Video: PROOF – Evra refuses Suarez handshake

11 February 2012

Patrice Evra successfully portrayed himself as the victim today but this video below clearly shows it was he who first refused Luis Suarez’s handshake.

The Man United captain moves his hand away as Suarez approaches during the pre-match handshakes.

Suarez therefore avoids Evra, while Evra then reaches out – while looking directly into the Sky camera with a look of shock that an esteemed actor would have been proud of – thus making Suarez look like he refused the handshake.

St. Patrice then went flying into a challenge within the first minute in his eagerness to put it on Suarez. He then, according to reports, attempted to square up to Suarez at half-time in the tunnel. Then after full time went jumping around the Old Trafford pitch, purposefully doing so in front of Suarez.

Yet Suarez is the one being portrayed as the villain once again by the national media.

And devious, lying Evra is the victim.

UPDATE: Despite Suarez’s admission and apology for not shaking Evra’s hand, our belief remains that Evra has his own part in this and he was all too keen for this outcome. Neither player wanted to shake the other’s hand and this is clear from all video evidence.

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