Performances, goals, cleansheets and points – Proof of Liverpool’s progress under Jurgen Klopp


Ignore what the media may say, there’s plenty of proof of the progress made under Jurgen Klopp in the last five months, as proven here by Alex Malone.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 2, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp and Manchester City's manager Manuel Pellegrini during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Just before we battered Man City last week, Steve McManaman claimed that Liverpool had not progressed under Jurgen Klopp; that the team was just as inconsistent and one-dimensional as it was under Brendan Rodgers.

Now, I know with McManaman being such an esteemed student of the game, and one so loved by Reds fans for his dedication to the club, we should be hanging on his every word (cough). But to put it bluntly, Steve, you’re talking bollocks.

There is a very simplistic and naïve way to look at progress. The one that the, erm, “experts” in the media use ad nauseam: “In the 10 games since taking over from person x, person y has the same number of points as person x. Therefore, there has been no progress.” Yes, folks.. it’s really that simple isn’t it?

Of course it’s not. There are many other factors… team style, tactics, team mentality, player performance, self belief, attitude… the list goes on.

Klopp inherited a team going nowhere. It was a team that had regressed from a win percentage of 68% in the 2013/14 season, to 47% the season after, to 38% just before he was sacked. His last 17 league games gathered a shocking 20 points!

Rodgers, over his entire Liverpool career, managed a team that conceded an average of 1.2 goals per game. His final season, which consisted of 11 games, saw 3 wins, 6 draws and 2 defeats… a win percentage which had plummeted to 27% in his final season. It’s worth noting too, that, 2 of these 3 wins came in the first two games of this season. In Rodgers’ final 9 games, we won just 1 – 11% of the games.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday, October 4, 2015: Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers walks dejectedly off the touchline during his last hame as Liverpool manager during the Premier League match against Everton at Goodison Park, the 225th Merseyside Derby. (Pic by Lexie Lin/Propaganda)

Those final 11 games saw us score 11 and concede 13. That’s a goal scoring record of 1.0 per game, and goals against of 1.2 goals per game. This followed on from the worst Liverpool defeat in 50 years at Stoke in the final game of last season. The axe fell on October 4th.

Klopp came in on October 8th, taking over a team with the aforementioned win percentage of 27%. 5 months and 35 games in to the job, he currently has a win percentage of 46%. That looks a lot like progress to me; especially since he’s had essentially the same players recruited by his predecessor as well as a crippling injury crisis to deal with.

In these 35 games, we have scored 53 goals (1.5 goals per game) and conceded 36 (1.0 goals per game).

So, in Klopp’s 2015/16 season, we have scored 1.5 goals per game versus Rodgers 1.0, and conceded 1.0 goals per game versus Rodger’s 1.2. Hmmm… seems like progress again to me?

Finally on the stats front, we have had 14 clean sheets in Klopp’s 35 games. 4 of these have come in the last 6 games. Rodgers had 13 clean sheets in his final 35 games (fairly similar) but NONE in his final 6 games.

In fact, in his final 35 games (the total number of games Klopp has been in charge for) goals scored was 38 (fifteen less than Klopp) and goals conceded was 41 (five more than Klopp.) Klopp’s first 35 games have resulted in a goal difference of +17. Rodgers final 35 games saw a goal difference of -3. No progress ay Steve?

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 2, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp celebrates with Kolo Toure after the 3-0 victory over Manchester City during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The stats above tell the story of the team in general, but it’s individual player’s progress that has also caught the eye. Not all of them of course, and as with any squad, some players won’t cut it, no matter how exceptional the coach.

But there are already a number of success stories:

Dejan Lovren

Injuries aside, Lovren looks reborn under Klopp. His performance at Palace when down to 10 men was superb. It was a top class performance rarely, if ever, seen under Rodgers. His performances of late are of a player who has rediscovered self belief, after a period when his confidence was shot to pieces.

Emre Can

When I watch Can now, I see a player growing in confidence and stature. His efficiency and consistency is on an upward trajectory. He’s not the new Stevie G, but he might just be the ‘most likely’ of the current crop of midfielders to even get close to that level.

LONDON, ENGLAND - Sunday, March 6, 2016: Liverpool's Christian Benteke celebrates scoring the winning second goal against Crystal Palace from a penalty kick with team-mate Emre Can during the Premier League match at Selhurst Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

I absolutely loved his fist pumping and how he pointed Benteke out to the ecstatic Liverpool fans after his last gasp winner on Sunday. It showed a kid with passion, someone who cared so much about his team mate, and maybe, just maybe, a future leader?

Adam Lallana

Not consistent enough for a long enough spell as yet, but another whose performances are more 7/10 of late, versus the 5/10 earlier this season. His MOTM performance in dismantling Man City showed just what he’s capable of.

We need it more often and he needs to add goals, but the latest version of Lallana is the one we hoped we were getting from Southampton. Klopp is clearly a fan, and his faith in him is paying dividends. I questioned both his physical and mental fortitude in the past. Finally, there are signs he might just possess both.

Divock Origi

I have to be honest and admit that I thought Origi was a lost cause earlier this season. Not now. Klopp’s faith in him to lead the line – ahead of the expensive and experienced Benteke, has seen a young lad grow into a genuine prospect capable of playing at the top level. Another who is nowhere near the finished article, but the signs are very promising. His speed and ability to stretch play has been a feature of recent performances.


The most goals plus assists in the Premier League since the start of 2016 tell their own story. Firmino took his time to adapt but we’re now seeing the Samba swagger his price tag suggested he had. Still finding his feet with the intensity of the English League, but adapting by the week.

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - Sunday, February 14, 2016: Liverpool's Nathaniel Clyne celebrates scoring the fifth goal against Aston Villa with team-mate Roberto Firmino during the Premier League match at Villa Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

He’s also putting more tackles in now too, and not bottling out as much. Once he stops reacting like a werewolf avoiding a silver bullet when a plastic football is kicked at his legs, he’ll be even better.


I know Lucas is a firm fan favourite, but he’s never been the answer for me as the truly top quality defensive midfielder we’ve needed since Mascherano moved on. One, he’s naturally quite slow and two, he too often boots people unnecessarily in dangerous areas! Klopp’s vision to move him to central defence has that “Bob Paisley-Ray-Kennedy-to-midfield” kind of feel to it.

Lucas has been tremendous back there, and it’s allowed his natural defensive abilities to shine while tempering his appetite to give away free kicks. He’s also able to read the game more using his positional sense and speed of mind rather than speed of feet.

So, that’s my list of recent successes. You might want to add one or two more to this list, but the point is that Klopp has had a positive effect on more than few players who had been written off by many or were at least struggling to make an impact. Others such as Toure, Sakho, Coutinho and Clyne have maintained, or improved their already impressive form. Flanagan and Sturridge are already proven successes and are integral to our future success.

The jury remains out on a few others. However, I do want to stress that I’m not condemning these players as lost causes. I just feel the following players need to show more/do more in their respective positions than has been seen of late.


Our undisputed current #1 is still plagued with inconsistency in his decision making. A few great saves don’t disguise the fact that he is culpable for too many avoidable errors. Klopp has publicly backed him – as of course he should – but surely he is yet to be truly convinced? Highly successful teams are generally built around a world-class goalkeeper. Mignolet’s performances are not in that bracket I’m afraid.


We have all witnessed the issues with Moreno. The problem is, we’ve all witnessed them for a very long time now, and there is little, if any, sign of improvement. His positional indiscipline makes it far too easy for the opposition on far too many occasions.

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - Monday, February 1, 2016: Liverpool's Alberto Moreno tackles manager Jürgen Klopp during the Premier League match against Leicester City at Filbert Way. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

We all want barnstorming overlapping full-backs, but not to the detriment of the defensive unit and team shape. With Joe Gomez to return, Brad Smith showing very positive signs, plus Flanagan & Clyne in the ranks, our flying beagle has a battle on his hands.


