Liverpool looking for “solution” to Jon Flanagan’s contract situation – Klopp

on 01.03.2016

With Jon Flanagan‘s Liverpool contract set to expire at the end of the season, Jurgen Klopp has revealed the club are looking to find a solution.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's Jon Flanagan warming up before the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Flanagan has recently returned to Klopp’s first-team setup after 619 days out with a knee injury, and faces a summer departure if his contract situation is not resolved.

But speaking to reporters on Tuesday afternoon, the German suggested that both parties are set for talks in search of a solution.

“Of course we think about Flanno’s situation,” he said.

“In this moment the best news is Flanno is back.

“Then there are always a few thing after this long, long injury—you have to be careful.

“That’s not too easy for Flanno. He has a lot of qualities, but I don’t think patience is the best one.

“Now, after a game, he needs a day or two more to recover, [and] it’s not always a game, it’s [sometimes] a hard session.

“That’s not easy for him, [and] not perfect for us.

“Of course, Flanno is our boy and we’ll do everything we can to come together, and hopefully in the end it’s a positive solution for both sides.

“But at the moment I can’t say more than this.”

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, January 25, 2016: Liverpool's Lucas Leiva,and Jon Flanagan celebrating the victory after 6-6 winning in penalties during the Football League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg match against Stoke City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Flanagan made his first appearance under Klopp in Liverpool’s FA Cup third-round replay win over Exeter City, and has since made two further outings.

But the 23-year-old is yet to make his return in the Premier League, and with the Reds now out of both the FA Cup and League Cup, and having been omitted from Klopp’s Europa League squad, this represents his only opportunity to impress his new manager beyond the training field.

With Klopp indicating that Flanagan is still navigating his recovery schedule, it seems to be a case of the full-back proving his fitness to his new manager before he is offered a new deal.

This opportunity may arise in the near future, with calls for the local lad to replace Alberto Moreno in Klopp’s defensive line.

Jordan Henderson is among those staunchly backing Flanagan to impose himself on Klopp’s first-team squad, saying it is crucial that Liverpool extend his contract.

“I don’t think players and people like Flanno grow on trees to be honest,” Henderson argued.

“He is a huge player for us, a huge player for the club and the fans as well.

“It is in everyone’s interests for that to be sorted out soon.”

Whether Klopp finds a place for Flanagan in his first team in the long term remains to be seen.

But with time running out, it would be reasonable to suggest that the academy product must do so in the near future—or face leaving the club at the end of the season.



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  1. Reading between the lines, the club will offer Flanno a new contract but likely not on very attractive terms. This could lead to a parting of ways as a result which would be a crying shame.

    He’s way better than that hobbit Alberto Moreno.

    • Agree with all of that, even more so when we’re so lacking in cover at right back which is Flanno’s best (and preferred) position. Even if we bring in a new left back there’s still a big argument for keeping the lad, hoping this one gets sorted soon..

          • Do you think he’s really a left back? I think his future lies in the centre. But I admit I completely forgot about him…

          • He prefers playing on the right side as a centre back but he was doing okay at left back before he picked up the ACL injury. He’s pretty versatile and gives us cover right across the back four. It’s not a perfect situation but unless we bring in another LB it gives us an option..

          • True…he is still young and he will get his chances but I would prefer a new left back, one with plenty of experience.

            Whatever Klopp decides i’m with him all the way

      • Even if that sounds good, how do we know if Flanno is content with being a backup or the most likely lower pay that goes with that position?
        Pretty sure the club would like to keep him, but not at all cost obviously.

        • It’s a hard one, nobody wants to be a back-up to anyone but Flanno might see it as his opportunity to force his way into the team, we’ll be competing in four competitions next season, Clyne and Flanno would both get a lot of game time between them…

    • Think you’re right there.

      Flanno pre-injury was a give 100% type player which we all love. I guess their question is: How does his post-injury 100% compare with the pre-injury 100%? If the injury has long term effects then it may be that he can no longer produce at the level he could before. Time will tell but with the contract expiry looming, will there be enough time?

      While the uncertainty remains I doubt they’ll offer him a great contract as you said

        • that’s what he’s on now, a year’s extension given by the club hoping he would recover.

          Should have made it 18 months so it could be dealt with this summer.

