Jonas Hector & Mario Gotze on target as Germany thrash Italy 4-1

on 29.03.2016

Two of Liverpool’s rumoured summer transfer targets, Jonas Hector and Mario Gotze, starred in Germany’s 4-1 win at home to Italy on Tuesday evening.

Germany’s Mario Goetze celebrates after scoring his side's second goal during a friendly soccer match between Germany and Italy at the Allianz Arena in Munich, southern Germany, Tuesday, March 29, 2016. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

The home fans were expecting a response, following their capitulation against England on Saturday, and Joachim Low’s side duly obliged at Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena.

Toni Kroos, who found the net against the Three Lions, coolly slotted Germany in front midway through the first-half, and it set them on their way to a very comprehensive triumph.

Gotze doubled the lead, which no doubt delighted many Liverpool supporters, following strong rumours of him moving to Anfield in the summer.

The 23-year-old finished clinically from Thomas Muller’s cross to double the lead, and he wheeled away in delight having scored his 17th international goal.

Having played so little football for Bayern this season, it will just be a huge relief for Gotze to get some playing time under his belt. He certainly wouldn’t lack that if he were to become a Liverpool player.

Hector, another rumoured Reds target, then did his reputation no harm, as the left-back found the net after good work from Gotze and Julian Draxler.

It was a sterling performance from the 25-year-old, who was voted WhoScored‘s Man of the Match after a very dominant showing.

He no doubt had a better evening than Holland’s Jetro Willems – another reported left-back target for Liverpool – who struggled to impress, despite his side beating England 2-1 at Wembley.

Back in Munich, Mesut Ozil scored a penalty to make it 4-0 to Low’s men, before Stephan El Shaarawy scored a meaningless late consolation.

This victory steadied the ship for Germany, after their shock defeat at the weekend, and for Liverpool fans, it was exciting to see both Gotze and Hector shining at international level.

Emre Can started the game on the substitutes’ bench, and was introduced in place of Muller after 69 minutes.

The German’s will take some beating at Euro 2016, and the Reds may even have a couple of newly signed European Champions in their midst come the start of next season.


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    • The clue is in the headline ‘two of Liverpool’s rumoured summer transfer targets’ so yes you’re not the only one who’s figured out they don’t actually play for us right now…


          • Actually you couldn’t be more wrong, if the club are interested in signing either Gotze or Hector (or any other player) how they are performing should be the primary concern to the club and will inevitably be of interest to the clubs supporters, apart from you apparently….

          • If they were an unknown quantity, fine. Thing is we know who and what they are and it comes off like we are obsessing and it is only a matter of time before they phone the police.

  1. What’s this?! We are having articles on non-Liverpool players now? Don’t tell me you’re going to write about Chicharito next. I find this a little disrespectful to the clubs with which the footballers are still playing for.

    • Well, our players aren’t exactly setting the world on fire on international duty… so might as well write about rumoured targets, eh?

      • Sure, I’m so looking forward to reading articles about rumoured targets, who probably means all the German players in the Bundesliga.

  2. How did Papadapolous do? I hear he’s coming here any minute. Ian Ayre was finalizing everything about 3 years ago, so it won’t be long! And I can’t wait for this Willian, too. I bet he’s going to adjust nicely in the PL…

    • It’s really going to hurt you when we sign gotze. You’re rodgers colleague allen will have no future at the club when he arrives

  3. Yesterday, i realised how good Gotze really is and this only reinforces my desire to see him in a liverpool shirt. It would be a dream come true !
    Sturridge has been disappointing for a while now and the struggle seems to continue. I hope he gets his shooting boots on for Dortmund !

  4. So what’s the next season squad? 4-2-3-1
    GK Stegen/Simon
    RB Clyne/Flanno RCB Lovren/Matip/Skrtel LCB Sakho/Gomez LB Moreno/Hector/Smith
    CMF Can/Gundogan/Xhaka CMF Grujic/Hendo/Lucas
    RMF Gotze/Lallana/Milner AMF Firmino/Cout LMF Coutinho/Teixeira/Ojo
    ST Sturridge/Origi/Ings

    Buy Stegen (20), Hector (20), one of Gundogan/Xhaka (40), Gotze (20-30) and we are great to go!

