Video: Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference – West Ham 2-1 Liverpool

on 10.02.2016

Watch Jurgen Klopp‘s post match press conference as he reflects on Liverpool’s last gasp defeat to West Ham in the FA Cup.

The Liverpool boss had just seen his side lose 2-1 after conceding in injury time of extra time and was clearly disappointed to exit the competition in such manner.

“I thought they could play like that so I’m not surprised,” said the German.

“But the only reason we were here is to win the game and get to the next round.

“We did a lot of things really good, we played the game in the right direction. But the first real chance went to West Ham.

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“Our goal was great, a high-quality goal from Coutinho. Then still we did well, created chances and put up a big fight.

“Then they got a free-kick, without a foul, and we concede a goal. So now we go home.”


REPORT: Reds knocked out of FA Cup at the death

REACTIONS: “Brave performance”, “A bitter end”

RATINGS: Lucas and Stewart impress

TACTICS: Reds show signs of fluency in changing system

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    • I actually did not think it was a foul when it first happened, but having seen the replay I would actually have been upset if a situation like that would not have resulted in a free kick for us, so I actually disagree with Klopp here. Yes, the WH player played his part when “helping it along” a bit, but Lucas actually had a few situations like that during the match that resulted in a free kick. Too bad, as he was very good apart from those situations.

      • Jamie Carragher ? @Carra23

        Couldn’t understand Klopp using Lucas at CB in the last few months but looks like he was right! #Colossus

        maybe some disagree with you

        • Sometimes I really have to wonder if you can even read. Where did I say that Lucas should not be used as CB? I just said that I actually thought the referee was justified calling a free kick in that situation, and also in a few other situations.
          If you actually read the last sentence I say that I think Lucas was very good but should not have given the free kicks, so you actually read some posts like the devil reads the bible.

    • Carrol was pushing our guys around a lot more without it getting called. Collins was throwing elbows at Illori before the kick. Yeah Lucas gave him a push but that guy made a meal of it and got the call. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Lucas had pushed a toddler the way that guy reacted. A damn shame.

      • Had a look. Its very borderline. Very clever from the WH player. If he had continued backing into Lucas a bit more ref would not have given it I think.

        • The ESPN FC match rating article even pointed to the fact that the guy had been going to ground at the slightest touch all game. However, Lucas should have known this and not have given him reason. Oh well. Onwards and hopefully upwards.

  1. It’s a shame that we went out of the cup but I absolutely believe in Klopp and the choices he’s made. The performance of our youngsters shows just what a fantastic and brave manager and motivator he is.

    We don;t have the spending power of Chelsea, City etc but Klopp can make up for that by believing in talented youngsters, and buying shrewdly.

  2. The EPL refs are a joke! I would not be surprised if the BBC uncovers a match fixing scandal one day involving these refs!

  3. “It’s a difficult was to go through. .. but at the end.. IT COULD BE THE RIGHT WAY….”… what a positive man!

  4. There was no foul there, any objective bloke can see that. The real learning I’ve had over the last 6 weeks is that the MF of Milner, Can and Henderson is just not as good as Pedro, Brannigan and Stewart or no better. Tex is far ahead of Ibe. Benteke should be sold. The 4 FB’s are all decent and about the same. The CB’s. Ilori and Lucas better than anything I’ve seen from Lovren, Skertl, Sakho, Kolo over the last 18 months. Rossiter, Origi, need a clear run in the team. No more of Lallana and Milner. The squad should be built around Phil, Firmino and Sturrdige……….the majority of the players are about equal, so play youth and let’s see how they develop. Mignolet is a bottom half keeper, fact.

    • Can’t really complain about the foul, any objective bloke out there could see it was a definite penalty. We lost due to being unable to put away sitters, and for failing to deal with set pieces.

          • You stated the how and why in your earlier post…..Failure to convert sitters and failure to deal with set pieces.

        • 1.Was it not a penalty?
          2. Do we put away sitters?
          3. Do we deal well with set pieces?
          Which of the above do you disagree with exactly, i am curious to know.

          • 1. Sure I guess it was a penalty but a very soft one if anything. Northstar was referring to the last free kick of the game from where West Ham’s 2nd goal resulted. No way in hell that was a foul, let alone a free kick.
            2. No we do not. Unless we are talking about Sturridge and maybe Ings.
            3. No we do not.

            That’s my take on it. I don’t know what Northstar has to say about it though.

      • Agree….Definitely a penalty, we failed to put away sitters and failed to deal with set pieces. I can’t think of any team that had won game(s) with those short comings.

    • While Lucas was great today he is just as inconsistent as the rest and I’m sure, even if played in the back more often, that inconsistency will come to light once again. Not to mention he isnt someone that can win too many headers which is really what we need in the back. Height and strenght. Illori looked very promising though and Stewart, just like last game, gives our defense that extra protection. Really like what I’ve seen from him.

