Video: Pepijn Lijnders’ post-match press conference – Liverpool 2-2 Sunderland

on 06.02.2016

First-team coach Pepijn Lijnders stepped in for Jurgen Klopp following the 2-2 draw with Sunderland, with the manager absent due having his appendix removed.

Klopp successfully underwent the operation on Saturday afternoon, with assistants Zeljko Buvac and Peter Krawietz, plus Lijnders, taking over the team for the match.

Dutchman Lijnders discussed his side throwing away a late two goal lead, saying that the anxiety in the side is more in the final third than in defence. He did though say that the side collectively drops too deep later in games.

Asked about the fans staging a mass walkout protest on 77 minutes, Lijnders said: “We have one of best supporter groups in the world. If they want to make a statement they have every right to.

“It did not affect the players,” he insisted. “It changed the atmosphere inside the stadium but not the mentality of the players.”

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Around 10,000 supporters left Anfield in the 77th minute as a response to new ticket prices – some rising to £77 – announced this week.


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  1. Houllier and Rafa had similar first seasons – up and down to say the least. We could nick a trophy, nevertheless, and I trust Kloppo to get us in better shape for next season. So no point fretting about inconsistent league form I believe….

    • Rodgers was änalytical too as a coach but he couldnt fix the team to save his life. Klopp is more of the same and worse in some respects because he is as stubborn as Rafa was and as blind as Rodgers. These players from front to back are substandard and you cannot improve them with coaching in the short term. He was naive to believe he could. He would need 3 or more seasons and by then they would all be too old to perform more than 2 seasons at the level! That is one of the reasons his Dortmund team imploded. At the end of the day by missing the January transfer window he has sewn the seeds of his demise…..LFC cannot afford to replace the 5 underperforming players that it needs to cut loose and they have no clue how to recruit better players PERIOD! So they will let him thrash about aimlessly while the fans pay 77 quid a head for a seat on this vomit comet. When the fans get restless again in a years time they will throw him under the bus. The mere fact that Jamie Carragher is resigned to the fact that LFC with never again be good enough to win a duel with Man Utd ánd Michael Owen speaks as if he was only ever a Man Utd player is a sign that the writing is on the wall and LFC is heading towards it in slow motion. We are no longer the LFC of Shankly, Paisley or Dalglish……we’re mere has-beens and nobody pays 77 quid a ticket or satellite television subscriptions for that!

        • Thanks GREZ-the truth shall set you free. This rabble are not even trying, the whole machine is actually setting the bar lower every year because the recruitment is getting worse every year and the academy players are coming through more and more unpolished every year! Anfield is rotting from the head down!

          • In spite of us Kop, both wary of this sleepwalking club, I feel our day has finally come with Klopp and his crew. They are men of integrity and truth, we both know the club needs truth, Jurgen IS the man since SHANKS.

      • Wow, the impatience in England is very bad. There are already fans turning on Klopp after a few month in charge. The negativity is not helping. If you think things are going to turn out wrong they are going to. It’s like a self-fullfilling prophecy. I thought Germans are a negative bunch but judging after such a short time and expecting miracles. I hope you are not as short-sighted in life. Jesus, give the man time.

        • Hi Jaden, when Man Utd listed on the LSE the rules of football changed. It became a business and a results driven one at that. LFC didnt get the memo, they still think passion and patience will win the day…….that is that naive rabbit and the hare fairytale rubbish! The strong and aggressive win in real life; not the sheep!

          • I’m well aware that football has changed and it has become a business. But in every business there a processes involved which implies it everything takes a determined amount of time. There is no magic pill to solve all problems at once. Every great endeavor or business or whatever starts with an idea of the future, belief.

            Look at Apple without believe there would have been no way in hell that they would have recovered from almost being broke to the world’s most successful company.

            Klopp did the very same thing in football by leading Dortmund to win two German titles and they broke as hell.

            Everyone can chose to live life as s/he wishes but I think it’s better to shoot for the stars and land in the mud than shoot for the mud and making it.

  2. Oh my word what a pleasant surprise listening to this man, Pepijn.
    Can’t agree more, for a huge amount of time we totally dominated in a good way.
    But like the reporter said , anxiety came from nowhere. ” this is normal “, was the reply.
    The anxiety came about BEFORE the 1st goal, why??? A collective anxiety at that.
    Sako allowed the ball to fall way too far back, he was panicking, instead of stepping up towards it with confidence. He then passed a tight ball to Moreno and put him under pressure.
    For me Sako was not confident enough , simple as that. Then Moreno made a bad decision lashing out, which he does frequently. There is no calmness, it continued for the second goal.
    I noticed we were not fighting for the second ball in midfield, sitting off.
    All that good, great work which Pepijn talks of was undone because for what reason is beyond me , we crumbled, such a shame, such a shame, because we WERE great until that time.
    Weird.frustrating. Sad.
    YNWA. We go again.

    • Been seeing that from Sakho for long time – he like to wait for the ball to settle rather than fight for it. Give that to good striker, and you’re dead. He is becoming his old clumsy self again. Dropping him is the best. But will the coach do it?

      • Our defenders are taking too long to make a decision. Skirtel does the same.
        Pep says anxiety is normal? That is a worrying statement.
        I don’t see every other team have our level of it.

  3. For 82 minutes we played them off the park, two shocking defensive blunders and we concede two goals, Klopp knows what is needed to address the problem and it will be addressed,YNWA

  4. Every game is more torturous than the last. Do not crucify me here, but it feels like we are getting worse.

  5. I’m still fuming. That should have been an easy win. Pity that Firmino’s display and performance went to waste again and we dropped points from a game which we dominated. We should have kept that lead any day and especially against Sunderland. To say that I’m pissed of would be an understatement.

  6. This is why this lad is considered one of the best coaches in the world. Sorry for the negative supporters, you don’t have a reason to comment on the staff. Its absolutely celestial class.

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