Reports: Liverpool to sign Steven Caulker on loan

on 12.01.2016

Liverpool are to looking to sign QPR defender Steven Caulker – who is currently on a season loan to Southampton.

CARDIFF, WALES - Sunday, November 3, 2013: Cardiff City's captain Steven Caulker in action against Swansea City during the Premiership match at the Cardiff City Stadium. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The former Cardiff City captain, 24, was often linked with a move to Anfield during Brendan Rodgers‘ time in charge – with the former Liverpool manager having worked with the English defender during a loan spell at Swansea.

Reports earlier this month indicated that current boss Jurgen Klopp was keen to add an experienced defender to his ranks after the series of injuries to his centre-backs this month, with Borussia Dortmund’s Neven Subotic reportedly his first choice.

But Dortmund appear to have refused a move for Subotic and now Liverpool have turned to Caulker – who has had little playing time at Southampton this season and therefore Liverpool hope his temporary deal at the south coast club can be cut short in order to allow a move to Merseyside for the rest of the season.

The news is reported by, among others, Paul Joyce of the Express – a very reliable source for Liverpool information.

Caulker joined Southampton on a season loan last summer following QPR’s relegation, but has started just one league game for Ronald Koeman’s side this season.

The experienced centre-back, who began his career at Tottenham, has not played for Southampton since they were beaten 6-1 by Liverpool in the League Cup quarter-final.

Mamadou Sakho and Kolo Toure should be back available for the home match against Arsenal on Wednesday, while Dejan Lovren could return for the FA Cup replay against Exeter next week. Martin Skrtel faces another few weeks out.

With Europa League commitments to restart next month, Klopp clearly wants more defensive cover and Caulker is available and Premier League experienced at least.

Liverpool would be his eighth club of his career so far.

UPDATE: Liverpool are attempting to push through the move today (Tuesday) so that Caulker can be registered in time to face Arsenal tomorrow night at Anfield. He could train with the Reds this afternoon.

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  1. How do we go from Hummels to Subotic to Matip to Caulker? :/
    Has Rodgers been appointed to the transfer committee?

    • Matip and subotic should be switched mate!!and well,clearly our primary targets isn’t available in Jan,matip is free in the summer,it would be smart to get him then,and well,hummels will not leave in Jan,he’s one of dortmund’s key players,if he leaves,it will be in the summer!!

    • Matip average rating this season is 7.8 by whoscored. Higher than any of our defenders. Matip is a beast! Just watch some of Shalke’s games and not against Bayern – unfair.

      Hummels has been quite poor for BVB. Sokratis is the main guy there. Subotic is FOURTH choice after Ginter now!

      Mian reason is BVB refuse to loan and want to sell at an inflated price for a 4th choice defender with 12-18 months on his contract and who is injury prone? No thanks..

      • hmm, Ginter, that´s a nice one, apart from his back injuriy 2 years ago he´s fairly solid, 2 goals, 7 assists of 13 games this season (take note certain striker, and he´s an effing defender), useful in EL and cup too and at 6 foot and a bit also some presence…10m valued, whaddayafink IGNI? :)

    • We were never getting Hummels anyway! I don’t seen him leaving BVB.

      Subotic as good as he was and I was his biggest fan, he has suffered with injuries and is 4th choice, he simply has lost most of what he has and he may not adapt to the EPL right now when we need him to, its hard to say but it would be a bad move for LFC.

      Joel Matip would be nice now but we can get him for free in 5 months time, unless Shcakle would accept a decent fee this month.

      Caulker has played in the EPL and imagine not doing alot at your club and getting a chance to play for Jurgen Klopp. If that wouldn’t bring the best out of him I dunno what would and HE’s FREE!

  2. Not the most exciting rumour to be honest but then again it’s not the daftest either, if there is any truth in this it pretty much confirms our main target or targets simply aren’t available before the summer, at least it would give us low cost temporary cover and being a loan deal we won’t be stuck with another average squad player, maybe it does have some merit (if true of course)…

    • I think its the SMART option.

      BVB won’t let Subotic go unless we buy him – which is basically buying Skrtel V2 with a better head and we won’t know how he adapts to the EPL.

