Video: Jurgen Klopp’s pre-Man City press conference

on 01.03.2016

Watch Jurgen Klopp preview Liverpool’s match against Man City at Anfield in the Premier League.

Topics discussed range from the fitness of players after Sunday’s League Cup final at Wembley – with Klopp saying Lucas was a doubt for the game on Wednesday – to planning for the summer.

Klopp was also asked about Simon Mignolet, and on Jon Flanagan‘s contract situation.

Following reports on Monday night that the German was planning an overhaul of his playing personnel, including possible moves for Mario Gotze, Ben Chilwell and Piotr Zielinski, Klopp explained that nothing was close for the Reds.

“We plan for next season, but it’s not about that we have to be the first in every moment,” he said.

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“We have to wait for the right moment, and of course we have to think about a lot of things.

“But there’s nothing to say to be honest.

“I can’t say we’re close to this decision or this decision, but of course we work the whole day, and we have to plan the future – and that’s what we’re doing.”

Mignolet has come under fire throughout 2015/16, and following a calamitous error in conceding Fernandinho’s opener on Sunday, reports indicated that Klopp was searching for another goalkeeper.

But the 48-year-old continued to emphasis his faith in Mignolet.

“He’s got a hard way to go, but he’s old enough, he’s experienced enough, and together we have to handle his situation,” he explained.

Mignolet is likely to start in goal as Liverpool take on City once again on Wednesday night, and Klopp will be looking for a positive response from his side after their Wembley disappointment.

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  1. The one thing that strikes me is that JK has given Mignolet every chance, it looks like Simon is low on confidence but that is no fault of Jurgen, he has been very loyal to the keeper, I expected Danny Ward to have been given an opportunity by now.

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  2. I’d like to see these players join LFC.

    Timo Werner – winger/forward

    Max Meyer – creative attacking midfielder

    Lars or Sven Bender – defensive midfielder

    Bernd Leno, Marc te Stegen, or Loris Karius – first choice goalkeeper.

    All Germans, all very good.

      • Max Meyer is a great player, and young, he’d be a great addition to the LFC team. We should sell Milner who is rubbish and overrated, he always has been at Villa, Newcastle, City and now Liverpool. Plus he’s on huge wages and not worth the money LFC pay him. Max Meyer is the future of German football, Milner is past it. LFC should get rid of him this summer and sign Max Meyer.

        • Agree but wont happen, not many teams will take on Milners wages even if we let him go on a free transfer. Another great Bodge decision, along with Benteke, he we can hopefully sell and recoup most of the outlay.

    • We need star quality. Mayer and Werner are good but aren’t fully proven yet…would love Larsy B and MtS though

      • Patrick,

        Max Meyer and Timo Werner are going to be stars of the German national team in the very near future. Max Meyer is already proven to be a very good player, at just 19 Timo Werner is a very exciting talent with tons of ability, go check them both out on youtube. We would be buying serious potential, that will almost certainly blossom under Jurgen. If we don’t buy them someone else will and they will shine and grow into world class players, and soon in another top team.

        Balotelli and Benteke and Henderson and Milner are supposed to be proven on very high wages and yet they are all useless expensive flops. I’d rather take my chances on cheaper young flourishing talented Germans who will feel comfortable with Jurgen as their manager.

        • Oh I know full well about the pair of them, just think they’re like Brendan Rodgers signings. Wouldn’t be happy if they signed one or both of them considering Klopp is apparently to be given a ‘war-chest’.
          Gotze, Xhaka and Marcus te Stegen please and thank you.

  3. Of course Mignolet will start…Despite 99% of the fans thinking Ward should at least get a chance. Top four is gone anyway. If you believed for a second this team could bounce back, then maybe. But we’ve seen it before, all talk after Sunday and there’ll be no walk to back it up..

  4. Klopp could have easily batted back the Migs question but he chose to make a point this time. Sending a message to Stegen hopefully

  5. We all know team is full of average players but I was very dissapointed with Sturridge. I expected so much more from him. I find he played good, rly good but it seems to me his performance lacked passion. His attitude screamed: “look at me im the best player, i need to take balls from midfield cause i play with scrubs”. I dont even wanna get started with that cramp BS

    • I like a player with heart and guts, who will die for the LFC shirt. That’s what made LFC great back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was just a young lad. I’m not convinced that Danny has either of those qualities. No matter how talented he is, if he hasn’t got the fight for the battle on a weekly basis, then personally I’d sell him. Along with several others in the first team/squad who aren’t up to LFC standards in terms of quality and football intelligence and heart. It’s one of the main reasons why Leicester are miles ahead of LFC in the Premiership on a fraction of the cost. They have heart and guts and passion. In fact their entire team cost 22 million. We blew more than that on Benteke alone! To name just one expensive flop. As we have seen already this season, several of our youngsters have more fire in their bellies than some of our so called highly expensive stars.

