro the danger area… Man up..

  19. The squad is just not good enough. People will say its due to injures but we still have 61 millions of attack excluding coutinhio

    • No balance, we have a target man playing in a team with no natural attacking width while Lucas and Emre Can have an assist between them in nearly 2 seasons.

  20. wait, the dark away kit is last seasons? why do the shirt colours change every year?!! i loved that dark shirt last season! why the need to keep changing it/?!!!!!

    • And it will continue, we all knew Klopp had a massive job to do. Hopefully January will see the start of it, he needs to be ruthless with this squad, it needs to be gutted.

  21. the sad thing is this isnt a blip! this is how these players played for the first four games under klopp, and the last several games until the last 2. just horrible, no end product!

  22. What is the coaching staff doing,if the team turns up so gutless on match days??ffs man,a win here would get us to fifth and 2 points of top 4,that alone should be enough motivation, never mind playing for LFC!

      • We’re thoroughly poor out there today but I mean the bigger picture, Ibe is an extremely average young player who wouldn’t start for Norwich and should not be starting for Liverpool.
        I hope we sign Lanzini though, that’s the level of young winger that should be at Liverpool.

  23. the sad thing is this isnt a blip! this is how these players played for
    the first four games under klopp, and the last several games until the
    last 2. just horrible, no end product!

    just look at any set pieces or corners we have, on the rare occasion they go past the first defender, the only people on the end of it are lovren or skirtel!!!

    • that low “corner” along the ground should have been enough to warrant Coutinho getting his paycheck taken away from his this week

    • please print that on a scarf, starting to lament 30 mins into a match doesn´t really describe “fan”.

  24. Ffs,benteke can’t even do the thing he is good at,holdup play!!how is he going to learn new skills such as running in behimd

  25. I remember when Benteke played for Villa how he easily bullied Skrtel and Agger like it was nothing. Now, he is being outmuscled out of every ball.


  27. commentator is using tiredness as an excuse, sorry im not buying that – we were anything but terrific or hard working or inspiring our last several games!

  28. can anyone explain what it with carrols hair? or even clynes or aguerro`s are these the latest hair styles? they are horrendous!

  29. This is so embarrassingly bad you have to laugh……….these players can’t wait to go home……..gutless barstewards.

  30. Lets make Everton an offer they cannot decline for Lukaku – 55-60m.

    Sell Big Ben.

    Greater variation to attack, greater number of goals. Younger, better injury record… build team around him.

    • We are missing our two best players, in Sturridge and Henderson.
      We urgently need an upgrade on Lucas and Firmino/Coutinho/Lallana is imperative though.

  31. So sick of all the hate for Benteke like he is the only problem. LFC fans are very quick to forget that he won the team our last 6 points and during this woeful team performance is still looking the most likely to score out there…

      • No it’s not. Is Lucas so poor today because of what Benteke is doing? Is our defending abysmal because of what Benteke is doing?

        This is a poor team performance and for all the criticism Benteke is currently taking for it he’s the only Liverpool player looking any way dangerous out there.

    • So we should just keep waiting and hoping for him to make 1 lucky strike a match when he should be scoring 2 or 3 with the opportunities he gets? He misses sitters and doesn’t capitalize on any 1 on 1 situations, how can u consider him a striker worthy of a no. 9 shirt?

      • He has 6 goals for us and is our top scoring striker. We’re a poor side this year and you blame Benteke, we were a poor side last year and you all blamed Mario.
        Neither are as bad a player as our rubbish fans would suggest, look at the reasons they didn’t score 20 goals for Liverpool and you will find the true reasons as to why we have been so poor these past two seasons.

        In other words, we have a shockingly imbalanced squad that does not play to the strengths of our focal point.

        • Our focal point is more stagnant than the Liver building mate!!! I’m not suggesting we don’t have other issues but Benteke is a huge one!!!! He has 0 movement mate!!!! U can bring in Beckham and Ronaldinho at the peak of their career and they still won’t be able to provide to a guy that doesn’t make an effort to shift away from defenders!!! Up front he is our biggest issue!!!!