      Shalke have refused to consider selling Matip in Jan. 6 months time hes free. Would rather we loan Caulker now and sign Matip free in the summer. If Caulker does impress (considering Skrtel is his main competition for RCB so won’t be hard) would actually get both as Klopp needs depth considering how hard he trains the lads.

      18M for a out of favour Italian defender who hasn’t played in a year… next joke…

        • And as great as Howedes has been he too is injury prone…. We have 2 excellent CBs atm that are both injury prone in Lovren and Sahko.. Need a spine that is tough as nails!

  3. Wow! I didn’t see that coming but it means January is not a good month to get your targets. Maybe summer transfer window will have better tidings for us!!!

  4. Every team in the world knows we need a defender, an oppurtunity for teams to over-inflate the price. Good to see Klopp isnt gonna be suckered into buying for the sake of it. A loans makes total sense.

      • Exactly.

        Hopefully Matip is still on the club’s radar.
        Him, on a free would be fantastic business.

        Both Sakho and Lovren have had injury problems since they have been here and neither Ilori or Toure are massively reliable when it comes to the fitness stakes either.

        Caulker is sensible option with the amount of games we have to play and Skrtel still not fit.

        • Well said.

          Kolo should retire this year or be moved into a management type role. Definitely can’t be relied upon.

          We will see what Illori is made of these coming weeks but Skrtel should also be shipped off.

          Matip, Lovren and Sahko as 3 senior defenders
          with Joe Gomez and Illori backups…

      • If we’re not in the CL by then, and rest assured we won’t be if Caulker is our idea of a January “signing”, I dont see us getting good deals even with Klopp in charge. We’ll again overpay for overrated players. No way are we getting a Howedes, a Xhaka or Icardi without CL football.

        • Howedes Injury troubles are as bad as Sahko… We could get a Matip though!

          I don’t mind overpaying for those players though!

          • I do agree but thing is Shalke don’t want to sell for reasonable money – would you pay 10M for a player who is free in 6 months?! FSG will never do that.

            If we get him to sign a pre-contract then I will be much happier.

          • That’s cool, I posted the comment below at the same time as you posted yours, I was thinking exactly the same as you..

          • I couldn’t agree more but I also don’t discount the possibility that we’ve tried/are trying, maybe the player himself doesn’t want a move until the summer, that wouldn’t prevent a pre-contract agreement now however, I don’t discount that either…

          • If we can’t convince someone like Matip to join us, we surely wont be abls to convince better players to move in the summer. I guess this shows we truly keep falling further down

          • We not Barca though, no one is going to jump at the chance of joining us it’s sad but it’s the long journey we’re having to go though as fan of this mighty club. Plus you got to think about the signing on fee they get, wouldn’t you wait 6 month to get a load of cash just cause your a free agent.

          • We not Barca though, no one is going to jump at the chance of joining us it’s sad but it’s the long journey we’re having to go though as fan of this mighty club. Plus you got to think about the signing on fee they get, wouldn’t you wait 6 month to get a load of cash just cause your a free agent.

        • I don’t think Caulker was ever our idea of a January signing but given our situation it still makes sense but only as a stop gap which it clearly is. No doubt a lack of CL football would make it harder to attract top talent, that’s indisputable but there’s no evidence that Klopp will ever sanction paying over the odds for average players, I’d like to think those days are behind us…

      • Fsg bloody cheapsters.
        Buys benteke for 32.5mil lallana,marko,lovren for 20mil+ each
        Fsg- waste money bloody idiots.

        I certainly think that they are not exactly cheap. But that nobody wants to come to liverpool.

        Sincerely hope klopp can change that.

        • Also wages and who the committee think are “value”.


          Shaquiri for 12M – thrived in UCL with Basel, great squad player for Bayern, ok failed at Inter.

          Lallana – one decent season for Southampton. 26. Asking price 25M.
          Lallana it is!!


          Salah – Price wanted 10M. LFC offered 8M.
          Tearing up UCL. Quick pacey available. 4 weeks we sat haggling over 2m for chelsea to sign him in 18 hours.

          Markovic for 20M – half an okay season – 1 goal and 1 assist Benfica.

          Marko it is!!!

          Remy – 8M – scoring goals in EPL for fun – 16 for a dire QPR and Newcastle. 100k a week.
          Balo – problem child. 60% goals are penalties. Lazy and bad attitude. 120K a week. 16M.

          Balo it is!!!

