Talking Henderson’s future, new signings, wide men, and more —Liverpool Midfield in 2016/17


Our latest roundtable discussion looks further upfield, toward Liverpool’s midfield and how the Reds should proceed with restructuring the centre of the park this summer.


Welcome to our roundtable discussion series on This Is Anfield, where we look at one upcoming or current theme surrounding Liverpool and ask the opinions of multiple onlookers as to how the Reds should proceed.

Here we’re talking about the current midfield set up, both centrally and out wide, and what changes could be made over summer—both on an incoming and outgoing basis.

On our four-strong panel this time out we have BT Sport’s European football expert Andy Brassell, ESPN and Fox Sports analyst and former United States international defender Janusz Michallik, the Daily Telegraph‘s Jonathan Liew and regular host Karl Matchett.


Central midfield is an obvious key area to any Klopp side as a whole, and by general consensus the Emre CanJordan Henderson pairing is the best Liverpool have at present, but is it a genuinely top[-four] pairing?

Which tactical or technical areas do the duo fail to impress in?

Andy: I quite like them as a pair, and would be keen to see them play together more as a pair.

The key for Can is keeping him in that role – his versatility damns him a little sometimes, putting him in situations where he’s way short of his best, like at full-back or at the front of the midfield.

Maybe they miss that range of passing that Gerrard offered (and wasn’t really lauded enough for), or that Nuri Sahin provided in Klopp’s first Dortmund title-winning side.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Monday, August 17, 2015: Liverpool's captain Jordan Henderson is substituted for Emre Can during the Premier League match against AFC Bournemouth at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Janusz: I think that you need a player that has the ability to take the first few steps to break forward, to attack the space immediately and start transition with dribbling and penetration if need be.

It has to be a player that is good on both sides of the ball and is a simple conduit in possession and looks to play positive 99% of the time.

I think I see Can more in that setup. His role needs to be simplified and he will need to fall back more on his defensive duties. The fact that he can break forward with quality is a bonus. I don’t see Henderson as a player that you guarantee time. He lacks sophistication and it’s easy to read his intentions.

Jonathan: Technically, I think both of them are very good. Tactically, less so. There are times this season when I’ve seen Liverpool picked apart down the right, in the space that Clyne leaves behind him, and Henderson’s basically nowhere.

I think Henderson’s got a little bit of Gerrard-complex: he feels like he has to be everyone at once. Can’s a puzzling one: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him totally outclassed in a game, but equally I can’t help thinking he should be more influential than he is.

Top-four quality? Sure. Whether they’ve got the potential to lift Liverpool’s game to the next level, in the way that Bender and Sahin did in Dortmund’s first title-winning season, I wouldn’t like to say.

Karl: There are times they look a perfectly natural fit for each other, but both of them lack in actually making penetrating runs into the box. You don’t want either to do it all game long, but the odd time as a surprise factor would add a lot to Liverpool’s at-time stale recycling of the ball in the channels, simply because nobody moves beyond the striker.

There’s also an issue of a lack of real aggression at times; both work hard and both will make tackles, but it’s often reactive rather than a proactive approach. It’s not their nature to necessarily be forceful throughout an entire game and Liverpool, as an entire team, need that in midfield more next season.


Is a new specialist holding midfielder—a destroyer rather than a playmaker—an absolute necessity for next season as a regular starter, or as a squad option for certain types of fixtures? Is Lucas Leiva capable of being this player, or should Liverpool finally move him on?

Janusz: If you consider the fact that for the most part Liverpool will play some variation of three in the midfield I don’t see a need or a place for Lucas Leiva on regular basis. Yes, perhaps he is a good option for some games, and in fact having him in the squad could be beneficial throughout the season.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Saturday, November 21, 2015: Liverpool's Lucas Leiva celebrates the the fourth goal against Manchester City, scored by Martin Skrtel, during the Premier League match at the City of Manchester Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

You will need a little bit of an enforcer from time to time. His passing game is not good enough for what Klopp will want to accomplish anyway—not from a player that sits deep and distributes. Xabi Alonso he is not.

Jonathan: Lucas could conceivably play that role in a pinch, in the way that Mathieu Flamini does for Arsenal with occasionally disastrous results, but I’d want some fresh legs in that part of the pitch anyway and if they can get any sort of money for Lucas while he’s still the right side of 30, I’d be inclined to let him go and bring someone a bit younger in.

Karl: Liverpool absolutely need someone in the squad who can play a reductive role, but they don’t need to be the first name on the team sheet.