I know he’s the captain and I know he’s committed to the cause. What I don’t know is if he is good enough. I worry that I see a player who has reached his limit in terms of creativity and goal threat. And his creativity and goal scoring are both lacking for the position he plays. He’s a fan favourite, I know. He’s been carrying an injury, I know. But I’m looking at the bigger picture and simply asking the question if he has what it takes to be both captain and first choice for a manager whose near term goal is to be challenging at the very top.


It’s been a difficult time for Benteke to say the least. It’s been said that his style doesn’t fit the new Liverpool ‘high press’ style. That may be true, but I feel there’s a bigger concern. I just don’t see a striker with the instinct and ‘cleverness’ required at this level.

He seems to run in to congested areas instead of away from them. He tends to pull back from goal when he should be steaming in on goal. He chooses to stand still when a run needs to be made. Once he gets in to position, no doubt he’s a proven finisher. He just doesn’t get in to position enough.


Similar to Moreno, I am seeing the same weaknesses he had as a much younger player two seasons ago. He tends to hold on to the ball when he should release it. He too often tries to beat a man when a pass is the better option. He runs in to blind alleys far too regularly.

Attacks break down at his feet when they could easily be maintained with the right decision making. Klopp has recently – and sensibly – taken him out of the firing line. He still has plenty of time on his side to become the success we all hope he can be, but right now he remains firmly a ‘prospect.’

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Thursday, February 25, 2016: Liverpool's manager Jürgen Klopp celebrates with Lucas Leiva after his side's 1-0 victory over FC Augsburg during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 1st Leg match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

So in summary, we are making strides as a team. Results are better, goal scoring is better and the defence is better. We are coming from behind with 10 men. We are rolling up the sleeves rather than throwing in the towel. Team morale is excellent, the manager’s energy and passion is translating to the players and fans and the feel good factor is there for all to see (except McManaman and plenty of others in the media).

We’ve been to one cup final and are still in contention to make another. We’re still in with a chance of top four. And Klopp hasn’t even started his rebuilding process yet. Given what he has achieved already, it’s impossible to not believe that greater things lie ahead.

Whatever the future holds, no one can deny that these are exciting times for English football’s most successful club.

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  1. Progress is evident and clearly visible. But my biggest gripe is that this is not even the time to do any comparison.
    Anyone who is comparing Klopp (who is not even 6 months into his tenure and have not brought in a single player yet) with previous regime is a tool of the highest order.

    • I’d stop way short of calling the author or anyone else who can see progress and improvement after six months ‘a tool of the highest order’, it was a well researched and well presented article which made a lot of valid points. I’d agree with you 100% however that it’s way too early to make any meaningful comparisons. I’m confident that this time next season we’ll have something tangible to base the comparison on and that the improvement will be so obvious it’s not even debatable…

  2. Obviously there’s a lot of progress as it’s all to see. Football is getting more clear, players know what to do at what times a bit more. Training and fitness will make that better.

    Few things I have to say is a bit lacking in the article. Origi was 2 months in England when he was written off. Obviously that lad needed time coming into a new country, club and all that. So to call that a thing from Klopp is a bit much really. That would’ve happened under most coaches.

    Since we’re talking stats and progress etc.
    LFC in the EPL with Jordan Henderson: 6 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, 11 games played and 21 points. 1.90ppg.

    LFC in the EPL without Jordan Henderson: 7 wins, 6 draws, 6 losses. 19 games played, 27 points. 1.42ppg.

    • sadly a lot of fans only care about what you can find on the stat sheet. Lallana, Henderson, and Lucas are the players that typically go unnoticed in wins.

    • Yeah those were my 2 gripes with an otherwise good article. No doubts Can and Henderson need a player to compete with them (not Allen or Lucas), but Henderson is an important player for us.
      I actually thought Origi was good when he first came in. Especially as at the time he was fourth choice.

          • Huh? He has not played any games this season and appeared in 7-8 games last year. So yes he is very unfit.(and injury prone)

          • Yeah, he’s had 2 major acl injuries. Similar to van Nistelrooij, Heitinga, Vlaar and our very own Flanno.

            That’s not injury prone, it’s effin unlucky.

          • like heitinga and vlaar, how do they make that list, i hadn’t even noticed they weren’t playing…

          • It’s the list of double ACL’s and went on to have great careers.

            Vlaar and Heitinga made it to world cup medals and Ruud is a bit of a legend. So you shouldn’t write Strootman off because of it.

          • Only becuase Holland have a history of superstar attackers, and no defenders worth mentioning.

          • Well, I mentioned those two because we were talking about Strootman and his injury record. Which are 2 ACL’s and nothing more.

          • Only meesing with you Onyx… Your one of the few here that doesn’t irratate me with their nonsense…

        • Isn’t Strootman more of a DM? I think what’s great about Can and Henderson is they can do a bit of everything. I wonder about the Grujic signing, is this intended to be his role? Would allow more money for the winger and goalkeeper.

          • Grujic is an allround player. Strootman is a box to box midfielder. He’s a left footed version of Henderson if you ask me.

            The best about him is that he’s always angry.

          • Haha does sound suited for Klopp! Even his injury situation might not be so bad given we’d have Hendo, Can and Grujic.

    • Btw did we really lose those matches because of Hendo’s absence? I’m not so sure…Hendo’s got his own battle to fight in terms of keeping up form. That stat can be a bit misleading.

      • Obviously it’s not the single factor, but it’s a pretty big difference all the same.

        For instance Hendo allows us to play the real Klopp version of 4-2-3-1. He doesn’t play as high up as we’re used to him but he’s pretty vital for this team.

        • Oh yeah. I guess I got a little too old for that sort of stuff. Hey, we’ve got enough of our own Liverpool trolls to ward off!

          • My fav was the KloppforMUFC group started up when Moyes was still manager, and the poll they posted where Klopp got 36% of the vote for who United fans wanted as next manager. (over double the votes of who came 2nd). When Klopp signed I tweeted them “and hows that working out for you?”…wow the abuse I got from mancs HAHA

  3. A league table has been produced showing how all 20 teams have fared since Klopps arrival. IF we won our game in hand we would be just 1 point off 4th. We also have the 2nd highest goals per game ratio.
    Not bad for a man working with another mans squad and no pre-season.

    • Well said mate! I reckon that boob on L-Kop is a secret manc have done for ages, and writes headlines that are pathetic like ‘Liverpool sign £35m player’ when they only signed a new contract…what a tw*t I can’t stand him as you can gather mate

      • I only go on there to wind him up. I think he is confused and frustrated that he has banned me over 20 times, and I keep coming back. 100% a manc or a toffee!

        • haha! Good man I like your style! we should start a petition to keep LFC fans away from his site as he just wants the revenue from the dodgy ads like the amazing fatty to muscle mans ads, or the mum who discovers amazing secret to a whiter smile rubbish on the site. Grr! I cant stand that divy

          • I refuse point blank to go onto his site. he was one of the biggest agitators to get rid of Rafa and does not allow anyone with a difference of opinion to his he is a complete c—t

        • Instead of changing youir name, change your IP address, blows his mind that one, did it for a while before I got bored and had him delete every comment I ever made…Happy days, Until now, I didn’t realise who much juvenile joy I got from winding him up.

          • I never change my name. He has banned me 3 times in a day and IF I want I’m back on within 2 minutes. I usually post him directly “Did ya miss me, Jamie?”

    • when complicated tactics are required the team do well… it’s when things are simple they struggle… so it’s about physicality I guess and a good preseason surely helps.

      • No just showed that the table backs up what they are saying. It’s a shame I can’t upload as TIA’s disqus doesn’t allow file uploads like other sites do. Found it on Twitter.

          • I got the compliment bit – thanks.
            Its a good read as shows all clubs played 20 games apart from a few inc Liverpool who have only played 19. goals per game ratio, points per game, etc.
            Stoke would currently be 4th, Newcastle would be safe and C Palace would be in big trouble!