  32. The thing is we know this team can play. When we played City, we bullied them. How is it that we just stop performing in such games? Why is it so inconsistent?

    • we’re a young team. Youngsters are by nature inconsistent. Sometimes I feel we’re like India under greg chappell..all young potential hooha but never real consistency

      • That’s why before anything, we should get Howedes in. He is my number one priority this window. Leadership, steel and a winning mentality.

        • and a top top professional in the dressing room. Need to fill the dressing room presence void been left by Stevie and Carra and the rest of the old guard

  33. West ham is challenging for every ball. We need a leader and then some players with football intelligence

  34. I don’t understand why are crossing is so awful, surely they’d practise it in training with Benteke being in the team?

    • No, in training, benteke was also lazy and static. And the passing on the field is what you see is what you get. O

  35. So sad to know we don’t have dead ball specialist of some sort. West ham can even do dangerous throw-ins.

    • The guys not got a brain ,if the ball doesn’t hit him he fails to react,in short no anticipation he just doesn’t know how to !

  36. Oh my goodness what am I watching. It’s like a championship side playing a premier league side. Absolutely shocking not a single player par Lovren playing well. Ben#@$$% for a target player is not even winning aerial duells against Collins. @#$%&$#@ shkickioc

  37. also tia txt “Lucas has been week link, getting in the way of cans brilliance” what on earth, surely no one agrees?

    • tbh I would bring him on for Lucas, as it just does not appear to be his day today.
      We’re pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place in the final third though :-(

  38. just think of our team leaders of the past not even that far back, just 15 years or so – barnes/ mcallister hypia/ carragher/ risse/ gerrard – to today, where is the leadership? only two tough guys we have are sakho and hendo (and possibly toure too)!

  39. I would put Lallana on for Benteke at half time and then stick Firmino upfront, I’d think that would make the team more fluid.

  40. Klopp at halftime talk:

    Don’t make me angry.
    You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

    +1 if you caught the reference.

    • Yer nobody likes an AngryKlopp :)

      I hope he kicks Lucas in the nuts and orders him a taxi. Pathetic and shameful performance. I’m surprised he didn’t clap and applaud the cross, as he was a pure spectator. No attempt to tackle, block or put any pressure on Valencia.

      I never thought the day would come that I hoped allen came on…but it has!

      • In my opinion Lucas has never been a player, he is one of my least favourite players ever, he cant run,tackle,pass shoot or head. But right now we have no one else, i would like to see a repacement bought in during this window.

      • Erm, but why kick Lucas in the nuts just after appointing him as captain? Maybe Klopp should ask himself whether he makes good decisions.

        • So Klopp is responsible for the incompetence of Lucas!….really!?!?
          Decisions are made when you have options and choices. Lucas only played as Allen has shown nothing and Henderson is injured.
          Please tell me how many of these players did Klopp purchase?

          • To this day I remember very well the words a fellow Liverpool supporter said during the tenure of one Rafa Benítez, after he blamed the players: “Only a bad craftsman blames his tools”.

            If Lucas is incompetent, why appoint him as captain? Lucas actually looked rather competent in the past in that holding midfield role. Could it be that it also has something to do with the way a team is set up, tactics wise? I’d like to think so.

            This is a team full of internationals. Many claim that Klopp is a world-class and proven manager. I’d like to think that this kind of manager finds it easy to get more out of a group of internationals than we have seen today, and before.

            Didn’t people blame Rodgers for playing Can at right back, when the only alternative was Glen Johnson? Where was the “decisions are made when you have options” then? Now we see Lucas being played as a centre back. Lucas, who was bought by Rafa as a box-to-box midfielder. This is so funny (not the way that we play, but to collect all those opinions of all those people, which in the end are oxymorons in themselves).

          • Because he had no other choice, as he is a senior player and Can is not. If he thinks so highly of him why doesn’t he play when Hendo is fit!?
            Klopp is a world class manager, but he can’t make a feast out of offal!!
            The squad is completely unbalanced. we have 3 number 10’s, and no width. Origi, Ings and Studge as injured and Benteke is a very poor fit for our style of play.
            Yes people did slam Rodgers for playing Can at right back, which made them look very foolish when world cup winning manager Low did the very same for the national team.
            Klopp is a world class manager, he is not a magician.
            To even judge him prior to him making any signings is beyond my comprehension!!