          Aderweierd – captain Ajax. 1 year left. Asking price 9M. Experienced defender and psychically strong.

          Illori – unknown portugese defender with 6 months of first team football. 7m.

          Illori it is!!!!

          FSG LOGIC. Baffling Fans since 2012.

          Buy Carrol 35M
          Sell Carrol 18M
          Buy cheap older version Carrol – Lambert 4M
          Sell cheap older version Carrol – 3M
          Buy really expensive lazy version of Carrol – Benteke 32.5M….

          • Fu ck those players. We’ve missed out on players like Dybala, Griezmann, Alli, Eriksen and so many countless others over the years. Pathetic record. Absolutely horrendous.

          • Erikson I can live with as we wouldn’t have gotten Coutinho.

            Ali seems like was a committee stuff up. Bodgers would have had a hard on for him as we know he did.

            Griezman we weren’t even in the running for. Didn’t even enquire!

            My absolute worst. Alexis. Barca wanted Suarez. We had the trump card….

          • Agreed. What a load of bull that was.
            Griezmann was being targeted by LFC scouts and it seemed to me we would get a bid in but instead someone in the committee somehow thought Lambert+Balo was a better deal.

          • How Ian Ayre, Mike Gordan and Co are still in a job is beyond me after the 3 years of drire performance in the market.

            Yes 50% of those players were Bodgers.
            But Balo nor Marko were and Ali was definitely one he wanted. So the TC needs to be helf accountable for the other 50% of failure!

          • Unfortunately…

            Ayre has been great as a commercial director but imagine how we would flourish with a true DOF in charge…. Rafa could be great too?!

          • Would have been the third greatest decision FSG made after getting Klopp and redeveloping Anfield.

            Giuseppe Marotta was instrumental in getting Pogba over. He too spotted Morata and Dyabla. Basically rebuilt Juve with minimal investment compared to what we spend every summer!

          • The fact that FSG don’t even have the required personnel to carry out their moneyball philosophy, shows how incompetent they really are.

          • Mike Gordon owns 12% of Fsg- so unless you buy out his Fsg stake (500 mill?????) his job is safe !

          • Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth.

            If we get a DOF I doubt he can do his jon with Gordan watching over his shoulder.

          • I’m not sure a Dof would make any difference being honest. Transfers are hit and miss at the best of times. The guy at Juventus did well but the Italian league is not near as competitive as the premier league.
            The commitee does the same job as a Dof- for me our issue is our wage structure/ limitations and Fsg looking for youth more than proven players.Trying to get top players to the north west of England without paying the top wages means taking gambles on potential ( Balotelli Benteke etc etc etc). Hopefully Klopp can get improved performance from what we have and Fsg improve revenue in the future so we can compete financially going forward.

          • Fair enough and I do agree to the extent you will not get world class talent unless you pay world class wages.

            De bruyne was on 50k. City offered him 4 times that.
            James milner was offered 30k a week more to stay as a squad player.

            I do think a dof will help in asserting a transfer strategy as these last 3 years we have been very scatter gun. We looking for top young English talent and passed over Ali?! The committee was still deciding on mktan when bvb signed him.
            DOF, kloppo and head scout. 3 people who should be involved.
            Also brings accountability back. Right now Rodgers took all the blame and 50% of failed signings I doubt were his..

          • You make a good point certainly about Dele Alli. Huge miss, I would just hope that they are/ will learn from what’s gone and mistakes made. I actually think the committee is not a bad idea- spread the load using experts in scouting stats negotiation finance as well as the manager,can’t be a bad thing if used correctly. I think they got aspects very right signing Coutinho Sturridge Sakho Can and abviously some not so rights. The scenario where we are left to choose between Eto and Balotelli should never happen again.

    • He said in an interview , Klopp on transfers he will not be forced into panic buying and he will always wait for the correct player to buy, I’m surprised us being linked Caulker tbh I doubt very much Klopp even knows who Caulker is so obviously came from the committee, bit of disappointment Subotic/Gotze to Caulkner

      • FSG in 2011 after club takeover “we can compete with the best in the world”. 4 years later and we’re signing Caulker as cover for an already sh yte defence. Sad times, really. A new low each passing year

      • Subotic has had countless back injuries and is 4th choice at BVB. BVB refused to loan him to us.

