Jurgen Klopp on January transfers: “I don’t think that something will happen”

on 01.02.2016

As deadline day rumbles on throughout England, Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that Liverpool are unlikely to dip into the January transfer market.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, January 30, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp before the FA Cup 4th Round match against West Ham United at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Liverpool have been linked with late moves for Alex Teixeira and Denis Cheryshev, as possible additions to Klopp’s attacking line.

But speaking to reporters ahead of Tuesday night’s Premier League clash away to Leicester City, Klopp revealed that the Reds are not likely to make any signings on deadline day.

“You can finish work for the day,” he joked.

“I’m not sure on the outgoing side, but I don’t think that something will happen on the other side.”

Instead, Klopp looked to focus on a clutch of returning players—Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge, Divock Origi and Martin Skrtel—as a boost to his squad.

“These are our transfers!” he continued.

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“It’s good for us, of course.”

Firmino to start, Coutinho to return – Predicted Liverpool XI vs Swansea

Asked whether he is confident that his squad can compete in the Premier League and beyond for the rest of the season, Klopp underlined his faith in his current crop.

“I don’t think we should think too much about it,” he said.

“In the Premier League [we have] an away game to Leicester, then Sunderland and Aston Villa—these three games give a little sign of where we can go.

“[But] even after these games, it’s not over.

“I think we showed a row of more-than-okay performances, so you can see a little bit more consistency.

“That’s what we have to bring on the pitch all the time.

“We can really fight for results. The right results.”

Preparing to welcome the likes of Coutinho and Origi back into his squad, Klopp may avoid the need to add a player such as Cheryshev on deadline day.

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  1. Well fair enough. Happy with the stance that we only get in the ones that we really want. But a bit dissapointed that we didn’t do anything.

    As the lads from TAW pointed out, Arsenal, mancs and City aren’t bringing in any attacking firepower either. Pato for Remy is hardly cool business either. The ones we want aren’t available. Wenger was quite clear on that too. One of the most difficult windows we’ve had it seems.

      • In an attacking sense yes, absolutely. But the recent returns of Flanno and Lovren and the inbound Coutinho, Sturridge and Origi are quite the “transfers”.

        • Sturridge? for his two game cameo appearance maybe..He” never be like a new signing because he simply can’t be relied upon

          • Simple really, Klopp is giving him what he thinks is necessary so he’s physically fit.

            If it’s all in his head he either goes to a sports psychiatrist or Klopp/FSG sell him in the summer.

          • Hard to really care about him anymore..Sooner he goes off to start his rap career and we move on, the better

          • I’m just trusting that Klopp feels he hasn’t had a proper pre-season and has always been rushed back which sounds like a Rodgers kinda thing to do.

            I suspect if this doesn’t work Klopp will nearly wash his hands of him.

  2. Disappointed, to say the least. The club hasn’t strengthened any area whatsoever. The lack of firepower will prove costly and no CL next season will mean we’ll have to use the exaggerated “Klopp factor” with the delusion that top players will be willing to sacrifice CL football and the chance to play under Pochettino or Guardiola or Mourinho to join a team whose owners have a failed model that doesn’t look likely to change significantly.

    Highlight of the window: Missing out on Charlie Austin.

    • Exactly, relying on average players that have never delivered to all of a sudden deliver..Never going to happen..I’m more than disappointed. We should have taken advantage of other clubs’ managerial situations..watch us try and compete with bigger teams in Summer…we’re screwed!

      • Yes. to me that is the best argument for treating this january window like it was the upcoming summer window.

        It may have been a brilliant move to bring in 4-5 new big time players (Ter Stegen, Matip, Stud CDM, and perhaps a winger) now and nothing in the summer even if it meant substantially over spending. It would have been a huge move to make a serious run at top-4 and the cups and getting players blooded in and ready to run riot next fall. It would have been daring and exciting but alas I can really understand why they are doing what they are doing. Klopp may feel he needs more time to sort things out.

      • Guardiola, Simeone, Pochettino, Mourinho. All good managers who might be here in the PL (not confirmed yet of course). Some of them will have CL to offer which means we’ll have to settle for players who arent the best. Not sure how we’ll compete without top players. People might argue that Klopp is good at developing young players but so are the others. Cant think of a single advantage that we’ll have over them.

        • Just out of consideration,since you rate pochettino so highly,who would you rather have to be out manager, him or klopp?

          • So I’m not allowed to rate other managers now on the basis that yoh might get offended?
            I’d have Klopp over any of those considering we dont have bottomless pits of cash. But Pochettino’s a great manager. Keep your hatred for Spurs aside and tell me he isn’t.

          • He aint better then klopp for sure!!you’re making it out like pochettino is better then klopp,which I dont go by very well!

          • Youre a big fan of him and the spurs clearly,a big admirer!!you obviously didn’t enjoy it when we destroyed them 5-0 at the lane!

          • I’m just giving you a little cr#p mate,no need to get angry!haha,f##k sakes,chill out out bud!

      • Oh I remember. We needed some firepower to win it which we dont have. No way are we winning it ahead of Napoli, Dortmund etc.

        • Stop whining man. We have a hand at trophy and still in all other competition. Top4 fight is yet not finished. All injured players are coming back. This is the time to have faith in your manager and get behind the team. We are onto something positive here. Couts, skrtl, orihi defo add some steel to our squad. Have faith bro.