  4. Well written indeed. Many football pundits have no brains and should be nowhere near a mic. Just because you had talent as a footballer doesn’t mean you can talk nonsense when you want to. Souness, McManaman, Redknapp to name a few. Nicol is another idiot.
    Hell I don’t even pay attention to those morons anyway. You guys keep doing what you are doing. :)

  5. Totally agree with the article, Klopp has made progress in many areas of the team and has given them belief again, lets not forget the injuries and the failing squad Klopp inheritted from Rodgers. 6-0 away at Villa, 4-1 away at City, 6-1 away at Southampton, 3-0 at home to City, 3-1 away at Chelsea are prime examples, granted we have had a couple of stinkers but Klopp is still learning the squads Pro’s and Con’s and we have been blighted by injuries as well. Klopp has yet to put his own stamp on the team with players he wants (Grujic and Matip due in the summer) Klopp is a far superior manager than Rodgers and it will be more clearer just how much better in the coming seasons. YNWA

      • Haha! I cant stand that idiot on L-Kop he talks out his bumhole mate I would actually love to punch him to be honest….I love a good footy chat but when it’s a one way thing and opinions that differ from his he spits his dum-dum out and either calls people idiots and fools or just deletes comments or bans them. He is a grade A boob

      • Does it/he matter? Everyone has opinions and his are well not always in line with the majority? But if everyone thought the same wouldn’t it be boring!

        • It does we he removes comments or bans all that hold an opposing view! His articles are agenda driven. His hatred of Lallana and contempt for Klopp is a disgrace. Every article is criticizing the club, or the manager, or players, or ex players. Only in the last few week Benteke is a cheat for diving. Gerrard and Carr are to blame for starting the war of words with the nomark Diouf. Liverpool have regressed under Klopp, etc, etc,..

          • I only go on there to wind him up. E.G I know how much he hates Lallana so I went on after the City game. He said before the game in his article “no chance of winning with Lallana picked” so posted him once asking “Whose your MotM Jamie? and “no chance of winning with Lallana picked…you were saying Jamie?

          • your still putting money in the manc [email protected] pocket and making him more appealing to the s”n to advertise on his site

          • I’m not sure if you know how online advertising works. The adds that will come up for you will be very different from the ones I see. Its based on your google searches…not sure why yours implied the Sun would be something you maybe interested in!?!? HAHA They got that one wrong!!!

          • end of the day your supporting the manc twats site read up about him infact anyone that visits is site should

          • if you read my other responses on the subject you will see why?
            Also a few posters I used to chat with on the Echo now used the site.

          • I did see after but for me I would not bother reading something if I knew it was going to be rubbish. But everyone to there own! I am reading comments on here for now!

      • Ah! i wouldn’t worry too much, he’s Scottish,so that means his default mood on any given day, 2005 CL final included, is that of a doom sayer…After thousands of years getting their ar535 handed them by they English, they don’t know optomism too well….. In another 500 years they might develop it, but for now, take no notice.

        • I guess living off a diet of deep fried mars bars washed down by Irn-Bru will put anyone in a bad and bitter mood

          • these idiots can,t remember our great Scottish players, a few are so obvious, but we will wait and see if the morons can even name any of them.

          • Not sure what your nationality is, but I’m just doing the rounds, Yanks got a good going over the other day… Don’t worry though, I think all peoples of all nationalities are vermin that need exterminating… Maybe an extgreme view, but I would be well up for a mass kull of the human race, say, maybe a good 70% need irradicating to save the planet and non human species on it… They reckon in less than 100 years, 50% of all animal species on the planet could be extinct.. Man, We suck.

          • Tell me Stan are you a tree hugger, not that there is anything wrong with being a tree hugger but I was just wondering .

          • I am part old man, part tree huger without the poncy “I love you man” cr4p, but mostly chilled out punk who has a thirst for life, andlong walks on the beach with someone to prop me up…Nah mate! actually, I’m just a bloke with a disliking of man’s arrogance towards our home… We lord it over everything without a care for the smaller things that actually contribute to the health of that home, like Plankton, one of the smallest creatures on the planet, but are being pushed to breaking point, but most people don’t realise, Plankton are resposible for most of the oxygen you breathe… We are killing it… People are parasites… No thats harsh, people are alright as long as it doesn’t effect their day to day exsistance… there is just too many of us is all….

        • Don’t tar the rest of us with the brush used on that w4nker! And remember where some of our most influential players and managers were born!

          • A little known fact. Liverpool have never won a league title without having a Scottish player in the squad/team.

      • I would bet anything he is not a Liverpool fan and is just trying to wind us up/generate clicks for his website. So it is to be expected rather than ironic I would say

      • I actually think it will be a good club for Rafa, sure he has a lot of work to do there but they have a fantastic fan base similar to ours. A Newcastle friend of mine tells me Rafa wants control of transfer which will not happen with ashley

          • he should at least offer him till the end of the season and if Rafa keeps them up then they can talk but yes time is running out for them they have to act now

          • Agreed they wont get Rafa if they are relegated. Cannot understand why they have employed the managers they have. If Rafa has a decent budget Newcastle will become a force again.

          • Relegated for sure and then wee Brendan will be in the right environment:) Danny probably wants them to be relegated.

    • Where did you hear that? If Ashley has any sense, which he does not or he would not have hired the bald one, he would hand over control to Rafa (would hate to see it and not sure Rafa would accept) and let him build something.

  6. German football is different to English and it’s not as tough… in such games Klopp normally excels… but against tough tackling teams who mostly kick and push he struggles….
    I really think Klopp hasnt figured it out yet and hopefully he will soon…
    But improvements are already very obvious… BR w/o “tools” (aka Suarez and fit Studge) would never be able to beat City so convincingly, or have such mentality to fight back from goal down…
    I really think Klopp has good players at his disposal and he needs only add 1 or 2 top quality players in addition to good preseason and we will do fine next year.

  7. Couldn’t agree more on the Henderson issue, he’s not good enough simple & plain, Firmino on the other hand is beginning to show what he’s capable of with more confidence & adaptation to the league.

    • Hendo is a good and honest squad player and thats about it mate we need an improvement no doubts about it

        • Totally agree mate! Who should be the next captain I will reserve my opinion until Klopps made his signings

          • You won’t like it. For me the (future captain) is Can. He has already shown his leadership qualities during the penalty debacle where Hendo bottled it, and Studge acted like a petulant child.
            I think Can will be ready in a season or two. that is why I suggested at the time to give the armband to a senior player, that way it would be easier to give Can the armband once they moved on. How do you take the armband off Hendo and then expect him to stay and give his all?

          • Would that be Can with one goal and assit this season? Could say at the moment he’s a German version of Henderson when he first arrived.

          • Everything when fans try and question Henderson’s captaincy. Henderson in the 94th minute was still pushing us forward on Sunday.
            Can has had 1 or 2 good games this season he’s miles away from being captain may be 4 or 5 years away.

    • There are some people who won’t like that comment.

      Squad player at best, not our captain and not our main midfielder, even before the injury he was never amazing, a hard worker yes, but nothing more, I hope he prooves me wrong but though.

  8. You just can’t compare a manager who had hundreds of millions to spend and 3 years, with a manager who hasn’t gotten any of his players yet, nor has he had the amount of time the previous one had.

    Yeah sure he lost Suarez, and Sturridge to injury, but guess what many great manager lost their best players yet still managed to keep the team contending without breaking the bank and getting the best players (SAF lost Ronaldo and then Tevez)

    He had the money but just wants big enough to attract the top class players, it really is pathetic that he had Gerrard talking to top class players for him.

  9. Pundits always say stuff like that kicking in open doors always more outrageous then the former pundit just so they can score points for them self. If they don’t they won’t be invited the next time because that is what the audience wants to hear and that will cost them money and a piece of the stardom.

    That it had to be McManaman who said it is just extremely disappointing and short-sighted.