Two good players who can offer both offensive and defensive qualities is more than enough to beat many other midfield pairings, given the overall setup under Klopp, but there are games when you need a sitter to simply destroy and allow others to do the building work. Some games will play a three-man midfield, others two.

Lucas hasn’t been reliable in the role over the years so there’s no reason to think he’ll suddenly be any better. Should be offloaded.

Andy: See above – as long as he can pass, basically. Some might point to Klopp’s use of Sebastian Kehl, a far more functional sort of central midfielder, at Dortmund, but I think that a more evolved sort of holder in that Javi Martinez/Nemanja Matic mouldy would be helpful.

I’ve never been totally sold on Lucas’ defensive qualities personally, so I wouldn’t persevere.


In the wide areas, Philippe Coutinho and Adam Lallana or James Milner have generally been favoured when all are available. While they each have positive traits, they don’t all fit the profile of regularly contributing in the final third while also offering off-the-ball work rate. Which would you advocate being offloaded in the summer to make room or finances for new arrivals?

Karl: Coutinho stays, no question, though I maintain he should be moved to the right flank rather than the left. He’d still cut infield, link and drive centrally, but instead of always looking to shoot, he’ll instead be on his right foot to slide through passes to the front men.

Neither Lallana nor Milner are perfectly ideal, but they both offer enough to suggest they can offer something next term—just not both of them. One or the other, and the loser has to be moved on. Which one depends on finances, interest and the traits of new players brought in.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Wednesday, March 16, 2016: Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho Correia celebrates scoring the first goal against Manchester United during the UEFA Europa League Round of 16 2nd Leg match at Old Trafford. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Andy: Coutinho needs to be a key piece as far as I’m concerned. Milner has the sort of adaptability that makes him an asset, even if he does divide opinion.

There’s a lot to like about Lallana, but I’m just not convinced he can be that 8.5/10 player every week for a side that’s looking to challenge.

Janusz: None go unless Milner’s salary is needed to be dumped. We all know his value and versatility so I think that you still need a player like this. Next season is still a year of transition even though the pressure will increase. I can’t see Klopp getting all the players he wants in one summer so I would keep him.

Lallana is a player that I still think can break through, however the end of this season is still important for him. I could see Klopp seeing him as surplus. Coutinho stays of course.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, February 6, 2016: Liverpool's Adam Lallana celebrates the second goal against Sunderland with team-mate Roberto Firmino during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Jonathan: Lallana and Milner have always struck me as a slightly weird fit for a Klopp side, and while there’s some residual value in keeping them around the place as “good lads”, Liverpool need some proper adrenalin in the final third.

Coutinho I rate very highly despite my better judgement, and I’d give him one more (hopefully injury-free) season to make strides.


What do you make of Jordon Ibe’s progress/stagnation this season, what is his ceiling and how will he be utilised next season—if at all? Would Lazar Markovic now have more of an impact in the current system at Liverpool and is there room for both?

Jonathan: Klopp clearly likes Ibe, or at least he did when he first came in. I know injuries were a big issue, but I thought he gave Ibe far too many minutes over the winter, in physically the most demanding part of the season.

I don’t know whether Ibe’s knackered or just in a bit of a funk, but it’s clearly not happened for him this season. I think Klopp’s realised that and is cutting back on his minutes now with a view to doing some intensive work with him over the summer and launching him next season.

I could be completely wrong, of course, but I think Klopp’s smart enough to know not to give up on Ibe just yet.

NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, ENGLAND - Sunday, December 6, 2015: Liverpool's Jordon Ibe in action against Newcastle United during the Premier League match at St. James' Park. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

And I’ve always liked Markovic, again despite my better judgement. He’s what I call a “slingshot” player. Klopp loves slingshot players.

Karl: Ibe has lots of tools in his locker, but his decision making is so poor and he’s so slow to release the ball, a key component of functioning or flourishing in the current attacking set up. Until he rectifies that, there’s little scope to see him involved on a regular basis.

As for Markovic, there’s certainly scope to think he comes in to challenge Firmino as the player just off the centre forward, but he’ll need to have a good preseason and perhaps hope one of Milner/Lallana is sold. Playing across the three, as Lallana can do, is a bonus.

Janusz: I like Markovic a lot but not sure that he will ever be physically good enough for the high tempo, chase and press type of game. Coutinho is here and he still lacks a little bit of that. There’s no need for two. Bit-part player, yes.