          • Being critical and offering valid points on a forum dedicated for discussion about the team means I’m whining? Disappointing attitude. You haven’t offered me any reason how we can somehow secure Cl football. Make no mistake, top 4 is gone. Europa League is theoretically possible but we dont have the quality to win it.

          • Points to tell you how no transfer in winter session is actually fine for us:
            1) we have 50%chance of a trophy for first time in 4 years.
            2) With the amount of injury we had its quite good to be still in all 4 comp.
            3) Top4 race is not over yet. At the end of last season we were 7 points off top4. We are already there with 8 points away. We still have fair chance to make up.
            4) Klopp wants to give the chance to his players as well as U21 lads so at the end of season he would have clearly known which all players deserve spot in his team and which all not, you can’t do that in 3 months.
            5) We don’t know which all players were available and what was the requirement with club? Like with A tex 53 mil pounds is ridiculous sum. We wont give that.
            6) Klopp knows his shi* and I have full faith in his decision. If he is not signing player right now then maybe its not the right time. Let him handle this team.
            7) Finally our injured players are coming back.

          • Thats better. You offered an argument instead of calling someone a whiner is a better approach, and I respect that.
            I disagree with the top 4 race being open bit. It is going to be mathematically very difficult. But we can theoretically win the Europa League. Not signing anyone in the window like Austin or Texeira (ridiculous to offer only 24+3m) wont push us on for that

          • It is possible that we already have firepower but they were injured till now and now they are returning. They deserve their chance.

            Obviously any how we are not going to sign him for 53mil pound which is his buyout clause.

    • If we’d signed Austin, most on here would be complaining we’re cheapskates who only buy from the championsip.

      • Not really. I’ve discussed this before. Except for one lad, almost everyone acknowledged he would be a great addition

          • I’m talking about the summer. A lot of people felt Austin would be a good signing. He’s underrated for sure and was available for a bargain price.

          • I remember everyone was moaning about Danny Ingsinho and we should’ve gone for Austin. I still think Ingsinho is better but Austin is a goalmachine.

            Question with Austing, similar to Darren Bent and Defoe, scoring for smaller clubs works for those lads. But can they do it in the bigger shirts, with less room, more pressure etc.

          • Austin’s the type of player with a “down to business, no bullsh*t” attitude. I’m sure he would have thrived here.

    • Pochettino?? Sorry mate,I agree we need CL,but nobody worth the fuss is going to spurs,even if they are in the CL!! They might be in the CL,but they’re still that club nobody cares about!!players will choose us over them,even if they have CL and we don’t,

      • Yeah, we had no problem getting Lloris or Eriksen. I agree they shouldnt be much trouble but they’re still an attractive destination. Pochettino’s great at developing young talent and is a good manager overall.

  3. I already knew LFC will not sign any new players will depend on these flop or useless or lousy player to fight for the remaining games and we’ll sit out of top 4 again no C.league or Europa League … have to accept the faith of LFC.

        • Two weeks ago the smart money was on welsh pirlo, but I think he will definitely stay at least until the summer

          • I think he’s is a welcome addition right now…with the injuries and all…we’ll see what will happen in the summer? Maybe his price goes up if he keeps on with the solid performance. Not good enough for the first team though…

      • Right…Sinclair and Tex…shame…never had enough chances. Enrique should definitely go. That Free kick against West Ham…awful!

  4. One thing Im worried about now is that with Pep at City and most probably Mou at Utd and Simeone at Chelsea, all teams are going to spend big in the summer. We have to be on our A game and get in players quickly otherwise it could be an issue.

  5. While it seems like a wasted opportunity to not bring in 1-2 players that will substantially upgrade the starting 11, sometimes it’s better to keep your powder dry than to spend on overpriced mediocrity which is what LFC have mostly done for quite a while now.

    Don’t worry Klopp will make his moves soon enough. His first year at Dortmond he shipped out 17 players and brought in 13 new ones. His second he sent out 8 and brought in 14.

    Perhaps he is being smart and getting familiar with the BPL before deciding exactly how to construct his side. You can also be sure that most if not all of the targets identified by the committee were simply regurgitations. Perhaps he wants them to start from scratch identifying players under a new set of desired parameters.

      • not all. but for sure there will be some non-trivial turnover.
        Klopp is certainly evaluating which players he will keep for the starting 11, which will stay and be squad players, and which have no future. For example, I’m guessing most of our CBs are not starting material in a fully realized Klopp side.

          • Yes. We have a very decent depth now. We’ve had way to many injuries but still could do a decent job in most games. So just a couple of quality additions we can move up.

          • You don’t believe anyone will leave in the summer, diminishing this depth no?
            Plus we’ll need a striker, defender, GK, Texieira?

          • A few will leave and a few will come. but I don’t think a whole clearout is going to take place. Thing is that this is the first summer window where we can upgrade instead of finding a half decent replacement. We can add, for the first time in many windows.

  6. With new managers at City, United and Chelsea, it will need some money to get good players!!! Will it be Messi Vs Ronaldo in PL??

  7. No point, CL is no longer possible, & other than Alex Texieira there’s nobody worthy available this month.

  8. Trying not be angry about it, but FK! seriously how can you not add anything to a squad so desperately poor!? They should have made Ter Stegen a priority..can believe ewe have to keep watching that dribbling mess in goals…As for Benteke..I hate this club at the minute…fking terrible

  9. If Klopp really honestly thinks that this squad as it is is good enough, that no additions are required, and he buys into the ‘players returning from injuries are like new signings’ nonsense, he should leave Liverpool right away and never come back. Where we are in the league table is not good enough, and there’s a reason for that. If he thinks that this is good enough, then he’s not that good after all, so get out and stop wasting our time. Klopp, you’re not that good, stop acting like you can make the current crop of players better. Do what you’re supposed to and get in better players. If you don’t want to, then get out of Liverpool.