    We need to be blind and deaf to those to critics I know Klopp is because he believes in himself and knows what he is doing. Let the man do his job and glory will come back with us.

  10. Bit early to say how Herr Klopp has done as the fat lady has yet to sing! What is interesting is how Liverpool are going to do in the competitions they are involved in. When they are done and dusted we can award the plaudits. The last ten games of the league are interesting enough to show us how Herr Klopp has done with the ingredients of a squad inherited from BR. How the games against Man Utd in the Europa league go and if lady luck is on our side for advancing into the next round. Herr Klopp is like a breath of fresh air and I am sure all will be well at the final bell! Fourth spot and winning the Europa Cup will set us up for years to come!

    • Why is it early to say how Klopp has done in his 5 months? He’s been here 5 months, we as fans comment on those 5 months. Quite straight forward. Is there a rule that fans must not discuss somebody/something for years until after it’s happened and it’s no longer topical?!

      • Everyone can comment daily on progress. I wrote done/doing. I write this because the best time in my opinion is at the end of this season if we achieve anything this with Herr Klopp that we might not have achieved with BR. This is taking into consideration the squad is the same and only man management and injuries along with team selections are the issues. Herr Klopp comes across differently and perhaps his methods are generating some favourable results. But at the end of the day until now the season is not over and when it is we can say wow Herr Klopp and the decision to employ him was the right thing to do or? I don’t see the point of you asking me if there is a rule that fans must not discuss somebody/something for years until after it’s happened and it’s no longer topical?! I never suggested that at all. It is also rather condescending to suggest I did. Yes Klopp is doing okay but I bet by his own admission with what he has to work with and his constraints he is not doing as well as he/we would like and he knows the season is not over and there are possibilities to achieve something still.

  11. Progress has and will continue to be made under Jurgen Klopp, it is evident that he is the man who like Shanks was made for this club.
    PS, off topic, but please spare a thought for the victims and families of Bolton Wanderers FC who remember 33 supporters that died 70 years ago today, there is a chilling article on the BBC website about the tragedy which will make difficult reading for all LFC supporters.

  12. klopp must make a striker look raw.. that a pin-point to make a winner. its a real problem now. i look 4-5 player must upgrade their show .

    1. Benteke
    2. Lallana
    3. Mignolet
    4. ibe
    5. Sturridge

    if this player can upgrade more 30%, of couse the game are own… Benteke must start make a goal in any game.. lallana cant lose a ball easy. Mignolet must throw his clawn. ibe must start play with passion and not selfish.. sturridge must play like worldclass.

    when they make it.. we will get a game and get show a liverpool style.

  13. 90% of these players have reached their limit, and only good enough to be squad players in the future if they are still here.

    • I am sorry but that is completely not true!. We have a young squad and as such most of our players are still developing. Add to that the oversee signings still adjusting to the EPL.
      Origi, Can, Clyne, Moreno, Allen, Illori, Gomez, Henderson, Markovic, Benteke, Coutinho, Firmino, Stewart, Ojo, Smith, Ings, Ibe, Brannagan, Matip, Grujic…all of these players are 25 or younger, and therefore are still developing

  14. The main thing that we have seen under klopps era till now is that he gives the players freedom. The article did not mention one thing,that Rodgers used to play players in positions that don’t suit them. 2 often to suit a formation we have had players playing in positions that they are not comfortable in. Klopp knows how important it is to have players comfortable in their position so they can play well. Prime example is Milner. Even though Milly wanted to play in the midfield we knew he dosent have the guile to play there,but still bodgerz didn’t know this and constantly played him in cm. Klopp did it earlier but Milly continued to flop. Now dat he has moved to the wings he has been considerably better.

        • No doubt, i have no problem with him being played there. Just like Can at centre back last year who played very well in the position.

          • I think it could become a very good option to play Lucas there when we bring in another DM in the summer.

          • I think Lucas did well but im not sure he has the positional sense to play there over a period of games. He was lucky a few times v city when he charged out and left space behind him. He was no where to be seen (granted not fully at fault) the couple of sitters Sterling missed. Personally i can see him being sold in the summer.

      • You do know the circumstances in which Klopp made those changes,don’t you?. Also Lucas Cb is a masterstroke by Klopp,even if by accident.

        • So its ok for one manager to do it but not another. Firmino played as a number 9 with Benteke on the bench? I have no problem with it, the double standards for doing it is not right though.

          • what a lame argument. Both are allowed to do it, yes! But the results are different / one is a catastrophe / the other is a genius. Have u figured out why your bff bodgers got fired..?

          • Are you trying to portray yourself in a ridiculosly immature and childish way on purpose? Liverpool are 7th they finished 6th last year how do you work one as genius and the other as catastrophe? You are gesting i can only assume you couldnt possibly be serious in what you are writing. Well done playing the dunce takes reall skill you got it nailed.

          • Haha just look at 6th then and 7th now and… viola, conclusion?!

            Short sighted or what.

            Have you seen the improvement in the optimism of matchday crowd, by the way?

            That matters more than 6th or 7th

          • I do not know what you are arguing about really. Firmino was playing because he is in form and is better than Benteke. Lemme give u an example of bodger’s. He ayed emre as a rb even tho he had manquillo and Johnson fit,lol. He played Firmino rwb even though ibe or even.Milner can play that role. I’m talking about how Rodgers stifled players quality to suit them in his lineup.

          • Can was better at rb than Manquilo or Johnson-good enough to make his debut for the world champions in the position. Just like Firmino was a better option than Benteke.

          • Emre can was better at RB??!?!!! Really I’m pretty sure know u didn’t watch 14/15 season honestly. Shocking!

          • Yes i saw poor performances from Manquilo and Johnson and indeed Can but of the 3 Can offered the most for the team. Funnily enough the coach of the German national team that won the world cup played him their twice last autumn- but sure what would Loew know eh?

          • I can consider him playing for Germany there because loew is emres biggest fan and wanted to give him a debut. But really I have seen manquillo play a lot better at RB than emre,even Johnson is experienced in that position. I hope u remember how terrible emre was against stoke away.

          • Loew could have given him a debut in any position,he chose rb because he was good in the position. He was poor at Stoke but was not the only one-you think loew didnt study ALL his games before picking him? Manquilo offered nothing going forward and johnson was leaving the club. Can playing at rb was good for his development plenty of managers do it with midfield players to improve their defensive game.

          • Can you name anyone who played a marauding midfielder at RB? Also what about Firmino, why would bodgerz play him as a lwb??!?

          • Steven Gerrard played rb many times in his early seasons,even played lb once. Roy keane played rb for the mancs several times-Houillier or Ferguson wouldnt know what you know is it? Is Firmino incapable of attacking from the left wing?

          • I are missing a point here aren’t you mate. Gerrad was a very versatile player as was Roy Keane. Gerrad had the guile even at a young age while keano had grit. Emre,yes u may be right to compare him to them but abilities lie in centre mid. He cannot do a job in there while Roy and gerrad can put in a performance as right backs as well. Emre cam was p*SS poor as a right back. He was decent as a Cb but really bad as a rb. Not only at stoke but also against scums,West brom,hull,even against Newcastle when we played well as a team he looked shaky. So that’s my point why did Rodgers insist with playing emre as a rb when he had better options to play in that position. Also firmino, as a lwb?!? I’m not talking about him playing as a winger but as a wing back!! You have defensive duties along with those of attack. What do u have to say for this eh?

          • You asked for examples and i gave them to you-2 prime examples. keane and Gerrard were raw young players when they played full back just like Can last season-it helped their development. One of Gerrards first games at Anfield he got an absolute skinning at right back. Rodgers played Can there because he can play the position and it was good for his development, the world cup winning coach did the same-both of them are wrong and you are right?

            As for defensive duties! You think Firmino doesnt have defensive duties when he plays number 9 or when he played in a wide attacking role at Hoffeinheim? Is it slightly different yes but so what. Was wenger wrong to turn Henry from a winger to a striker? Was Redknapp wrong to move bale from left back to striker? Was ferguson wrong to move scholes from striker to midfield. Was Benitez wrong to use Gerrard centre mid, then wide right and then as second striker?

