“We left everything out on the field” – Jordan Henderson proud despite League Cup Final defeat

on 29.02.2016

Jordan Henderson has apologised to the supporters after Liverpool’s League Cup Final loss to Man City on Sunday, but says he is proud of his teammates.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's Lucas Leiva looks dejected after losing in the penalty shoot-out to Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

It proved to be a horrible climax to an entertaining final, as the Reds succumbed on penalties to Manuel Pellegrini’s side.

Henderson feels the team gave their all on the day, however, but couldn’t help but say sorry to the fans for not bringing home a first piece of silverware in four years.

“We would like to say sorry for not winning the game and we are very disappointed,” Henderson said.

“But at the same time I am very proud of my teammates because I felt as though we gave everything, we left everything out on the field, and that’s all you can ask.

“To lose on penalties is bitterly disappointing but someone has got to win. But we can take a lot of positives and hopefully the next time we are here we can lift the trophy.”

Henderson also felt that Jurgen Klopp‘s men did enough to win the game before the shootout, especially as the match progressed.

“In extra-time I felt as though we could have got the win,” he added.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 28, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia looks dejected after missing a penalty in the shoot-out against Manchester City during the Football League Cup Final match at Wembley Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“I know they had some good chances as well and Simon [Mignolet] did brilliantly and made some good saves to keep them out.

“[But] I felt as though we were very dangerous on the counter-attack, we defended well and there were some brilliant performances from everyone really.

“Like I said it’s hard to take at the minute and tonight will be difficult but we need to take the positives out of this game and finish off the season well.

“You look at the players they were all drained physically, mentally – everything was left out there and I think that’s all you can ask of the players. With a little bit of luck we win the game and lift the trophy, but it just wasn’t our day.”

The 25-year-old will be as disappointed as anyone, having missed out on lifting his first trophy as Liverpool captain, but he performed with typical heart on the day.

While losing a final is always very tough to take, there is a feeling that this relatively young group of players will learn from this in the coming years, and use the pain of defeat to their advantage.

Many supporters have questioned why the captain didn’t step up to take a penalty for the club in the shootout.


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  1. I envision a captain of LFC to be something else. Desire, charging through the opposition team, controlling the game, exerting authority. Sorry Hendo but it just isn’t cutting it mate.
    Simply not good enough.

    • Doesn’t work like that. We lost, so a massive clearout is needed. Everyone needs to be fired, shot or at least called “not good enough” and all that.

      • On the day, the team put in a shift, it must feel horrible for people to say that wasnt good enough. I had a horrible day at work on friday, and if someone had said that to me I would of….lets put it like this, I wouldnt have a job now.

        • I thought we focussed too much on them instead of playing our own game. Worred too much about what they could do. They started similarly but started to play football sooner then we did.

          When we eventually did we were better and deserved the win in extra time. A shame, we could’ve had them.

          • We were better? What have you been smoking? Where was we better?
            City 7 shots to our 4.
            City 9 corners to our 5.
            City hit the post, mignolet made unbelievable saves and they were denied a clear pen.
            How were we better?

          • Onyx, in extra time yes maybe so but Aguero could’ve killed us off in the 90. Sterling too. Grateful Mignolet kept it 1-1 but also hate the fact im thinking what IF he hadn’t made that howler for their goal. We would’ve won in 90.

            Unfortunately finals can be decided by small margins.

            We had a lot fo luck to not be losing by 3 or 4 before Extra Time.

            Reinforcements in the summer definitely needed. I trust Klopp to do what he needs to get this squad improving.

          • Spot on. We waited so long to actually start playing football. When we did we were the better team.

            We’ll have to do something obviously. The lack of wingers is a major issue so that’s the major thing we need to fix in the summer. And we just have to train. These players can do so much better when they make better decisions. And making better decisions is something you can learn.

          • I honestly thought Aguero had started to go down already but admittedly the ref could’ve given it.

          • At what point during extra time their keeper made a save? for you to make that statement their keeper would have to at least make saves which he didn’t.

          • I did too, I went to argos and got a fisher-price model, and got a silver and gold one of ‘turkish’ John…

      • And your point being??
        i have read every post on every article since kick off yesterday this morning and the excuses are pathetic
        Mingolet was fantastic according to some was he ?
        yes he saved some shots its what he gets paid for handsomely he also yet again made another unbelievable blunder hes just not good enough ward as to get a go now in the next two league games mingolet cannot be allowed to cost us against man ure without ward getting a chance to show what he can do

        Moreno needs shipping out i never thought i would see a more clueless tackle than the ones he did to give norwich a pen again in my life ,i was wrong yesterdays was just braindead

        The midfield just huffed and puffed
        As for the 3 amigos up front filmino did his vanishing trick yet again infact the only time you knew he was on the pitch where the numerous times he got caught offside

        Sturridge should have been pulled off and even coutinho was not brilliant apart from the goal

        Finally the excuses about the penaltys was pathetic studge hendo and milner could not take one because they where shattered yet lucas coutinho and can could more like they lost there bottle

        • My point being is that we were the better team with the better chances in extra time.