  10. Could of still achieved CL next season with the right buys.
    There’s also a trophy up for grabs at Wembley.

    Could the season be over at the end of February?

    Is this what FSG promised?

    Over in Boston Henry & Werner have just signed a 30 yr old on a $215m record breaking deal for the Red Sox.

    No buying young players to develop and sell on at a profit over there eh.

    Having a laugh sat smoking their fat cigars.

    • Yep a £10mil net spend in 3 transfer windows. Are we still a big club? So far they have only spent big after selling big. Just one decent signing would have given the team a big lift.

        • 165 divided by around 8 transfer windows. Around 20m net? That isn’t too impressive but yes, less money should never be an excuse for poor performance.

        • Last 18 months its a lower net spend than Everton according to the Times. Its not all about spending big money as Leicester and Tottenham have proven. We have wasted millions in the last 5 years. Most of our players have a poor sell on value.

          • Ah yes Everton. How’s their stadium upgrade coming along btw and quite frankly so what their net spend in the last 18 months is greater … presumably because
            of the price paid for Lukaku?

          • Just have a look at how much Barkley, Stones, Lukaku, Coleman are worth and compare that to how much Lallana, Balotelli, Moreno, Mignolet etc are worth. Now tell me who has recruited better and be honest?

          • How’d it be if I simply said that the majority of signings during Rodgers’ tenure look to be poor sell on value ..

          • Look at how much Sterling fetched us rather the assumption of what the Everton players MAY cost

          • Well, you’ve just compared their best buys vs our more average buys. Our best vs their best results in us winning. Just look at Coutinho, Sturridge, Firmino, Clyne, and Emre Can. Those players are ultimately better than what Everton has to offer. They sure as hell aren’t worse.

            It is true that we have made more transfer mistakes but then again, we have bought in more players than Everton over the last 3 years. Therefore it’s more likely we will end up with more transfer fails than them.

            The only thing that has been going good for us is the fact that we have been able to maintain a relatively low net spend by selling some of our players for vast transfer fees. This does prevent us from getting in trouble with FFP or going negative. However, it is time we move on from playing it safe. We need to start paying top dollar without relying on big sales to fund our bigger transfers. Take some risks for a change. It’s much better than what we have done over the past 3 years.

          • The mistake was having a manager that was unable to build a spine .With the spending over the last few years we should have a decent squad that should only need the odd big signing during the summer window .Squad depth should have further been complemented by the young players.

          • Coleman was a young player bought for £50,000 during Moyes tenure Stones was bought for peanuts and Barkley came through the system.This is what can happen when you nurture young talent non of the above were big money signings.

          • You hit the nail centre on the head Nuture young talent. Klopp is a master at this as shown with the players he brought through at dortmund that have gone on to bigger teams for a lot of money and/or been given international caps for their respective countries. He WILL bring through the very best we have and propel the best we have to new heights given time AS he did at dortmund. A transfer window has come and gone but did he really need to buy? I dont think so due to the fact we DO have good players and it needs someone like klopp to get the best out of them. There are those we dont rate/like/love as LFC players but if he thinks he can turn them into better players i believe he will do so and if he thinks they dont belong at LFC then im sure they will be gone. Take a breath and a long hard look at the players we have. Some we can see have the talent but arent yet showing it and others we can see just dont work hard enough. Whatever we think he is thinkng harder and will sort the wannabees from the can be’s. Just BELIEVE.

          • Nice piece of writing I agree, I also think we need to get more out of the signings from the previous two summer windows .The team is not that bad we lost against Leicester last night I have been reading the Echo message boards a lot of fans have been moaning about us not buying in January .If we can get two strikers fit we will look a different team there is not that much wrong we are creating chances but we are not converting them.When we lose some of our fans become hysterical and start rubbishing the whole squad .The team lacks pace and goal scoring wide men add them in the summer and we’ll start progressing plus a preseason with klopp will benefit the players.

          • definitely need to get more out of the players we have before making rash decisions which is what I think klopp is doing. too many times we have bought players on a whim thinking they are GOING to be good for them to turn out not to be so. couts, studge, firmino, markovic, are very good players. milner, lallana, allen, lucas, lovren, sakho , hendo, moreno, clyne, origi, ings, benteke, flanno and skrtel are good players who could be better and need coaching properly to get the best out of them. then theres the youth players we have seen recently and by the look of some of them we have a few rough diamonds. all is not doom and gloom with our whole squad although I have been guilty of having a pop at some of them we really aren’t in bad shape when they are all fully fit. some I would ship out and others shape em up. adding a few players in summer when klopp will have had 8-9 months to sort out who he wants and who he doesn’t will see a big difference in the mentality of the team as a whole. im not proclaiming we will win the league but im sure next season will be a whole new ball game and will see us better suited to compete throughout the season and not in fits and starts as we have this. the hysteria over not buying teixeira has been almost laughable when klopp himself said the price was too much for him. maybe we get him in the summer but like klopp said we have 4 new signings with the players coming back to fitness and we just have to hope they stay fit. fingers crossed they do and we can at least get a trophy this season (to placate the non-believers) and start to climb the table and get a decent finish.