            All coaches use players in different positions at times for many reasons. Its a weak criticism on your part.

          • You know what. It’s simple: just as u have an opinion the same way I have one. So let’s just respect each other’s opinions and finish this off.

          • I respectfully suggest that perhaps you should be open to accepting that opinion is not the best informed or thought out. All managers play players in different positions, there are lots of things to criticise Rodgers about but that is not one of them. If you are going to criticise him for doing it then why not criticise Klopp for playing Lucas centre back in the cup final?

          • OK so I loose! But let’s just admit it bodgerz was shyte anyways. Let me celebrate the win over scum peacefully!!

          • Try opening your mind and be less of a sheep to the mindless negativity on here. He was far from shyte. As i just showed you the nonsense that has being spun on here is pointless. Thats not to say Klopp is not a better manager but show some respect to the previous manager. Its what real lfc fans mean when they belt out YNWA.

          • Now,now wait a minute here. Plz tell me apart from the 13/14 season(which was mainly due to a certain Uruguayan) how was Rodgers good. His first season was OK,the third one was appalling. I give him credit for 13/14 though even u must admit that he turned LFC into a mediocre outfit. We rarely won against the big boys and our CL adventure was terrible. Now don’t give me that,honestly. I can go on and on,on bodgerz being terrible,tactically on the pitch and off it. Also respect for previous managers? Listen unless u do something at a club u cannot deserve the love and respect of the fans. And I’m not being a glory hunter. How can u respect hogdson? He basically destroyed the clubs. How can u respect someone who told our players were vulnerable to the scums? Does he deserve respect? It took a huge effort to compose myself because I was fuming for this so hopefully it was worth it. I see u are a very kind guy in general and surely the world needs people like you. I’m curious how you will be replying to Me now. This time I know I got you there*wink*

          • Suarez was at the club for 3 1/2 years- was he not trying the other seasons if 13/14 was mostly down to him. Its an incredibly weak argument to say 1 player is responsible for a teams success. He is a massive talent and played a huge part but the team was incredibly well set up around him to get the best from him-unlike his first season and a half. The only team we didnt beat under Rodgers was Chelsea. We beat City twice a squad that cost more than double liverpools and paid double the wages, hammered United Arsenal and Spurs. You dont know the first thing about tactics to come out with such nonsense. Liverpool had to sell huge players while Chelsea and City got stronger and stronger. We lost Suarez and Sturridge to injury and the club bought Balotelli as a replacement- to finish 6th in the Pl with such players is excellent coaching-you want a miracle worker to finish higher not a coach. Klopp has Firmino Benteke Origi and now Sturridge and is only now starting to get a bit of form.

            As for what a manager deserves from fans-you clearly are not supporting Lfc long or well read on the clubs history. Liverpool fans are different, they are not johnny come lately glory hunter emotional [email protected] The show respect to players and managers who work to the best of their ability for the club. They understand football, how competitive the league is, how money talks. Nobody is in any doubt Klopp is the best man for the job doesnt mean their is a need to abuse the last man. Show some maturity and class. I will guarantee Rodgers will get a standing ovation from the kop if he returns with another team the contrast to what the key board warriors on here have to say will be night and day. Dont be a sheep. Analyse things properly, look at the bigger picture dont be so emotional. Its undignified.

          • *sigh* standing ovation from the kop? Weren’t LFC fans showing banners of Rodgers out and stuff like this? Then again Rodgers does deserve credit for the 13/14 season. U should probably know because I assume you have supporting LFC since the last 20-30 years that a manager is responsible for everything he does at the club. There is no lucky gaffer or an unlucky gaffer. There is a good manager and a bad manager. I personally criticized Klopp after his tactics against Watford and WHU. Also you did not tell me about my hogdson point. We did not win against any top side except city. The less I say about this season the better. Rodgers lost huge players? If we don’t take the 15/16 season into consideration,he lost only Suarez. Also let’s not talk about money. We all know howuch money BR and the TC spent on the dross that Klopp currently has to manage. BR had the right idea on how to play football,but he is just too naive to manage a club of the stature of LFC.

          • There certainly was not any banner of the sort, where do you get such nonsense from?He lost Sturridge for 85% of last season or is that lost on you? You want to make a manager responsible for everything to justify your position, the reality does not work like that, Mario Balotelli is a prime example of this, This dross (more sheep talk) tore Manchester United apart last night and more importantly attracted a manager of the standing of Jurgen Klopp to the club. This squad is very well placed to kick on and be a strong PL team going forward. Seriously dont listen to the negativity, listen to Klopp and the players when they speak. The sheep on here complaining dont have the first clue about what they are talking, There were m0r0ns on here who said Firmino should be sold in January!!! All emotion. not capable of rational thought. Dont be like those guys!

          • LFC has more than 1.5 m fans worldwide. You don’t expect all of them to be as wise as the wisest,do you? Also the Rodgers out banner is true,plz check is out. Don’t start calling it nonsense. All with the banner the whole stadium this season booed the team of many occasions. I was at the kop once and I could hear abuses from many sections thrown at Rodgers. These are your “intelligent” LFC fans? LFC fans are the same as every top clubs fans there is nothing special. Also Rodgers deserves at least 90% criticism for our downfall last and this season. Half the players brought in dis not perform under Rodgers and are still underperforming. Rodgers says ballotelli sis not suit his style then goes and buys Benteke. Mignolet has lost us more points this season than no other keeper maybe. Moreno is still a huge liability and needs replacing. Lallana even though is good ATM does not deserve the 25 mil price tag. Borini,Lambert and more are examples of the dross that he bought. Also my argument is not on how these players will go on to play under Klopp but how they played under BR. So that includes Lovren,lol.

          • There was no banner on the kop. One fickle emotional irrational individual with more money than sense paid for a banner to be flown over the stadium. No way such a disrespectful petulant classless banner would be allowed on the kop.

            The rest of what i read from your post is sheep talk. If you want to ignore all context and take a completely blinkered view on things then you could hold your views. Transfers at liverpool are a complicated process blaming Rodgers for failure or indeed success of any signing is extremely shortsighted. Its like blaming Klopp for Caulker not being a roaring success.

            Balotelli and Benteke are polar opposite strikers-more sheep talk comparing them. How exactly is Mignolet not catching the football Rodgers fault? Your argument , as you put it, doesnt allow for any player development or improvement, appears to ignore the fact Liverpool bought a majority of young players (context).

            As for your 90% blame criticism game- you are blaming Rodgers for a top premier league striker getting injured. Thats the bottom line. He had a very limited input on transfer strategy and player recruitment. Again you want to blame him for it (like the rest of the sheep) to believe in your criticism but it was far from his fault.

          • How do you know it just one individual who organised that banner and what of the filthy abuses I told you? What you are saying is basically opposite to 90 % of LFC fans,honestly. Even rmtv were calling him shyte. Are u different mate? Or are one of those muckers who did all this evil stuff but now just does not wanna admit it. I dunno what kinda spell bodgerz cast on you but man u just seem to be his pup,lol. I’m just one of those blokes who go with the stereotype and seem fine with it.

          • Youre a sheep. Its a shame for you. You should consider thinking for yourself and not following the agenda fuelled hate of a minority on here who poison everything. I guarantee there will be a klopp out minority this time next season if Liverpool are not fighting for the title. If he losses his strike force the following seasons and Liverpool struggle will you jump on that band wagon too? Show more respect, doesnt cost you anything.

