Liverpool midfielder blasts “keyboard warriors”


Following the 2-0 defeat to West Brom at Anfield on Monday night, Liverpool midfielder Jonjo Shelvey responded to criticism from fans on twitter by saying that “half the people on here haven’t got a clue”.


He added “#keyboardwarriors” to his tweet.

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Shelvey was given his first League start since boxing day, having last week claimed he was a victim of the defeat to Stoke.

“I played against Stoke and obviously I didn’t have too great a game” he said. “I had a few personal issues that were going on in my life. I didn’t think I was the only one that had a bad game that day but I was the one that suffered if you know what I mean.”

Shelvey was replaced after 60 minutes in tonight’s defeat.

Regardless of opinions on player performances, abusing a player isn’t warranted. Shelvey though would probably have been best staying well clear of twitter tonight and not taking notice of those aiming their anger at him.

Shelvey certainly wasn’t alone in under performing for Liverpool tonight.

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  • sideshow_bob


  • SRS

    A footballer on twitter is like a person walking around wearing a giant dartboard. You’re going to attract the odd prick.

  • Brandon Solomon

    Shelvey runs around the field like a madman who’s free for the first time in years. He’s amazing; everywhere at once. I noticed that when they subbed him out, Liverpool lost some pace on the ball and the game slowed down. His presence kept pressure on West Brom and kept them from being able to mount defenses as quickly as they would have liked. If they had taken out Glen Johnson (for Sterling) and left Borini on the bench, Liverpool would have likely won the match.

  • smuggy

    Jonjos been whining too much. Should just concentrate on his footy. Even on the pitch he complains like a diva. Sloppy in possession. Should learn some humility from hendo or lucas.

  • anj2099

    Its no point playing the blame game. Lets be honest they were all crap! Brendan screwed up in my opinion by playing shelvey instead of sticking to the midfield that played against city, and then taking off Jordan Henderson lo behold we lost that bit of pace in that area. Forget the fourth place aint happening. wishfull thinking. Love to win uefa cup for Carra just for a great send off for an amazing player ……. but im a bit of dreamer.

  • mixterz

    He had the worst touch of any liverpool player last night

    • Buzzardbreath

      No, that was Johnson who was absolutely clueless; dithering whenever he got within 5 yards of the area. That was the worst display I have ever seen from him.

      • FritzCanuck

        I would include Enrique in the passing department and Suarez’ cross-eyed attempts on goal. Downing was a treat though.

  • JulHI

    I thought BR let loose “Frankenstein” on the field! He’s totally no value for the club!

  • Chico

    When I saw Shelvey on the team sheet I was worried. And there he goes and has another Crap game. I don’t blame him for the defeat but D’agger must be dropped after that shocker. Rogers team selection needs some serious work.

  • marctick

    Shelvey, how much do you get paid! Stop complaining and get on with doing your job to the standard that that is expected of a Liverpool player.

  • vruz

    Berating the fans after an abysmal performance?

    Unfit for LFC.

  • knk69er

    Paid to play in millions of $. Play football everyday. Can’t be discipline enough not to get offside???

  • Rederik

    The supporters have a right to be angry they are sick of watching players getting paid wages they could only dream of giving sh-t performances, a lot of Liverpool players including Shelvey should note Bob Paisley wouldn,t have let you put the shirt back on again after a sh-t performance like last nights

  • FritzCanuck

    The way to respond to negative fans is to show them what you can do. Lucas, Henderson, Enrique (though not in the WBA tilt) and Downing have all quieted the doubters. Shelvey, on the basis of his performance Monday, has not helped his cause.

  • Daniel Recsetar

    jonjo would be doin himself no good by spouting of when he was one who didn’t have a again after complaining of not getting games after a poor performance against stoke,well he’s proven Rodgers right to not play him after drifting offside or out of the game hense it’s probably a problem Brendan is seeing in training & to air complaint of not playing in 1st team isn’t a professional attitude

  • Butragenio

    Shelvey was bad. Brenda was worse for selecting him. However, he must be ashamed of himself for reacting like that with the fans. After all the $hit we have had to take this year, I think us fans deserve a bit of understanding. Its not like we were playing Real Madrid and lost! WE LOST AGAINST WEST BROM AT HOME!!!!

  • Ian Huddy

    I’m not a keyboard warrior, I am a Kop season ticket holder and I reserve the right to have my view on your efforts Shelvey. Your game was well off- as were others, so chin up, stop complaining and get the hell on with it boy.

  • JFT96

    exactly sideshow_bob c**t dont even deserve to wear the shirt of liverpool half of the liverpool team dont firstly borini he should just go to a non league club and play for them he is useless another thing is shelvey is a championship player he is not a geuine goal scorer so shelvey stick ur comments where the sun dont shine lad

  • tommygun

    Shelvey wasn’t the only one to have a pretty poor game against brom. But then he makes it sound like he’s the only one who’s come in for criticism, which isn’t the case at all. There was even a short piece in the Liverpool Echo today, about Agger receiving some stick on twitter after the game…..Agger’s response was to hold his hands up, admit that he had a very bad 10 mins where he was caught out and at fault in both goals, and say he knows it just wasn’t good enough. Shelvey also mentions the stoke game & seems to have some resentment about it, the implication being that he believes his recent lack of game time stems from his performance in that game & with
    “I didn’t think I was the only one that had a bad game that day but I was the one that suffered if you know what I mean”
    He seems to think he’s been unfairly treated because of it. Brendan has said in the past that players get the chance to impress him every day in training and not just when they get game time. I think Shelvey would be much better off answering criticism on the pitch rather than getting a cob on with people on twitter. Who hasn’t had criticism for having a bad day at work and messing something up? And sometimes criticism when it isn’t even deserved?
    Accept you had a bad game Shelvey, take the criticism on the chin & use it to spur you on. His performances have been marked with hit and miss inconsistency from way before the stoke game & I think that’s why he hasn’t been getting the games lately. Somehow I doubt Rodgers will be overly impressed with Shelvey for what he’s said and implied with his above comments. Shelvey would do well to take a look at Henderson. During the summer the club looked to use him as a make weight in a deal for a £6 million rated player because the club had offered £4 million & Fulham came back asking them to up it by £2 million in order to match offers they had from elsewhere. Henderson refused, he said he wanted to stay and fight. He didn’t get much in the way of game time coming his way, but from what Rodgers has said recently Jordan ran himself into the ground every day in training, staying behind to do extra work. He didn’t moan about the situation, he didn’t complain about criticism coming his way, he just redoubled his efforts to impress and to improve his game, and eventually it paid off & he’s started working his way into the starting 11 with some impressive performances.