Liverpool 1-1 Man City: Reds lose League Cup Final on penalties

on 28.02.2016

Liverpool were defeated by Man City in the League Cup Final at Wembley on Sunday, following misses from Lucas Leiva, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia celebrates scoring the first goal against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Liverpool 1-1 Man City (Man City won 3-1 on penalties)

League Cup Final – Wembley Stadium – Sunday 28th February 2016

Goals: Coutinho (83); Fernandinho (48′)


Liverpool’s biggest game of the 2015/16 season finally arrived, following much anticipation, as City stood between Jurgen Klopp‘s side and a first trophy for four years.

The Reds were unchanged from Thursday’s 1-0 Europa League win over FC Augsburg, with Lucas once again starting at centre-back.

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Talented attacking trio Coutinho, Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge all started proceedings.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson introduces the dignitaries to his team before the Football League Cup Final match against Manchester City at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)


Liverpool made a promising start to the match, using the ball well and not looking daunted by the magnitude of the occasion.

Fernandinho’s wild long-range volley was the first attempt on goal of any note, in what was a fairly low-key opening 20 minutes.

Simon Mignolet made a good stop to deny Sergio Aguero when a goal looked a certainty, following a slip by Mamadou Sakho.

The Frenchman had been involved in a nasty clash of heads with Emre Can shortly before, and he was replaced by Kolo Toure because of concussion. It was all too much for Sakho, who was clearly distraught at having to leave the pitch.

Firmino fired over the bar from distance and a Coutinho shot just evaded Toure at the back post, but it continued to be a game of few chances.

Half-time arrived with the score still deadlocked at 0-0.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's injured Mamadou Sakho against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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Second-half & Extra-time

No team made a change at the interval. There was always a feeling that either a second-half mistake or a moment of magic would be the difference between Liverpool and City.

An angled Aguero half-volley flashed harmlessly wide of the goal, but shortly after the Reds were behind in desperate fashion.

Fernandinho drilled a shot straight through Mignolet, and it was yet another terrible moment for the under-fire Liverpool goalkeeper.

James Milner burst through but shot wide when he should have done much better, as Klopp’s men desperately tried to find an equaliser.

Former Liverpool man Raheem Sterling missed a glorious opportunity to double City’s lead, skewing an effort wide with the goal at his mercy.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's goalkeeper Simon Mignolet looks dejected as Manchester City score the opening goal during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

David Silva’s curling free-kick flew narrowly over the bar 20 minutes into the second-half, and Aguero forced Mignolet into a save low down to his right.

Lallana replaced Alberto Moreno in the 71st minute, as Klopp looked for some fresh inspiration from the bench.

Sterling had another chance to seal the glory for his side, but his wayward shot meant that Liverpool were still alive for the final 10 minutes.

With seven minutes remaining, the Reds were level. Coutinho pounced from close-range after Lallana somehow missed the post, and the Brazilian celebrated in front of the joyous Liverpool supporters.

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It was a memorable moment inside a buoyant Wembley stadium.

Mignolet thwarted both Fernando and Yaya Toure late in the day, when it looked as though both midfielders would win the League Cup for City, as the game finished in breathless fashion.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia celebrates scoring the first goal against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Extra-time was required.

Mignolet made a wonderful stop to deny Aguero just before half-time, as the Belgian redeemed himself after his earlier error.

Origi’s header was kept out by Willy Caballero three minutes after the restart, while Milner’s misjudged header was almost pounced upon by Aguero.

It was penalties that would decide the victor, in what had been an enthralling contest.

City won the shootout, sadly, as Caballero kept out efforts from Lucas, Coutinho and Lallana. It was a thrilling but ultimately heartbreaking afternoon.

TIA Man of the Match: Lucas Leiva

Liverpool: Mignolet, Clyne, Lucas, Sakho (Toure 25′), Moreno (71′), Can, Henderson, Milner, Firmino (Origi 80′), Coutinho, Sturridge.

Subs not used: Bogdan, Benteke, Allen, Flanagan

Man City: Caballero, Sagna (Zabaleta 91′), Kompany, Otamendi, Clichy, Fernando (Navas 91′), Fernandinho, Toure, Silva (Bony 109′), Sterling, Aguero

Subs not used: Hart, Kolarov, Demichelis, Iheanacho

Referee: Michael Oliver

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        • I was very angry when he made that mistake, but then he made up for it…
          still I think Klopp will buy a new GK.

          • His error led to us being on the backfoot and Klopp had to use all 3 subs to get back into the game. They used all 3 in extra time. Could have won this

          • Then by your logic City should have won without taking it to pens. When we used our subs had no bearing on the outcome of this game.

          • Yes they could easily have won without penalties. Unlucky various times, including that penalty they didn’t get.

          • It’s his job to save all shots on target not some. He couldn’t “make up” for letting in the Fernandino shot as it resulted in a goal. Sorry for sounding moany but I’m sick of his ballsups.

          • Equally we should be blaming whoever it was that didn’t track Fernandinho’s run for the goal, but we don’t because it’s easier to make Mignolet the sole focal point for the blame. You’re right though, the clangers are too frequent with him, my only point is that even the best keepers will make mistakes and in the wider context of a performance where he did stop several chances – that he wouldn’t have been criticised for had they gone in – maybe he doesn’t deserve the flak he’s getting.

      • He fumbled to give ManC their first goal, and during the penalties, he guessed right but were not fully committed.

      • Them chances were created because of his huge mistake caused us to chase the game we all new he would play a big part today as usual

    • Also as usual Moreno nowhere to be seen for their goal . Why cant we ever buy a left back that can defend? He never stops the cross coming in either all game.

    • I thought they did well and I enjoyed the game. The penalties are a lottery and so be it? We lost to a team that with there financial backing and players should have thrashed us and they failed! We move on to the next game!

  1. Absolutely gutted. I can’t stand the ‘penalty stutter’, especially when it backfires like it did for Couts. Beating City will always be a surprise these days though, guaranteed we’ll play much better next week annoyingly.

