Chelsea – “England’s most hated”

Can you believe it, a Man United player speaking sense – well, actually being able to put together a sentence is more than Rio and Wayne can manager – but it’s true! John O’Shea said “It’s fair to say that Chelsea have taken our place as the most hated team in England.”

And Chelsea went on to cement their place as England’s most hated in tonight’s FA Cup quarter final with Newcastle. The game had what most Chelsea matches have these days; unsporting behaviour, players surrounding the referee, commentators being completely biased towards them and droaning on about the special one…

Midway through the first half Geremi went down injured and once Solano put the ball out of play, over half way into the Chelsea half, he got up again. Then from the throw Gudjonsen proceeds to boot the ball right back down the other end for a Newcastle goal kick. Sportingly giving them the ball back – 70 odd yards from where they put it out.

In fact the only thing more annoying than watching Chelsea is having the sound on and hearing John ‘what’s that players name’ Motson and Mark ‘I can’t remember’ Lawrenson crack pathetic jokes, struggle to work out what’s going on when the opposition get the ball and semi-orgasm every time Chelsea get inside the box.

So anyway, Chelsea won 1-0 courtesy of John Terry’s deflected goal early on, and more surprisingly the ‘special one’ decided not to use either of his master tactics of either replacing two players after 25 minutes or sticking the big centre half up front to win the headers. What will he think of next, I can’t wait to learn some more brilliance from Jose’s wonderful world of coaching.

Newcastle had Robbie Elliot sent off late on after Shaun ‘Im off to Chelsea to further my England chances’ Wright-Phillips decided to run straight into him.

Chelsea had a few chances to kill the game off, but Newcastle looked more organised than Sunday unfortunately though they never looked like scoring if a high class prostitute had walked onto the pitch and offered herself for nothing.

So Chelsea march on, at least Motson and co. are happy – maybe they’ll get to watch them in the semi’s where, hopefully, they’ll face Liverpool and kiss their double dreams goodbye.

Rant over.

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