        Maybe Klopp aiming for someone in the summer like Matip who is out of contract hence why we only want to loan for 6 months?

        PS Gotze is STILL injured so not sure how people expect us to sign an injured player…

      • Dortmund don’t want to let go of Subotic and Gotze already rules out a winter move. Hopefully we will get a way better defender and Gotze in the summer.

        • He did but there is no way in this world Klopp would know who Caulker is so it’s from the committee but yes Klopp has agreed no doubt but wouldn’t be his choice

          • I agree with what your saying, that Klopp has no idea of who he is, but at the end of the day he could of said no.

          • Exactly I think the shock has hit us all tbh, but ye I agree wasn’t the ideal choice but he’s here now so the best thing for us all to do is get behind the lad and hope he does well, after all he will be coached by Klopp and his team he also does have EPL experience so ye lets hope he hits the ground running and he turns out good

    • This has nothing to do with Klopp!
      Do you seriously think Klopp said…”go get me Steven Caulker”
      FSG and inept transfer committee learnt nothing!? *shakes head and sighs*

      • don’t know if Klopp knew about him or not but I don’t think he’ll come without Klopp’s say so ~ least I hope not.

          • Ayre: “statistically speaking, Caulker has a better record in England than the whole defence of Bayern and Dortmund put together”

          • I meant, IN the country itself but I wonder what excuse they’ve given Klopp to justify that. It seems we wont be spending any money this January which would be a really bad move

          • Got to be a lie, does this guy even get enough game time to back those stats up , I’d say no hence why there willing to let him go on loan

          • He may of bought him yes, as Brendan did want him previously, I’m just glad it’s a loan and nothing more but we are talking about Klopp who can turn water into wine so lets hope the lads does well

          • :-) No Rodgers to blame this time. Some of our moaners won’t be happy with this Julia!!

          • To be honest Derek , I think people need to move on from Brendan although Deluded Brendan on twitter is pretty happy , On loan to Southampton and then passed to us another raid and Brendan not even here : /

          • I’m not on twitter- thank god :-)
            Ah it’s just a reality of what liverpool can and cannot afford to spend at the minute. We are not city who go out and buy the best available when they need someone.our market in both wages and fees is a step down at the minute. Until Fsg get the bigger money coming we won’t be paying the wages for an Oatmendi or a Varane or a Hummrls etc.
            As stop gaps go I think it’s decent business actually. We have done worse in the past 5 years.

          • Come on twitter Derek, I think you’ll like it my name on there is the same on here, it’s good for the sport etc, but ye Klopp knows who he wants but we needed some one now end of, lets hope he does well

      • Didnt Klopp say he had the final word on transfers.
        Klopp may have not said what you suggested, but he may have said, get me a PL defender to loan.
        My comments are regards to a loan not Steven Caulker.

        • Klopp would not have recognized the name. No doubt the club had a file on him, as Rodgers was a fan and they had looked at him in the past.
          It would have gone something like. “We can get this guy in on loan Jurgen, do you want him?”” OK!”

          • I am saying Klopp never suggested or specifically asked for Caulker…yet another committee signing!

          • No I am saying it is just like when Rodgers was given the choice between Balotelli and Eto…having the final say is not the same as signing the players you want!

          • He can always say “no” and either get no player or ” find me someone else”…to which the answer would probably be “there is nobody else”

          • C’mon…. The only defender that we had on file was Caulker, and then FSG gave Klopp the option of him or nobody…
            There is always somebody.

          • Who?
            I assume and hope it’s a case of top targets not being available until the summer, so instead of wasting £10 million on a 5th choice option, get Caulker cheap and on loan as cover for 6 months, so we dont have to play Enrique as CB again.

          • He’s not on big wages. Can’t get a game at Southampton, and the hope is we never need to play him…a cheap insurance policy.
            I am surprised QPR allowed it, as wouldn’t they want their player to be getting game time?
            I hope thats the case, and we don’t make loan perm in the summer!!!!

          • Its a plus he’s not on big wages…
            Surprised at QPR allowing it…..he wasnt geting game time a S’ton either.
            At this moment in time he’s got a better chance of playing for us than at St Mary’s
            He’s at a bigger club now and it gives the player a better chance of getting bought, and if he turns out to be a good loan, would you make it a permanent requisition? Or would you stick to what you saying ?
            Who would you have playing in defence tommorow?