    • $215m for 30 year old seriously? and they couldnt pay 38m for 26 year old…. what happened to “We can compete with anyone”.

      • The thing about the Texeira transfer is that we made an official bid of only 24m+3m addons. I’m pretty sure if the club made a higher offer there would have been a middle ground. As things stand, we’ve pissed off Shakhtar

      • The difference is that Mark Price will pay for himself at that price. Texiera will not pay for himself at £53 million

      • Just to make sure we are talking apples to apples,

        – I believe the $215m includes all wages and bonuses for the next 7 years
        – That’s less than £150m once you do the conversion
        – We don’t know for sure that £38m would have gotten Teixeira
        – You’re probably talking about a Ronaldo class of player in Price

    • do you know anything about baseball, baseball contracts, or baseball finances? Your statement suggests not.

      • Not really. I read the Forbes report saying it’s a bad deal. It’s a 7 year contract at $31m wages per year. Forbes reckon he has about 4 good years left in him.
        Is there more?

        • yes. Like in all sports one player’s contract can’t be considered in isolation from all of the others. Sure they over paid a bit for his contract but not by much. He’s been phenomenal over the past 5 years. He will be the ace in their rotation for the next 4-5 years and a lefty of his quality pitching at Fenway is a no-brainer. In fact his stats as a visiting pitcher at Fenway have been amazing over the past 8 years. The final three years of his contract he has an opt out option in which another club may be likely to pay him more. Otherwise he’ll shift to the bull pen and be a solid pen guy.

          When FSG took over the red sox they hadn’t won a title in 86 years. Since they have won twice.

          This idea that FSG don;t want to spend money are absurd.

          • “Sure they over paid a bit for the contract”. That’s a key statement, because that suggests risk-taking in the search for the title.

            In the same way, shouldn’t we also overpay and take risks once in a while like all the rich successful clubs do all the time. And if you say we overpaid on Benteke, that was hardly a risk (scouts thinking he’s a proven scorer in the PL) and also it was funded by Sterling transfer. We must take risks, and I know it sounds bad, but because we are amongst the top 10 richest clubs, the asking price when Liverpool are involved will be high we need to pay up a bit to compete for titles.

          • £32.5 for Ben was a risk even for a proven scorer. We won’t sell him for close to that.

            we tried to take a risk with Texiera. Anything north of £30 million is a risk for him. £38 is a prohibitively high risk. A few may disagree with that but not the majority. £53 is just crazy cuckoo for cocoa puffs level of risk.

            I’m confident that going forward LFC will take a mixed approach of investing in young emerging talent on the cusp, and selective bigger risks on proven talent.

          • I agree 53M was bonkers, but I didn’t know whether it was actually true or just a rumor, and whether 38M was the actual asking price, in which case I would have put it in the Risky department but not prohibitively high.

            I want to agree with your final statement, and since we’re on the same team, lets hope for the best. YNWA.

          • FSG want to spend money on the Red Sox is not the issue.

            Forbes says Price has 4 years at the top max. He has a 7 year contract. He may well have an option to leave but it’s unlikely another club will pay that money for a 34 yr old. So Red Sox will be paying.

            That is all about the now, making Red Sox succesful today.

            The complete opposite to their strategy for Liverpool which is all about promising glory tomorrow.

            Except tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

          • But Forbes doesn’t know diddly d**k about baseball.
            Again the red sox are in the midst of rebuilding their team. and have been over the past couple of years and will continue to do over the next 2-3. They had a great run of success but have gone off the boil. They had a cohort of outstanding players that over time had gradually moved on. Price is the guy that they are building their entire pitching rotation around and so they spent big to get their ace. Forbes doesn’t understand that at all. They also lost the boy genius of a GM to another club.

            FSG are not the Glazers.

          • Well clearly you’re happy with the deal as indeed Liverpool fans would be happy the Teixeira deal being done for about 50% what the red sox are spending.

            Except the Teixeira deal is not being done. Or any other. It’s just the 1 free signing journeyman for us.

            Red Sox fans wouldn’t be happy with that would they?

          • well my team (the tigers) traded him away. So I was really familiar with his qualities as a player and was bummed they traded him in the first place.

          • January is not the month to do a deal on Teixeira especially as Shakthar are reluctant to sell. As a paid up season ticket holder I am quite happy for LFC to hold their ground and not being held to ransom.

          • I was in favor of the Tex deal anywhere between £25-35. However, it’s clear that Shahktar want a lot more than that.

          • Wouldn’t the deal be agreed in prince before they spoke to the player. Sounds like something upset the apple cart.

          • Texy knew he had signed a contract with a release clause that is why he went public about wanting to leave.He thought Shaktar might move on price because he wanted to leave but Shaktar said stood firm.

          • “it’s unlikely another club will pay that money for a 34 yr old”
            Mate, you have no idea what you talking about.

          • I don’t but I assume Forbes sport money does –

            While bringing him on board was a huge move for the next few seasons, the Red Sox are going to regret their decision to give him that massive of a deal long-term.

            What five reasons can be given to support the statement that the Red Sox shouldn’t have given Price the contract that they did?
            At 30 years old, Price is going to be running out of gas at some point over the next five or six seasons. Paying him an average of $31 million per season simply isn’t the smartest decision for a pitcher that is going to be declining throughout the contract. Price is going to be an ace for the Red Sox for now, but when he starts going downhill there will be no way to move on from him.”