      On another note, I really hope Sturridge stays healthy. Man that guy is good! Watching him dribble through their entire back line and almost breaking free put a huge smile on my face. Then they scored and I wanted to headbutt a nail…

  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve been gutted this much after a loss. Thoroughly undeserved, the youngsters gave everything, fought tooth and nail. Really proud of their performance. Could have won the game easily if it wasn’t for that donkey Benteke.
    I said that he’d let the lads down tonight and sure enough hes the reason why we’re out.

    Klopp has got some big decisions to make. Price tags mean fk all. That West Ham team was a full strength side, flying high in the Prem, new stadium around the corner, and they gave everything to stay in the cup, you could see at the end what it meant to West Ham. Them kids did us proud tonight and it’s time they started getting some league game time. The B team is actually a whole lot better than Klopp’s current A team of slackers that have us cemented in midtable mediocrity.

  6. Fowled or not, free kick or not, that goal should have save if we had keeper in the goal, in stead of a basket keeper, if he had stop in the middle of the goal, in stead of running up on down the goal line he could have save the fr***king goal.

    • This time all faults must goes to Benteke. He should’ve finish this at Anfield. He is the worst example for the kids. Even worse than Balotelli

    • I think Klopp should have subbed Benteke and Ibe, not Tex and Coutinho. He brought two very talented strikers in but cut off their supply line. Bad decision imo.

  7. That awkward moment when you realize West Ham’s second choice goalkeeper is miles ahead of Liverpool’s first choice goalkeeper.

      • Hahaha it’s been so long since we have had a solid keeper. It’s been almost 3 years since we bought Migs and he isn’t much better than when we bought him. If you look further back when we bought Reina, he went from a good keeper to one of the best within roughly the same time. That’s progress and improvement right there.

        Sadly, I think with Migs the issue lies in how his confidence stands. If it’s high, then he is reliable and shows strong ability(like the second half of last season). If it’s low, then he is prone to errors and can’t handle the basics(like now). You can have someone like Cech low on confidence but he will still take care of the basics and be error-free. Only difference is he might not pull wonder saves during the “low form” period.

      • Well I could say we are in the final because of Bogdan’s heroics vs Carlisle or Allen’s decisive penalty that got us in the final. They both played just as much a part in getting us there as Migs did. I will give him credit for the saves in the semifinal but what use is it when his blunders in EPL cancel it out?

  8. if you didn’t have a TV, the radio would broadcast it this way:

    last minute of extra time
    west spam has a free kick.
    LFC defenders look jittery
    the cross came in,
    lac defenders were saying heck, calamity.
    and ogbonna rose above all. nodded the ball into the corner….

    Mignolet, what was he doing.. where was he.. oh he sank to his knees at the sight of the ball…..

  9. Klopp doesn’t look pissed by Benteke. It looks like he believes he can eventually turn Benteke into a £32 M striker. But our patience is running out with the Belgian. I hope Ward starts in the Europa.

  10. Another set piece goal conceded. Another loss to West Ham, another poor display from Mignolet, Another misfired attempt from Benteke…It all sounds too frustratingly familiar.

  11. This is the first time I think Klopp messed up. We were controlling the game in the midfield until he subbed both Coutinho and Tex. I understand Coutinho but personally Ibe should have come off for Origi, not Tex. His creative play would have linked up better with Sturridge. I would like to see Tex given more of a run out. Saying that we should still have won. Beteke had enough chances to bury West Ham. Studge looked class, I hope he stays fit. Coutinho showed us what we are missing. Stewart looks a very good prospect as does Pedro and you can throw in Brannagon. For me it was an average performance by Smith, defensive errors and well as Flano who gave the ball away to easily. Lucas has found a new position and it would be interesting to see him play with Sahko. For me a better option than Toure and Lovren on last nights performance. Its a game we should have won but for very average finishing.

  12. Results aside I feel that the development part of what Klopp is introducing is so vital in taking the club forward on the pitch. The philosophy is ‘ok we look at what we have and work with it’. By introducing all of these young (some very talented) players and giving them the opportunity (finally), and making them feel part of the club is something that can only be positive for their development and future of LFC. Now we can all see the talent we have at our disposal! I see and fully understand the way in which Klopp is setting about the business of creating an absolute togetherness and trust of his squad. I totally see why he has re-called so many players because to be honest what better way to develop and see their progression ‘up close and personal’, and playing for the club they were signed for in the first place, and in a system they will become accustomed to in the future! Lots of positivity being spawned at LFC. YNWA

  13. I cannot help but say how happy and PROUD I am to have Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool manager.
    He has total integrity of the highest stature. In my eyes, a true leader, get well soon Jurgen.

  14. A Striker job is to score, not to miss chances. Benteke has missed a lot of chances since he came here, Confidence is not the issue here, nor his talent. I don’t think Benteke have any talent except running offside or missinh chances

    He will never be any better than current form. He is done. We’ve got Firmino, Origi, Sturridge and even Ojo should be ahead of him by now

  15. Didn’t get to see the match but from what I saw in the extended highlights and all the other post-match reaction including this interview, I’m proud of the boys and this club.

    Loved what Klopp said there, this may not be the best time for the club but there’s plenty of positives to take forward and one day we will come back up. Well done today overall.

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