          • IMO We should never consider making perm.
            Toure and Sakho will play tomorrow. If Sakho isn’t fit, then Lucas will step in.

          • Never is a long time….
            Even if he turns out to be decent?
            I rate Lucas highly but his heading ability isnt quite there. Our defending isnt the best, look at some of the cup games ahead, Exeter, Stoke, W Ham, if the others havent recovered from the injuries we are going to need someone who can deal with crosses/ corners and counter the areial threats, he isnt the best but he can head the ball. He may even get a goal for us, sayin that he already has…
            Good luck to him, he’s here now.

          • At best he will be 4th choice ahead of Toure and Ilori, and ahead of the 3 options of Enrique, Lucas and Can.
            Unless 2 out of Sakho, Lovren and Sktrel are injured…when will he play?

          • Exeter, and I can see him starting tommorow purely down to the timing of this signing. After that it will be down to whos injured.
            To be honest I dont really care if he plays at all if we have our defenders back from injury.

          • I have nothing against Caulker and some could argue if he does well the sign him
            perm to replace Toure. I just think we need to start signing top draw. so Sakho is our 2nd or 3rd best defender.

          • Caulker aint all that, but he serves a purpose. I aint over the moon but Im ok with it as a loan.
            I just think that Klopp knows who he wants but they’re just not available yet. Buying now for the sake of buying is just heading backwards. Throwing money at problems isnt a solution, short term maybe, but it can opening a can of worm in the long term.
            Look at Klopp’s history, he buys average / no name players and turns them into class player. Im hoping he can work his magic on him and the rest of the team.

          • When Lovren, Sakho and Sktrel return in a couple of weeks…I will have a better chance of getting a game than Caulker :)
            I suspect he will start v Exeter, same as Ward

          • When Lovren, Sakho and Sktrel return in a couple of weeks, awesome. Wont have to use him. ook at the injuries of late, like you said its a cheap insurance policy. Better than getting ripped-off with someone who needs to bedded in at this point of the season.

    • His first game for the club in a second string side…. Bit unfair making that comparison on one game… Thought he tried really hard for QPR and did well in their final season and it was his partner Ferdinand who let him down…

      Plus on a loan I would take him over Enrique, Lucas, Kolo or even Skrttel at CB!

  5. Personally, I’d rather we tried and recalled Wisdom than sign Caulker on loan…

    Although i do think all these reports are just speculative….

          • I think the 10ish games Wisdom will play over there will benefit him a lot more then the 1 or 2 at us.

          • Haven’t Norwich just got in a new right back though? Which would place him as 3rd choice? Unless there are plans to play him in the centre. I think he’d learn a lot more with us and Klopp than the odd game here and there with Norwich. Especially if we put him in his actual position.

          • Young kid from Portugal. I think they’ll wait for him to get ready, using Wisdom in the meantime. Went back from injury straight into the team getting praises from his manager. Third time he fought himself back into the starting line now. Twice from small injuries, once because he was left out against us and they did well.

          • Aah right, didn’t know it was just a kid they got in. If Norwich say he’ll get a good run of games then yeah, I’ll quite happily leave him there. I think the boy has a lot of potential but he needs regular games or top coaching.

    • I would have Caulker over Wisdom… He has championship experience and EPL experience. Plus only Norwich can cancel the loan like AV did with Illori.

      • Lambert had more EPL experience than Suarez – how’d those signings turn out?

        I still think Wisdom offers equivalent quality – at least he is our player and probably deserves an opportunity ahead of some loan player

        • Bit of an unfair comparison – Lambert was 32, we paid pittance for him, he was a static target man like Balo and Benteke and struggled immensely compared to the best striker I have seen in my time supporting Liverpool. And if not the best striker in the world atm.

          Again Norwich have the power here and unless they cancel Wisdom loan nothing we can do – like the Illori situation so its a moot point.

          Wisdom DID deserve his opportunity this year but Bodgers sent him on loan without option to recall like he did to Illori and Marko. Unfortunately Klopp has to work under these restraints.

          • thanks, my math is pretty decent. I was clearly comparing the time when we made the signings….

            in any case, you are focusing more on the fine print than the broader point that i was trying to make.