          • That’s it! I have been patient with you but a limit is a limit. It seems like I’m talking to some 60s philosopher. Minority?? Are you serious? Which planet r u living on mate? Also what the hell is sheep? And no I can tell you this,no lfc supporter will be on klopps back next season I’m sure of that. There is a difference between fans being ruthless and fans brings trolls and plastic. You should no the reason. Also you didn’t answer the question how do you know that one individual put up that Rodgers out banner. It could easily be one of the bigger fan groups from the Scouse country itself. Stop being self centred and admit that LFC supporters are just fans not unique. We are known to create a special atmosphere at anfield but until yesterday that atmosphere had vanished as well.

          • Read a bit about the history of the club and fans. LFC fans are not just fans they most certainly are unique traditionally show dignity respect and knowledge, have being through massive highs and terrible lows. The new on line breed are a disgrace to the club with their lack of class and dignity.Your speculation on the disgraceful banner is just that-any fans i spoke to about it were embarrassed and disgusted. Can you honestly tell me after Liverpool hammered Arsenal 5-1,you knew a year later fans on internet forums would be abusing the liverpool manager?
            A sheep is someone who follows the noise and doesnt think for them selves-you have already confirmed this by saying you follow the sterotype. Comment sections are populated by people who want to vent their frustrations-many are projecting their own frustrations at targets who are not there to question them back(such as Brendan Rodgers)- dont confuse that for a majority just because they make most noise, For all the venom on here Brendan Rodgers was never booed once at Anfield(match going majority have too much class). Are we better with Klopp-yes no doubt, it doesnt mean the previous manager should be abused. Show some class and think for your self

          • Jack lusby posted one of your comments on his twitter account-he was being ironic as were you in fairness. lallanna looked like a dork apparently?

          • Its got nothing to do with being wise-its about supporting the club for what it stands for with dignity and respect. Do you not see the large banner on the Kop every week “UNITY IS STRENGTH”

            Dont let this on line vitriol destroy the values and traditions of the club. You can be sheep and follow the fickle Knee jerk moaners or you can be a true supporter and walk through the storm with your head held up.

          • As for Hodgson destroying the club? He did nothing of the sort. Are you that short sighted? The club was in financial melt down when Hodgson took over. H&G sold top players while making a pittance available to sign new players.Yes he signed crap but when the budget is a pittance what do you expect.There was no money available to him-it was all used to repay loans for H&G. Hodgson did scout Luis Suarez the october before he was signed for the club however-as a liverpool fan i would definitely shake his hand and respect him-he had an impossible job. If you want someone to blame try David Moores the club owner who wouldnt/couldnt get Anfield expanded in the 90s when United nearly doubled the size of Old Trafford. He let the club fall behind financially massively and then sold to H&G despite being warned they were not good for the club because he could make a bigger profit on the deal himself. Look a bit below the surface. Things are not always as straight forward as the sheep on here bleet.

          • I’m not giving Jack about the financial meltdown. I’m talking about tactics,training methods, his passion towards the fans,his relations with the players and his overall personality as a LFC coach. He was nowhere near the level of benitez,dalglish,houllier. And I’m not talking about results or success but of how the fans percieved him as a manager. And plz let’s not be abusive to each other,it’s a respectful argument we should keep it that way.

          • You not giving jack about financial melt down is you ignoring the single most important factor for success in football. You can talk about tactics and amazing transfer recruitment etc but the single most important component in winning trophies in football is spending massive money. The teams that spend the most on transfers and wages finish at the top consistently ,Liverpool had no money under Hodgson and struggled accordingly. Now we have the 4th /5th highest spends on our squad.

            Its interesting you dont like me asking you to stop being sheep like but its ok for you to call Rodgers shyte! How does that rational work?Its ok for you to disrespect him but you dont want to be disrespected, is that it?

          • I don’t like to disrespect fans and fellow friends. Managers are a different context all together. It is quite funny how blatantly u are protecting liverpools worst ever manager. I’ve got nothing to say to you on this now.

      • One was made to play by circumstances, the other was made to play by design. You get the drift?

        Or all you’re having are farts?

        • Milner was not by circumstance-moreno was not injured it was tactical. Klopp could have played Illori or Kolo centrehalf v City but choose a centre mid. Its not the first time he has done it either-Matts Hummels was a centre mid before Klopp converted him to one of europes best centre halfs. It appears you have a smell on your hands there.

          • Or you have no answer on the topic so you will throw a school boy insult and run away. Liverpool fans are world renowned for being knowledgeable respectful and dignified- you are an exception unfortunately.

          • Liverpool fans are world renowned for being knowledgeable respectful and dignified – you are right.

            So, you’re a manure? Or gooner? Let me guess… musy be one of the sheikh play mates right?

          • So you still have nothing to offer on the subject and you are attempting another weak insult! Is it not past your bed time yet ?

          • Seriously, no point wasting my time trying to educate you. I’ve seen your post across this forum – total lack of any intelligence.

            When you equate Kloop’s playing players out of position to BR, you’re done.

          • So again you offer nothing other than a petulant insult and run away. You cant use any actual recognised reasoning or evidence to justify the position you want to be right about so you chose all you know, insults followed by running away. Try posting with some dignity and class-you will benefit from such an approach in the long term.

  15. Good read Alex, a little tough on Moreno, I still like the kid and think he will be OK. Just one example of the dramatic improvement.

    Interview: So Brendan/ Jurgen you lost what do you think went wrong?
    Brendan: We showed outstanding character and played some great football if not the best, but one or 2 players did not do as i asked them too and that cost us
    Jurgen: We played sh—t and have to improve, we need to work harder and show more determination and that includes me.

    He just gets the Liverpool way and he will be a success and already is in my book.

    • like your comments but i am with the camp that says moreno is not good enough, yes, he’s fast but he is not a defender, if klopp keeps playing him over smith or flanno, i’d prefer him to play more upfront to support the attack where his absence in defense will not be so damaging.

  16. A great article and there is no doubt Klopp has made, huge progress. I totally agree with he review on Henderson. I don’t think he is good enough to be the captain of Liverpool.

    • I think this depends on the type of player you want as captain. Let’s face it Gerrard was made captain to keep him at the club, but Alonso, or Carragher would have probably been better choices. Henderson is not our most talented player, but he is a leader and a very important player for us none the less.

  17. Good article, agree with most points. Origi would have come good anyway, Firmino didnt speak a word of English when signed, I think Klopp probably saved him. I think Hendo getting sent off in our near-title season when he was at his best is a major reason we didnt win it, but I cant see him hitting that level consistently again. Lucas’ pace at CB bothers me, otherwise we’d be sorted at CB. If Benteke started playing like a cross between Heskey and Suarez he’d be sorted, but alas nope.. Kudos to the OP for a good read.

  18. Yesterday rodgers stated that klopp basically had to get first to be better than him
    Jack lusby got a fair bit of stick by fans calling it click bait but was it or was he just reporting what rodgers said
    I have read the entire thing i have not seen rodgers say anything about him being able to get lfc to a final or point out the fact klopp took us further in europe
    Rodgers is touting for a job and would sell klopp kfc and the fans down the drain to get it
    And anyone who disagrees should ask pascoe and marsh about how he did the same to them

    • Not content to knife the majority of the current players, owners and foreign fans now you have the class and respect to have a go at the former manager. Whos next on your list Dalglish Benitez Evans? That chip on your shoulder is bordering on ridiculous at this stage.

  19. I think the greatest improvement is more intangible. It’s the mentally shift in the players and fans. The entire club now believes we have the best leader in Klopp and so we will very shortly be dining at the top table with prudent buys, touches of class and talent youth.

  20. Three wins on the bounce for the first time this season and fans get so cocky…

    I disagree that we have progressed, goals are still a problem, conceding is still a problem, consistency is still a problem.
    Rodgers was sacked with the team in 10th after 8 games, with 8 goals scored and a goal difference of -2.
    Today after 29 games we sit in 7th with a goal difference of just +6.
    Rodgers also had certain players who stood out for him so that’s not a measure of progress, yeah Klopp is getting more out of Firmino and Lallana, but Rodgers got more out of Sturridge, Henderson, Benteke and Coutinho who have all frankly been pants under Klopp.