          Recovery is a b**ch but he needs to not need extra time after training sessions to be useful to any manager. That may take time to achieve and it may not happen at all. In theory his recovery ended in December, but it’s no surprise if it takes another 6 months.
          Look at Enrique’s injury, he needed another year and he’s just never fully got his speed back.

    • That would be an insane situation to allow though. Surely we have learned how tough it is to find not only a good RB and LB, but also adequate back up for those positions. He is perfectly adequate, covers both sides and that is worth overpaying slight for. The cost of not doing this will be far greater.

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    • That would be a shame. We anyways don’t have a RB backup and given the number of matches we play every season, that would be bonkers if we allow him to leave and then go fishing into market for another RB.

  2. Maybe there is a short term solution… perhaps for now another year for flanno to build up again and prove his fitness.

  3. Not an issue, retain him and assume he will regain his fitness, wages can surely be structured to cover the club should there be any issues but once he is clear play him at left back and pay him the rate for a player who was good enough to be called up for international duty.

  4. In terms of passion and drive, both Flanno and Moreno are filled with them. But Moreno doesn’t possess game intelligence and players like him normally play for mid-table teams. Keeping moreno in our defense means we are settling for average.

    Flanno can play right back and left back. There is no way we can find a better player than him for little money. He played well the few times we’ve seen him this season. In fact he should deputise at right back and Clyne should switch to the left side so that he can cut inside and unleash a few right footed drivers into the back of the net.

  5. This is brewing up to be yet another FSG/Ian Ayre farce.

    Just give Flanno a good contract and stop messing around.

    You just gave Mignolet a 5 year contract for goodness sake.

    Flanno is a boss lad and a boss defender and loyal as anything.

    Yes it also does matter that he is a Scouser born and bred.

    see why Klopp is questioning Flanno’s patience either – the lad has
    many times patiently waited to recover from injury or patiently waited
    for first team action.

    Klopp again starting to sound like just another FSG yes man – same as David Brent.

    LFC have very little chance of winning anything with FSG as part-time moneyball owners.

    Let’s face it, Mike Gordon and Ian Ayre et al would probably cream themselves over an open top bus tour of Liverpool with a balance sheet being held aloft instead of a trophy.

    • Klopp wasn’t questioning his patience, it was a back handed compliment to the lad being impatient to get back into regular playing, Klopp will appreciate that..
      I’m not sure how labelling Klopp a yes man (your opinion) is relevant or how the Flanno situation can possibly be an example of ‘moneyballing’, I love the lad and hope he stays but if he doesn’t we won’t be counting the millions we made on him especially as he’ll be out of contract and leaving for free…

    • wow, what a clueless comment. Klopp said he needs extra recovery time after TRAINING sessions. And you want to chuck another contract at him?
      Word is this kind of injury is very hard to come back from fully.

  6. LFC looking for a solution? They make it sound so difficult.

    Just give him a contract he deserves and don’t try to mess hima round to save a few pennies.

    If Migs deserves a contract – which is questionable – then surely Flanno after all his patience and endurance deserves an extension.

    And shouldn’t it be FSG/Ian Ayre looking for a solution – which translates as FSG and Ian Ayre looking for ways of mugging off Flanno, one of our few remaining Scouse players and one of our few solid full-backs?

    Disappointed with how Kloppo is handling this as well – why paint Flanno as impatient? He has been very patient and loyal for years now.

    • I think Klopp was referring to Flano’s impatience as a positive characteristic – he wanted to say that Flano is so eager to play for LFC again that they sometimes have to slow him down a bit because of his fitness situation.

    • You apparently missed it the first time, Klopp was paying Flanno a compliment, obviously the lad is impatient to get back in the team, Klopp know’s that, respects it and will see it as just the attitude he expects. I don’t recall Klopp questioning the lads loyalty, where did you get that from..

    • A lot of what Kloppo says gets either lost in translation, misquoted, misunderstood of talked bollerx about by the media.

      Club and player need to get their heads together for the best interests of club and player. Common ground is what is needed in order to go forward with give and take from both sides that will see Flanno remains at the club.

      It seems that there may still be some issues with his fitness which the club may not be happy with, He had a career threatening injury and to be honest I can see FSG letting him go judging by past contract offers on fully fit players…..harsh I know but that’s life with FSG at the helm i’m afraid.