Ibe on the other hand has all of that and that is why Klopp likes him and is willing to teach him. Ibe needs more time with Klopp. He will need to own his game a bit and I think with a good preseason and some continuity he will continue to develop.

He’s 20 years old with all the tools that are needed for Klopp and the Premier League in general. I think Klopp will simplify his game as it seemed to me like he was pressing too much to impress every time he was on the ball.

Andy: I think there’s far too much of a tendency to expect players to be elite level too quickly nowadays. He’s only 20. Why would we be expecting him to be a consistent game changer already? Continuing to work with Klopp will only improve him as time goes by.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 27, 2014: Liverpool's Lazar Markovic in action against Everton during the Premier League match at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Markovic has been good in spells for Fenerbahçe this season – give or take the odd nagging injury – and I think he could do well. He’s definitely a more natural for for the Klopp system, whereas Rodgers had to almost artificially create extra width to accommodate him.


Suggest one central midfielder and one wide attacking option whose style and attributes might fit Liverpool for next term, and who could flourish in the Premier League.

Andy: Yann M’Vila perhaps isn’t the world superstar that many might have in mind, but he’s proved to be very effective in the Premier League – and has the quality and vision in his passing to go with the brawn.

As for a wide man, I like Vitolo at Sevilla a lot, who makes things happen and will also drift inside to score goals. If not – and talking about Sevilla – I wonder if City might be persuaded to part with Jesus Navas, who is so good at stretching a game when he’s on form.

Jonathan: I don’t really watch enough European domestic football to suggest anybody from off the radar, but weren’t Liverpool linked with Illarramendi last season? I think he’d give you a little touch of class in the middle that’s maybe lacking at the moment.

Wide – let’s say El Shaarawy. I’d love to see him in the Premier League. It’d be a gamble, but if a good man-manager can coax the best out of him, what a player.

Janusz: Jorginho from Napoli is a perfect holding player. Perfect for any team really. As close as one gets to Sergio Busquets in the way a central player should function. Good in the tackle, great anticipation. reads the game very well and plays simple once he wins the ball. He finds open space perfectly and is almost always in a position to help. He plays his angles well and he would be a good explanation for the first question when it comes to Henderson and Can.

14.10.2011, Weserstadion, Bremen, GER, 1.FBL, Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund, im Bild Ilkay G¸ndogan / Guendogan (Dortmund #21)..// during the match Werder Bremen vs Borussia Dortmund on 2011/10/14, Weserstadion, Bremen, Germany..EXPA Pictures © 2011, PhotoCredit: EXPA/ nph/ Frisch ****** out of GER / CRO / BEL ******

On the attacking side, if Klopp had his wish I would have to imagine that Gundogan has everything that’s needed. Can score, create, and drives the team forward. Perhaps unrealistic, but one can dream!

Karl: I’d advocate signing Ignacio Camacho from Malaga as the destructive, defensive-first option. He’s better than many realise/give him credit for when he makes surges from deep, but first and foremost he will win the ball in the air and on the ground. His passing isn’t greatly reliable, but he also wouldn’t cost an enormous amount or demand to start week in, week out.

For a wide threat, Chelsea’s Charly Musonda isn’t getting a look-in at first team level and is currently on loan at Real Betis. If he could be prised away, that’s exactly the type of player Liverpool should look to bring in—with the very slight problem of him sharing an agent with a certain Raheem Sterling


As always, thanks to our guests for their time and insight.


LFC’S DEFENCE – Talking Matip, new signings, Lovren, Lucas and Skrtel’s futures


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  1. Not a bad piece, it’s all about opinions and the panel has offered some decent alternative.

    A special mention should go out to William Carvalho who is the best young player in his position and was also voted player of the European U21 Championships last year when his team destroyed Germany 5-0.

    • Not a pacy guy but nothing you should care about in a DCM, and is 24 so is a very good aged to come and prove himself in bigger tournament to see if all that hype was right

      • Exactly, his strongest trait is his anticipation and ability to snuff out attacks before they gain momentum, which is something we’ve lacked since Mascherano left.

      • I’d imagine Klopp would want someone a bit more mobile though to get around the pitch and break up play. Having said that, Sahin ran like an old man but he managed to make him work in a midfield 2.

      • At 24, there is a risk he would struggle to adapt to a new style of football, especially one as different as the EPL and Liga Nos…..Probably end up in Spain, but I like the kid too….We’ll probably go for someone like Ruben Neves in a season or two…

    • If we’re talking about portuguese DCM I’d say Danilo Pereira from Porto, the guy looks more consistent than Carvalho. It’s only his first season in a big portuguese club, but he has been one of the best, if not the best, players of Porto this season.

