Video: Everton’s Tribute to 96 “He’s my brother”

Everton paid their tribute to the 96 victims of the Hillsborough disaster following last week’s report into the tragedy.

Sheffield Fire Service did not know where Hillsborough was

In one of the many bemusing findings from the Hillsborough Independent Panel report, it is revealed how the control room at Sheffield Fire Service did not know where Hillsborough football stadium was.

You’ll Never Walk Alone?

Liverpudlian reacts to this weeks events and praises the families resolve during the 23 years where the country wouldn’t listen.

Liverpool – The Truth at last

Si Steers pens his reaction to the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Police ignored evidence of doctor who treated Hillsborough victims

A revealing letter, written in 1996, shows how a doctor who treated Hillsborough victims was ignored in the aftermath following the 3:15pm cut off time.

Press Reaction to Hillsborough Independent Panel

The first editions of today’s newspapers following yesterday’s revelations from the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

Video – David Cameron’s Hillsborough Apology

Prime Minister David Cameron gave a profound apology for the “double injustice” suffered by Hillsborough families in the House of Commons today.

The apologists – Mackenzie and SYP add to the list

South Yorkshire Police and Kelvin Mackenzie add to apologies from Sheffield Wednesday and Prime Minister David Cameron.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Wednesday, April 27, 2016: Thousands of people gather outside Liverpool's St George's Hall in remembrance of the 96 victims who died at the Hillsborough disaster, a day after after a two-year long inquest court delivered a verdict of unlawful killing. (Pic by Propaganda)

Hillsborough: THE TRUTH – THEY LIED

The findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel have been released today and the results have been revelatory.

Hillsborough – The Truth

23 years ago today, 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives attending an FA Cup semi-final. May they Rest in Peace.