This Is Anfield’s powerful multi-platform advertising and sponsorship opportunities connect advertisers to an influential and engaged global audience. We have worked with leading brands to grow audiences and conversions.

Our clients include:

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Why advertise with This Is Anfield

Founded in 2001, This Is Anfield has grown into one of the largest independent fan-run web sites in world football. Our large audience reach allows us to have a powerful voice amongst the fans of Liverpool Football Club.


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Advertising Opportunities

        • Display

          Creatives can be targeted by location and device to pinpoint your desired market.
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        • Editorial

          Publish an article, infographic or video on This Is Anfield to an engaged audience with deeplinks and rich media. Articles are featured on homepage and distributed through the site’s social media channels.

        • Bespoke

          We would be delighted to discuss creating a bespoke advertising, sponsorship or content strategy to improve brand performance. Get in touch with us to discuss ideas.

Rate card

Please use the following as a guide of our advertising rates. We are happy to make a complete advertising solution for you with discounts available on a sliding scale. Please get in touch for more details.

CPM (£)
Fixed Fee (£)
DesktopLeaderboard728x90 creative advert sitting in the site's header, above the fold.0.60N/A
DesktopMPU - Option 1300x250 pixel creative sitting in sidebar on homepage and articles.0.60N/A
DesktopMPU - Option 2300x250 pixel creative sitting below articles. User engaged as they finish reading.0.40N/A
DesktopSkyscraper - Option 1160x600 pixel creative sitting above the fold, to left of body on articles. Not available on homepage.0.60N/A
DesktopSkyscraper - Option 2160x600 pixel creative sitting in sidebar, to right of article body. User engaged as they read article.0.40N/A
DesktopBackground image / takeoverClickable responsive background image of entire site. High engagement.N/A500 per week.
MobileMobile MPU300x250 pixel creative above the fold. Prominent, large real estate.1.00N/A
MobileIn-line Mobile MPU300x250 pixel creative intersecting article body, engaging with user as they read content.0.50N/A
MobileBelow Mobile MPU300x250 pixel creative sitting below articles. User engaged as they finish reading.0.50N/A
Desktop & MobileEditorialsOne published rich media article distributed via our social media channels.N/A100 per article.
Prices exclude UK VAT at 20%. All creatives and editorials are subject to approval.

Contact / Get a quote

Please get in touch with us to discuss your advertising requirements, campaign objectives and we will be delighted to offer advice and give you a quote.

E-mail us at [email protected].