          • I think Sakho did really well when he captained us in France recently. No other choice?

            Don’t know! I am not a mindreader, you know.

            Well, opinions differ here strongly. Many people here in Germany don’t think that he is a world-class manager. Many actually think that he is a rude one-trick (one tactic to be more precise) pony and imposter.

            Yes, the squad seems unbalanced. Yes, I actually found it puzzling when Rodgers sent out Markovic on loan as he actually is a wide player, with pace, too.

            Injuries are part and parcel of the game. West Ham had their injuries, too. I guess a world-class manager can handle that better than anyone else.

            You mean signings such as Immobile?

            Signings are an interesting topic anyway. I thought about it the other day and somehow do not think that a manager actually knows that much about the guys he is (allegedly) signing. My guess is that very much goes through scouts and in most leagues through a director of football. It’s always a bit of a lottery, for Klopp, for Rodgers, for most people. They have to rely on scouts who actually spend a lot of time watching players.

          • You watched Sakho in his previous game for us, yer? A 1/10 rating would have been generous. Lucas was made captain, not because of his ability on the pitch but his leadership skills and respect from junior players.

          • I did, yes! So, he scored the average rating of any Liverpool player that day, bar Mignolet, who kept the score down.

          • It’s a bit of a pity that you don’t respond to the other points I’ve made. Anyway, you, too, probably have other things to do in life but writing online comments :-)

          • No, I didn’t write that. I asked why he appointed him captain when he is so incompetent. Klopp surely spends a lot of time with Lucas so if someone should have noticed this then surely it is Klopp.

            Stop making those excuses. A world-class manager will get the best out of any player or any set of players. After we beat Southampton 6-1 you didn’t come out and claim that it was actually Rodgers side that did that, right. Right from the off it was clear that our manager had picked the wrong tactics.

          • If you can’t see the squad is poor and unbalanced, then I don’t really know what to say…

            3 number 10’s, no width, Firmino who is scared to tackle, and Benteke who has the movement of a canal barge turning around, and who is not suited in any way to our style of play.

            Our best possible starting eleven is worse this season, without Gerrard and Sterling…do I need to go on!?

            Yes we beat a Southampton team who allowed us space and attacked us, on the one day this season our players had their shooting boots on (Not to mention a certain Studge with his goals and movement) something Klopp has not had in many other games.

            You can’t make a banquet out of offal!! Klopp will improve the players over time, but a lot of the issues are systemic of the old regime…the lacking the fight, giving up when behind are all bad traits we saw last season that should have been addresses by Rodgers and his team.

            IMO The squad is OK, if and only if we add world class players to it. So for example Sakho is our second best CB, Henderson our 2nd best CM.

            Obviously it will not happen but to demonstrate the point only…If you added Humels, Reus and Auba….then I believe the likes of Lallana, Sakho, Lovren, Ibe, Clyne, Henderson, etc, will be good enough. It’s like having a Henchoz without a Hyypia.

            I can only assume the fact that Lucas is a senior player who is respected in the dressing room was why he was made captain for this one game. The fact he is dropped for Henderson and Can tells you what KMlopp really thinks of him

          • Gladly I wrote elsewhere, maybe even in reply to you, that our team is unbalanced. But I don’t think it would be that unbalanced, were all our players fit.

            No width, right. I was upset that Markovic was sent out on loan.

            Firmino, well, where do you start. He looked like a player willing to tackle in Germany (from the footage I have screened).

            Benteke may work out better with two up front.

            I actually didn’t see much that Gerrard brought to the team last season to be honest. We surely miss Sterling’s pace.

            World-class players usually don’t join team like us (anymore). They join the “rich and beautiful” such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG.

            Hummels? I think we might be in deep trouble with a centre half who is criminally out of position as often as he is.
            Reus? Do you want to give Sturridge more company in the physio’s room?
            I’d love to have Aubamayang at Liverpool, though I don’t know how much of an impact he’d have in the Prem (in a team that would heavily rely on him). The Bundesliga is a lot different to the Prem. He plays for the second richest club there.

