Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool – LIVE – Follows the Reds’ Premier League clash here

on 06.03.2016

Liverpool look to build on Wednesday night’s win over Manchester City as they take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, and we’re live to bring you the latest.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 6, 2016: Liverpool's Divock Origi in action against Crystal Palace's Scott Dann during the Premier League match at Selhurst Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

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Crystal Palace: McCarthy; Ward, Delaney, Dann, Souare; Jedinak, Ledley (Sako 82′), Cabaye (Mutch 70′); Zaha, Bolasie, Adebayor (Gayle 82′)

Substitutes: Speroni, Kelly, Mutch, Sakho, Lee, Gayle, Chamakh

Liverpool: Mignolet; Flanagan (Coutinho 61′), Lovren, Sakho, Moreno; Henderson, Can; Milner, Firmino, Lallana; Origi (Benteke 80′)

Substitutes: Ward, Clyne, Toure, Allen, Coutinho, Benteke, Sturridge

Referee: Andre Marriner


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  1. Am having a feeling that this crystal palace team will prove to be a bigger threat than we are estimating them.

  2. No excuses today palace are in dreadful form anything less than a win is points dropped
    Lets hope mingolet and moreno do not have yet another audition for youve been framed

    • On their day, that is a good palace line-up.
      I agree no excuses and I’m sure the lads won’t be taking anything for granted, given the recent experiences playing palace.
      I’m expecting a stressful 90mins and a one goal win either way.
      Cabaye’s delivery and adebayor at set-piece time is giving me the fear!

    • We generally just don’t play particularly well to Palace’s tactics. It was the same story today as the ones before…much better defending overall compared to the past but they dominating that first half and were a lot more effective as a team compared to us. So I wouldn’t exactly call them a poor team or in poor form despite what the results might suggest.

        • Like I said despite what the results might suggest. On basis of results you could say they were in poor form, but they have been improving now with the inclusion of Bolasie in the team. I saw their performance over 90 minutes and I don’t think they were poor, perhaps some people might disagree..

  3. Nervous, Palace have been terrible but that means they are due a win. We will need the same intensity as city to win today. Some great competition for places going on. I do not think Coutinho is being rested, I think he has failed to get back into the side due to others form. I hope Lallana keeps up this form.

    • I agree, Lallana, Milner and Firmino are the form players. Still a big call to leave your best 2 players on the bench. I actually think Origi deserves to start as he suits the lone striker role. No bad thing having an angry Coutinho and Sturridge to come in against tiring players!

  4. Liverpool’s former first-team coach has already been sacked from his latest managerial position at League One side Walsall – three months after he was appointed.

    Not good enough for Walsall but someone in their wisdom thought he was good enough for us criminal

  5. Hopefully its a win but the way we performed this season would not be surprised if its a draw/loss. I’m going for a 1-1 draw.

  6. Don’t mind how we do it, a 1-0 will do me, form goes out the window with palace, they seem to be a bogey team to us of late. Just get the 3 points, no injuries and roll on to the mancs. YNWA.

  7. They’re a great club to watch, Palace – as the teams come out, anyway. … If their football scout was as good as the cheerleading scout, they’d be a dominant force in Europe.

        • I know, got up to watch it too… Too much too soon for him mate. Started well, but blew up. He will come back stronger for it.

          • The sad thing was I put a comment on Bleacherreport that I will be a Conor McGregor fan no matter what, everyone instantly replied saying I am just another McGregor d1ckridder.

          • Well like lots of things in life, you can run and hide… or stick around and weather the sh*tstorm!

          • The sad thing is that even though Conor is a good fighter, his Jiu-Jitsu is the only thing holding him back from being a great fighter. He should honestly leave SBG for now and maybe go and train with someone like Eddie Bravo or Demian Maia.

          • If he wants to continue, I think he will make a lot of changes to his training and fight team.