  2. If today leads to recognition within the club that we need a new GK, then today has been a good day. We are effectively starting most games a goal down before a ball is kicked. That cannot continue.

      • Henderson and Milner had exceptional games-the workrate was top drawer.lost a final on pen. Show some class and keep the knives in the drawer.

        • Not blaming the loss on him but I have a right to be disappointed in him. His passing was poor and he needs to inspire the team e.g. taking the first pen

          • Definitely not, we came second to City, everybody talks about the champion not Liverpool.

          • Really the League Cup Champions are being well talked about? By who? We are talking about how good Liverpool did under all the circumstances. All we are saying is give Klopp a chance!

          • Yeah yeah! Liverpool played Man City who with their financial backing should have thrashed us and they failed. Second to them was quite an achievement considering the failings we have suffered over the last couple of seasons! So Man Expensive City won the penalty lottery! Do not be so fickle!

          • Klopp himself said second is not an achievement, he goes into games to win it, it doesn’t matter who the opposition is, we are a big Club, we should act like one, and stop looking at second as if it is an achievement, Leicester is a small Club and there are leading the league over City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manu, so don’t you tell me about being fickle, Sturridge cried tears that’s how much it meant to him, he was not happy finishing second as you are.

          • Even Klopp who walks on water for some can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Whilst Manuel Pellegrini has a wealth of riches and we did well against them. I think we were let down again by our keeper Mignolet. Whilst City’s keeper was their penalty shoot out winner!

          • Why must you people always uses riches as an excuse? when we beat them the last time weren’t they have the same players? are Leicester and Spurs have wealth of riches? no but they are leading City in the league right now, so i don’t want to hear it.

          • Why must people criticise a genuine comment of fact! You can’t hear it unless you read it out loud to yourself. So don’t if you are just playing Mr Criticiser! But let us be perfectly honest Man City have some great players that cost a lot of money and they should have done better that what they did yesterday so our players and Herr Klopp can take some credit. Leicester are doing well riding their luck with a well decent manager. But it is not over until the fat lady sings. Spurs have spent a lot of money and eventually got a Manager to make something happen. We now have a decent manager but we have some poor squad players for example our keeper should be sent back to Belgium to stay there. We do not have the quality players City have. A fit Kompany would do us so well! I wonder what would have happened in Herr Klopp was in charge of Man City yesterday? I would like to read that if you would be so kind as to write it!

          • questions for you OH, did we beat CityCity and Chelsea this season with these same players and manager?

          • Of course we did and we have lost eight and and drawn eight games as well! So Chelsea had a bad start to the season and are now up our exhaust pipe? I bet they finish above us. Man City are in the top four and will qualify or Pep will not joining them! Both had a bad patch as well whilst we had a couple of good days at the office. You really are trying to be super clever! Both Chelsea and Man City have better squads. Look at Chelsea’s keeper Thibaut Courtois why did we not get him? We have the wrong Belgian with permanent mumps and the capabilities of a …. don’t get me going! Why is Benteke not able to replicate his scoring at Villa after we paid thirty ish million and Man City have Sergio Agüero…. Just because those teams had a bad day at the office our squad and issues are blatantly obvious and you know that or you would not be dancing around trying to get me to bow down and say you are right…… no way I say with a grin!

          • Not all mate, I am just letting know that the football is round, and with a little tweet here and there within the squad, for the game who knows we might have clinch it, that’s all I am saying.

          • Klopp had a fit squad available to him for this match, we beat this team already in their back yard, they are not Baca, and they were playing sh**** t before this game, we have 3 strikers available to us, so why Klopp didn’t Klopp start two of them? Klopp as been playing this formation for the last 3 games, we only scored 1 penalty against a very weak team, and he came back with the same thing against a strong City team, and expect to win.

        • You missed the 2 chances he made for Origi? Not to mention the endless work. Motm. City were destroying Moreno-Milner went back and totally shut them down. Do you open your eyes when watching the game?

        • What do you expect from him he is crap! What has he actually achieved since leaving Man City? Cut their wage bill?

      • Milner can’t take a corner to save his life! He is a waste of space as well! A very poor man’s Gerrard and we are much more poorer because of his inclusion in our team! Bye Bye Milner we don’t need third division players in our team!

    • I’m pretty impressed by the amount of people saying that he made a good game. Almost all of his “amazing” saves were shots that went straight at him;

      • It’s at that stage when making saves (i.e. doing his job) is impressive.
        Chris Rock has a stand-up piece on this topic.

    • I thought that too – but his performance from conceding the goal to the 120th minute was amazing!
      If he had not conceded the goal to begin with the goalkeeping hero would have been Mignolet.

    • That’s harsh on Mignolet, he pulled off a few incredible saves that kept us in the game. Losing on pens suggests there wasn’t much between the teams except a probable career best performance from Cabellero.

      • I suggest watching replays from both the side angle (behind the strike) and from behind Migs a few more times, and then see how you feel about him being our long term number 1.

        • Yeah, well goalkeepers will concede from time to time, it comes with the territory. I’m not saying there aren’t better keepers out there than Mignolet and if we could upgrade then we should, but his performance today doesn’t warrant the slating he’ll inevitably get.

          There seems to be an unforgiving, inverse relationship between the expectations we have for keepers and strikers. A striker fluffs five chances then scores one and he’s fantastic, a keeper makes one mistake then pulls off five amazing saves and he’s useless. Give him some credit, he got us to the penalty shoot out.

          • Migolet is supposedly a Liverpool FC Keeper! I think he would be lucky to play for my pub team! What comes with his territory is the fact he should be a damn site better than he is now!

          • A thought experiment for you then; let’s say, hypothetically, that Mignolet didn’t concede the goal today – how would you rate the rest of his performance?

      • Its the jamesesque brainfart that he has every game is the issue . Good keeper but well out of his depth for the level we wish to achieve.

      • yes he made some good saves but the top class keepers don’t make the mistakes he does. Replace Mignolet with a world class keeper that wouldnt have made that mistake and we couldve won the cup 1-0

    • Harsh to lay the blame at Mignolet, he made some world class saves as well. What about Firminho, completely hopeless, how many times was he offside? The front three had no shot on goal until the Coutinho goal. I am afraid blaming the goalie is a cheat shot, papering over the rest of the cracks.