          • You completely missed the point. I only cited those 3 as an example of how the rest of the squad maybe OK if 3 top players in the spine. I would rather Ings with Studge if a front two.

  41. We can actually use a brand new first eleven. These bunch of players don’t deserve LFC shirt. They lack both techniques and passion to play for this club. What a scrabby performance.

  42. AP is what you call deluded! he calls anyone who criticises his beloved lallanas and hendos and firminos a troll or manc in diguise. the ultimate delusion!

  43. Benteke does not want to get his hands dirty! Unbelievable we bought this guy as a striker let alone pay over 30M pounds!

    The Arsenal FA Cup Final should have been a lesson for our scouts!

  44. Suarez makes Collins look like a fool. Meanwhile Benteke with the same size with Collins can’t win any aerial duels

  45. Klopp’s dortmund had passion,and when they had a gutless performance as this,klopp went bazerk,crazy!!I can’t help but feel as if klopp is helping back,but just my opinion!!

  46. We get all the way to their final third and then we don’t do anything, they get 2/3 chances, they scored one, hit the bar, and Tested Mignolet in another one, story of Liverpool for the past few years (apart from the 13/14 season)

  47. dont worry, klopp will bring on allen at half time – that will shake the pants off our opponents right? sigh, it sucks being a lfc fan these days :(

  48. First Touch is WAY off
    Coutinho STRANDED on the left wing
    Ibe is our ONLY real threat
    Benteke is HOPELESS in the air against Tomkins and Collins

  49. 62 per cent possession to LFC, as usual, its all possession, pass, sizzle and NO END PRODUCT! same story for two seasons now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Waiting for too long to deliver the cross. When its delivering in right time then nobody is inside the box.

  51. At least on the bright side, Carroll, with that god awful haircut, is wearing a West Ham shirt & not one of ours

  52. We can win this, just go out there fighting
    Luckily Barca is playing at 3 so I can watch some nice football at least.

  53. Seriously we play completely the wrong way round. Intricate passing at the back & percentage balls into the opposition box. You can see what Klopp means about playing “complicated”.

  54. Ref was poor with that tackle against Moreno, a blind person could’ve seen that it was a foul. I know people give Benteke a lot of stick, but he can’t do it alone and right now Cout, Firminho and Ibe aren’t doing enough to support him. He’s outnumbered every time the ball is played up to him.

    Coutinho for the last couple of games has gone missing in game.

    They’re not playing badly, just need to find that cutting edge in the final 3rd of the pitch.

    • Benteke need someone running around him as right now he can’t even won a header. Not a target man material tonight.

    • Moreno should still have got up and ran back quicker than he did.
      The contact wasn’t painful enough for him to roll around in tremendous pain like he did.

      But yeah, definitely a free.

      We should have played with 3 CB imo.

  55. Ok…the one BIG difference between West Ham and Liverpool…their players make runs past our defenses waiting for lay-offs from the striker(s)…while all our players like to get the ball on their feet rather than make runs past their defensive line….

    result of that…Benteke gets isolated..feel really sorry for him, he needs more support. But we don’t have a second striker…our best hope is that Firmino plays alongside him and they’re able to form some type of partnership.

  56. Unlike watford, who actually had 2 good goals..I don’t think west ham have been as good as watford. we’ve just been bad. very bad

  57. I’m no fan of Lallana but I think we could be doing with him out there today, West Ham are too deep to beat with pace, we need a clever player and Ibe is not the answer, his composure, decision making and final ball are all atrocious. Lallana is arguably the best crosser of a ball we have.

    • moreno is good too..i’ve already said that we could have done with him at the start of the game because we only getting pressing and harrying from him. But one goal down..that won’t help either because they’ll just keep sitting back and passing it or hoofing it around till we tire out

  58. Time for Lallana to come on prove his worth, and help change the game in the way that a £25m should…..no problem, right?