      • it’s not about fsg, it’s about klopp having someone he can rely on. It’s only a matter of time before clyne and moreno break down. we have to have backups.

        • Sorry but it is ultimately about FSG, they own the club and almost every decision has an element of business about it and this in the cold light of day is no different.
          Flanno needs to show he is fully fit and hasn’t got long do do so before there is either an impasse or FSG will take the decision that many of us don’t want.

          Agreed with the cover but just not sure Flanno can do what is necessary before the club look elsewhere.

    • You have no clue whatsoever about what is going on, whether it is money, contract length, fitness or other things. So come off it.

      Yeah, Flanno was patient. What about the club? He’s been completely out for 18 months!! Still not fully recovered apparently. What if there are fitness issues that will impact his game for the coming years? What if his ‘impatience’ of coming back could hurt his long term fitness?

      I would like Flanno to succeed at the club, if he possibly can, but none of us really know if he will reach full fitness – just let’s hope it all comes together.

  7. I think both parties should be realistic in their approach to resolving this. Like Henderson said, lads like Flanno don’t grow on trees and the club should really appreciate that. On the other hand, Flanno should appreciate that again he has a lot to prove following the long lay-off. In my view, a one-year relatively modest contract would be a good solution. And in one year, we’ll review his progress fitness-wise and his development as a player, and then decide on a long-term more generous contract. Knowing Flanno, he’d have no trouble whatsoever proving his worth.

    • Agree with the lad below..sign him for 5 yrs. He’s a good kid. If he’s bad and doesn’t earn his way back to the team, he’ll take the hint and leave like ol Ricky did. No trouble caused.

    • The fact that beyond awful footballers like Migs get a 5 year contract while we publicly say “find a solution” to someone who will obv be a great player for us in Flano speaks volumes about us as a club.

      • It may be a sad fact, but Mignolet is currently our starting keeper. With Bogdan probably on his way out after those dreadful mistakes, and Ward obviously too inexperienced for Klopp’s liking, we needed one keeper with a stable contract situation. He’s also 27.
        Flanagan is young, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get a long-term contract eventually.

        • Bogdan made 1 mistake, the cup game. The one against Watford he was fouled and it was never called. If he’s put out in the cold then why isn’t Mignolet? He’s SOOO bad. Bogdan deserves a second chance. Ward deserves at least a chance. Give him a start and just see what he can do. He was sensational for Aberdeen.

    • except his agent might not be prepared to accept that. The club needs to see that he’s recovered to give him anything that doesn’t protect them. They’re not going to give him 5 years if he needs recovery time after a training session.

      They offered him a full contract before he got injured and he turned it down which is fine but then he got injured and they gave him a 1 year extension to let him recover.
      So there was basically no financial protection for the club there with only the 1year and it was all recovery time and sounds like it still is.

    • For what it would cost the club compared to deals like Carroll I think we should offer a h alf decent 3 year deal…. the lads needs to stay where he belongs!

      • Look, the Carroll deal was a mistake, it was an attempt of statement from Dalglish, getting an expensive young player that had a great season previously. If Dalglish had stayed, maybe Carroll would have even done something for us. As it is, it turned up the biggest miss in recent history.
        But I don’t see the need to bring up Carroll every time a player’s contract is being discussed.

  8. If those Boston billionaires with short arms and deep pockets won’t even give the Scouse Cafu a decent new contract we might as well all pack up and go home – re-name LFC as Dunkin Donut Dollar Franchise.

  9. ‘It’s huge that it gets sorted out,’ said Jordan Henderson. ‘I don’t think players and people like Flanno grow on trees,
    to be honest. You have people like him and Stevie and Carra who have
    come through the Academy and the fans feel as though they are one of
    them really which they are.

    ‘His whole family support Liverpool; he has been a Liverpool supporter since he was a kid and he has had a difficult time for the last year, two years, but what I have seen him do behind the scenes is incredible really. I know how hard he has been working.

    ‘The attitude he has had with the injury he has had, I was only out for three or four months but that felt long for me and it was difficult for me to handle as I’d never experienced that length of time out. But for the injury he had and how long he was out, it was incredible the way he went about it.

    ‘Every day in here he came in with a smile on his face, did his work and for me you need to be rewarding people like that for what he done. Now he has back and the games he has played it is as if he has never been away. He has been brilliant.

