Scarves, matchday general image (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

Kids Quiz: Test your Liverpool-related spelling

There are always names, places and stadiums which can test anyone’s ability to spell it correctly, and here we have put together a spelling quiz for the younger fans in our ranks.

From silent letters to an insane number of rules in the English language, spelling can prove to be a stumbling block for the best of us.

Liverpool have had a number of players who have been linked with or have made the move to Anfield over the years who pose new challenges, from Stig Inge Bjornebye to Xherdan Shaqiri.

And here we’ve made spelling a little more interesting with Liverpool at the heart of all the questions and what you have to do is pick which words are spelt correctly, unscramble words and fill in the missing letters.

Give it a go and test your Liverpool spelling ability here!