    There has been little progress so far, obviously we are in far better hands with Klopp than we ever were with the great charlatan but lets not oversell it, things are still unacceptable.

    • “Rodgers got more out of Sturridge”…what two years ago? He hasn’t been available to Klopp until recently.
      ” Coutinho who have all frankly been pants under Klopp.” he was also pants for the start of last season and this season under Rodgers.
      Sorry but the facts don’t back up your claim. A league table has been produced showing how the league would stand if started when Klopp took over. We would be 4 points off 4th with a game in hand, We also have the 2nd highest goals to game ratio in this period, Are above City and if win the game in hand also above United.
      We have also reached a cup final during this period…all this done with another mans unbalanced squad and no pre season.

      • Two weeks ago this Liverpool team gave the worst performance in a cup final in my lifetime, today they’re getting praised as having progressed and I’m just not having it.
        We’re just as rubbish now as we have been under Rodgers last season.

        • You seem to be forgetting how bad we were for the end of last season and the beginning of this one. The 6-1 thrashing by Stoke. We now have a style of play and identity. The players are getting used to what is expected of them. The negativity has given way to optimism.
          Yes we are inconsistent, but considering the amount of games played and Klopp until recently only having time for recovery sessions and not training sessions, then that will happen.
          From March 2015 – October 2015 we were the worst we have been in 50 years…so yes we have progressed, and no doubt with a pre season, players now knowing what is expected of them and new signings we will continue to under Klopp.

          • I believe Klopp is the right man but I don’t think any manager would have won a trophy with this lot, we had a favourable run to the final and got beat by the first top team we faced, it sums this team up perfectly really.
            I’ll get optimistic when Klopp brings in his own signings, until then I know exactly what to expect form this team, which is to play to its potential for one game and play absolute dross for 2 or 3 games after.

          • I’m very worried that dross performance is the 2 games vs utd. Let’s face it, we got what 2 or 3 wins on the trot right? Dross is just around the corner :(

          • the team klopp picks will all have to turn up we cannot afford to have firmino having a off day and vanashing and sturridge only coming to life when he thinks hes going to score
            The 11 we put out must all give 100 %
            i think lallana will start and maybe even origi

          • I’m not entirely confident of progressing even if we beat them 3-0. Until and unless we progress to the next round beating them over 2 actually..until we win a trophy, I don’t I’ll ever be positive about our chances when something is on the line.

          • I disagree. Klopp has beaten City twice in the EPL, both times with ease. If we had put in a performance like we did a few days after we would have won the cup. Inconsistency has been the problem

          • Whos man citys or ours we beat them easy both times in the league
            yet they were the better side in the cup final

          • ” I don’t think any manager would have won a trophy with this lot, we had a favourable run to the final and got beat by the first top team we faced”….my point was yes we could have beaten them IF we had played like we did in both league games. Inconsistency has been our problem

          • Good point which also means we didn’t lose the final! Penalty shoot outs are only to see who progresses to the next round or lifts the trophy. We didn’t win the CL final in 2005, as after extra time the game was offically called a draw. We won the trophy and were declared CL winners (not of the final) by penalties.

          • I was trying to disprove your point that LFC were “inconsistent” esp in those games vs citeh. True we lost the cup, we came back fighting

          • We have been inconsistent all season. Just because we have shown a degree of consistency against one club, doesn’t change the fact that you never know what Liverpool team is going to turn up. And I’m not just talking about results, I mean performances. The same goes for almost if not all of our players. Migs, Can, Lucas, Lallana, Firmino (until recently), Couts, Milner…you never know if they will play well or have an off day

          • They are being rewired after being fkced up by bodgers. So keep yer faith Klopp will fix that inconsistency bug called bobodgersitus.

          • Nobody is saying it has been a massive turnaround. But we have progressed, and not only in results.

        • We managed just 20 points out of the the 51 available under Rodgers since we spawned a 0-1 win to Swansea on 16th March last year.
          Played 17 EPL games. Won 5 Drawn 5 and lost 7
          In Klopps 19 EPL games we have Won 8 Drawn 5 and Lost 6.

        • Are you 4? The city performance was a mile better than us stumbling over Cardiff city on penalties. And if you were around in 1996 you would have seen a shocker at wembley, Its quite clear you were born after 2012,

        • Dude no one’s being cocky about this….most just feel there has been a change in atleast the mentality of the group….no one’s saying we’ve reached the top of the mountain but your analysis is ridiculously harsh!

          Coutinho, Sturridge pants under Klopp? Gimme a break, how long has Studge even played under Klopp? Couts is an on and off player just like he was under Rodgers. Think you’re really misinterpreting the point of the article largely….

          And worst performance in a final? We played Cardiff to penalties in the finals…this was Man City, we just happened to lose this one. I’m not saying it was a great performance but mentality is not the same as playing good football and winning easily.

    • I see progress. Maybe it is my mentality as a fan or maybe it is also the squad..but my head doesn’t droop after going behind. And I feel that is the biggest improvement under klopp. We have gone from being one of the worst set of players in terms of mentality, you could say from being a bunch of marshmallows, to now having SOME fight. It’s not great progress and it’s probably something like going from a -10 to a minus -7 on a scale..its still negative.. But it’s slightly better if you know what I mean. And as a long time critic and cynic of the project/squad/players mentality, I couldn’t be happier about the fact that its happening in this all important field.

      • Yeah I agree with this, there has definitely been an improvement to mentally but some are too quick to call it a huge improvement, where was that great mentality in the first 90 minutes of the cup final? Buried by the occasion.

        • I do not believe that we can say that our mentally has “greatly improved” or “changed” until we have that all important end result to show for it- a trophy. Second place finish or CL finish or great couple of seasons ending 2nd/3rd/4th etc is not mentality for me anymore. This might be the woman in me talking, but it ain’t real if there isn’t something shiny and silver to show for it.

        • “where was that great mentality in the first 90 minutes of the cup final?”

          You mean, the cup final against Man City where we came from a goal behind, forced extra time and looked the most likely to score the winner? Err.

    • The main flaw behing your argument is that it was suarez who got the best out of studge hendo and coutinho
      As i stated the day suarez left the players at lfc would never have as much time and space again when we had suarez the opposition used to try and stop him at all costs
      now they only try to stop us as a team

        • And maybe they will not be on the pitch that mch together in the future maybe klopp will want to move one on and free up money transfer money

  21. No one else berates the referee or linesmen as much as hendo for every injustice or bad call to LFC. No one fights as hard as hendo against the opposition, thumping chest.

    That makes him my captain.

    I dont want a niceguy softie (like kolo!) as my club ambassador on the field.

    • You don’t need to berate the ref, or pound your chest, in order to be a leader. Of the current players, Can and Lovren are the ones increasingly showing captain aptitude. As I said elsewhere, Hendo might do a Redknapp on us and never progress further due to an incureable condition, it makes sense to look for captains elsewhere.

    • The article nor fans questioned his attitude. His footballing sense is.

      At sunderland maybe, but sorry, not for liverpool fc.

      Kolo is in much better position to be captain if compared betwwen the two.

  22. Considering the predicament we were in when Klopp came, the one thing that has changed is changed is the mentality. There seems to be more fighting spirit about the team. But this does not disguise the fact that these players are still not good enough, no matter what way you put it. There has been progress but major revamps still have to be made to see the Klopp revolution in full force.

  23. Great article! My suggestion to Mcmanaman, take a break and go on a vacation cause I think he needs one.

  24. You’re complaining about a Liverpool fan writing an article praising the new manager and his methods, explaining why – in that fan’s opinion – he has improved the team from what the previous manager was achieving. You then say we’re the ones being negative? Sorry but that makes no sense whatsoever. And fans are allowed opinions. There’s a page explaining how to submit yours.