    ‘Training exactly the same. He is a huge player for us, a huge player for the club and the fans as well. It is in everyone’s interests for that to be sorted out soon.’

    • 1. he turned down a full contract then got injured.
      2. during his recovery which was troublesome his contract expired.
      3. he was extended for a year to little to no benefit for the club to help him recover – he could still walk at the end of the season.
      4. now he still needs recovery time after a training session.

      The question is why is the agent pushing for anything unreasonable since he clearly still hasn’t recovered after nearly 2 years injured.

  10. the manager better wants to play moreno, can,ibe ect in the first team n lose rather than playing flanagan, ojo, steward, texeira ect who are the real future. look at manchester united, Radhford plays well in the europa league, then he is immediately included in a team vs arsenal the next game. here the youngters play superb then is dropped immediately in the premier league to make place for mediocrity.woahw

    • If you’re suggesting Klopp would rather play Moreno and lose than give Flanno a chance you’ve lost the plot completely…

      • it is what he is doing right now,every supporters can see it but r afraid to say it. benteke is axed after some poor perf but can,moreno,mignolet?

        • I understand what you’re saying but I can’t agree he’d prefer to lose if it meant playing Moreno, Can and Ibe but I probably took that too literally…

  11. i dont like this attitude of the club. flannno injured himself playing for liverpool not in his garden or sunday football with friends. he was defending LIVERPOOL. he made great effort to come back again to PLAY n not to sit n take the money through a new contract. so what if he signs a new deal n gets injured , its a physical game, in which anybody can get injured even mignolet who just signed a nex 5yr deal n what tree is he pulling n what the club is gaining from him, just an example.imo

  12. I would not think twice about extending his deal. Ship him out. he’s not all that. Just because he’s a local lad does not make him a great player. I have seen enough of him. Get beaten very easily by a skillful technical opposing player, he then lunges to try and tackle. If Moreno is not good then get rid of him too and get a proper left back. But please do not use this Flano guy on the left. He’s not the answer.

  13. Klopp needs someone he can rely on and rest his first choice FBs. If Flanno still needs recovery time after training sessions then that isn’t a good sign.
    Klopp has shown he wants players training fully and properly to be considered and that’s fair enough – it’s his job and our team.

    Nothing to do but wait for the recovery. Flanno is already on a year’s extension which the club had little to benefit from giving him. He should be prepared to accept the club’s terms while he’s still in recovery. He certainly doesn’t “deserve” tens of thousands / week while he’s stil recovering. That’s not right.

    If his agent is pushing for nice long lucrative terms then he’s being unreasonable. Klopp MUST have proper fit players to select from first and foremost.

  14. Clyne, Flanno, Smith and Moreno, then one more class wingback. Moreno to be shifted to winger permanently (think Gareth Bale), Smith or Flanno behind him. Sorted.

    • deffo think we have to develop moreno even if it’s not as a FB. He looks dangerous but very raw. I’m a bit surprised that Klopp hasn’t moved him up the field (although he is always advanced) but we’ve had no luck with our backup FBs. Flanno still struggling to recover properly and Smith injured too, so perhaps that’s stopped it.

  15. I suspect his agent is using us as bargaining chips. Anyway, the ridiculous things though, is FSG rather give contract to people who barely played for us, with all due respect, such as Kevin Stewart, and they rather believe in so called talents identified by their failing transfer commitee, gave them
    Big contract before loaning them to our potential european opponent, than preserving the proven local boy, albeit doesn’t seems to be that talented, but with much better current ability. It is not am ambition issue here for FSG, but a pr issue proving their idiocy and unrealistic policies. They’re not bad owner, but they’re just doing it the wrong way or in the wrong time. We all take criticism up our chin and work on it, we’ll see how FSG handle Flanagan and Rossiter, duo who obviously had the will to fight for us.

    • flanno needs extra recovery time from training sessions according to klopp. This is nearly 2 years after his injury.
      How is that a good basis for any kind of long term contract?

      • I don’t think I mentioned the term “long term contract”. I’m not trying to be unreasonable here, I suppose we have common understanding and agreement that this lad, at this point, deserves at least another year time, short contract or however, to prove himself, based on the fact that he was good before his injury, and the injury lay off is a lengthy one for a player to recover the rhythm of playing. No?

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