Two-tier Premier League including Celtic and Rangers proposal to be put forward

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside will put forward his proposal for a two-tiered Premier League system that would include Scottish Premier League giants Celtic and Rangers tomorrow.

Representatives from all 20 Premier League clubs will sit alongside Premier League officials to discuss pressing matters.

And Gartside hopes to persuade fellow members to show interest in his idea that would involve two Premier League divisions of 18 teams in each, including inviting the Old Firm to join as well as an Irish franchise.

Although the plan seems to favour Gartside’s interest in keeping Bolton in the Premier League, it has been met with enthusiasm by Aston Villa boss Martin O’Neil.

O’Neil said, “I would like to see both teams in the Premier League. I think it would make the Premier League even stronger.

“I’ve been there, Celtic is just an unbelievable football club and Rangers also.

“I don’t think for one minute the likes of ourselves, Aston Villa, would sit back and think ‘well that’s it’, or just give up. I think all clubs would try and get stronger because of it.”

Other matters to be discussed at the meeting on Thursday between 11am-2pm will be the sponsorship of the league with Barclays and recent refereeing complaints.