      • Okay lets get this clear- he didn’t make a single world class save. Even if we look at it conservatively, he made perhaps 1 world class save (not really tho). Terrible, terrible keeper

        • He is not a terrible terrible keeper, just not a world class keeper. But get real, Liverpool have not been able to attract a top class keeper, this is not the Liverpool of the 70’s and 80’s, you take what you can get. Maybe next year is different, maybe Klopp himself can attract a great keeper, time will tell.

          • And don’t tell me we couldn’t have done better than Mignolet. Biggest load of crap I’ve heard in a while. Could easily have secured Butland when we had the chance

      • ITS the simple ones that he needs to save . Then we are not leaving ourselves open to the counters attacks which require world class saves,

      • World Class? Oh! Oh! Oh! He did what? He let them score by failing miserably! Do pay attention to the crap put before you!

    • This game proves that we need a whole new spine. A GK, a LB, a CB (Matip already secured), a genuine CM who can also be a leader and a striker to replace one of Benteke/Sturridge

    • That AND a clear LEADER on the pitch is also very very needed. Lucas tried and is not even captain. That says something.

    • Another stuck needle on the record!!!!! It has been apparent for years! Perhaps those who attend the games at Anfield who won the battle against high priced tickets should walk out after twenty two minutes to protest? We will never win anything with that wate of space Mignolet in goal! I could have saved that one today and I am thousands of miles away!

    • Where did you get that information from? Guy hasn’t played a full 90 minutes for months and today plays 120+ and you think he’s not going to get cramps?

      • I was merely asking the question. I wasn’t sure if he got injured, or if it was simply cramp. For a second, it looked like more than cramp. I wasn’t sure so was simply asking if anyone knew more about it.

  3. Caballero did well but im surprised noone is pointing that he was miles off his line for those last two pens , especially for Coutinhos – maybe it was because PS did his little stutter that the ref let it go but he had taken two steps forward before he hit it and was about a meter out.

  4. WHY did our CAPTAIN and our VICE CAPTAIN / regular penalty taker pu$$y out of taking a penalty. They should lead by example.

  5. Perhaps City deserved it in the end, but we showed character except in shoot out…
    Migs. made some fantastic saves despite horrible error…
    but players clearly lack understanding and this season we may end up empty handed…
    Still miracles do happen.

  6. Hard to take that, I think our season will go downhill from now after that, we haven’t got much to play for bar the Europa league but then we’re unlikely to beat united in my opinion, I cannot wait for next season to begin so Klopp can bring in his own players and truly start to form his own team.

      • He made saves but let in the easiest of all… game could have gone so much differently. And its not just this time, with him it will always be a game to outscore the opponent cause he will let in one cheaply

      • Nate he isnt good enough for us, we all like t stick by our players but he costs us far too much at the moment.

  7. Milner should have taken near the start. We can’t be too unhappy because Lucas’ and Lallana’s penalties were not poor penalties. This happens. Lets go further and win the euro league; while rotating this squad a bit to shake up the under performers!

  8. Proud of the players….they fought really hard to get back in the game and could even have won it in extra time but we need to recognise city was better than us today and deserved the win…full focus should be on Europa now…hopefully this defeat comes as a lesson like in 2005

  9. Man City were fantastic defensively and teams like Barca would have struggled against them, full credit to them and there is nothinng to be ashamed off.

    • Barcelona definetely wouldn’t have struggled agaisnt them, they’ve torn them apart 3 times in recent seasons, our squad is average and we currently don’t have the players to take apart teams like city.

      • The current Barcelona will have a field day against this lazy City team.We are many(many)leagues below them.

  10. Proud to have Clyne and Lucas in the team, they were awesome today, the rest of the team was wery poor, fighting yes but creating a god game not. It was wery pore performance, the only one god think is fighting spirit.

  11. Where was our penalty taker Milner? Deputy pen taker Henderson? Sturridge? Origi? Lucas shoulda been about 10th on the list. I think we mighta won that match in 90 if Klopp had took a chance on a few kids. Ojo, Ibe might have been able to come off the bench and cause problems with their pace.

    • lucas has fired in a few penalties this season, as has lallana, penalties is penalties; it happens. and give me a break Ibe? he didnt deserve to be on the bench, origi changed the game

      • Yes..penalties is penalties but milner should been on the 1st or 2nd taker since he’s assigned to take it like the last one.

    • -_- you must be joking. Putting kids with little experience in a final. We all know how disappointing Ibe has been and you are saying he should have been put in.

    • we did bring origi on and he made a difference for sure and Lallana was brought on for energy – not possible to bring any more on as we have used all our subs

    • i agree we need a new captain , but it is strange to buy a player and make him captain . I am at a loss for the answer though tbh and the fact we are in this situation shows we have really let a lack of experience come into the squad (thanks to Rodgers)

    • went missing even at the penalty stage….. unless you are a CB as a captain u have no excuses for avoiding penalties…… oh well Hendo no Balo too blame your unwillingness to take the penalty on this occasion i guess

      • Rubbish! Why did he go missing? Do you know? No you do not. You don’t have a clue and you criticise the guy. Go find out why then come back and explain! You have no voice of reason at all!

  12. Goalies must keep their feet on the goal line and not move until the ball is kicked.
    Guys this is a FA Rule, Cabellero Done this for all three saves

    • Have you not watched a lot of football during the last years? The goal keeper is allowed to move as much as he wants as long as he stays on the line and do not move forward before the kick. That has been the rule for years now…

        • Every goal keeper makes a small jump forward just as the kick is made. Every goal keeper. And it is actually useless to blame the referee for this loss. The keeper made great saves, and we shot some horrible penalties, apart from Can.

