Rumour Mill: Bundesliga duo Filip Kostic and Kevin Volland top Liverpool’s attacking wishlist

on 25.03.2016

As Jurgen Klopp looks for attacking reinforcements ahead of the 2016/17 campaign, Filip Kostic and Kevin Volland have emerged as possible targets.

Serbia's Filip Kostic, right, challenges with Azerbaijan's Huseynov Javid, left, for the ball during a friendly soccer match between Serbia and Azerbaijan in St. Poelten, Austria, Sunday, June 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Ronald Zak)

Liverpool have struggled with injuries throughout Klopp’s first campaign in charge, with four of his attacking options, in Divock Origi, Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino and Danny Ings, all sidelined present.

Furthermore, a lack of genuine wide options has proved a concern for the German, who admitted in February that he was looking for wingers in the summer market.

According to German publication Bild, Stuttgart’s Kostic and Hoffenheim man Volland have been identified as key targets by the 48-year-old.

It is believed that Klopp would only move for one of the two, however, with Volland deemed the more likely target.

Kostic is a versatile wide option, capable of thriving on either the left or right flank, who at 23, is a high-potential European talent.

The Serbian international is a hardworking winger with strong dribbling ability and a great delivery from out wide, and has scored five goals and registered four assists in 23 Bundesliga appearances this season.

Kostic would suit Klopp’s attacking system perfectly, with the former FC Gronigen man comfortable in the defensive sector, and would represent a major upgrade on James Milner.

But valued at around £24 million, Kostic would be an expensive signing for the Reds, with Volland a more cost-effective option.

une 20, 2015 - Prague, United Kingdom - Germany's Kevin Volland in action ..Germany v Denmark - UEFA Under 21's - Eden Stadium - Czech Republic - 20th June 2015 - Picture David KleinSportimage.

Having spent a long period scouting Volland’s former Hoffenheim team-mate Firmino, Liverpool are believed to be well aware of the 23-year-old’s ability.

Most comfortable on the right flank, Volland is an intelligent, left-footed attacker with the ability to produce real moments of magic cutting inside towards the penalty area.

The Germany international has scored seven goals and made a further eight in 26 Bundesliga appearances so far in 2015/16, largely operating as Hoffenheim’s lone centre-forward.

But with Julian Nagelsmann’s side battling relegation from the German top flight this season, Volland could look to leave the club this summer.

Volland is believed to have a release clause of around £14 million in his current contract, which would be a bargain for a player of his stature, who still has the potential to develop into a top-level talent.

Either Kostic or Volland would be a great signing for Klopp’s Liverpool this summer, able to interchange with Firmino, Philippe Coutinho and Daniel Sturridge in an attractive forward line.


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    • Volland? I scouted him………………………on YouTube. He looks good. A bit slow, but nice footwork. Looks like a hardworker and team player.

      • Do you work for the club, I have a feeling most of our players were scouted there…. until now hopefully.

      • I have watched him for a while and have been saying we should pursue him.

        Does not have lightning speed but good technical ability and a hammer of a left foot and yes he works very hard.
        Also he has good strength which would work in his favour in the EPL

  1. 7 goals in 26 games isn’t good enough, especially as he has been playing as their main centre-forward.

    We need a proper striker. Someone who will score almost a goal-per-game. Like Chicaritto and/or Teixeira. Or in a dream world, Aubameyang

    • He is playing in a team that’s currently fighting relegation at the moment, to be fair to him. Although I agree about getting someone who will get us guaranteed goals.

        • In Ukraine, a league with 2 teams…. Funny that he only just managed that level though, I mean at 26, you’d expect him to be knocking them in season after season, atleast if he is half the player you seem to think he is, and Bayern chose Costa instead.

          • Different players peak at different times. 26 goals in 25 games is crazy no matter which league you’re talking about and Ukrainian league is alright…there are definitely far weaker leagues out there. He also scored against Real Madrid in CL group stages btw.