      • This comment, from top to bottom, I agree. I wont lie I like the lad because he has quality. But I hope Klopp doesnt build around him. We should focus on Origi & Ings.

  6. Klopp is the type of manager who always backs his players in public and refuses to throw them under the bus like Rodgers did on numerous occasions. He knows Migs is not good enough hence the approach for Ter Sargen. I also don’t think there will be a mass clear out. We will see the arrival of 3 to 4 players plus Grujic, Matip and the return of Markovic. Toure, Allen, Enrique, Bogdan, Balo and Benteke will go, plus the likes of Lallana, Milner, Lovren, Skertal and even Sturridge (injury perspective which I think he will be fine next year) will be on thin ice and will, have to prove they deserve to be at Liverpool. He will slowly build a squad with less disruptions of a mass clear out


  8. I actually don’t disagree with anything you have said. However too many changes to soon (remember Souness) will disrupt us even more. Milner, Henderson and Firmino (I was still uncertain regarding his quality due to his inconsistent performances) probably had their best game in a Liverpool shirt last night. I think we have got to trust Klopp to identify the right people to come in, in the Summer. There’s talk about this Polish midfielder and a few others. We definitely need a class keeper, DM and a wide speedster that can play anywhere across the front line. For me the weakness in the team is the glaring lack of speed. Firmino, Coutinho and Lallana are technical good but lack pace. Origi has pace as does Ibe but he has gone backwards. Markovic will add pace. I will be surprised if Benteke and Allen are here next year along with the obvious. That gives us the money to bring in 4 quality players along with Matip and Grujic. I agree Sturridge lacks true grit, but he is the type of player that can rip average teams apart so I would give him, Milner (yes overpaid but worth another year as a leader with 4 comps we will be in to limit disruption) Lallana( if he plays with the passion he showed last night he will do fine, maybe somebody needs to slap him before he goes on) Henderson, I think, is still playing with an injury so I would also keep him for know. By the summer, if we trust that Klopp with have final say, which I believe he will, he could have a really solid and good squad across the board. A full pre-season training to Klopps methods and we should be challenging on all 4 fronts, with a fitter and more aggressive style of play that will be sustainable. Then slowly and surly each season he will upgrade and get rid of players that are not quite up to it. Whatever happens it will be interesting

    • Absolutely agree with you 100% I see your logic, give ‘some’ players one last chance, and if they don’t live up to expectations, then move them on. Wasn’t it great last night seeing the boys put it all together? Flanno was a bit rusty but as the game went on he got better and better. If he can push on from here we are sorted at right back and makeshift left back if need be. Moreno, maybe Klopp should consider moving him further up field as a left winger? He’s got pace, but he’s not great at defending, can he cross? Sometimes he’s good, sometimes not, if we can get the lad to cross consistently he’d be worth keeping. Adam looked terrific, this is the lad we saw at Southampton, finally he showed that form and more. He was the stand out player in a team full of good performances. Even Milner turned up this time. Kolo was excellent I’d keep him at LFC for one more season. Roberto looks settled now, his form has been very good for many weeks and he’s showing what a terrific talent he is on a weekly basis. I hope Klopp brings in his former team mate Kevin Volland. Roberto and Kevin worked well together, it would be good to see those two in the red shirt. Have you watched much of Timo Werner and Max Meyer? Max is a more rounded player at the moment but Timo is a real talent and at just 19 he’s got all the promise in the world to be a top player. What’s great is that the supporters really do have hope now, we can see the future is bright under Klopp and his unsung coaches. Like you said, it’s just a matter of off loading players who haven’t worked out for us and getting in good quality new players over the summer. If only Flanno could play in centre midfield eh Keith? :) He’d be a beast. It’ll never happen of course but it’s a good thought. We have to keep hold of him, did you see THAT tackle on Sterling? Ha! That was beautiful. And Hendo’s reaction was great! I loved that. Flanno!

      • Unfortunately I don’t get to see much, apart from the Liverpool games, even those on the weekend I tape and watch delayed, mid week is fine as its comes on late over hear. maybe 10 min. of a Barca game and 5 min if the Scum are losing, it brightens up my day:) I would prefer a German, i think their mind set and mentality suits the prem better that most. Have you watched the Polish mid that we are linked to? Klopp is the real deal a manger that gets us, no BS, hyper-boil down to earth and his support staff are really on the ball. Not since Rafa have I had the feeling that we are building something special. Next year we will be right in the mix and the year after the rest better watch out. It’s going to be a wild and wonderful ride. I had to suffer The Bodge as a commentator against City. I did not think he could be actually worse as a commentator than a manager, but he was. Not sure he could inspire a piss up in a brewery. have a look at the fixture list of the top 8 teams, a lot will still happen before then end

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