          • Sorry… i just think we give EPL experience way too much credit… top players can do well whichever league they play in…

          • It’s a bit of both really. Getting someone in in the winter usually works when they’re fully fit and match ready (in the EPL).

  6. So I heard two links today…Martin Caceres and Steven Caulker.

    That’s really some height and depth there!

    • The no option to buy is good news, it means it’s temporary cover and nothing else which is pretty obvious anyway, it’s has zero impact on our spending and doesn’t rule out a much bigger signing later this window or more likely in the summer…

      • Ye i agree.. at the same time i think its always worth negotiating a small option to buy if possible just in case he was to come in and be a revelation.. 5 mill maybe.. at just 24 he could be a very astute signing but there is surely more exciting signings available in the summer especially if we could sneak a cl spot

  7. £300m in 3 seasons that clown Rodgers blew. Now we have a manager worthy of that type of money, and there’s no money left! You couldn’t make it up.

  8. I think this deal will be completed with the sole purpose of Caulker playing in the Exeter replay instead of Enrique. Anything more productive will be seen as a bonus.

    • Considering we keep rushing Sahko and Lovren back because of the situation will also allow them to FULLY recover for a change… We need options as Kolo can’t last 90mins.. How he is still considered our backup over Wisdom is beyond me.

  9. I honestly am not too disappointed with this – far better than the links to the Inter defender for 18M – PANIC BUY and he can’t make the inter team,

    1. Caulker on loan until season end to prove himself – should include an option to buy if hes decent.

    2. Get Matip to sign pre-contract for June and our CB’s are set.

    3. Backup GK set with Ward coming back – would sell or send Bogdan out. Honestly Ward can’t be nearly as bad.

    4. Origi gone for surgery, Ings out for the season, Studge made of glass and Benteke thinks hes a greek god but the statue type. We need a pacey mobile striker. Beharino or Lacazette please and this window will be a success. Send Enrique off to West Brom in return and kill 2 birds with 1 window.

    Back Up GK – check.
    CB loan – check
    Pacey striker – needed but 18M will fix.

    • But if mignolet doesnt improve and ward doesn’t become the quality of first team goalkeeper then the position is still a problem. Also I don’t know about berahino. Break the bank for Harry Kane. Pay him good wages. The lad is young, premier league proven, he got pace, consistently scores, not too injury prone.

      • Why would Kane give up his boyhood club for a team on equal or lesser footing?! If Kane goes anywhere its United and that for a 200K a week contract.

        Migs and Ward have until the end of the season.
        We sounded out Ter Stegan but Barca will only sell in the summer. I would wait until then for him or Horn.

        • I realise that. But we pay sturridge big money to sit on a bench. I know it’s an unrealistic suggestion. If I could pick one striker in the pl it would be him. Berahino is a no go for me. Tottenham are going well as a result of Kane. He is the end product that city chelsea United arsenal and liverpool are missing at the minute.
          Unrealistic yes. But that means that we are not realistically goin to sign any renown goalscorer.

          • I don’t see Kane to LFC every happening sorry mate not with United sniffing – if he goes it will be mega-money that we can’t compete with.

            Even AUB time to sign him was last year. Now his price is 60M….

            Unfortunately I don’t see FSG signing a recognized A class striker anytime soon. Even Suarez was not world class when we got him. We got to find the next BIG striker before they peak.

            Two years ago that was Griezman and Aub.
            I would still try for Griezman as he is basically a left footed version of Torres. Incredible player.

      • I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible to get Kane right now. The Spurs stand more chance of finishing in the top 4 than us, and if he intends to develop his career further, the UCL is the place to do it. I don’t think all the money in the world would be enough to dissuade him from playing the UCL next season.

    • If we aren’t getting Matip now, might as well not get him later unless one of Skrtl/Sakho/Lovren departs alongside Toure.

      • I think it will be Skrtel. Sahko and Lovren seem assured enough plus age wise Skrtel is quickly not fitting the FSG model.

  10. Not sure why Klopp takes the guy on loan? He needs at least some months to play well if he ever will, but then we will have all key players back from injuries…
    Maybe Klopp fears there will be more injuries to come?

  11. I like this idea, caulker is a sensible player. Would benefit from better team mates I think. A loan with an option wouldn’t be too silly.

    I would have like to see our scouts do a little better than just ‘lets have a Southampton player’ maybe they own shares in them or have a season ticket at St. Mary’s prehaps Southampton is on the way home? Either way prehaps it’s time to broaden our horizons a little.

