A glimpse of what the new Anfield may look like

Sports Stadia’s designs of how a new Anfield and the entrance to the new Kop may look

Some exciting designs of Liverpool Football Club’s potential new stadium, redevelopment and from a leading architects, engineering and construction consortium, Sports Stadia, have surfaced on the internet.

Sports Stadia have revealed three sets of designs – what a new stadium on nearby Stanley Park would look like, the redevelopment of the current Anfield stadium to 60,000 seats, and an expansion of Anfield to 50,000 seats.

Ian Ritchie Architects has granted permission for us to provide a link to the designs at sports-stadia.co.uk.

The firm’s website also lists several key advantages to a new stadium being built over a redevelopment of Anfield. It includes minimal disruption and development within the local community. Well worth a read.

We particularly like their designs for a redeveloped Anfield, which revolve around the concept, ‘Keep the Kop, rebuild the rest’. Take a look at the designs yourself and let us know your preference in the comments below!

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