      • He’s not bad, but I rate Carvalho higher. We’ll see how Pereira does next year, as the second season is always the hardest to maintain your consistency as players and Managers are more wise to your game play.

    • No he is, As he’s the captain since last season he always tryed to make long shots and 60 yards passes Like Gerrard, he needs to start forget that and start been Henderson

      • I know, That why I said it…
        He seems to have forgotten who he is and what his strength are. I think next season he will make that next level with the calibre of players that Klopp will bring in, he needs strong competition.

  2. Brilliant corner from Hendo in the friendly against Germany which resulted in Englands win over the crouts! Well done Hendo, you can, if u put your mind to it, do that when u play for LFC too! YNWA!

    • who are crouts? try Krauts, comes from Sauerkraut, if you are a little older then you may remember Krautrock, a musical genre that as i recall was also quite popular with you “Englischers” ;P

      was a suberb game, security really high, took double the time to get into my local stadium. great England fans, rather dull German ones as it wasn´t the typical Bundesliga experience and the friendly didn´t get the dynamics of 2006.
      with four Liverpool players on the pitch i had quite a smirk on my face when England came back (conceiding and falling back and still bouncing back, strong pressing… sounds familiar?) and took it home.
      Neuer collecting 3 before his 30th birthday today is perhaps not the present he wished for (some smoked bacon and custard creams would have been perfectly sufficient as presents), but standing out were really Hendo and Clyne for me. Nathaniel´s run down the right, smooth passing to Vardy and that goal, yummy.
      So wished for Hendo´s shot to go into the net as well.

      Fully deserved win for England, doesn´t make them favourites for France but should give them something to build upon. Well done.

  3. Now I didn’t read what all of them had to say about Hendo above but watching him play for England today he looked very very good and sharp…atleast from the extended highlights clip that I saw. This absolutely shouldn’t be a player we should even think about selling at the moment.

    And quality performance from all the England players today including Lallana and Clyne. A quality game of football all around…England might genuinely have some kind of psychological advantage over Germany it seems. They play like that in the competition they’ll be favorites to get to the semi-finals at the very least.

    • Germans are tourney fighters though and England will hype themselves on this result, which won’t do them favours. And As soon as Rooney is fit Woy will disrupt this set up of hard working lads with a special place for him. Exit group stage I fear.

      Hendo played it simple but good, nothing great but his corner on Dier. Clyne was boss and got done by Cahill at Gomez’ goal. Lallana was, according to the Germans, one of Englands best, they liked him a lot.

      So yeah, our right flank did very well. Can was so so, from great tackles and good stuff to concentration lapses. Kinda like we know him ;)

      • Well, I’ve seen England play quite often over the years and I felt a sense of freshness to their play that I’ve not seen before…not the same usual languid style that we know them for. I think Dele Alli provided that X-factor to the team and deserves to keep his place in the team. Atleast from the extended highlights clips Hendo, Clyne, Lallana, Alli, Kane, Vardy all looked pretty good to me. Never thought a Hodgson side could play this kind of football – credit where credit’s due I guess.

        • Yeah, it’s all great right now, but you watch Woy change the team for the same sorry names in Wooney and Wilshere, Walcott and Phil Jones… He just couldn’t resist it.

          • Yeah, he does that and they’re going to get out of the group stages or so likely…if I were Woy I’d do everything within my powers for England NT to try and build on the basis of this performance. Btw, I did happen to see that England basically had a perfect score of 30 points in the qualifiers. No matter what the teams were in the group that is bloody impressive it has to be said – winning all 10 matches in the competition.

          • Thats England all over mate, Quali’s are normally a calk walk… It’s when it matters we freeze like a deer in the headlights.

          • Only under Sven or Capello otherwise we’ve struggled and even not made it a couple of times.

        • Woy took points on tactics from Klopp & Pochettino, as their players made the bulk of the side. Even Dixon & Hoddle were pleasantly suprised.

        • Oh definately, now he’s using the youngsters who’ve been trained in the art of tactical football and the intensity of the EPL. Quite sure he’ll revert to the oldies when he gets to the tourney though.

        • They’ve been doing it for a while now mate, it’s just that we’ve grown so used to hating the national team and wanting them to fail. Only a few teams have managed to qualify with a 100% record in history. Probably helps that the Arsenal squad players are not available.

