‘Losing your balance is a penalty offence’

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SIR Alex Ferguson has been at it again with his words of wisdom. Speaking in defence of Cristiano Ronaldo winning a penalty at Middlebsrough on Saturday which most people claim was a dive, Ferguson defended his player, saying:

“I have seen it a million times and Cristiano lost his balance completely.”

He then goes on to say:

“The interpretation is down to the referee but, to me, it was a clear penalty.”

So, basically, Ferguson is saying that losing your balance results in a clear penalty. Of course it does when it’s his team involved.

He even went on to say:

“But it is difficult for players who run as quickly as he does.”

So thats it eh, he runs fast so everytime someone goes near him it’s a free kick. Maybe everyone should move out his way and just let him get through? Im sure he’ll be suggesting it soon.

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