          • They’ve won 3 since the takeover .Fsg do spend but only in line with revenue generated .Most football fans visions of new owners are based on Mansoor and Roman’s big spending but they have invested from their own pockets the majority of owners won’t do that .Our finances were in a bad state when Fsg came in, things have improved but there is a lot of work still left to do .We haven’t spent the money wisely during the last 2 summer windows that is the main issue.

        • Still we could have iniesta for 20 millions and pay him 11 millions for two years. Sell Milner for 5 millions and you have another 11 million in hand for his second years.

    • So who was available that was eligible to play in the Europa League and the 2 Cups? Teixeira isn’t, for example, and surely a top4 finish is entirely possible with the way this season’s Prem is panning out and 45 points still to play for.

      • January – won 1(Norwich) lost 2 drawn 1 = 4 points from 9
        45 points?
        No chance of top4 as things stand.

        Would Teixeira be eligible for Wembley? He could certainly play FA Cup. Top4 would be the priority anyway.

        • There’s every chance of a top4 finish for a number of clubs the way this season is working out. Last price quoted for Teixeira was £50million and Danny Ward
          for instance is not eligible for the Cups.

    • They invest money the Red Sox generate ,and what’s this constant developing young players and selling for profit nonsense.We have only just started to break even financially FSG aren’t rich like Mansoor or Roman they are business men that are slowly rebuilding the club off the field.On the field isn’t going great at the moment but now we have a decent manager things will improve over the next few seasons.

    • Two hundred and fifteen million dollars !!

      Tell me this it’s a lie.

      Though I know FSG is capable of buying any player in football. They can even sign LeBron James and Raphael Nadal for us.

      But every time I say that FSG are not the onwers we want people come up with they invested in stadium BS.

      I want MSN this summer. That’s it.

  11. Klopp has said he is giving every player the chance to prove themselves until the end of the season. He stated before the window that he’s not a fan of the January. He’s only going to go after players that he knows will help us. Remember when we needed a striker and last minute bid for Balloteli? Yeah that worked out great. Panic buying because we need people in that position. Klopp would rather save the money and add that to his summer budget. And keep scouting. We will get Alex Tex in the summer when he’s not as ridiculously priced. Still a chance for cl were in Europa still and not far from top 4. Stop complaining and have some faith in our manager. He’s not a pushover.

          • Ahhh, why did you remind me of Griezmann. The player I wanted as a replacement for Suarez yet the club felt 22m for him wasnt a good deal. Worth at least double that right now

          • Spot on. Great player. Went to Atletico for the same money Rodgers paid for Markovic. Crazy.

    • They had a month..the problems were evident before this month. It’s obvious where we need to strengthen and the window should have been used to do this..Nothing to do with panic buying

      • We had a whole window before Balloteli. Not to mention Sturridge origi and countinho are returning to training this week. Wait until the summer and he will buy players then. We would have had Alex if shaktar weren’t being difficult

        • I know we did, what does Balotelli have to do with this window? With that line of thought we should never buy anyone again..Shaktar set a price, like any club does and we walked away…we’re the ones that always insist on being difficult when negotiating

          • Are you for real? How is 53mil pounds is justified for Alex tex.? For our management credit they have already agreed personal terms with him. Given the amount of injuries we have we wouldn’t have even reached league cup final under rodgers. Credit to klopp he made that happen and we are still in all 4 comp. He has clearly said he wants to give his team and players a chance first which include our under 21 kids also. Moreover he also said he believes in training more than buying and selling players. Give klopp time and we will be good. No use in jumping yo conclusion when we don’t know everything.

          • In our negotiation history under FSG how successful have we been competing for top players? We repeatedly pss teams off. I’m not saying 53M is justified. I’m not even talking about Teixeira. I’m talking about LFC dcking about in negotiations and being difficult in general. We’ve seen it time and again. When it comes to the squad we have now. If you’re counting on these players to bring success, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Not one leader in the team. He can say what he wants about training, why did he get rid of so many players at Dortmund?

          • He can say what he wants about training because its his team and when he got rid of those many players in dortmund he has already given them a lot of chance to prove themselves and they clearly didn’t match his standard of team which he wanted to build. Klopp is right believe me.

            As far as FSG goes yes we had have our fair share of criticism for them but they also bough in Klopp at the right time. The only manager which would have fit LFC as we need rebuilding and stabilization and manager for longer duration.

          • Shakhtar set 38m which is what he’s talking about. We offered 24m+3m addons. Judging by the fact that we made no further bid, FSG refused to budge which has obviously offended Shakhtar. I dont see why a reasonable price of 32-35m couldn’t have been agreed. Other clubs have dealt reasonably with Shakhtar before and will continue to do so

          • Teixeira’s valuation by the likes of Transfermarkt was £20million and an offer of £27million therefore very reasonable. My understanding is/was that a further offer was made (albeit short of the price Shaktar were initially demanding) and the response to that was that there was a release clause amount in Teixeira’s contract of £50million ..

          • No reliable source has reported that we made a further offer, which is precisely the problem I have with this

          • Haa!! Really? And what reliable sources told you that “FSG refused to budge” for instance?
            My source, amongst others, is an easily referenced article by Mark Critchley in the Independent today and I quote …. “Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre, who has had two (TWO) bids for the player rejected … etc”

          • The Echo reported that no further bid was made, rejecting Sky Sports’ claims that we made an improve offer. That tells me FSG refused to budge or even if they did budge slightly, Shakhtar were obviously offended by the way we conducted negotiations because they are usually reasonable

          • So the Independent fabricated the story? Sky too? and since when have Shaktar been reasonable and
            what makes you think that a multi billionaire owner like Shaktar’s would be offended by anything to do with the way business is conducted?