          • Yeah. He should ditch Ido Portal tbh. And maybe Artem Lobov. Cos if Conor wants to be better, he needs better training partners. Gunnar has a Gracie black belt in BJJ. In the UFC 196 Embedded show you can even see Conor met up with Royce Gracie. There were also talks about UFC hiring a Olympian wrestler to train Conor. So as long as Conor really puts in the work, he can be a more complete fighter.

          • Think that’s the only way forward for him, but he seems smart enough to know he will still be a big draw for the UFC, so I think he will be wise to take some time out and rethink his next move! But the McGregor train was a fun ride for a while there!

          • Who are some of your favorite fighters? Ironically, my 2nd favorite fighter is Nick Diaz haha.

  8. Reasonably good start, but watch those fast counters.

    Top drawer save that from Mignolet. Quality, brave goalkeeping! More of the same, please.

  9. After a long time I don’t need to stay up all night to see a game.

    No one at hostel will let me watch because of Asia cup finals ( cricket)

  10. Seems like we are asking to be beaten. Not enough energy, and i think the team set up is with the EL in mind.

  11. Not sure about the merits of high crosses into the box with our height deficit. Crisper, lower with pace and whip will likely be more effective…

    • Toure needs a rest, Skrtel hasn’t played in months. Agree with you though, if they were fit to play (you’d have to ask klopp about that), they should.

  12. didnt yohan cabaye come to palace at the start of 2015/2016 why are the commentators saying cabaye’s form has dropped since last season

  13. People for some reason don’t like Mignolet shouting at his defense. For me it shows he is stepping up and gaining confidence

  14. Go easy on Moreno, he has been a bit frantic, but has done a lot right. The problems are coming from Flanno and Lovrens side

  15. moreno doesn’t know how to tackle. The standing leg, the side stance, the ineffective lunge. the guy is erratic. Its gonna be a foul, a yellow, a red on its way.

  16. Have a sneaking suspicion somebody is going to see a second yellow today. We are certainly fronting up…. just hope sensibility prevails with those already booked.

  17. Allen Cutinho Sturridge all to come on at some point, go to a straight 433 with coutnho allen can in the center

  18. Why oh why after stumbling on to a team that ends a woeful run of form and batters Man City 3-0 would you change it?

    How much longer can Moreno last before he gives away the inevitable goal?

    • We can judge like that d palace really want to make a statement and they are pushing n working hard to correct things they are like wounded lion but seems like we are up to the challenge this time around. Henderson n Milner did not allow they to breath too plus shako is doing so good too so far we are not bad seen d way palace are playing. Lallana completely missing and never come into d game fr start to end hopeful he will come into d game in second half. The fight has been great fr both side no chance to create anything.

  19. For all his industry and grit just wish Hendo would make a decent forward cross or pass to start an attack. And Milner’s crossing how does Klopp tolerate that. Cagey game but I’d take the draw at the half with Palace having some guilt edged chances to score. Bring on Studge and Couts for the win in the 2nd half.

  20. Dire half to be honest, not much to shout about, the team needs to step up and finally put this palace curse to bed.

  21. Lallana,milner and Henderson failing to impress!no creativity what so ever,bring on benteke,sturridge and coutinho and play the diamond

      • Can’t shine bright when you only touch the ball three times. He’s been fine, but ease it up a bit mate.

      • What? You wouldn’t have even known he was on the pitch for the first 30 minutes.
        Sakho has been our best player of the half. Lallana started well, but is suffering due to Can and Hendo taking too long to get the ball forward.
        Milner has been one of our better performers.

  22. Being basic about it; Mignolet, Origi, Sakho = good. Flannagan, Moreno, Milner, Can = okay. Henderson, Lovren, Firminho, Lallana = meh

  23. Cutting edge needed! Too tame and toothless in final third. Milner not covering as well when Moreno, inevitably, bombs forward, which leaves us vulnerable to the counter. Clyne, Coutinho and Sturridge should all be brought on at some point to rectify. Solid performance by Mignolet thus far.

