Forum Focus: 23/01/07

This week, forum focus looks at posts about the Chelsea game, the long ball tactic and Lucash Neill’s decision to choose West Ham over the Reds (plus the humiliation of Ballack and Drogba!)…

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

Geebo wrote:

Great result. Great peformance. The level of play was very high and very fast. The players looked as fast as the ball sometimes!
I think we are at the top of our game. We dont look tired. It is hard against Chelski because they are so defensive but I think Pennant, Aurelio and Riise did well getting forward. Kuyt and Crouch gave there defence big problems. Steve and Xabi dominated the midfield. Shevvy was anonymous when he came on, FAt Frank was, well, Fat. Droga headbutted Alonso and Riise and took the worst free kick of the season.
On this form we can beat Barcelona. Cant wait to see what Lawreson and Hansen say. But they will probably run and hide as we didnt lose!
It was definitely a six pointer. But it wont mean anything if we dont win away at West ham next week. One more game in Jan and only FOUR games in February! We will be very fit for the league games. I expect our form to continue, if we can beat the mancs at home…..

wiredruid writes:

Shit commentary still though eh? I’m tired of hearing how we took advantage of Chelsea. They were lacking a lot of important players, but we haven’t been in a much better situation either. Our players outclassed them tonight.

Carra was my MOTM, he broke up every single possible threat. Him and Agger looked very solid. Finnan and Aureilo also was brilliant in defense.

Stevie did exactly what was needed of him in midfield, some real creative set-ups, lots of covering defending and did all he could to make Chelsea‘s midfield look shite. Xabi put in a few great balls before he got battered up.

Pennant’s goal was amazing, but he was relatively quiet after. Riise contributed more in the left side in the second half. Kuyt was all around brilliant. Had 2 chances to score late in the game but hes excused for working around the whole field.

Crouchie was, sadly, ineffective today. I don’t know if it was the lack of service or if it is his own positioning…

The ‘Long Ball’

Maxpower writes:

Last year, that was a major splinter in rafa’s tactical gameplan. Too much defensive orientation, not enough attacking momentum. But it guaranteed clean sheets and a 3rd place spot.

Now, we are far more direct and more reliable on short paces and bursts of speed. We have a pacy striker, and crouch proves he’s a good finisher on the ground as well. We use more width now with traditional wingers like gonzalez, and pennant as well as wing backs (aurelio and finnan) depending on the formation.

Sometimes, we play a 4-4-2 which is more like 4-2-2-2 thanks to garcia and gerrard not staying on their flanks and playing more centrally. That works as well, because it’s a better way to make triangle passes into the penalty box.

Though, the latest match against chelsea was mostly about long balls. The other time, it was one of our players running at the defenders and attempt something. (though, we could’ve gotten many breakaways and scored 2 more…). Bottom line, nobody can say we are a longball team because we played fast paced attacking football this season thanks to our added resources.

LFC24-7 responds:

Need to use the long ball at the right time – to mix it up a bit – if we always go to the wide players this too becomes predictable

With the pace (and height) up front and pace on the wings, defences are unsure whether to stay on the wide men or watch the centre.

Even with the long ball if Crouch holds it up and then plays it wide it can get behind and open up defences very quickly.

With the types of players we have all options are available.

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Lucash Neill

Lucas Neill settles for no medals but plenty of money;

GBH writes:

Whatever happened to the famous Australian attitude to sport?

First we have Kewell and his imaginary injuries and then a second rate squad player fucks Rafa around and heads off to West Ham for money and relegation.

Stay away from Aussies from now on and sign a few scottish lads….battlers and winners all of ’em.

redbj disagrees:

not that i like neill apart from in an aussie shirt, but perhaps rafa wasnt able to offer him the right playing circumstances, at 28, no one want s the reserves.

you all act like jilted twisted lovers when a player doesnt choose our squad. its pathetic, and im not just saying that because hes an aussie, infact i dont really even rate the guy,there are countless players that feel lfc wasnt suited to them….perhaps neill actually thought he was not good enough

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Trading Standard Officers have ordered the urgent recall of a defective product found to be faulty and dangerous.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, tests proved the components in the product called “Chelsea FC” would fall apart when placed under the smallest amount of pressure. Consumers first experienced problems last year, when it was noted the product failed to work properly in Europe.

Complaints were made about it malfunctioning and then emitting a continuous whining noise – usually in Portuguese. At the time the complaints were ignored. But when the product started falling apart in Britain over Christmas, the Trading Standards Authority took action.

A spokesman warned: “We particularly want to stress to parents that, with Chelsea FC, there is a genuine risk of choking that may end in tears come May.

Despite assurances from the company behind the product that action was taken to correct the faulty parts, including abandoning the use of the highly unpredictable and sub-standard component “Robert Huth” malfunctions have continued. Consumers have been urged to check the small print carefully for the words “this product may contain traces of Shevchenko”. If that is the case buyers of the product are urged to put it back in its box and return immediately. “Shevchenko” has been known to cause a severe allergic reaction in many consumers, causing them to shout involuntarily “You useless “blip” “blip” and “For blip sake bring back Carlton Cole.

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