Celtic and Rangers overwhelmingly rejected by Premier League

A proposal to invite Scottish Premier League giants Celtic and Rangers into a re-formatted Barclays Premier League as been rejected by members of the Premier League at a meeting this afternoon.

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside proposed that the Premier League be made up of two 18 team tiers in a revamp of the current system, which would also see the Old Firm invited to enter the bottom of the two tiers.

However representatives of the current 20 Premier League clubs moved to reject the idea, although a new two-tier format is still up for debate in the near future.

“Bolton Wanderers submitted a discussion paper detailing ideas concerning the restructuring of the Premier League into two tiers with the inclusion of Celtic and Rangers,” read a Premier League statement.

“The clubs welcomed the additional input into an ongoing process, however, they were of the opinion that bringing Celtic and Rangers into any form of Premier League set-up was not desirable or viable.

“The other relevant ideas contained within Bolton’s paper will now be taken forward as part of the wider strategic review being undertaken by the Premier League since November 2008 with the aim of providing recommendations before December 2010.”