    • Watched all of it, every minute. Henderson was superb. His pressing was back to what we’ve become accustomed to. The side took once Welbeck & Lallana were replaced by Vardy and Barkley. Alli simply amazing.

    • Watched the game, what a game!!! Granted Germany was missing key players… Here is my analysis of the LFC players. I will start by the one who surprised me he most.

      Hendo 7/10: I never been convinced by the hype, still not totally but he looked very comfortable today against one of the most talented german offence I can recall.
      The good: setpiece deliveries, pressing and composed when he had to.
      The bad: slow to drop back during counters, too many back passes.

      Clyne 6.5/10: A good game for him.
      The good: Solid defensive display, Reus was a ghost. Plus great assist.
      The bad: Invited unnecessary pressure at times, lacked a bit of understanding with his defensive line and midfield.

      Lallana 6/10: He looks confused about his role.
      The good: created some spaces for him or teammates
      The bad: Tries too hard when easy option is available, no end product today again

      Can 5/10: Kinda unfair on him because he played as an unnatural right back.
      The good: brought skills going forward and strength in the back.
      The bad: too many mistimed tackles, slow reaction time and bad reading of game. Still young but hope his football IQ gets better.

    • I still can’t believe we didn’t sign Dele Alli… I cry myself to sleep everytime I remember that… It was so obvious he should be an LFC player, him and his famiily wanted it, Rodgers wanted it and his old club wanted it… Someone needs sacking….

    • When was the last time England did well? This is the usual cycle. They do well, get hyped up and then fall spectacularly. And Roy is atleast 50% of the problem. The other 50% is the English FA.

      • I’m not saying this automatically means they’ll do well in the competition, but I haven’t seen them play this well as a team since a long time…atleast not since I can remember. It’s not about hyping the team up, it’s a performance they ought to build on. First step towards something like this is actual belief…and they managed to defeat one of the best teams in the world yesterday although perhaps understrength.

        Did you know they basically won each and every match in their qualifying rounds? That’s a mighty impressive record as well.

        • They do that..and they possibly so decently in Euros as well..because it’s Europe. But the minute the world cup comes..they’ll fall apart. Their opener vs italy I think it the previous world cup was a good performance too. It spawned many an article about how England was changing again. And what happened? Nothing. They never build on it.

          • I remember watching England in WC…they looked really very average at the time. None of our players were really making the magic happen either – Hendo, Gerrard, Sterling, Sturridge despite having a very good season. British press loves to do that sort of stuff so there’s no stopping them.

    • I’ve actually liked the England team since about the time of the last world cup. In some ways having more limited players is an advantage, as we no longer have to worry about how to accommodate Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes. The names are not too big other than Rooney, so it’s not too hard to argue who plays. They seem to try hard as well, which was my main bugbear with the golden generation. Just hope we don’t choke in the competition, as we can scare teams with some of our attacking players.

  4. Watched the entire England game and that’s the strongest Henderson performance in sometime, against a full strength German MF………we all need to slow down and think for just a moment.

      • I didn’t think he was awful, but he shouldn’t be in the 1, squad player at most. Kane – Vardy – Alli is a potent attack and Welbeck offers more than lallana IMO. I also can’t see Sterling getting into the 11. Sturridge – work rate nowhere near Kane or Vardy.

    • Bet we wont see tht line up again from Woy when Wooney and Wilshere are fit….. Sad fact that’ll turn out to be.

      • Rooney when fit possess one thing that can’t be tought – he is a Leader, someone who can stand up and lead the others when things go ugly. England squad lack leaders – Terry, Gerrard, Lampard, etc. Kane, Vardy, Alli are all super prospects, but they are not tried and tested in big euro games.
        As for Wilshere – when fit he is twice the player Hendo is (sadly) – he is far more technically gifted, has great reading of the game, understanding and basically superrior player to Hendo. His problem is identical to Sturridge – he is never fit )))

          • it’s the 1st time in million years, let’s be honest. England deserved that win, but you can’t ingore the fact that Germany overall as a team is much stronger than England. I don’t think Bundesteam will give up 2:0 lead in a game that matters.

    • I thought Henderson had a really good game and looked back to something approaching full fitness, I read the BBC’s player ratings this morning and Phil McNulty for some reason known only to himself gave him a five and said he added nothing to the England team, strange…

    • I don’t think anyone will be replacing either Henderson or Can in midfield next season. I think that paring is set when both are available.

      I think Grujic and Zielinski will be brought in to replace Lucas and Allen. It’s better to have your deputies be young guns that are growing into the position.

