“Mind blowing,” “incredible details” – Liverpool fans share their Mishmash artwork

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We launched the Liverpool Mishmash poster after the Reds lifted title number 19, and supporters have been sharing their pictures with the incredible artwork ever since.

The Liverpool Mishmash – which showcases the history of the Reds in one image – is a unique piece of artwork from football illustrator Alex Bennett.

Taking over 20 months to complete, the level of detail is incredible and only once you receive the print in person do you fully realise this.

“It’s even more mind-blowing up close,” writes one fan. “You see something new each time you look.”

There is every moment from Liverpool history in this one very unique print; from Bruce Grobbelaar’s ‘spaghetti legs’ in Rome, to Gerrard in Istanbul, to Jordan Henderson‘s Premier League trophy lift this year.

And then there are the more quirky moments, like Kevin Keegan falling off his bike on the TV show Superstars, to Divock Origi receiving a whopping kiss off a fan.

“This is a fantastic bit of artwork,” writes one fan. “Honestly blown away.”

“I knew it would be good but this piece is honestly unbelievable,” writes another. “So worth the wait, the ridiculous hours you put in have paid off.”

The print also features the best fan banners and flags from Liverpool’s history, leaving you captivated for hours.

“It has all the fun and intricacy of a ‘Where’s Wally?’ illustration – but with no Wally!”

Of course, we’re biased, but this is honestly an ideal Christmas present for any Liverpool fan. It will keep them entertained for hours and will blow you away in person. We encourage you to order now to avoid postal delays this winter.

* The Mishmash poster measures 70cm x 100cm (695mm x 993mm) and comes unframed.

Get your Liverpool Mishmash here, exclusively on This Is Anfield

Read more reviews here and see a selection of fans with their Mishmash below:

My man thinks it’s a gift for him, and just loves it, but, in truth, I needed this just as much! It’s amazing, the details you find in it are brilliant, some to make you laugh, giggle, and even feel sad. It’s an excellent item, delighted to be the owner of it, we have opened it up on the pool table, and will no doubt not be playing pool for a long time now! Intend to get a snap frame so we can wall hang it. Thank you so much!

I can’t give this a high enough review. The attention to detail is incredible. Genuinely one of the best pieces of artwork I’ve ever seen.

Our amazing history over 128 years, captured on a remarkable piece of work. Coming in the year that we ended the 30 year wait is so appropriate. Whether your young or old, this is a remarkable caricature catalogue of our past. Framed it will never grow old because of the memories contained within it. A real talent has produced this, every Red should have one.

Get your Liverpool Mishmash here, exclusively on This Is Anfield

* To get your Mishmash framed, we recommend P&J Framing here.

* Find out more about the process involved in making the mishmash, here.

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