          • Costa (Bayern), Willian (CFC) and Mkhitaryan (BVB) were all summer signings. The principal reason why Shaktar are being so difficult is because they want to keep Teixeira until the summer and you might want to run your no problems claim past Spurs, witness how they were totally mugged with their attempts to sign Willian.

      • Spot on. A panic buy is your main striker like Torres putting in a transfer request days before the transfer window closes. Or your main striker getting a serious injury. Klopp has had 3 months.

    • Aren’t we 8 points off top 4? I would say that’s pretty far. We only have a chance at the CL if we win Europa, but that means we have to go through 9 matches winning against good European teams. So that’s even more far-fetched

      Not panic buys I agree, but there was an entire month of January. We need players now to make the Champions League which means we can be in the market to lure even more great players with CL football to offer.

  12. This club is a very easy sell for FSG. All they have to do is constantly spin the myth that the future will be bright. It’s easy for a club to always promise the fans that we’re only in “transition” and it’s a short term thing..Is it fickle to not want to have to wait anymore? Lets buy some players for NOW. what message did it send out that Mignolet was given a 5yr deal? Genuinely worried about these owners, there’s zero ambition to actually push on..the sooner the new stand is done, (has any club ever taken so long to add a few thousand seats?) the better. Most clubs would have built a new stadium in the time it’s taken to get the extension sorted. Hopefully they sell to someone that wants success on the pitch as well as in the bank. Would love to see an ownership model in place where the fans at least have part ownership of the club with an investor that actually cares

    • I’ve officially given up. We’re a mediocre club under these Yanks at best, and Klopp wont be able to do much to change that on his own.

      • Probably the only good decision they’ve made yet..But he needs to be backed properly. He’s not a miracle worker

      • The ambition was from Klopp who actually loves a challenge of turning things around. Not because of any inherent ambition in the board to really go all out and make it happen.

        • You can only clap with two hands!! M sure kloppo wanted to come here but fsg must have played a part as well.. Just hope they sort out the transfer commitee

    • We are in transition, but only down the league unfortunately. First Ferguson appeared and knocked us off the top. Then Wenger off second, then Abramovich off third, then Sheikh Mansour off fourth and Tbh we’re struggling to compete with Spurs since Rafa left. I’m even beginning to worry about West Ham with their new stadium and London base. Klopp is really up against it and we’re shooting ourselves in the foot time and again in the transfer market. Having said that, he’s done well so far too keep us in four competitions, so perhaps there’s some hope.

      • I don’t see us doing anything without serious investment. Paying wages on a par with top clubs and paying the money to buy players that can come in and perform straight away..as it stands we’ve got rid of all our top earners and insist on buying “potential”…It just won’t work..

        • I agree to some extent, but you could argue Reina, Agger, Johnson and Gerrard were on the way down.
          My main frustration is we have paid a lot of money on transfers and got poor value. We’ve put together Mignolet, Sakho and Lovren, while Spurs have Lloris, Vertonghen and Alderweireld for less money.

    • So? we pay tripple and an offer to work with Klopp.

      Btw, saw this guy play and if that’s his standard style of play I’m not that bothered with the lad. Played as static as Benteke strikes.

        • You’re an idiot if you think he currently earns 2.6M a year. This is the deal he signed at 22 on a free transfer. If we tripple his current salary he’ll be on what, 60k/w? 70, 80 tops

          • Fair enough. I had a feeling this was fishy. But I think Matip would have been a great addition in January but not necessarily in the summer. Then again, wihout CL football he may be the best we can do.

          • Yes but my point is precisely the fact that other clubs will be strengthening as well. A marginal improvement in defence won’t do much against Guardiola’s City or Simeone’s Chelsea

          • Google states he’s on 7M pounds a year. That should be 135k/w. No way he’s on that. And absolutely no way he’s getting that doubled. He’s nog going to sign a new deal at Schalke worth of 270k/w. He got an extension after 2,5 seasons of being a starter for Schalke. That’s his current deal. No way that’s 135k/w ;)

            So we don’t know. What we do know is that Matip signed a deal that kept him till the summer and they’re trying to keep him now.

      • In my opinion, he’s not a good option for the PL. He might be tall and good aerially but he’s definitely not physical enough and would most likely end up like Coates; no questions about quality but physicality and technicality might be lacking. For anything around 60 k.p.w, its a good deal otherwise, nope!
        A much better option would be N’kolou of Marseille who is also in his final year; the only reason I’d see Klopp preferring Matip to N’kolou would be height otherwise, tactically and technically he’s way better.

      • He is schalke’s best defender. He is a loyal player as he was in schalke from last 10-12 years. Now he wants to take different challenge and want more success. Wage is not a prob I think with him.

          • Perhaps. But don’t i have the right to lose patience and being sad as a LFC fan? What’s wrong with it?

          • lose patience with what precisely?
            LFC are still in 3 competitions, have a fighting chance of getting a top4 finish with so many games left and the stadium refurb/expansion is on schedule …

          • And a manager at the helm that is the best they’ve had in 20 years (with all due respect to Kenny).

          • You have every right to lose patience and leave to support another team. Every right. So much right that nobody will stand in your way.