          • For a referee to make the player take the penalty again there needs to be a clear violation of the rule, and not just the small jump that every keeper makes, which is actually quite logical as well, as it makes it easier for the keeper to get the power to the side that he chooses. So for me, I would rather focus on the mistakes our players made during the shoot out, as the penalty was in what is called “keeper height”. Look at the difference between the penalties our players took and the one Aguero and Navas took. When taking the kind of penalties they did it is extremely hard for the goal keeper to get down to the corner in time, even when “guessing” correctly, like Mignolet did.

    • So true, but they all do it. I think Coutinho’s stutter really highlighted it though. Do the officials even bother looking for it?

  13. Who did choose those players to take the spot kicks?? I mean Why not start with our best penalty taker? Origi? Milner? Hendo? This was not a smart ide at all and this one is on Klopp.

    Anyway it was a great game and a great come back from the lads. Sad to see the diffrence between the 2 teams depth. Lucas för me was MOTM and so sorry that he missed. After him i think Migs did great to come back from that shocking error. I see a lot of positives and cant wait till next season when Klopp gets in som players and have a pre season to work with the team. Wining this would be a HUUUGE boost to go into the nest games va City and Man u.

    Lets win that EL now! Ynwa <3

  14. We fought until the last minute against a strong City team, can´t ask for much more!

    Now we have the Europa League to fight for this season!

    Our forward three is quality, but we need a composed midfielder(Pjanic, Gundogan etc) who can transfer the ball from defense to attack

    • We need a set piece specialist aswell,and some more peace to our attack,wouldn’t mind a quick winger!if we can somehow get Fsg to open their wallets,and somehow win the EL which seems unlikely,to get CL,I think Pjanic,yarmalenko (my dream is Reus)and ter Stegan then I think we can even challenge for the title!!!

  15. A heroic result to take it to penalties. A heroic goal keeping effort unfortunately.

    There are 4 players for Liverpool that did not earn their wages.

    * Henderson (where was he?)
    * Coutinho (amazed he took Firmino off instead of Coutinho). He nearly saved
    himslef by scoring but the penalty effort that started the rot – PATHETIC!
    * Milner – Great chances – got in dangerous areas (NOWT HAPPENED)
    * Sturridge – TOTALLY USELESS A “white Elephant” driving a white Rolls Royce,
    will probably need a rest till the middle of next season to recuperate!

    Can, Clyne, Firmino, Toure, Origi.

    Lucas (By a country mile.)

  16. Can frustrated in game with his passing and some decision making but that penalty though… need a new Cap but honestly no one in current squad at the moment truly fit for it.

  17. I thought Henderson, Sturridge, Milner and Origi would be obvious choices, also Clyne. Coutinho and Lallana are known to be not the mentally strongest players in the world. Even if I don’t blame Lallana so much, but Coutinho.

  18. Absolutely heartbreaking!!! Milner and Moreno were both absolutely terrible! and for Henderson and Milner to not take a penalty is completely unacceptable!

    • Milner was excellent worked himself into the ground-put 2 chances on a plate for origi. went to left back and totally shut city down. was cramped up at the end unable to take the peno, says it all

      • Nah Milner was awful, his cross for the Origi header was good but all game he wasted possession in good areas, his crossing wasn’t anywhere near good enough! Caballero was collecting his crosses all day. He did slightly improve when he went to left back funnily enough but he was just not good enough today. Moreno too, Firmino was also poor

        • So many poor performances Yet we went to penalties with the most expensive team in premier league history! city had chances but so had liverpool-Origi 2 gift edged chances. the front 3 have played together 4 times!!!!! We were without 3 first choice centre backs for 100 mins.

          City played the most defensive side they have for a reason. No need for the negativity-Milner was exceptional.

          • if that’s your idea of exceptional then I actually feel sorry for you. I didn’t say there was so many, I said 3. Don’t put words in my mouth. We were lucky to get to penalties, Mignolet saved us with 3 or 4 saves he had no right to make. why you mentioning the front 3? I said Firmino was poor, not all 3. I’m not being negative. I’m calling it how I saw it, for the record I don’t think the team performance was that bad, we did ok for the most part. Mignolet was outstanding (his error did cost us a goal but he redeemed himself) Lucas was different class and Clyne was top notch too. Think the rest, Hendo, Can, Sturridge, Coutinho & Toure all had solid enough games. Not exactly their best but they did enough to keep us in with a shout. p.s Origi’s header was a great chance, but the one that he couldn’t quite reach was in no way shape or form a guilt edged chance.

          • No offence meant mate just saying it as i seen it.Perhaps i see the value in the work players like Milner and Henderson put in where as others only see the hollywood balls from the likes of Shelvey.

            Also disagree on Origis 2nd chance it was a brilliant ball in my opinion-if Origi had being slightly more alert-they all would have being heros. Smal lmargins

        • He has and he did.

          When we out in the fa cup to some pub team Gerrard was taker no 5 and we didn’t make it past 4..,.

          • Don’t recall that one fella. We’ve never lost an fa cup tie on pens and only lost 4 counting today out of 18 in 42 years. Stevie G never played in any of them we lost

          • Ah your right I went back and did my research:

            Only 2 PK shoot outs we have lost before last night since 1990.

            Northampton Town 22.09.2010 2 – 2
            4 – 6 L PK
            League Cup 3rd round

            Besiktas 26.02.2015 0 – 1
            4 – 6 L PK
            Europa League Round of 32

            The Oldham game we lost 3-2 with Suarez and Gerrard both playing under Mr Bodgers

        • Fair enough. I don’t know why he shirked the responsibility.

          But as the weeks go on by its evident after his injury hes struggling and the weight of the captaincy isn’t helping.

          I would remove him from the armband make him joint VC and let Lucas captain us until season end.

  19. A good effort considering some of the players we have .

    Moreno is a terrible defender and has to go and although mignolet pulled off a few good saves he is still the reason we went behind in the first place and is an accident waiting to happen.

    Cant wait for the summer…..As i;m expecting some decentsignings this time.

    • Problem is you could say that for nearly everyone in the team if you’re going to judge Lallana…Adam came on as a sub and actually had quite a positive impact on the game.