    Still Id be happy with Caulker still plenty of room for improvement though

    • Plenty are gonna b^tch and moan, but this is a sensible move.
      We need bodies in there but we shouldn’t make hasty long term purchases.

      If Kloppo can convince Lovren is a good defender, he’ll turn Caulker into Paolo Maldini.

  12. In other news, LFC have entered into a global partnership with ‘Skype’.

    Perfect partnership…since Skype hardly ever works, keeps getting dropped signals and random people always wanna connect with you for a ‘fun’ time.

  13. “One from the Times now which may worry fans of West Ham.

    Aaron Cresswell, the Hammers left-back, has been hugely impressive since arriving from Ipswich 18 months ago – with many neutrals calling for him to be handed an England bow.

    That is yet to come, with Roy Hodgson not sufficiently impressed to call him up yet – much to the delight of Kieran Gibbs.

    But Cresswell has impressed elsewhere, notably at Manchester City and Liverpool.

    Both are believed to be in the market for a new left-back – Liverpool in the here and now, City at the end of the season.

    In the case of the latter, Cresswell would help them fill a quota of English players needed for European competition too – an added bonus.”

    Now he would be an excellent signing and give Moreno a run for his money.

    Can defend properly.
    Blistering pace
    And can actually cross!

  14. 35 games last season, 38 the season before. Seems like his injury record is quite clean, and signing/loaning an experienced player who is able to play a few games in a row would be refreshing. Stability is much needed!

      • Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I know what you’re saying but we need a top class defender NOW. A TOP CLASS defender. Not a QPR Reject. FSG need to step up their game.

        • I know right? TOP CLASS defender is what we need…. why wouldn’t any club sell us their TOP CLASS defender in the winter???? Don’t they know WE ARE LIVERPOOL?!

          Get off FIFA mate… this is real life.

          • I don’t even own a console.. so you’re more likely to be a FIFA man than myself.
            So you think the situation in the market right now is so bad and that timing is so bad that LFC can’t recruit any better defenders than STEVEN CAULKER. I’m sorry but if this is in fact the case (and you may be correct , but unlikely) then I’m in shock. We have scouts for a reason, it’s not like they’ve only had 24hours to come up with something, even tho it seems it with this desperate attempt.

          • And we bought him because of that promise. Now we play two big games in a couple of days, with every CB injured or just coming back from injury. Do you really think, with our desperate case being obvious to the entire world, we can do good business by buying a top class CB?

          • I was really hopeful LFC had the capability to treat our unsettled, inconsistent and injury prone defense with ONE quality CB. It’s been a discussion point for a while, however it seems this was clearly too much to ask for. I sincerely hope Caulker can do a job for at least the remainder of the month. But I can’t see it. Think i’d rather Illori get game time.

          • It’s not that LFC don’t have that capability, it’s that it wasn’t intended for this January, and the injury crisis made us do something like this. It makes perfect sense to get on loan a CB with some PL experience. Caulker was great when he started playing for Spurs. Obviously something happened there to unsettle him. He’s a talented 24 year-old defender, who is capable of much more than he has achieved so far. This deal makes perfect sense, for us to get a backup CB at no cost, and for him to get his chance to step up. If he doesn’t, we send him back at the end of the season, and timely prepare to splash the cash for someone better. It’s that simple, it’s brilliant.

          • I thought you had some basis in your ranting…

            Anyway, you’d seriously think that a club will sell their TOP CLASS defender in the middle of the season?! You might have to break your piggy bank for it.

            You don’t have lots of Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho waiting to be snapped up in the winter – and they weren’t even TOP CLASS when we bought them.

          • I’m not ranting, I’m trying to explain my views on what level of quality we should be aiming for as replacements, which is where we differ.

          • And I’m trying to tell you why we differ. It’s not rocket science.

            You’re a manager of a club with a TOP CLASS defender and Liverpool came in with a bid. You sell? In the winter? And you probably don’t have a replacement lined up and your team is probably fighting for a cup or a place in Europe. You’ll sell?

          • *posted just a second ago.. on another reply..