  59. So positives and negatives? For me Can and Lucas have done whats expected of them. Lovren has been a menace. Sakho, Moreno, and all our front 4 need to man right up. Coutinho rubbish, Benteke poor, Ibe not involved enough. Our front 4 just camp near the opposition box, we might work hard, but only when the ball is front of us, none of them track back

  60. Lfc players gave the balls away like they are christmas presents. They need to become new year robbers and smashgrab some whu banks

  61. I hope Klopp isnt still thinking he should give these players more time before bringing new faces. Surely everyone can see that they’re shyte and he should too. Bring in 2, 3 or 4 players this Jan and start selling some deadwood.

  62. I would swap Lucas with Allen and Benny with Lallana at HALF-TIME. Thn its just me
    For that matter I would swap Benny with Bogdan.

    • Do you think Lucas has been poor? I think he has been at the center of all our attacking play. The problem does not stem for the CM positions, stems from the attackers. The midfield has found the attack plenty of times

  63. Things I expect to happen in the 2nd half.

    Moreno and Coutinho to carry on their competition on who can shoot from the more ridiculous angle.

    Sakho to just casually give the ball away in dangerous areas and still be applauded like a god by the writers on here.

    Lucas to run the risk of a red card.

    Ibe to try hard and beat his man but probably fail with his final ball.

    Firmino to have a pop shot, bout it.

    Benteke is well Benteke. Might do something incredible. Doubt it though.

  64. Get Lucas off.Can was has been great except for the goal and partner him with someone who can atleast shoot the ball

  65. For a team that just beat the team at the top a mere week ago, this is astoundingly poor poor show. Firmino couts ibe and benteke all poor and moreno tried but really he is just too lightweight.

  66. Firminho and Lallana are just consistently poor and offer nothing up front. Game after game its the same. ship them out!

  67. God I miss sturridge, not sure if anyone remembers cos it ended up being such a great performance, but we were this poor for the first 25 minutes against southampton, but we had a player who could change the game and get us on the front foot.

  68. if klopp still mantains the “no new signings needed“ then im sorry, i know hes a nice guy but he is delusional!

  69. Payet comes on..west ham’s game plan..don’t concede until he is on the pitch..then only sit back and counter. go as near liverpool’s box as possible and fall over hoping for a set piece. let payet take set piece. score. 3 points.

  70. I hate seeing defenders in midfield, but we might as well put Smith or Moreno on the left of a 442, with Ibe on the right and Firmino up front with Benteke.

    Coutinho should go to the bench, maybe with Lucas to get out for Allen also…

  71. Sometimes I think that the worst possible thing that could have happened to cout’s devpt was him scoring a couple of those wonder goals. Its holding him back.

  72. Philippe Coutinho’s first half by numbers:
    0 chances created
    0 take-ons
    0 crosses completed
    0 shots on target

  73. Coutinho should be hauled off, he has been dreadful. I don’t know where he gets his reputation from, he’s the Brazilian Andros Townsend, unplayable on his day, a handful of games per season!

  74. benteke is sooooo much sh**….. tactics tim said ben would not thrive at LFC….. why did we not listen to that warning

    • Every fan who knows anything about football knew it was a bad transfer. He’s not a very poor player but he’s not worth 32m. And then there’s the fact that even at a lower price it made little sense considering the polar opposite styles of play

  75. Missing Hendo for sure, lacking creativity, and don’t even want to talk about the final ball or lack of it. Just another frustrating game.
    I’m sure Kloppo’s half time team talk won’t be a soft one like our performance so far.
    Anyway, we have 45 mins plus to turn it around. It’s only one goal.
    We can do it. Come on you Reds!!!

  76. how many times have we seen this match..our players attempt to kick the ball and miss completely? 3 times this game-lucas, can, couts.

  77. i’m done…… sorry cant take much more of this garbage…… we need a new striker…… new wingers….. new goalkeeper (new contract u must be crazy)….. and a proper midfield…… till then watching LFC is a waste of time

  78. horrible horrible team, where are the mays and onyxs and APs here to call me a troll or a manc in disguise?! pathetic and delusional you cant realise what a horrible horrible team this is!