          • So what does Lallana contribute then? I
            hate the phrase tippy tappy but Lallana is that player!!!

            He cost a fortune, don’t you see that?

          • You need a relax a bit..I didn’t use tippy-tappy…and I’m talking about his performance in this match alone, not his overall contribution. That would be a discussion to have for another time.

  20. I just dont get the pk lineup… Can surprised me with his hit, but Lucas next? That has to be Henderson…

  21. A good effort considering some of the players we have .

    Moreno is a terrible defender and has to go and although mignolet pulled off afew good saves he is still the reason we went behind in the first place
    and is an accident waiting to happen

    Cant wait for the summer…..As i;m expecting some decent signings this time

      • I find this business crazy. Last year, Lovren is taking the game deciding penalty and this year Milner, our best pen taker and Hendo our captain are not even in the first four but Lucas is. Crazy. Plus, Klopp clearly didnt loo at previous stats before choosing. Coutinho missed against Carlisle the same way he missed here. Never should have taken one.

        • You generally appoint PK takers based on a combination of track record and form in the game. Lucas wasn’t a bad choice, he had a great game. Milner could have been the 5th choice. Hendo probably should have taken ahead of Coutinho.

          • IMO it should never be on form. Form has nothing to do with one kick of a ball. Similar to how Vlaar was MOTM against Argentina and took the first pen but missed. Always the players that have done it before should take them.

          • Cmon there is no exact science to this stuff…I agree there are some players you can pick out who wouldn’t be the best PK takers but Lucas was not a bad option. Did you forget him scoring in the Stoke PK?

          • I like this selection…except Sturridge was injured at that point and was barely able to walk and had a poor game overall so maybe that played into the selection choice as well. Think Lucas had an excellent game so there was nothing wrong with him taking the penalty. And as for the Lallana save, that was all Caballero it has to be said…Adam seemed to strike the ball fairly well and it was low and wide. Though if you have a look at the strikes of Navas, Toure and others they were all excellent strikes.

  22. As I have been saying over and over, Henderson and Can and Moreno have been the problem; not Lucas and Milner. If you are selling players its unavoidable these 3 have to be considered

      • Milner was poor, why does he take the dead ball situations everyone went to their keeper, surely we have someone better to take corners and free kicks

    • Lucas in mf is a calamity!

      Milner also avoided pen duty and gave aguero a chance?

      Your pathetic saying to sell can and hendo. Support your team through good and bad

      • ooft. If you read my comment correctly, I said IF players are being sold. Lucas is not a disaster in CDM, in a 2 he can be one. I am not sure I would sell Can or Henderson. Can could still develop more, but this has been slow. Henderson should not be our captain, surely this is unavoidable?

        • Lucas has been a disaster in a 2 man mf go back to December vs West ham and Newcastle.

          Lucas is an excellent cb though and I’d personally make him captain with hendo and milner vice until season end.

          Also 4241 doesn’t work with our personal. Go diamond until summer

          • He might well be, but not as a last man, he would be causing heartache with his late lunging tackles! That wud be an upgrade from giving free kick away to handing out the penalty coupons, haha

          • I thought he was the BEST player on the pitch today and he kept the leagues best striker quiet… Our other CBs have either been injured or awful…

          • From the past few games that he played cb, yes he was awesome if not the best red player. But i will see who matip will partner with n how. N get an upgraded dm. Mean while lucas can carry on contributing in deep zones. He and allen imo hv the better reading of the game than can n hendo. Thats wat make them quite the charm!

          • Lucas has been awful at DM this entire season.

            If he stays on will be as a CB – the Kolo type role.

            We do need another DM though a younger more mobile classier one . Xhaxa would be perfect or Gundogen.

            Matip will probably have Sahko or Lovren as his partner. Also have Joe Gomez returning.

          • That y only 4123 suits him at dm. Cuz he cant partner a lower iq player in hendo n can.

            I hv a bigger issue in hendo n can, thay cant transit possession fr def to att, they expose channels, both fly too far up sometimes, lose balls, too much side passes and back passes.

            Now im venting, oh boy!!

    • Please, our MF was not the problem today…the attack was far too disjointed..front 3 weren’t linking up well at all…especially Firmino with his constant offsides and misplacing passes.

      • Firms was unlucky with 3 of those off-sides, I would give Kompany huge credit for how he lead their defensive line. He was simply immense. I wouldn’t say Firms played particularly well otherwise, but I wouldn’t be too critical about the offsides.

        • But the sheer frequency of it was what got me man. Agreed City kept a very good defensive line today, Kompany surely had a lot to do with that. But it looks like they had been practicing on it a lot as well.

          • I agree – it was a ridiculously polished performance in that respect. One of those offside calls, he was level. Another was just a yard off… Another (on near side) was all about Kompany.

      • Our midfield stepped up towards the end. But mid way second half was depressing to watch they looked so labored. I think Can was overall probably good today but its the times he goes missing that really get me wound up. I thought hedo was very poor

        • You’re right, Hendo was fairly poor today but to sell them off? Why would you sell your first team players off when they should be upgraded on and kept in the squad?

          • I didn’t say to sell them, I said if. My comment was to go against those who rant about having a clear out and always pick Skrtel Lucas Milner as the 1st to go. I would not sell Hendo and Can but would drop them both.

          • “If you are selling players its unavoidable these 3 have to be considered”

            Sorry, but what else does this mean?

          • It means I worded it badly. I said IF you are selling players. as I have consistently said on this sight I do not think a big clear out this summer is a good idea. So obviously I might change my view nearer the time but right now I would keep them both

          • But we are going to be selling players…it’s going to happen..remember the 21 player clearout article a few days ago?

  23. This 4-3-3 needs a break, Klopp need to try Origi and Sturridge up front, this formation ain’t giving us any goals, Sturridge not getting the service he should be getting.

  24. absolutely gutted. We should of been better in the penalty shootout. We are seem to be struggling to score even with the likes of coutinho and sturridge because of the poor centrail midfield. The passing was poor and. Mignolet……you hate him for making an error leading to a goal and praise him for keeping us in the game. oh well….. The problems won’t disappear until the summer,,,,next cup must be the europa league surely.