          • Only if you think Klopp has been telling lies for the months since he arrived. And if you expected Messi, Ronaldo and Pogba to join us.

          • Many of us said we needed width in the Summer, we didn’t get any and some fans said we didn’t need width.
            It has been painfully clear this season that we need a natural attacking wide player of better quality than the woeful Jordon Ibe and here we are on transfer deadline day with Ibe still the only natural winger in the first team.

            I’m not asking for Neymar, Reus or Hazard, but a quality squad player like Yarmolenko or Bolasie could be the difference between 4th and 7th..

        • If you can’t give a new manager who hasn’t brought in any of his own players yet a chance, if you’re “losing patience” knowing that we have three crocked strikers and one who doesn’t fit the team, that at one point we had THIRTEEN first-team players out injured at the same time, and that we’ve played more matches than any team in England with a squad who have NEVER experienced that level of intensity, then you need a refresher in perspective. If you can’t support a WORLD-CLASS manager who has entered an unprecedented shit-storm of challenges with us, there’s the door. Seriously. This is not for you.

    • that’s ok. young people have no patience today. it comes from living in the privileged world of instant gratification, infinite information at your finger tips, and helicopter parenting that solves their every need for them. those of use who lived before the world of the internet and cable tv have developed skills of recognizing one often has to be patient to get what one wants.

  13. Hasn’t anyone listened to what Klopp said when coming in as LFC manager? “Am I the only one in this country who believes in training?”
    He won’t buy overpriced players, get that into your heads. He buys potential, but unlike most other managers he knows how to groom it, and build a team. 3 years from now, and LFC will be very strong, indeed.

      • Who was on a plane to Florida to deal the deal for Teixeira whilst Southampton were signing Austin for £4m.

          • Since when has Klopp said that Shaktar’s asking price of £38million, now up to £50million, for Teixeira is worth doing a deal on?

          • Seriously do you think Ayre flew 12 hours to Florida to speak to the pkayer without knowing the ballpark figure?

          • Terms were agreed with the player, more than, and offers made to buy him that were well in excess of the
            £20million that he was deemed to be worth by the likes of Transfermarkt.

          • Can you officially talk to a player without agreement from the club? Wouldn’t the an outline deal have to be more or less agreed first?
            How come thinge like this never happen to other clubs?

  14. If you listen to Klopp he talks about the importance of pre season to get players properly ready to play, so why would he look to buy in this transfer window? We’ve got players returning and plenty of time left before the end of the season. Yes it’s been hit and miss so far but if we get a couple of trophys and are up there then i’m not sure we can expect much more this season.

  15. No matter which way you slice it, a wide player was a pressing requirement this window and due to our incompetence, perhaps in identifying targets or sealing deals, its still a pressing requirement.

  16. I’m guessing that the people here who are all fed up and disappointed that Klopp hasn’t bought us 10 world class players and have us 10 points clear at the top of the table right now are almost all under the age of 30 and/or have no children.

    • Is that some criteria to have an opinion?
      No one is blaming Klopp but, everyone can see the hardships he’s facing which are partly down to an imbalanced squad. This window was an opportunity to perhaps, rectify some of those issues but nothing was done; thus, resulting in frustration, which is understandable.

      • No. But it’s clear here that many people here have unrealistic expectations about what is and is not possible and what is and is not prudent.

        Some folks think watching a few youtube videos set to eurotrash dance music and some FIFA football manager make them experts to run a club.

        • Fair enough, I guess we all have our own perspectives.
          My personal disappointment with this window is that we were never even linked with a wide player (except for Nolito) even though it is quality in wide areas we’re lacking in the most. No one needs to be a footballing genius to see this and if the people running the club don’t even bother to address this; then people have every right to criticize.

          • I guess it’s about priorities. We don;t know excatly what Klopp’s are. Personally I don’t put a wing player in the top 2-3 most important positions needing attention. I’d rather us lock down a world class keeper, a stud CB and a CDM first. My guess is that Tex looked available so they tried to make a run at him.

          • A goalkeeper would’ve been great too, I agree. CDM is a bit of forgotten thing at Liverpool, unfortunately and it should’ve been addressed years ago.
            Well, at least there were rumors of our interest in Ter Stegen and Horn flying around, wouldn’t mind signing either of those in the summer. See, its not even about signing players, its about acknowledging the faults within the squad and at least showing that some work is being done to address those faults.

  17. I actually predicted this would happen, we’d make big noises but ultimately do nothing. I’m not complaining though, there’s very little quality available and I’d rather we made a big splash in the Summer, starting with what could be one of the greatest free transfers in club history, the one and only Zlatan.

  18. I hope over the next 3 months Klopp and Co. Identify exactly who’s staying, who’s leaving, what targets they want, and what they are willing to pay for them in fees and wages. Then once the transfer window opens, bam! get everyone signed in the first 3 weeks. Those out of contract like Matip they can actually get done even sooner.

    They should go about their business like they did with the Firmino deal. No talk, no media rumors, just strike first, strike hard, and strike silently. Get the deal signed and the melwood lean photo out on twitter before people even speculate about it (especially our competition).

    To do this they will likely have to be prepared to overpay (LFC always have to anyway). But strategic overpaying is good business.

      • Reporting to clubs yes not necessarily deals. Look at the early business that some clubs did before the world cup last time around.

      • probably not as severe as 17 players out and 14 in. but we need a solid 4-5 incoming players and they have to be upgrades on who have now IMHO.

        I’d also rather see us spend more on quality than on quantity.