  24. Switch Milner and Moreno’s positions; they seem to end up swapping anyways, might as well utilize Moreno’s speed in attack.
    Ideally, I’d play Smith at left back and Moreno as a winger.

  25. Our problem is that our central midt doesnt support the front three enough in the attacking play. It makes no difference to put in sturridge and cout they will have same issue.
    We need to change midfield.

  26. i don’t really get people praising Origi. if Benteke gave a fruitless performance like that he’d be slated for days.

  27. Milner, Henderson and Can have all failed to get the ball to Origi/Lallana/Firmino in good positions. Sometimes it looks like Lallana and Firmino are having to play as both CMs and Wingers.

  28. Okay, I’m sorry but Sakho looks terrified. Honestly, every time somebody is going at him he just backs up and twitches around hoping they screw up.

    Needs to relax. Migs has done well, but he doesn’t get a shout. This site needs to chill on Sakho, he’s good when in form, but right now he is not up to scratch.

    • I agree that the Sakho bias is heavy, but I thought he had been one of our best players today. Only one taking responsibility at the back

      • Maybe I’m missing something. I will say that he is doing well considering Moreno leaves him alone constantly.

        Normally I am a fan of Sakho, I suppose I just feel we are suspect at the back today.

  29. Jesus Christ…. Sako always gives the chill when ever he goes fr a ball….just have a bad feeling about this one.

  30. At least when ‘just like a new signing’ Markovic comes back next season we will no longer have to endure these type of games.

    Who’s kidding who eh?

  31. From beating Man City soundly in the league, we now appear to be doing what we’re famous for, either drawing or losing this one, not one solitary shot on target in the first half, you don’t win games without getting at the very least one shot on target.
    Pull your socks up and change your boots, make sure they’re SHOOTING ones.

  32. Good they scored. The last 4 out of the 5 times Palace and Liverpool have played, the scorer of the first goal didn’t win the game.

  33. Firmino had a good game last week so he isn’t going to perform well again until 3 games later

  34. what happened to the lallana is a beast comments???? just like allen imo can show the quality in one game out of every 7……. to much passengers in this LFC team

    • He is better than Barkley according to some on here. You’ll offend these enlightened individuals

  35. I begin to doubt Klopp’s ability to work in PL…
    we shouldnt be so inconsistent…
    we cant handle tough tacking teams

          • Bentekew used to be a great player…Cout, Firmino too…
            This is about preparation and organisation..

          • They are actually good players, but Benteke has no chemistry with the rest of the team, and good forwards are only useful when the team can give them reliable and consitent service. Look at Barca, do you think MSN would look nearly as good without Busquets, Iniesta and Raktic? Of course not. What makes this problem even worse is the fact our midfield and attackers can hardly play with any confidence because of our ridiculously bad league two defence and goalkeeper. A manager can only do so much.

          • I think Klopp hasnt found the right tactics against tough sides yet…
            Hopefully he finds it soon.

    • I don’t think that is it. We’ve been giving it back to them all game. We just aren’t threatening in attack.

      Klopp has been on the job for a few months. People are so impatient now.

          • In some matches they are great… so players can do it….
            It may be preseason?
            But Klopp had lots of time already

          • our midfielders never look great, maybe one player in midfield at best. Most of our good games are against good teams, because they take more risks and give us more space, thus making us less reliant on creativity from the midfield.

  36. I’m done with this group of bottlers. When you buy midtable you get midtable mentality.. Always bottling it

  37. I can’t believe people were talking about a run for the top 4 spots just because we beat Man City and we are just a few points behind 4th place. Why can we focus more on winning games instead??? Winning = points right?

      • With a 2 months injury. Winning the Fa Cup and Copa America in the summer. What has Lallana done except Nivea ads?

  38. Just so tired of the same wave of people that jump on here to act smart like they predict correctly every time we play poorly.