          • Yet he chose to go to China and fulfill his national team dream….There are better and worse leagues out there, that is kinda obvious, my local league is shocking, but for the levels we are talking about, Ukraine is fairly tame, especially when you forget Shaktar and Dynamo Kiev.

          • I repeat – 26 goals in 25 games….that is killer stuff right there, in any professional league. Their current league rank is 8th – obviously not great, but not terribly bad either. Just to give a little perspective, France is 6th.

            He wanted to come here and fulfill his national dream, but alas, life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. So he decided to make a compromise after giving a good 4-5 years to Shaktar. He must have felt pretty upset at the time with Shaktar holding him for ransom and it could just be the result of that power play. Some fans gave him sh***t for moving to China, but I can’t fault him for that – he could very well end up coming back to Europe in a year’s time.

          • Yet, we have some claioming a player like Hernandez, who has done the same in a harder league is a flop. I really don’t like these statements…. We know what Hernandez was capable of in the PL had he been given a chance, we suffered on the end of it a few times, but some don’t hold him in the same light as a playerr who only really came to our attention recently off the back of his ridiculous fee… I think I like Klopp understated approach to targets.. Same quality, 1/4 the price. happy days alll round.

          • Let’s assume Teixiera and Hernandez are the same quality for a second..1/4th the price would be like £10mil…I doubt Leverkusen would let him go for that amount given what he’s done for them.

          • Oh, I agree, 15-20 easy, but the point was more the way players are portrayed based on whatever mad price a club places on him… Had Shaktar asked for 15m instead of near on 40m, people would probably have an entirely different opinion of the sort of quality he had… Its not you, it’s the nature of fans and media these days…

          • So, this Kostic 25mil link seems ridiculous to me, as I suspect it does to pretty much everyone. Some players you just can tell are overpriced and no 2 ways about it – Downing, Carroll, Benteke although to a lesser extent admittedly.

            Teixeira was probably overpriced as well at £38mil, but having watched all his goals and some of his play this season you can just tell this is a HQ player…he’s probably one of the best to have gone to China. Chelsea were after him before we were btw. The thing with Hernandez is, I have a lot of respect for him, but he’s a limited player at the end of the day – a goal poacher or a cherrypicker as some like to call him. He scores goals at a reasonable rate but his overall play is very limited. Teixiera’s more of the whole package type of player. Assists, chances created, goals, linking up with other players – had he come to the club he’d be doing a great job linking up with the rest of our attacking line.

          • I think he probably would have been in the starting lineup..or atleast come off the bench if he was fit.

      • Where were you in January? We got linked with him,but he ended up joining a Chinese side instead. Forget about it

        • ”We need a proper STRIKER. Someone who will score almost a goal-per-game. Like Chicaritto and/or Teixeira” That’s what Ryan said and i just point it out that Teixeira is NO striker he is a CAM, is your reading ok?

    • In a relegation team who just sold us their best player, and now we are linked o their next best…. Strange how a stable well functioing team are suddenly in trouble… Volland being a regular fixture in the gErman squad tells me as much as I need to know too… If he can make that squad, he’s defo worth a look.

      • Volland is not a regular fixture in the German senior team, he has been on the fringes for the last couple of years but has not quite broken through. In fact before the 2014 world cup the injury to Mario Gomez forced Lowe to pick another player and he went for Skordan Mustafi and did not pick Volland. There were lots of talk in Germany why Lowe did not not pick an attacking player for Gomez….well the rest is history.
        Do note that I am not saying for even a minute that Volland is a bad player, he is a potential. He can be a squad player for us to begin with and besides I do not think he will play CF for us, more like the right hand side of the front three.

  2. I wonder what the source is.

    In any case, I’ve only heard of Kostic but seen Volland. One plus side to having Volland is he’ll know Firmino’s game quite well and I do expect both of them to have good chemistry together. I feel like we’ve been linked to practically half of Bundesliga at this point.

    In other news, I also heard Lowe encouraging Gotze to have conversations with incoming Bayern manager Ancelotti…looks like he’s telling him to stay out there if possible.

