Make Us Dream banner flag, Anfiel. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“You never know…” – Liverpool fans embrace possibilities of final day dreams

Liverpool fans know the Reds’ fate is not entirely in their own hands, but whatever happens today this team will be celebrated as the champion side they are.

There is just one point that separates Liverpool and Man City heading into the final day of the season, a set of circumstances not too unfamiliar for the two sides.

For Liverpool, they can only focus on clinching all three points against Wolves and then seeing how the chips fall between City and Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa.

There will be plenty of discussions with the football gods to help swing the title in the Reds’ direction throughout the day, as you just never know what may happen.

And while Reds all share the same hopes and dreams today, no matter how the final day ends, it’s been a season to be proud of…not that it ends at Anfield today!

Days like this are why we love the unpredictability of sport, you just never know what may happen.

They’ve made us proud, whatever happens. These are the days.

Up the Reds!