D-day as the Reds invade Greece

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It’s d-day for Liverpool and AC Milan in the Champions League final in Athens tonight. Thousands of Reds fans are in the Greek capital, with thousands more on flights from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport and other airports around the country – and the world.

An estimated 50,000 Liverpool fans are expected in Athens, with only 17,000 officially with tickets. A lot of fans are currently working the black market hoping the touts drop their currently sky-high asking prices. Those already in Athens suggest Liverpool fans already outnumber AC Milan fans 3-1, and that the Greek locals are supporting Liverpool.

Various Fans Videos:

The hub of Liverpool fans are in Syntagma Square and Monstrika Square, where locals have been mixing with the Red army, joining in the songs and chants whilst dodging the rain clouds!

Liverpool players and officials are staying at the Pentelikon hotel, which is close to the stadium but secluded, while Milan are staying closer to the coast and an hour from the Olympic Stadium.

There are security fears in Athens with a rumour that 5,000 fake tickets are flooding the blackmarket [Telegraph Report]

This Is Anfield‘s Max Munton checked in at JLA in the early hours of the morning and sends this photo of the departure lounge. We will try to post more from Max’s trip throughout the day, along with other Reds fans in Athens.

Banners in Syntagma Square Fans in Syntagma Square


If you have mobile phone or digital pics, email them to matt @ thisisanfield.com (remove the spaces).

Latest Media and Fans Photos from Wednesday
gate 7

Liverpool Fans

More photos, posted in the RAWK forum by a Greek local, taken at Syntagma Square on Tuesday night.

Syntagma square Syntagma square

Media photos from around Athens on Tuesday:

banner in athens finnan banner

  • More media photos here
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