    Sell (release): Ward, Bogdan, Enrique, Caulker, Kolo, Ilori, Allen, Ibe, Benteke, Sinclair, Yesil, Wisdom, Lloyd Jones, Fulton, Alberto, Ballotelli, Markovic, etc. up to 20 players can be released/sold with no harm to starting 11 or even bench, meanwhile considerably freeing up our wage bill. If we manage to get 60-70 million of combined fees from this dross, it’ll be great!

    Promising young gunz: Stewart, Mclaughlin, Randall,Brannagan, Kent, Dunn, Ojo, Rossiter.

    • Tex is going out as well. Almost certain that. Rossiter has not signed a new contract with the club either and is a free agent this summer.

    • Would you sell Ibe? surely at the very least give him another season or loan, he is only 20. Why sell Fulton? he’s 19 and doing very well on loan, have no understanding of what selling him right now would accomplish.

  5. Xhaka? Gundogan? Save £20m and go for Drinkwater, last night was the first time I got to see him live and he deserved his MOTM.

    • Another water carrier? Id rather keep Henderson then. We need creativity in midfield,not legs,we already have that

      • Actually if you think about it, with 4-2-3-1 we probably do need more water carrying than creativity there. 2-man MF gotta cover lot of the pitch and drive forward with the ball. The goals and assists should generally come from the 4 players in front of these two.

        • Personally, I’m not sure I’d change anything in the CM department. Henderson, Can, Milner and Lucas are all good options, each depending on whether we play with 2 or 3 in central midfield. Plus Allen, Stewart, Gruji?, Branagan.. Hopefully we’ll keep Rossiter as well.

          • On the face of it, I’d have to disagree with you there man. We lost the MF and the last match due to Hendo not being fit enough to play the game against S’ton. Not just that but MF has been a bit of an issue for a while now. Can and Hendo start in that 2 man MF when everyone is fit at the moment but the problem is the lack of options in those positions apart from these 2. I think this may be Lucas’ last season at LFC since we need more of an engine there. Many people haven’t been happy with Hendo’s performance even though he was covering ground quite well throughout the pitch. And Allen has mostly been deployed in a more advanced role. Allen can play in MF in 4-4-2 diamond or 4-3-3 but 4-2-3-1 seems to be Klopp’s go-to positions. Milner plays MF at times under Klopp but that’s in a 4-3-3. I’m expecting Grujic and Zielinski to take over Allen and Lucas’ positions.

            We just need better cover out there I feel.

          • Spot on!

            I don;t think Hendo deserved the barrage of abuse. But beyond him and Can we don’t have many alternatives to play 4231 – Lucas and Allen both require a shift in formation. Only Stewart could slot into the 2 and hes very raw.

            I can understand why Klopp is looking to get rid of both and restock our CM department.

            I would be happy with Grujic and Zielinski over lucas and allen. But Grujic and Xhaka would be incredible! A true DM and starting 11 possible player…

          • It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Premier League has sort of outgrown Lucas just like it has Skrtel…or atleast it has for a club like LFC. They were good for the team once upon a time but now there’s money to get better players or atleast players better suited to the why not go ahead and take that chance? We need to move on now from these guys.

            Allen looks great for us these days but if I were Allen I’d almost demand to play football on a weekly basis. Instead, all he’s getting fed on is scraps. It’s just not the perfect fit for LFC because we need a presence in MF but Klopp feels his best posiiton is deployed further up and he doesn’t play 4-4-2 diamond or 4-3-3 too often. And when he does, he seems to prefer Milner over him.

          • Completely agree we can’t keep people based on sentiment otherwise Stevie would have been kept.

            Allen is far too good to be a squad player and can be a regular starter at a mid table team.
            Unfortunately Allen contractual situation makes the decision one we need to make THIS summer.