  39. Chelsea will finish above us. Sell the lot of them for that fact alone. I’d shoot myself if I were them. No professional pride

  40. Looking at their players and ours, they’re at pretty much the same level (apart for some)…… That’s why we’re average.

  41. Why does Hendo keep killing momentum? Every time he receives the ball he does a silly turn to face his goal.

  42. Their box is wide open compared to the first half yet we’re still going out to the sides or passing backwards!!!
    Why can’t we just take the direct route & go for goal???
    The players are overthinking everything, the remains of Rodgers’ legacy, pass, pass, pass, tika bloody taka, just go for goal FFS…!

  43. Klopp thinking what have I done!! Not enough money in the world to sort this mess out!! One great game 3 poor game’s that’s been our season ..

  44. From heroes to zeroes Milner and Lallana. Just sell them already, just overhyped overpaid English crap.

    • Is there any point to put him in now?? Ben is a better option so we can lob balls to him, save studge for ucunted

  45. I hope to Christ that Liverpool avoid the vast majority of English players in the summer, most of them these days are overhyped piles of s***, only very few perform week in week out!

    • Only the players we have are overrated. Dele Alli or Barkley in the team would have been great.
      Sold one c*nt to City and we should sell some more.

  46. typical LFC players after the city league game they talked themselves up…… yh thats what we need to do…… consistency…… most of you wearing that LFC kit are consistently sh**…. milner…. hendo…. moreno….. mignolet…. lallana…. are not good enough for this club

  47. Klopp had just taken off Flanno obviously in preparation for playing Origi and Sturridge up front together and then Milner gets sent off, ruining his plans…

  48. Sometimes I really just wish that Klopp just goes on a rampage and calls out the whole team for playing such terrible football

  49. Im skipping this game. First time since 6-1 Stoke I stopped watching a game.
    Consistently inconsistent.

  50. Not enough movement beyond the striker. Palace are having an easy day keeping us in front and blocking the box with 8 players.

  51. Why doesn’t someone just put their effing boot through the ball to clear it??? Stop peaing about with it in defensive areas!!!

  52. Might be against the grain, bit I continue to be not that impressed with Firminho on most days, even his best games I don’t see quite the brilliance that others seem to.

    • well, he does continue to play the same system and nearly the same team everytime. I know its no excuse for the players, but I think its time he got a bit ruthless.

  53. Y am I not surprised with this performnce? We blowing hot and cold through out the season and playing against our nemesis.
    Not surprised at all.

  54. The formation works on teams with better players and makes us dangerous. Against teams like palace we should play 2 strikers and the Diamond. Don’t play Milner and Hendo together. just saying ….

  55. fans blame players, but most teams in PL only dream to have players we have…
    it’s not players are that bad
    it’s we dont use them correctly.

  56. The fact that someone as thoroughly average as James Milner starts every week is exactly what’s wrong with this team.

  57. Let’s just hope we convince most of these friggin melts to join the new Chinese league for big money so we can recoup our losses & start afresh with Kloppo’s choices..!

  58. I think Henderson is an exceptionally average footballer who monetarily convinced that he wasn’t. not good enough for liverpool captain

    • It was a jammy goal if I ‘ve ever seen one to be honest, but because of our longstanding tradition, I’ll argue you’re wrong :)

  59. Perhaps this is all just a ploy so Man Poo think we’re [email protected] & then we’ll smash them…?

  60. Listening to a commentator insisting on telling me how many goals certain substitutes have scored against us. Tired of it…

  61. That Lovren tackle reminded me of the one Gerrard put in against Jagielka in the derby a few years back.

  62. Moreno’s defending is nowhere near his ability going forward. Unfortunately, he seems to forget the “back” part of his wing-back role…

  63. What’s wrong with Sturridge? Seems strange choosing Benteke over him.

    Have to admit, I think Lovren has been our best player today.