        • Players with one foot out the door- Enrique, bodgan, Sinclair, balo, Alberto, toure(?)
          Maybe out- flanno, rossiter( contract issues), markovic, Allen, lallana, benteke, studge (?), migs(?).

          We’re definitely looking at 5 or more out of the door.

          • If you’re right, then let’s hope, that we get some money out of them.. especially the “big potential signings” :D

          • Enrique, toure will get us no money. And if the worst happens, we won’t get any money for flanno rossiter either. Sinclair is another one on a free. So is tex. Peanuts for bogdan I guess and some good money for Alberto who has done well on loan.

  19. FSG will never spend untold millions on world class players , you will continue to see young players being bought , and unless they can unearth a Suarez that can lead them to a title before the big clubs come for them , it is not happening

  20. oh to be a fly on the wall over the last month during all the internal discussions and meetings that will have taken place and lead us to this situation.

    It is what it is and I’m glad that they haven’t just stumped for anyone because they were available. Better not to spend than spend badly again. Done plenty of that over the last decade or so, probably more.

    Brakes on, think about what we’re doing and go from there. No panic.

    • It sounds nice in theory, applying the brakes on and take a step back or any other metaphor for that matter. But haven’t we had the past few years to do that? Also with a separate transfer committee whose full-time job is to oversee all of this and get deals done, why haven’t we done any better, and seem to be in this constant cycle of “re-building”?

      The only positive thing this time is we’ve got Klopp. And he actually builds something.

      • You have to concede a rebuild of some degree the minute we hired a new manager.
        Imagine however if Rodgers had just come in. He would be insisting on players coming in, they probably wont fit, or not be good enough, cost a lot and as a result the side doesn’t progress. Here we have someone who isn’t panicking, assessing the squad carefully over time and will probably add carefully selected players that will be designed to give the maximum impact.

  21. Not sure what people expected in this window. l was even shocked that Alex was a possibility. We have so many players still on the books that are hurt. Kloop needs time to figure this team out. I would argue they messed up not getting CB or defensive help in general but not much out there at the moment. At this point we have to hope for the best of both worlds that Benteke, and Strurridge get us top four (doubtful at best), and it creates value to sell them in the off season.

  22. Same old stories,, linked with decent players to keep the fans happy ,,,when all FSG are interested in is the likes of the young Serb fella,,cheap and profitable,, am sick of these cowboys and useless scouts,,I bet if any top world footballing club took lfcs approach to running a club they would find themselves in a similar position as we do ,, midtable,,

  23. Im not at all surprised at the lack of business due to klopps insistence on seeing every player he has over a number of months to judge properly if he thinks he can make them fit and play to his system. Wait til summer fellow reds and im sure he will have had his mind made up as to who stays and who goes. This season was almost a bust before he came in and it has taken him too long to even come close to finding a half decent team amongst the players we have due to injuries and inconsistency on the players part. Yes some of his decisiions have been questionable but it would be the same whoever was manager. He is a class manager and will sort this shambles out. Keep the faith.

    • I am. We needed to fix the goalkeeping dept. This will cost us point. Red mark as much as people wish, but hoped Ters-Stegen to happen after the Teixeira deal fell.

      • Why? It isnt like the club do anything because they want us to feel better. They do what is neccessary to run the club. Also if things are as we read and klopp is happy with the squad as it is then why would they buy for the sake of it. We are a strange club when it comes to straight forward solutions for straight forward problems and it isnt unusual cor them to do the opposite of what we think they should. Dont worry just sit back and enjoy it cos there is nothing me or you can do to change things

  24. so Klopp’s first transfer window turn into something of a dud lacking ambition. Toure Enrique Rossiter Sinclair Flannagan – free agents in summer. I see 4 of them leaving.

    • Toure, enrique, and sinclair are likely gone. Maybe they keep Kolo around for another year because he is just a) good to have in the dressing room for experience and eladership and b) can put the odd shift in when needed and is willing to play that role.
      Flanno will definitely. Rossiter I would put at 50-50.

  25. January window has always been kind of strange, at least more than summer… I believe that if you would go for a player, especially from abroad, you try to do everything in December so that 2nd of January you do the transfer, so that the player gets a little time to adjust, let’s say a month… And still chances are he would be ready enough only for next season… Why rush then??? To be bullied somehow by Shakhtar or any Shakhtar on the transfer fee???

  26. I’m looking at Klopp, and it strikes me just how much he has changed… When he arrived, he looked well, and well kept.. Holiday was good for him.. Now, he loks visibly older and quite abit more…., well, lets just call it, well worked.. Been non stop since he arrived, so I’m a little suprised he hasn’t done more this window to help relieve the burden abit, even if they were loan deals, been some big loan moves happening, Iturbe to Watford, Doumbia to Newcastle, even Bayern have dipped into the loan market to shore up their defence… I think even Isco could have been got on a loan if we really wanted, I’m a little suprised we haven’t done something more than just Caulker….

  27. I bet he’s regretting putting his reputation on the line and joining us now, considering he could took the Real Madrid, Chelsea or Man City jobs

    • Why? He came here for the challenge and i bet he is loving it, wait till summer when he will have money and time to build his own team.

  28. Massive overhaul happening this Summer. I can only assume we’ll be back in for Teixera and possibly bring in Matip on a free. Hard to predict the rest as we’re linked with every half decent player and their granny.
    Outgoing is much easier to predict however.

    The likely departures being:

    The players on thin ice being:

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