  25. £1 billion Mercenary City needed the coin toss of penalties to beat us. Liverpool will return stronger for this. The core of a strong team is there somewhere, we just need to get rid of a few headless chickens and replace them with better quality.

  26. What a beautiful victory that would have been but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be! I feel i’m being a bit harsh on the players but i don’t feel the penalties were a very high standard, disappointed in Couts but I understand how hard it must be!

    Migs time is up though, great shot stopper but hasn’t improved enough on the rest of his game to remain #1.

  27. Hope we take this experience and used as a motivation for Europe cup just like 2005. One thing we learned is certain player are not good enough for us where we want to go. Roll on the summer and exit door for likes of mingolet moreno and llalana and Co.

    • But Lucas bottled the penalty,plain and simple.
      He was v good on the pitch for most of the 120min and credit to him but lost it at the penalty spot..

      • He stepped up, did what he had to do, it was not a poor penalty; not a brilliant one, but not a poor one. It happens. Coutinhos on the other hand is worthy of criticism I think

        • Coutinho will be laughed at for that and would find it difficult to take one in the future..
          U dnt get fooled by gk like that..Caballero clearly moved to the right he just had to swing it left…he had the time..Foolish

      • So that makes him a bad captain then? You need some kind of consistency from your captain, and Lucas gives more of that than Henderson.

        • Really? I think Henderson is doing a fine job considering he is carrying and injury and I guess Klopp with review it in the summer. However, neither are real Captain material… But you as per normal always seem to know better Do on tell us why that is?

          • What’s with the snarky “you always seem to know better” comment? Lucas shows more maturity and consistency in his play of late compared to Henderson…he was the one actually rallying on players to keep their concentration in extra time if you noticed. Commentator mentioned how players need their captain to pass that message on during a game like this multiple time.

            And ofcourse I realize the circumstance of it all and why Lucas isn’t captain. I was just defending the ‘missed penalty kick’ stance. A poor penalty kick doesn’t make a captain weak or a weak captain.

          • The snarky (as you call it!) comment made was well underlined by your know it all response! Read your bit “he was the one actually rallying on players to keep their concentration in extra time if you noticed” ……..Yes it was noted….. Lucas was in fact wanting to win the game and is older and wiser than a few around him it is obvious he would want the rest to rally and push. You think you are the only one watching the game and noting every detail! You also take delight in telling us! Now you will respond accordingly in angry mode! Go for it!

          • If you read my original comment I was merely defending Lucas as a candidate for a good captain…missing a penalty doesn’t make a bad captain. But you had to go with the personal attacks while continuing the argument about Lucas so I decided to shed some more light and give more detail about why I thought Lucas would have been a better captain on the day compared to Henderson. First you give the kind of comment that elicits a response about me highlighting Lucas’ qualities, then you come up with comments like “you think you’re the only one watching”. Take delight in telling you? This is a public forum after all…are we not all sharing our opinions?

          • Yes your opinion tells us what we have to know! Thank you! However, Henderson is the current captain and is carrying a painful injury. Perhaps he should not even be playing. Like you said though we are sharing our opinions. So please note that when one does suggest your comment is not how one sees it as what you think we should you call it a personal attack! I guess you will now call me a troll for responding more than once…….

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    • He isn’t the Captain though is he? I think we need someone better than both to lead the team on the field. Klopp needs to buy someone this summer!

  28. Henderson didnt have a good game..Milner did..
    The lack of quality in our midfield is why we lost this match..Out of Henderson,Milner and Can only one should play..We need two first class replacements…
    Also i predict Origi will challenge sturridge for that striker spot..He has got it in him..

  29. Man for Man the wealthy juggernaut of MC were probably better, showed much better quality on the ball. Unfortunate sign of the times we live in where a Sheik billionaire can buy any player at any cost. Hard to compete against that. This is why I hope the Leicester go and win the league, one for the normal guys.

  30. What puzzles me is why Sturridge and Origi weren’t down/didn’t volunteer to take the first couple as you would have thought strikers would be ideal. Robbie, Rushy and Aldo all did (Mario would have buried his)

  31. City played a really good defensive game with Coutinho and Firmino always being surrounded by three City men. They sacrificed their attack for that and got a lucky break with the goal. After that, we left ourselves exposed trying to go after the goal giving them those chances. Klopp bringing on Lallana changed the game and gave us the goal. Origi was really unlucky with that chance and then in pens, we screwed it up with the kick takers.

  32. I knew Cout was going to miss it, it happened the same to him when he played for brazil. Not good under preassure, i wonder why some of our good penalty takers and more experience players werent picked first
    Also i think firmino and stu dont work well together, at least for now, maybe with game time this will change, but after today im worried stu will be out for a while
    moreno is completly useless, get him out of the club asap

  33. Klopp will make changes at the end of the season but for now i would give Henderson a break from first team action, on wednesday I’d play Origi up front with Sturridge and Firmino either side of him then Coutinho just behind them three and Can and Milner the two centre mids, I reckon that will allow us to play more on the front foot, Moreno has to be taken out right away as wel he’s goin from bad to worse.

    • Forget Henderson… what did Coutinho and Firmino created in midfield?
      Milner is so average. We don’t have a decent defence. Mignolet probably not good enough. Moreno? has a great talent but little brain… this team is lacking quality all over.

  34. City were the better team throughout.
    The thing is i am sure if Spurs/Leciester/United/Arsenal or even chelsea had played this City side they would have probably done far better.
    Our lack of quality all over the pitch was frustrating

    • Im sorry I have to disagree. If you are commenting on the results these teams have achieved against City before, know this was a completely different game. City played a great defensive game and Kompany seemed to know where all our passes were going. We played really well and never seemed out of it. I am the first to criticize our failures but give credit to City here. They set up way differently to in the past.