      I expect the bigger first team signings to be a left back, a winger or two, and maybe a forward if we end up being able to replace Benteke, or are put in a position where we need to replace Sturridge.

  5. Hope all those “fans” looking to take the captaincy from Henderson and sell him feel as stup1t as they look after the england game tonight. He was top class start to finish

      • Dier attacked the ball so well. do we not attack the ball well enough in the box? are we too easily marked? Personally I have seen plenty of good set piece delivery this season, for what ever reason we cant get seem to attack the ball well enough.

    • Good for England, lets hope he can find some form in a Liverpool shirt. He didnt exactly look hampered by a heel injury last night, so at least that one can be put to bed.

      • He is playing well for Liverpool recently too-mostly unnoticed work as Klopp has him in a more disciplined role. It has taken him time to get used to after injury but he is a fine player bit like Steve Macmahon for me.

        • I have to agree. I remember hating Mcmahon as a kid, but as I’ve got older I realise the importance of such players. The reason the golden generation didn’t work for England and the current Madrid team can’t match Barcelona, is that they don’t have this type of player.
          I remember Thomas Muller mentioning water carriers after Germany knocked England out of the world cup in Africa. We win 60% of games with Hendo and 20% without, which ought to be more important than how many goals/assists/tackles/passes he makes, or whether he does tricks that make you go “ooh”.

          • Its about balance really isnt it. Without the hard graft the silky players like Coutinho dont have enough of the ball. Hendo is a great player for me just not a flashy player.

    • Sharaawy is in amazing form, I hope it will last for him very long, always liked him.. Roma started to play well under Spaletti..

  6. If we remember best Ibe’s moments, they are all when he cut inside and shot… I cant remember a single his great pass…
    I think inability to make a good pass is what holds Ibe from 1st team… he needs to learn more about tactics to play on the wing….
    or Klopp may use him as striker, better role for Ibe I guess.

    • This is the thing, everyone only remembers form when talking about ability, if you check the vids from his time in the youth team, or on loan at Derby, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  7. What’s with the names suggested by these guys? Yann M’Villa, Ilaramendi, El Sharaawy, Musonda and Jesus Navas? We need big name players that can slot straight into the first team and significantly improve it, not someone to simply fill a squad role. HQ players, not just potential any longer.

    • Agreed.

      I don’t rate El Sharaawy as a classic wide player, and on top of that he has been plagued with injuries.

      Navas? Navas! Jesus! He has absolutely no end product.

      M’Villa is hardly the intensive CM we need for our press, and he is extremely uneaven in his performances. He is no way near an upgrade on Henderson. Or Can.

      Has anyone seen Illara play? I have, and I’m still waiting to see anything that would warrant an interest from Liverpool.

      • Navas and M’Villa were terrible shouts though..I feel like these guys are trying to be all hipster with their choices.

  8. One of them wants us to sign Navas!?!
    If you had put that as the headline I wouldn’t of bothered to read the rest

    • Thank you! I nearly fell og my chair reading his comments.

      Yann M’Vila and Navas to solve our problems. ..I think Navas had not scored in what 1,5 years and M’Vila us hardly standout in a terrible side. Extremely average players both og them and we have enough of that.

      What on earth is he on about…

  9. Strange article! For a moment i started thinking of the rumors, hendo dier and Alli infront is a strong mix. Hendo shud practise more shots on target and learn from Klopp..we dnt need big changes next yr wer playing v good football prettier than city and manu for sure.. we prob need somone like Kante versatile but also with def fundamentals.. and again a natural hardworking finisher to build the team on (not studge not benteke) hes not young but who cares..Vardy as a Captain (hes hollywood film shud end lifting a trophy for Liverpool)

  10. “Coutinho I rate very highly despite my better judgement, and I’d give
    him one more (hopefully injury-free) season to make strides.” Nah just sell him now, as he has never shown anything to suggest we should build the team around him. Oh my days Jonathan Liew.

  11. Steve Gerrard Gerrard….he’ll pass the ball 40 yards…Gerrard was and is still an excellent passer but saying he doesn’t get enough plaudits for it is wrong. He has an entire song dedicated to his passing ability!!

  12. He needs to stop trying to be cute with his shots. He doesn’t know how. Just get your knee and head over it and leather it. We can talk about style later.

  13. What rubbish, with all the names we are linked with not one of you mentioned them, Gotze, the polish guy etc. No mention of a keeper surly a big and urgent must or left back to cover and compete with Moreno. The Coutinho comment is just ludicrous.

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