    • Breaking news, Bild claim Manuel Neuer is actually English and is switching alligence to England in time for the Euro’s Bild said it, not me…

    • The source Bob the bild, Klopps German and managed in the Bundesliga so every German from here to Timbuktu will be linked with us.Lowe should keep his nose out of Gotze’s business what’s the point of Gotze bench warming at Bayern when he can excel playing first team football at Liverpool.There’s no point in taking transfer advice from your international manager.

      • I think either Lowe just is very pro-Bayern or feels as though there’s hope for him yet with a new manager in store. I get the feeling Gotze is not going to make his decision until having a talk with Ancelotti regardless.

        • Lets face it, if any player can stay at Bayern and play regularly they would not want to go anywhere else. Unless LFC wins it for the 6th time that is only very obvious. So yes, let him have his talk, indications are that Ancelotti is not considering Goetze in his first team….lets hope he comes to us and discovers the form that caused Germans to tout him as their next best thing.

          • Bayern gotta let go of some talent! Can’t keep all of them happy hehe..I’ll gladly take Koman instead, if possible :)

          • ha ha, I doubt if that is going to happen. Juventus will want him back and I do not think Bayern are in a mood to let him go back.

        • If Gotze has any sense, he will leave. He is already behind the pecking order and Ancelotti is bound to spend once he comes in pushing him even further down.

      • Well ofcourse he isn’t happy at the moment…because he isn’t getting any game time..we all know that. But I think things can change with a new manager…not sure he’s going to get any assurances from the new manager either though their may be the off chance that he views him as key to the future. I see him leaving personally.

  3. I know almost nothing about Kostic, but Volland is a cracking player, someone we would do well to acquire..Hoffenhiem are turning out to be very good friends of LFC, Volland and Firmino worked very well together too… .

    • I’ve only been watching highlights of the Bundesliga since Oct, but Kostic seems 1 of those players who you think has ran down a blind alley again, but somehow puts a good ball in. He’s strong but has pace, puts a good dead ball in, knows which space to put the ball (near post, far, centre). He works really well with Martin Harnik, Stuttgart’s best player too, a good sign of understanding.
      But Volland clearly has the better potential.

      • So, do you think he has the same level of vision and crossing excellence that Evertons, Deloufeu has, he has some great talent/potential… If we could get something like that, happy days… Is what we though Marko was though, based on Benfica, but still time…. I think in that sense, Volland would make more sense seeing as he’s a different sort of wide man/ striker…

  4. i was expecting to read about Draxler, Meyer, Xhaka Goetze, Reus etc instead this shaking my head.

    we need good players we have enough bench players already Quality lacks in the starting 11

      • Guardiola wants Sane, plus I’m tired of kids. Götze will be in addition to Volland, not instead of.

        • Hmm that’s close to 50mil put in attack right there. I was under the impression that only one player will be added to the attacking ranks, one GK, one CM and one LB. But what you’re saying could very well happen as well.

          • Only one attacker? We’ll need both a Benteke replacement, & an Ibe replacement at least.

          • Ibe replacement would likely be that Gotze/Volland player. Tekkers doesn’t get game time despite all the injuries to our strikers this season. With Origi and Ings coming into the mix next season and well, atleast expecting a half fit Studge and Firmino I think we’re alright in that department.

      • Mata was a top player for Chelsea, international for Spain and mancs had to do something in january.

        Kostic didn’t set the Eredivisie on fire and a similar return in the Bundesliga then Henderson in the EPL. I mean… what?! 24m??

  5. I’d like to see Ter Stergen, R.Rodriguez, Pjanic, Gotze and Jese Rodriguez. Buy a ST if we sell Benteke. The best choice out there is Aubameyang but can’t see that happening. We need a world class ST to either partner D.S or rotate with him, but who?

  6. Yes Volland was Firms’ strike buddy and they were effective… But there are other players also who could form an effective partnership with him. Preferably someone not selfish in his play… Unlike some other.

  7. Kostic looks like a really good player with great pace, and we certainly need a winger of his ilk on the left. With him on the left flank and the returning Markovic on the right, we will be able to set up fast counterattacking down the flanks

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