      • City have been above average throughout the season..They got outplayed by Leciester less than a month ago..There is a reason why they are fighting for 4th this season and they will finisih there..I guarantee you that all the teams i mentioned would have done better than us..We just didnt show enough quality.Our play was fracturued,start to end..We barely hit a shot on target..Probably 2…

  35. The biggest thing I remember in this match is how Mignolet let that opening goal in. The shot came in from a tight angle, and it was going straight to his legs. Not to the side of his legs, but at his legs, to his legs. He could have just kicked the ball away as it approached him, or dropped straight down to his knees to make the save. Instead, he shifts his legs away from the path of the ball, drops down sideways but doesn’t drop quickly enough to make the save, with the ball basically going through the spot where his legs used to be. That’s what we have for a first choice GK.

    • Nonsense, you can say the same about Firminho being offside repeatedly, or what about the strike force who could not hit a target at all never mind score.

        • He’s saying if you just want to surgically pick apart the performance of any of our players you could do so, and they could all equally be torn to shreds. Yes, Mignolet conceded a poor goal, but our strikers weren’t exactly on the best form of their lives, it took us about 83 minutes to get a shot on target.

  36. Moreno was unbelievably bad today, thought milner did very well when moved to LB. Mignolet made a horrible mistake but he made so many more great saves, I still think he needs to be upgraded in the summer though despite that.

    Origi changed the game for us when he came on, I’d like to see him and Sturridge (assuming he’s not injured again) play together more in the future

    • To call him a Left Back is an insult to the Full back position.
      He plays like he has only one foot..His right foot is always in paralysis.
      And he always lands himself on the wrong side of attacking players.
      After a good start under klopp he has become worse than what he was last year.

      • Yep, not that mignolet wasn’t at fault, but he would have never been required to make that save had moreno not been so far out of position! And it kept on happening over and over again until he was subbed

    • Moreno is always a liabilty. Why pick him for the final? No way Flanagan or Smith would not have played much better.

    • Meanwhile, Ryan Bertrand has been massive for Southampton. They’ve got about 15 clean sheets this season.

      • Umm that’s a collective effort, not just a one-man show btw. For all the defending you get from a FB, the flipside to it is that they’ll end up creating lesser chances.

      • soton defence would head to head win over all of ours bar clyne. bring betrand to lfc this summer, see him become below average. defenses are always systems. we don’t have one.

  37. Wanted: Dominant centre midfielder, tricky wideman, solid left back, reliable keeper, leading centre back and a marauding goal scorer. Please heir Klopp, then maybe next time we won’t have to hang on for pens against a vulnerable Man City.

  38. This season is now officially another disaster.

    The team Rodgers built is not good enough.

    You just knew we wouldn’t be good enough today. Manu have now hit form so that’ll be another exit in the Europa. The league is a disaster.

    Worst is we all knew how today would go, that Henderson Milner Can Mignolet would fail. We all knew that Moreno would be his usual awful self.

    Yet Klopp didn’t do anything about it.

    For me that is a big concern.

    • I expected that when Klopp would arrive he’d be willing to take big risks and be flexible in his tactics and we have seen that to some extent in the FA Cup where he did well in giving youth the chance. But overall, the game plan is the same and mediocre players like Mignolet and Moreno are being given chance after chance.

      This season is probably over. Even if we overcome the Scum, winning the Europa is a big ask. So why not start taking risks? Play Ward instead of Mignolegend, Smith/Flanagan instead of Moreno and some of the younsters in midfield.

    • Don’t be so pessimistic, we have just been in a final and only lost on a coin toss. We will beat the scum-no doubts whatsoever. You are right about Rodgers though.

    • You dont half like a bit of an exaggeration there fella!
      We just went 120 mins toe for toe with the most expensive squad in the premier league history without our 3 first choice centrebacks and lost on penos. That city squad is together mostly for 5 years. liverpool have a young squad give them a break. Claiming utd have already won aint too bright.

      • You say I exaggerate then call that toe to toe?
        City are in poor form but they were a lot better than us.
        So you think we’ll beat ManU, but where do you think we’ll finish in the league?

        • It went to penalties- Origi missed 2 sitters,calling it toe to toe is more than fair.
          City won away from home in the cl this week with kompany back and almost a fully fit squad-trying to down play them is pointless,they are a top side. No reason to fear United. Predictions are for mystic meg.

          • City are in poor form, they have dropped to 4th and have effectively sacked the manager. They had nearly twice as many corners and shots on target as us. Mignolet made great saves, they hit the post a few times and were denied a blatant pen. It was not toe to toe.

          • Still they are the biggest team in the country on paper and today they were pretty solid at the back and the team cohesion was very high.

          • You are being quite selective with appraissal. They are a top side full of world stars trying to down play them is ridiculous-form is temporary as they say. Yes mignolet made 2 world class saves but Caballero made one from Origi too and Kompany was motm. Liverpool were short 3 centre halves-of course the defence was going to struggle at times. We still took them 120 mins and could easily have won it. Some fans are just never satisfied-those 14 players did the club proud. Some will move on-do they need to have knives in their back from fans like you?

          • You’re including Mignolet & Moreno as doing us proud? Lucas was centre half and was superb. City have dropped to 4th, that is poor form for City.

            They lost, they didn’t do the club proud at all. Yes they raised their effort levels, but their quality was as poor as ever, and it could just as easily have been a 4-1 defeat.

            What the club doesn’t need is losers like you telling everybody that this season is acceptable.

            Is that you Derek? :)

          • ” losers like you”
            Who ever taught you manners needs firing. Yet another angry ant playing the tough guy on the internet-how cliche. Well played sir.
            “Is that you Derek?”
            You have issues man.

    • It’s official. Rodgers’ influence after 34 games only continues to grow. Luckily, in the summer the committee is going to sell all of the old players and bring in new ones from the highest elite of Spain and Germany on massive wages.

      I’m sure when Klopp came in, he let FSG know that this lot are a bunch of rubbish that he would jettison at the first opportunity to create in his own image.

      And with just 30 games left in the season, he probably explained that this season could be written off entirely in favor of next year when his completely new squad would win the league.

      Or something like that. If only we could get out from the shadow of that egomaniacal bumbler, but it only grows longer with each passing week.