          You only come out to whne about Firmino when he has a bad game. You always go missing when he was a top performer. I don’t like that. It goes both ways.

          They took a long look at how Augsburg closed us down and did the same thing. 3-man midfield playing narrow and closely together in front of a four man defensive line that also played narrow.

          If we had five subs those two would’ve gone off too. But you only get 3.

          • Sorry have i whined about firmino in the past 2 games when hes gone awol no ,yesterday he was a waste of a shirt
            Closed us down you make it sound as if they where trying to stop barcalona nobody and i mean nobody is scared of this liverpool team
            And the sooner the holier than thou fans realise it the better
            Some fans on here will swallow any old 5h1te and forever make excuses for them

          • Because every successful manager changes tactics against particular teams, even Guardiola sometimes. Every team is different and to blindly use the same tactics against individual teams like Bodgers did is disrespectful to the sport.

          • Agree. But careful when you mention Bodgers – Onyx will come back with another user name to haunt you. He is deeply in love with Bodgers and used to say Bodgers’ tactics were brilliant and that his transfers were hugely successful….but today he is asking for a massive clearout. … mentally challenged fella.

          • So they only ever change there tactits when they play us do they
            Teams change there tactits most games depending on the opposition
            They are not even the best side in england at the moment far from it as there recent results have shown

          • Well, find me 3 games this season where Pellegrini played with both Fernando, Fernandinho and Toure on the pitch.

          • De bruyne is now injured so whats your point yet again are you trying to say if he was fit he wold have been dropped

          • Yawn like i said some will swallow anything your a fsg dream mate why the hell would they invest when we have fans like you that will just sit there and make excuse after excuse
            Do you think it makes you look a better fan to always ignore our short coming maybe you could start finishing your posts with the line go and support man ure like some of the other pathetic so called lfc fans on here

          • Going personal when the arguments lost you again?

            Maybe you would be better going Waterloo docks. They got sht owners too. More to cry about.

          • Onyx the super fan
            will swallow any old tripe and always make excuses whats it like to be a superfan

          • You wouldn’t know.

            Can’t talk football, only turns up when we lose. Top fan you are. Great stuff. Now jog on.

          • Only turns up when we lose get a life
            you and your ilk used to vanish weekly when we were losing

          • Go on one i am waiting ,yes after a night match i may not post or a big match on the weekend as i go out for them but the next day i do

          • No need to argue with Onyx. He flips and flops more times than a transistor. And he likes to ask questions that he himself has no answer to. Any [email protected] can do that, and Onyx does it extremely well.

          • Ever since sturridge came back firminio gone awol, hope they can learn to play together sooner than later

          • Did well as the false 9 but not as an AM. Next season hopefully he’s got it worked out.

          • Its his first season, lets give him one more season. He has got more goals and assists than players who are playing 2~3 seasons for us.

          • yes i agree but he came with a massive price tag and just vanishes far to often ,you do not have to be brilliant every game but you do have to put yourself about

          • Agree about the price tag, but Lalana cost nearly the same. Hendo, Downing cost 20+. But we gave them time.

          • “When he has a bad game”. Firmino mostly has average games for us and apart from a brilliant game after a long while I’m really struggling to not think that the 30m spent on him could have better be spent elsewhere.

          • ‘They took a long look at how Augsburg closed us down’


            You know that Augsburg have been fighting relegation in Germany?

            Why do you have such a loser’s mentality?

          • Yawn really ,so any p1ss poor team can do a job against us if they do the augsburg tacticts god help us
            and what game where you watching we had the best chances really did we ??
            stirling missed a couple of sitters for starters

          • Better chances in extra time. Read the entire stuff. Not just the stuff you like.

            And yes, without more quality, cohesion and no brain dead decision making every pss poor team can do a job against us.

          • The Ter Stegen links are getting more obvious. Please let that happen. Matip incoming so that’s good. Let’s hope a left back or Flanno gets a job there. Wingers are our blatant issue. Attackers are fine really. Especially with Ings coming back and Origi getting even better.

          • I was impressed with how Leicester patiently broke down the parked bus of Norwich. A team as good as Leicester could break Augsburg down.

