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Recently, a fly on the wall documentary was broadcasted giving unprecedented access to one of the worlds most successful and prestigious football clubs – Liverpool FC. It took us behind the scenes of the club, players and management team with Brendan Rodgers at the helm.

To celebrate the DVD release of Being: Liverpool, out on 26th November, we take a look at other football managers and their moments caught on camera.

Kevin “Love it!” Keegan

Newcastle United and Manchester United were locked in a battle for the Premier League title back in 1996, and the pressure finally got to Kevin Keegan during an interview.

Harry Redknapp “Wheeler Dealer”

In a post-match interview, the Tottenham Hotspur manager was described by the interviewer as a “wheeler dealer,” something that he did not take too well.

Trapattoni – Bayern Munich rant

During a press conference, Trapattoni delivered a spectacular rant that left a host of journalists stunned

Phil Brown ‘Team-talk’

Hull football manager Phil Brown gives his half time team talk on the pitch in front of Hull fans in 2008.

Roy Keane – ‘turn it off’

There’s nothing worse than a mobile phone going off in the middle of a conference call is there Roy?

Roberto Mancini “Why? Why? Why you continue to ask me?’

Mancini rants at a reporter at a press conference for the Man City vs Ajax 6th Nov game.

Arsene Wenger gets angry

It’s not often we see Arsene Wenger lash out but a few years back, Pardew hit a nerve.

Sir Alex Ferguson ‘Balloon’

Ferguson’s rages and outbursts are pretty well documented; from throwing hairdryers and football boots to swearing at journalists. Unfortunately most of those moments aren’t available but we did find a funny clip of Ferguson’s reaction to a balloon.

Harry Redknapp ‘How the F**k have you kicked that over here?’

Another classic moment from the Wheeler Dealer.

Neil Warnock

Neil Warnock gives his Huddersfield Town team a half time a talking to.

Graham Taylor and Rob Shepherd

During a press conference Graham Taylor tries to cheer up reporter Rob Shepherd on England’s performance.

Joe Kinner’s rant at the journalist

Joe Kinner has a bone to pick with a Daily Mirror journalist.

Jose Mourhino

Jose Mourinho or ‘The Special One’ has always had a way with words when it comes to a good rant and here is an example of a pretty good one.

Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitiez is the king of cool when it comes to a rant and demonstrates this perfectly below when speaking about Alex Ferguson.


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