    • Yes, let’s start pointing fingers at the manager now. Because managing a big club is as simple as picking a starting XI and letting the rest take care of itself!!

      • So there’s no criticism in playing a miserable midfield, Mignolet & Moreno despite their poor performance being so predictable.

        • You talk like we actually have better alternatives waiting in the wings…the starting XI for this match was pretty much a foregone conclusion for most. You don’t play players for the finals who have only just come back from injury to pass one fitness test. Not unless there’s someone WC like Suarez who you know can make a difference. You go with your tried and tested. The problem I have with these kind of claims in general is people seem to assume they know what’s up with the players who haven’t been playing and that they’d be a better option.

          • Like I said earlier, most coaches generally start with the ones who have been playing regularly. I wanna say Flanno would have done better as well but he hasn’t been playing regularly. Moreno wasn’t terrible before this match, the problem is you just don’t know when he’s going to bottle it. He’s like his own version of Jose Enrique sadly – too many mistakes and too rash to make a noticeable difference in attack either on most occasions.

            I don’t think I can agree with Ward since he hasn’t played a single game for us this season. I think the difference between your way of thinking(and most others who do criticize selections) about this and mine is how we approach what we don’t know/haven’t seen. I assume that the coaching staff know best in most of these cases and you the opposite. Sorry if this comes off blunt or high-handed, not my intention but these are the best words I can find at this moment.

          • Buy that’s been my point ever since the West Ham games, and will be my point ongoing to the end of the season, that the youngsters should be given game time, let’s have a look at them and get them blooded for next season. We know the seniors aren’t up to it. What harm can it do and might surprise us.

    • No it is not! We have a couple of games against Man Utd in the Europa Cup. Go support Man City if you want to buy everything!

    • I feel the same ward in goal and flanno left back Stevie wonder could see mignolet and Moreno are crap . We had a chance to sign players in January and sat on our hands . We are playing the same pedestrian dire sideways and backwards crap Rodgers was playing nothing has changed

      • 61% possession yet City had nearly twice as many corners and shots on target. Sounds depressingly familiar, except city hit the post a few times and were denied a blatant penalty to keep the goals coceded to 1 8 stead of the usual 2 or 3 under Rodgers.

  39. Now I know that for most supporters, the opposition defense is invisible and we can only see the mistakes that we made, but you have to give credit to the City defense. They were incredibly disciplined and intelligent. Kompany on his day is probably the best CB in the league.

    That said, I am glad in the most petulant way possible that Sterling failed to score.

    • Those two gold plated scoring opportunities that he fluffed really go a long way to justifying his £50M price tag. Made me smile anyway.

      • The thing is that they looked so familiar. How many times did we see him do that for us last season? Probably the best almost-man in the league, especially now that he is out there getting chalk on his boots.

    • Yes, I enjoyed that as well. Man City’s “defence” (with a “c”) was organised but couldn’t help but feel Benteke might have unnerved them. Problem was that with Sakho’s early injury we couldn’t get both Benteke and Origi on the pitch – the latter doing really well.

  40. What happened the last time we lost the League Cup final? We went on and won the Champions League.

    Heads up guys, our season ain’t over yet!


  41. Very hard to stomach, we get ourselves back into the game and then take them pens. I know City could have sown it up well before, but to lose like that is gut wrenching. Where on earth were our main penalty takers. If Milner had stepped up 2nd we could have been 2-0 up before Navas took his. I think we got cocky in the shootout and thought ” if we get past 1st 5 then we have our main penalty takers to come whereas City would have had their best 5 already done. Just get points on the board ffs. How can somebody curl a ball in from 25 yards into the top corner then take a pen like that. I Know some players play off instinct and pressure gets to some others, but cmon if your not comfortable taking one , at least put your laces through it. Lesson learned , make your top 5 go first then if it goes beyond that , at least you’ve give it your best shot

  42. I don’t understand why klopp would pick lucas and lalana to take pens before hendo and milner that are proven pen takers, anyway we were lucky not to lose 3-0 If traitor sterling had taken his chances, still gutted, for all that migs did well later on in the game hopefully his disgraceful keepin for shitties first goal will be the final nail in his coffin. I learnt something new today, turk German heads are hard as granite

  43. Watched the pens again. Look at how Cabbalero takes a step out before the shot on every pen to better his angle of saving shots. Not allowed, but ref let all of them go.

  44. I dont get why
    our main penalty taker – Milner
    captain and last season penalty taker – Henderson
    best striker we have – Sturridge
    former club’s main penalty taker – Origi
    did not take the first 3 or 4 penalties ?????
    Was Klopp thinking that penalties would drag on to sudden death and reserving best penalty takers we had for later ?
    I personally would have preferred there experienced people to take penalties before lucas and lallana.
    But again penalties taken by lucas coutinho were very poor. They were so easy to read. That stuttering run way more harmful to them than the keeper, why would you try something you are not good at, in such a crucial moment? After that reading lallana was a child’s play.
    Heart Broken …. too many mediocre players in Lpool. And to be honest a very faint and mediocre captain as well. This team need a total makeover if they are to win anything. I honestly cannot see them winning Europa either. And may be 7th finish in the league

    • Couldn’t agree more. I was raging even before Lucas too his kick. It defies logic and Rodgers would have been slammed had he done the same.

  45. I wud sell hendo while he is still young and relatively injury free. Plus he being the current cpt and england international, wud prolly fetch a high price.

  46. I still can not get over Moreno, i have never ever seen a player make
    such a silly attempt at getting the ball by sticking his leg backwards
    with his head facing the other way whilst inside the penalty area….
    not only that only a couple of weeks ago he made an almost equally bad
    chalenge , got away with it then had another go and gave away a
    pointless pen…..He has got to go……. Mignolet also,,, yes a few
    good saves but the city goal was entirely down to his rubbish goal keeping

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  48. No ofcourse not…just saying Lucas does look like the better candidate for captaincy even though the situation doesn’t favor him. And I think there’s a possibility Lucas might continue on past this season.

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