    • This horrible team also beat City and Leicester with some easewho were top of the table. Its about consistency and mentality. One game they are spectacular then awful the next. Klopp may have gotten his tactics wrong. Credit to West ham and Bilic they got theirs spot on. We played right to West Hams strengths. Benteke is poison, his body language up front kills the attack but he is isolated up front and too stationary. No matter how many balls come in he was always marked and out numbered. No one else seemed to want to get into the opposition box. Hendo is a big miss for his passion and leadership but someone else have to step up when he is not there.

  79. Do you guys still think we’re gonna finish top 4? Guys just stop excpecting and face reality, half of this squad don’t deserve to play for Liverpool, give Klopp time.

  80. Andy Carroll the irony ,Rodgers kicked him out without a chance stating he didn’t fit his philosophy and his last purchase is Benteke who is less mobile than Andy Carroll .

    • He’s done better in the end of Kenny’s reign. I remember when he is the one who has determination on FA Cup final against Chelsea. Never been given a chance by Rodgers

    • I’m having second thoughts as well mate. Kudos for Benteke for scoring all the goals he’s scored. But many Liverpool fans were originally cautious about his proposed purchase and even Sherwood said he’ll need crosses in the box. The warning signs were there.

      • Crosses really seem to be one of our biggest problems. We concede goals as soon as crosses come in and we are absolutely unable to put in decent crosses ourselves. We seemingly have acquired some players who are experts in poor deliveries from out wide.

    • Not only did we get what we deserved but more frighteningly we have absolutely no creativity. I think it’s time Klopp stops with the people pleasing and starts laying down the law. We absolutely need a squad overhaul because the crop of players in it’s vast majority are unfit to wear that jersey.

      • The interesting thing is that most of these players you are berating are internationals. Maybe it is the job of the manager to not only make them perform to their very best, but also to set them up in order for their strengths to be utilised. Now, according to some people Klopp is a world class and proven manager, so this should be really easy for him, right.

  81. Fine goal Andy, attacking width, delicious cross, the target man buries it. Fundamental stuff we are just too bloody pretentious to put into practice.


      Basic stuff..don’t let crosses come in. get your body in the way. head the ball out not down. kick the ball out of danger. safety first.

    • We play that fundamental stuff all the time, but just don’t make it work.
      Our target man doesn’t know how to make those runs. And our ‘wide-men’ can’t play those crosses.

  82. This is painful. Given we’ve only scored more than two goals a handful of times this season we are stuffed.

    • Sorry, that’s just utter shi. We are a team that might get European football still, that is in the semis of the league cup and that plays in europe. Yeah of course we want more, but you know how many fans in this league would die for suchluxury?

      • 3-0 west ham
        2-0 newcastle
        3-0 watford
        3-1 united
        2-0, possibly more west ham
        What other top team gets this kind of results?!

        • Read your post again, you said 2nd worst team in the league. Try saying that to villa or Newcastle fans, they will laugh in your face for that, and rightfully so.
          Just stop moaning and get behind your team. Does YNWA even mean anything to you?

          • Yes it does, it means the world to me. I am always behind the team, I never left early or never stopped watching the game.
            I am just stating a fact, I will always love this club the same way, no matter if we are fighting in Championship or Champions league.
            Our players have no desire for fight, they are a bunch of fannies.
            On the current form I believe we are the 2nd worst in the division

          • Err, I think the fighting isn’t actually the problem. Players like sakho, Lovren, Can, Lucas, Clyne, Moreno etc are prepared to work hard. It’s just that most players in our team aren’t very good.

          • Oh and sorry for my bitterness, I am just tired of the amount of trolls and plastics on this site.

  83. Thanks again Brendan ! But hey novice yank bull hitters swallow a novice managers 500 page dossier of bull ox ,left with a squad full of over paid for dross .

    • Competent/effective wingers is what’s badly needed. I hope Klopp shows some balls and hauls Coutinho off, the amount of attacks falling apart in his possession is insufferable.

  84. If klopp doesn’t go out and spend in January on QUALITY,then he is seriously deluded and should walk aswell!!not doubting his ability as manager, he just has to use the money that is available!! We need a striker,and not berahino,we need a creative midfielder and a strong defensive midfielder,not grujic!!

    • Carroll looked the better of the two big lads up top today – attacked the ball much better than Big Ben….