          • And you can’t see what’s wrong when you use Augsburg as an example of how to stop 10, 20, 30 million pound players?

          • Why not use Sion or one of the other countless sides that have stopped us scoring this season
            The defence as been slammed this season and rightly so
            the fact is the midfield and attack are no great shakes either

          • The midfield is awful. No flair no panache no brains, just workhorses who run a lot. And no goals. The attack looks quite good even though we don’t score goals. They get no support from mIsfield or tge wings. Oh how we miss a Gerrard in midfield. A leader.

        • Every point spot on.

          Could easily have been 3 or 4-1 to City.

          We sit alongside Stoke & Watford in 9th in the league.

          They are not good enough, the team needs ripping up and starting again.

          Can’t see FSG directing any of the new TV or new sponsor money or new stand £millions towards players tho……

          • We need a 100mil net spend this summer, such is the scale of the task, but will probably get a fraction of that.

          • You’re right because there’s nobody left to sell. The family silver has gone. And the overpaid rubbish they bought with it won’t be looking to reduce their wages at another club anytime soon.

          • Meanwhile Evertons owner is supposed to be giving them a 100 million and vowed to keep all there star players
            seems he is a football man whilst fsg are money men

          • Everton have a decent squad already. How many of our players would make it into the Everton team?
            Yep, and unlike Judas Moores, Kenwright genuinely loves his club and would only be selling to owners who have genuine ambitions to make Everton successful on the pitch.

          • It would not surprise me one bit if they out spent us in the summer
            Lets face it if the fans on here are anything to go by why would fsg spend most are more bothered about making excuses for the owners and team than actually seeing lfc get back to the top

          • We will wait and see Carr. Early days there. Every owner makes big statements post take over.

          • Why not they have spend 350+ million since their arrival so if anything the question is are we buying quality this time or Quantity as they have been doing.

            Im optimistic they will spend again otherwise i don’t see why Klopp would have signed for us!

          • They have sold more than £270m. They have provided very little actual new money to improve the team.
            They’ve sold all our best players so where does the money come from now?

        • That guy Onyx is a joke. He is asking for a massive clearout now, but just weeks ago he went on and on trying to convince people that Bodgers’ transfers were a big success.

          What do you call a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings? Onyx.

        • I agree. Spot on – its this accepting of mediocrity that has left us drifting in mid table with a goalkeeper who wouldn’t even get in the Villa team. Moreno also is shocking – he is never in position. We are not 1-2 players from being a good team – its more like 7 or 8. Klopp is trying to get blood out of a stone with this squad.

    • yes right ,there last 4 games against english opposition before yesterday shows 1 win 3 losses scored 4 conceded 11 ,leicester and spurs both beat them in there own back yard

    • No shame in that but truth is our team is simply not good enough. We went to penalties with Firmino and sturridge not playing good.

      We can get better

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  2. Remenber when Hendo played alongside SG and he would hit quality forward balls like Gerrard? Now hes playing alongside Milner and its the safe sideways or backpass every time.

    • What I remember very well when Hendo played alongside SG was a lot of fans saying (and some article writers) that SG was clearly making Hendo a worse player and that Hendo had to clean up for SGs mistakes all the time – limiting his play in other words… Then it was the heel problem, and now it’s Milners fault that Hendo is the king of safe backwards and sideways passes?
      He is not good enough for a Liverpool starting 11, never mind captain. There are no more excuses for him now.

      • agreed mate. The excuses for these bottlers just don’t stop. I was just a observer last year, didn’t comment but I remember clearly that these type of arguments thrown around. Curiously, the reverse was never applied for Stevie. That at 35 yrs old, maybe he needed more help than he was getting from the lads around. He’s gone now, and we still losing and still trophyless. Next year who we gonna blame? His punditry?

        • Hehe, that would not surprise me at all :-)
          And while we are at it with regards to Hendos limits as a player which I’m yet to read any comments on the last years: his lack of aerial strength, timing and technique. I remember last season he had 3 clear cut chances with headers inside the 5 yard box, none of them hit the target. For a man of his size he also should’ve won far more aerial duels, I also believe that stats proves this (as far as stats can prove anything). Last night he was beaten by Silva in the air..?

    • Thats clearly a game specific comment. He’s been passing long range more often since Gerrard’s departure. We all know he’s role was to hold midfield when Gerrard was around. He’s actually been picking some nice passes forward in Gerrard’s absence.

  3. Appology accepted.
    No hard feelings. Just get going.

    Though your dreams be tossed and blown.
    Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart.

