Ben Arfa “could be used in exchange deal for Andy Carroll”

on 05.02.2013

A report in The Guardian newspaper claims Newcastle attacker Hatem Ben Arfa is wanted by Liverpool and could be used in a deal that would see striker Andy Carroll return to Tyneside.

Last month, the French attacking midfielder was quoted in an interview with BeIn Sport saying “I am interested by Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Today, these clubs are over Newcastle.”

The 25 year old is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury. The report suggests Newcastle’s interest in taking Carroll back to St. James’ Park makes a move for Ben Arfa more favourable.

Meanwhile, another Liverpool transfer target, Blackpool winger Tom Ince, scored twice for England Under 21’s in their 4-0 win over Sweden on Tuesday night. Reds’ midfielder Jonjo Shelvey was also on target, while Jordan Henderson captained the side and Andre Wisdom and Jack Robinson lined-up in defence for Stuart Pearce’s side.

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  1. What a joke. Congratulations on making up complete rubbish. Don’t know why Ben Arfa would be interested in Liverpool, or why Newcastle would sell him for Andy Carroll with the center forward with fewer goals this year and last than Ben Arfa who’s a midfielder/winger.

    • Then you’re pretty fuc*ing dumb. Liverpool are a team on the up and Newcastle are useless so of course Arfa would love to play with great talent like Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Coutinho.. tbh Arfa isn’t needed at Liverpool..

      • You talk some rubbish like a typical scouse: always rambling on about how Liverpool will be once again the “greatest” like they use to be. Face it!… Your team sucks… Without Suarez you lot are a nobody!

        • If Liverpool sucks then what derogatory description could you apply to the barcodes? The only thing you have won in decades is the 2nd rate, 2nd division.

        • ^^ Please learn to type and spell correctly, if you are representative of what Newcastle has to offer, then why would Arfa want to stay there and have any intelligence sapped out of him.

  2. 20 million for ben arfa? ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Other papers say part of a swap deal ha ha ha ha

    carrol is wanted by pardew as Ameobis replacement. Hes valued at around 7 million and will be a tactical cover player.

    Ben Arfa on the other hand was and still is rated hby newcastle higher than carrol was when it cost Liverpool 35 million.

    Rodgers must like to dream. How about getting Messi for 22 million? ha ha ha ha ha

    • That’s a lot of laughter.
      Do you really think this is Rodger’s dream? Or is it a lazy piece of journalism by the guardian that other online media have followed up on?

  3. Why would we want a winger thats injured all the time? i dont care how we get rid of carroll but i dont think we need ben arfa

    • For the record, he’s not “injured all the time”; a double leg break is hardly indicative of a poor injury record, and hamstring injuries are tough to nurse, which is what he has right now. Other than that he was fine from his return around Christmas *last* season until this injury in November.

  4. There is as much chance of Liverpool swappimg shola ameobi for suarez as there is of getting ben arfa for 20 million.
    They might consider suarez and cash though

  5. This was completely unsubstantiated rumour mongering by the guardian. They took two very thin links, a dubious interview with Ben Arfa and Newcastle’s reported interest in Carroll and came up with this. Given Newcastle weren’t willing to offer 10m for Carroll in the summer are they really likely to exchange him for there best player? That said the comment about Liverpool needing to offer Suarez and some money is absurd. Suarez is one the most highly rated (and valued) players in the world after his performances this season.

  6. Come on, the more sensible Liverpool supporters will know this wont happen. Mike Ashley would take you to the cleaners again, no matter how good a deal the guardian present you with in their rumour section. HBA is for sale, as is any player at any club but only for huge money that would present a better deal for Newcastle than for Liverpool, you can be sure of that… Not trying to sound ITK, because i dont know anymore than the rest of you, im just looking at previous experiences and the fact that Newcastle havnt sould anyone since their great season last season, but Ba who had a release on account of his dodgy knee which gave him a pay as you play contract. Dont expect there to be anymore of those.

  7. I can assure you that whilst we do have an openness to the idea of resigning Carroll it will not involve a swap with Ben Arfa; Obertan might be an option or even Marveaux, but given that PSG and Real Madrid are sniffing around Ben Arfa at a reported fee of £25m+ you can forget all thoughts of Ben Arfa.
    I guess it’s that time of year, immediately post window when newspapers needs to scramble manically to generate any sort of gossip.

  8. To be fair I must say that we got plenty of attack minded midfielders in our arsenal…. at the moment what we lack are players who are a bit defensive and who can support the attackers and carry the burden for the team…. we need a bit of physical presence in the midfield who can provide the license to attack to the likes of Gerrard, Henderson and even the new signing Coutinho……. M Sissoko..or M vila would definitely be a better addition than Ben Arfa

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