  25. Agreed with almost everything said in this article…only thing I’ll say is there’s a lot of bollocks being said around on a daily basis by the pundits and commentators…I genuinely don’t give them a whole lot of attention though. Mcmanaman isn’t the only one you know…he’s alright as a commentator/pundit…I generally try and remember the good points they make compared to the not-so-good ones.

  26. “such a poorly put together piece is unfortunate to make it onto the site.”

    — strange, because you’re literally the only person to claim it’s a poor piece, every other comment on here and via other platforms disagrees with you.

    Good that you can predict the future and use that against us though. Nice one.

    • Basing any argument on cherry picked stats is weak. The irony of criticising Macmanaman for lack of context and then proceeding to do the same, come on!
      Predicting the future based on viewing the present and the past-is that outlandish? The sentiment on the comment sections fuelled by articles in many cases, Jack Lusbys piece yesterday and such a manipulated piece as the article above. Is it wrong to suggest/ ask for a return to more respectful way of treating a former manager?
      That my criticism has apparently stung a touch is interesting. Is that irony lost?
      In general i like the site and its yours to run as you see fit but i stand by my POV there is a disappointing negative and disrespectful undercurrent particularly in the comment section. Liverpool fans traditionally are dignified respectful and knowledgeable, the loss of that would be very bad for the club in the future.

  27. Emmmm. For me, the article is almost an exaggerated defence of Klopp, due to unfair criticism against him in the media.

    However, I still agree that we’ve improved a little and I doubt we’d have made the league cup final or progressed to this stage of the Europa League if BR was still in charge. Statistics can be very deceiving though, and whatever increase in goals scored and cleansheets are achieved, the current positions (wheather simplistic or not) are the ultimate guide for judgment. We still rest midtable…ish and we’re not good enough to win anything (or I certainly can’t see it happening).
    To be fair, the squad is not great and anyone judging Klopp at any juncture this season wheather positivily or negatively is being unfair.

    Even though BR’s time was clearly up, the start of the season was probably the most difficult that any club has had in PL history and stats fail to pick up on things like that, hence the quote: “lies, damed lies, and statistics”.
    Still, I appreciate the effort made in writing these articles. Nice read.

    • Sorry mate, but Stoke, Bournemouth, Arsenal, West Ham, Man Utd, Bordeaux, Norwich, Carlisle, Aston Villa, FC Sion and Everton does not constitute the most difficult that any club has had in Premier League history. He won 1 of the last 9 games listed… against Aston Villa!

      • Sorry “mate”, but I think you’ll find that Bordeaux, Carlisle, FC Sion are not in the PL. On the other hand, Stoke away, Arsenal away, Man Utd away, Everton (a very tough darby) game away and W Ham home (currently fighting for 4th) is rather difficult. Arsenal had excellent stats for a seven year period, but won nothing.
        Just in case you didn’t read all of what I said, my argument is against stats, not Klopp and I wasn’t defending BR either as appears to be what you point is based on.

        • Yes I know they’re not! But we couldn’t beat any of them average teams! But you quoted “the start of the season was probably the most difficult that any club has had in PL history and stats fail to pick up on things like that” – so you think Arsenal, Utd, Stoke & Everton away, with Bournemouth, West Ham, Aston Villa and Norwich (2 of the current bottom 3) at home is the most difficult start in history? Really?

  28. We have looked better since the Villa game onwards. What has changed is the never give up attitude and fight to get back in to games and ultimately win them (Palace game) For further improvement to be noted we have to pick up more results and look like a threat on a consistant basis.

  29. What Rodgers always managed to do was to eventually put together a run of league games where the results were right. In his last two seasons Liverpool went through at least 15+ league games of form that outdid anyone else in the competition. Of course in the last season that run was sandwiched by some awful form which almost entirely negates it. Still, the reason why Liverpool eventually finished within shouting distance of a top 4 spot was because of that run. In the last season it was about 17 league games where Liverpool equalled any other club in the competition for points. It’s the only reason he kept his job as long as he did.

    So certainly, at the moment if you line up those 35 games then Klopp has made a difference, but in truth we’re comparing against Liverpool at their absolute worst under Rodgers. That’s form that was bad enough to get a poor manager sacked so it’s hardly a benchmark. Progress is great, it’s all you can do is to just get better each week, improve game by game. But in the long run Klopp is going to have to keep this up, continue to improve and slowly weed out inconsistencies in the team performances. It’s one thing to come into the club with a new energy, revitalise the team, lift their spirits with a new message of hope and enthusiasm, but eventually you need something more solid than that. Klopp’s effect on the team will pan out over more than 30 games, it will be over 2-3 seasons that we really see what he can do. During that time he’s going to have to do what Rodgers did and get the team nutting out results for 3-4 months in succession. He then must do one better and keep it up, pushing past half a season and ensuring they do it for more like 7-8 months. Then we’ll know we genuinely have a top-class football team again.

    • But going on a 15+ games run and then tanked the rest isn’t really my cup of tea from a league chasing side. There are 38 games to play in a season. It’s just show that once BR got found out, pop goes the run and we are back to square one of struggling and lifeless game-play.

      Alex uses 35 games to match Klopp’s current run since day 1. Would you prefer BR’s first 35 games then? I’m sure it reads the same.

      • Not at all. As I said, what Rodgers did shouldn’t be a benchmark because he was ultimately a failure, but he was none the less capable of putting together two solid runs of league form. That’s the minimum Klopp will have to achieve, and more. So I think we agree, what Rodgers did just didn’t cut the mustard, although the league run in 13/14 was probably more like what we’re aiming for. Just saying that short term form doesn’t count for much and even 35 games isn’t that long in the scheme of things because it includes cup games. For me league results and league position is always the number one indicator of how good a team is. Anyone can win a cup match on their day, but truly top sides do it week in and week out, for month after month. Rodgers was a failure and he managed to stick together decent league form for a few months at a time … Klopp is going to have to do much better, and when I look at the results right now I am yet to see the side under Klopp get results as consistent as the side was at their peak under Rodgers. It sounds silly to say it like that, it’s far far too soon to be talking like that, but then to me it seems silly to be evaluating Klopp as a “success” at this stage under any criteria.

        • Good thinking…. agree that it’s too early to start singing success under Klopp but this article is just a mere “mid year evaluation” if you want it. And it does look good despite the fact that it is the same set of players which can only meant that the manager has starting to stamp his influence in the team, all the more impressive given that he don’t have much training time with them.

          Onward and upward mate!

  30. It is true that Klopp has brought passion and determination to the squad but this alone is not sufficient to win titles. Players like Mignolet and Benteke are nice and honest players who want to do their best for the club and improve but they are clearly limited in their abilities and Liverpool’s future in the coming seasons should not be risked for their potential progress. If we get a solid goalkeeper and a reliable goalscorer in the summer, the rest of the team is good enough to produce results and compete for cups and the title.

  31. Lets not forget the recalling of players from loan spells to balance the squad for a holistic campaign in cups,europe and the prem,something we last did regularly under Benitez,speaks volumes about BR and his scapegoating the owners/supporters as wanting ( soley ) the prem delivered.The irony is the fool struggled to make top 4 when Saurez left.

  32. I largely agree with this article, though I’d add Toure, who has been reborn under Klopp, adding a certainty and solidity to the defence that I haven’t seen since Carragher retired, and say that Moreno’s been improving this season – he’s been getting back more and he’s adding a real goal threat to his game (remember the unjustly disallowed volley against Newcastle and the 30 yard rocket that hit the post against Palace?. If he’s tempered, he could yet be the new John Arne Riise.

  33. That’s some creative use of statistics, that. You might as well compare it to Klopp’s woeful time last season when Reus was out of the side as Liverpool without Sturridge.

    Of course things look better. We now have Sturridge, Firmino, Origi, and Benteke as attacking options. Sakho and Flanagan are both fully fit. Jordan Henderson is back.

    The young players from last season have an additional year of experience and are more settled into the squad.

    And, most importantly, Mario Balotelli is 1,500 miles away from Melwood.

    Let the good times roll.

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