  4. The penalty takers aren’t the ones at fault, they had the balls to step up. Milner, Hendo, Origi, Sturridge??? Why allow Lucas n Lallana to go on before?? Good effort overall tho, Coutinho played his heart out! Amazing!! Really proud of the lads!

    • Milner was apparently in line for the 5th penalty. Sturridge had cramps I’ve heard. No idea why our Captain Fantastic didn’t step up though. Our players are great in giving interviews but when it comes to delivering, they always fall short

    • Against Stoke it was Lallana – Can – Lucas – Firmino – Milner. Yesterday it was Can – Coutinho – Lucas – Lallana

      So not that much had changed.

        • Very true. On those nights you can’t be “good”, you need to be great. Lucas and Lallana had a good penalty, needed to be great.

          Same as our goalkeeping, defending and attacking. Good, not great. We need to be better.

  5. Leo DiCaprio has won an Oscar after a wait of more than 21 years. Have faith lads, the PL title is on its way.
    Rest assured, however, that when we win it there will mostly be new faces lifting the trophy as the current squad isn’t good enough

  6. We need 1-2 players?

    Are you serious?

    I thought you was just a loon when you was backing Rodgers but now I can see you just don’t understand football or Liverpool FC.

      • Just read it again.

        Maybe you’re struggling to understand your own gibberish.


        Onyx said – ‘Could do with a few more, but 1-2 top quality wingers would actually do it.’

          • So you’ve now changed your position again and are agreeing with me that you said we need 1-2 players.

            This is just bizarre.

          • The bizarre thing is that you can’t understand the explanation as I wrote it so simple souls like you can understand it.

          • Clearly I understand. You think just buying 1 or 2 players will make that team successful.

            That is what you are saying yes?

          • If you understood what I wrote you didn’t need to ask that question. Repeatedly.

            So, what part was too hard to understand? Happy to help out. The first part? The part about what wingers to do them defensively? To us defensively? To us offensively. What part went missing?

          • I’ve not got a problem with any of it.

            I’m questioning that it can be done with just 1 or 2 players. Obviously on reflection you now do too.

          • It’s quite clearly written out isn’t it? Someone was talking about Hendo’s passing range last season and this season. Last season he found Sterling time and again with a crosspass, opening them up. Now imagine our team a team with Migs – Clyne – Matip – Lovren – Moreno – Hendo – Can – Coutinho/Firmino – Sturridge – Gotze – Yarmolenko.

            You really think we would be that impotent around the box as we were yesterday?

    • Hahaha… that’s Onyx. He has absolutely no idea about player valuation too, but will create numbers out of thin air just to argue that Bodgers’ made the players more valuable. Then when he knows he has lost, he will write lengthy unrelated posts to divert attention, or ask silly questions that he himself cannot answer. Clueless fella.

  7. 120 minutes of football, one clear cut chance that we took, and the captain talked about we did enough to win, what nonsense is he going on about?

  8. You people are disillusion, if you all thought we could won that game yesterday, the way we played with one shot on target, could never beat City with Migs in goal.

  9. We were inept in front of goal, players seemed scared to have a go , Studge being the worst offender, and I was disgusted at the guys who hid instead of stepping up to take the penalties. Hendo, Studge, Origi, in particular.

  10. We need someone who can take good corners and freekicks!! Right now we can just kick the ball out from corner, rather than wasting energy of our CB who come to be part of the corner. It also minimizes the risk of getting hit on counter.

  11. If thats everything the reds have LFC definitely need some reinforcements in the summer. Too many role players in the starting lineup starting with the Hole-in the goal Mignolet .

    Quality in the first 11 is desperately needed!

  12. oh you left everything on the pitch yet you were overrun. is this only what you have. then the team is full of mediocrity. henderson you are a good player devoid of guts, dribbling skill, rabbit in the headlights in front of goal,power,penetration, shooting.

  13. Henderson can be playing better as a captain. His attitude, heart, and hustle are all first-rate. He has so many great attributes but now his form must match his role. We need true leaders who can change games with their performances as much as their great character.

  14. Shut up Henderson you dog. Not good enough to be first 11 nevermind captain. Need a whole new spine but can’t see FSG putting the readies up for that. Mediocrity will continue.

  15. Really I think the limiting of Phillipe Coutinho from shooting is limiting our chances at scoring. You score only when you shoot, and nobody else is interested in shooting bar an ocassional Sturridge, Firms and Can. So I’d rather have Couts shoot 5 times and score one goal than just passing all the time to players who don’t shoot.

    We’d be a real threat up front if the players mentioned above as well as Hendo, Milner and Lalla knew how to shoot. Just tired of our over passing without purpose.

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