          • Some tough decisions to make for Klopp all in all. A few weeks ago while Skrtel was still injured I was saying that you could make or break a case for each of our 4 central defenders in the team at this moment. Surely enough, Skrtel got fit and made a case for his exit pretty easily.

            MF is a bit more complex and messed up but we can’t keep getting caught on sentiment – we need to move on – there have been better players than Lucas who Rafa has moved on with zero sentiment so why is he so special here? So yeah, there’s Lucas, Can, Milner, Allen and Hendo. Only 2 make really strong cases for me since they start in 2 man MF almost every match they’re fit. Between Milner and Allen though, they’re both tough decisions since they’re both naturally good players but not the best fits in terms of what Klopp is looking for. Watching Allen play so well is killing me now though.

            The rest I wanna say aren’t the hardest of decisions to make here.

          • Good point!

            I think the Allen vs Milner debate is difficult.
            However Milner being the human equivalent of a swiss army knife and Klopp love for “Milly” sways it to Milly and his contract is not running out next year.

            If we could sign a proper CF replacement for Tekekrs like Morata we will challenge top 3. Something looks off about Studge – he just not sprinting anymore

            Gk – Ter Stegan would be my first choice
            LB – Hector
            CM/DM – Xhaka – though if its Zilenski no problem
            CAM – Goetza
            CF – Morata

            Would be a dream window. even without Morata…

          • I feel people expect far too much from Gruji? and/or any new player in any position, and I don’t see this downturn in Henderson’s form as anything permanent. Once his injuries abate, he’ll continue to grow. Gruji?, while certainly a talented player, is very young and comes from one of the weakest leagues in Europe (trust me on that). It’ll take time for Klopp to mould him into a class player, as eventually he certainly will. I won’t comment on Zielinski as I haven’t seen enough to form an opinion. What I’m really trying to say is, you can’t have too many great options in those positions, cause, if you think Allen is unhappy being a squad player, what do you think would happen with any one of Henderson, Can, Gundogan or Xhaka in that role? And there’s certainly no room for all of them on the pitch.

          • Not at all…I don’t expect the world from Grujic initially either. What I was trying to say was in a 4-2-3-1 Klopp automatically goes for Hendo and Can in a MF 2, and beyond that, there are no ideal options there for Klopp it seems. Milner hasn’t played a single time in MF 2 since Klopp has come in I believe. Lucas just doesn’t fit in that role either. Both look like makeshift options there not ideal, both for their own set of reasons. Allen gets deployed as attacking mid almost everytime he comes on. Against S’ton he did great in MF the first half but then got overran/overpowered a bit.

            I don’t know if Grujic is the perfect answer in that MF now. I’ll just say that we’ve looked closest to our best team with Hendo and Can in MF, but I think it’s a valid concern that they won’t be able to play every match of the season there.

          • Exactly. That’s where Gruji?, Branagan and Stewart come in as young apprentices, while Milner can do as well. Think back how great he looked paired up with Henderson at the beginning, before Henderson got injured.
            Also, I’m sure we won’t be playing every match of the season in a 4-2-3-1. There will be matches in which we’ll use a three-man midfield, and Lucas and Allen can be used then, as well as Milner.

          • You really expect all of Lucas, Allen, Hendo and Milner to stay on past this season man? I personally can only see the last 2 to continue at Anfield, at best 3. We need to be better in MF than what we have currently. Atleast have more of the better options. I’m not saying we’ll play all matches 4-2-3-1, but we need to have more solid options in that 2-man MF aside from Hendo and Can – someone to give them competition there.

          • That’s where we disagree. I think Milner is enough to give them competition, and Gruji?, Stewart and Branagan will give cover. As for Lucas and Allen, what I’m actually saying is that I wouldn’t be looking to sell them. But if they wanna go, I wouldn’t stop them, and then I’d think about signing a new player there.

  6. I find it very interesting to see Goetze score like that. He scores rather a lot of headers for such a short guy. Plus, he’s very strong when it comes to shoving and fencing the ball off. Sometimes he reminds me of Romario.

  7. Who tf was playing who? The headline says Holland but the article says Italy. We’re Germany even there?

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