            I was really hopeful LFC had the capability to treat our unsettled, inconsistent and injury prone defense with ONE quality CB. It’s been a discussion point for a while, however it seems this was clearly too much to ask for. I sincerely hope Caulker can do a job for at least the remainder of the month. But I can’t see it. Think i’d rather Illori get game time.

          • I don’t disagree with getting a quality CB. The problem is, it is not as simple as lodging your bid and it was accepted straight away. The selling club need to consider replacements, will it affect their current players morale, their own target and ambition. Then the player need to decide if they want to leave or stayed on and help the club. We can splash the money but is it worth it?

          • All valid questions, that fans shouldn’t really have to as, at the end of the day.
            Every player has their price and we’re used to overpaying :-) for mostly crap aswell! at least with klopp we’ll have a chance of overpaying but for quality! But if I have to rely on Caulker because it seems ‘sensible’ then i’ll of course i’ll support him.

  15. 400m sprint champion in his borough 4 years in a row – low pass completion but that’s because he makes 10 clearances a game (so hoofed) rarely gets booked, tiny amount of defensive errors good in the air, at 6’3″ he’s taller than Sakho and Lovren – doesn’t get injured much averaging well over 30 league games per season for the last 5 years and seems to have a very high ceiling for potential winning a lot of young player awards a few years back.

    He was tipped for great things but seems to have lost his way a little – seems like a good project for Kloppo while being able to contribute directly straight away too.

  16. I genuinely think Klopp doesn’t want to sign anyone this January and is just trying to get through this season with whatever temporary options are available. Most managers always state how difficult it is to get the players you want at this time of year. Plus, it’s better than buying players who will fill a gap right now, but who will later become deadwood.

  17. Astute, low-risk move while our own recover. Quality player with useful experience and the promise of a potential permanent move down the road.

      • I’d say he’s a better fit then Skrtel. Forward thinkin central defender, not afraid to defend open space, pace, tall. English international (jesting!!)

        Not a bad option on loan I’d say.

        • I agree, but we should be aiming higher. We should be looking at a defender that can start for us. A better defender can make our season. It will be interesting to see if this is a move to save money for another signing or if its our only piece of business.

          • In the summer we definately need to aim higher. Then again, this lad is still a young and experienced defender. Who knows what he turns into.

          • Yes but if there’s no CL to offer in the summer, we won’t be able to get the players we aim higher for.

          • 1. It’s a loan – a stop gap measure

            2. You’d think a club will sell us their defender that can step into our first team in the winter? Even if they would, you wanna break bank for A player?

          • We should try harder for Matip. Schalke risk losing him for free in the summer if they dont get cash now.

          • Agree but if it’s between 4m and a place in Europe, will you cash in?

            And I’m pretty sure Schalke asked is to fly kite with that 4m bid, therefore we resort toa loan.

          • Gladbach, Wolfsburg and Leverkusen all stand a higher chance for CL qualification but I see your point. That’s where we convince the player to hand in a transfer request.

          • I don’t think it’s as easy as that, especially if you want a player with some character. They tend to stay on, trying to leave with some respect. Well, we can throw crazy money for his wages to tempt him but you risk rocking your wage structure. Players are not goods.

          • just listened to Wenger’s pre match conference, he reckons there will be lots of business done in Jan, one of the reasons for signing now is that the prices will be inflated in summer because of the extra TV money ~ it is logical and will be interesting to see if LFC decide to shop early or wait till later and pay the higher prices.

    • Wont be hard to be better than Kolo and Skrtel to be honest – you have to last 90 minutes to beat the former and not make risky back passes and wrestle to beat the latter..

  18. Didn’t see this happening. But were down the bones. Chance caulker step up. U never know could get Deal in summer if he does good

  19. A reality check for fans getting carried away about clear outs and who Koop was going to attract etc. very much smacks of a commitee sourced signing- Klopp needed a centre back and this is what they could get. Another VIctor Moses or Ally Cissokho. Hopefully he does a job for 6 months and it works out ok.
    Hard to see it being more than a short term fix!

    • Klopp has said many times he wouldn’t make any changes in January. This was clearly injury-forced, and it’s a smart piece of business considering. If he performs well enough, I’m sure we’d be able to sign him permanently for peanuts. If he flops, we send him back.
      As for who Klopp can attract, we should wait for him to actually want to attract anybody, which according to him won’t happen till summer. Then we can talk about it. I don’t think there’s any doubt he’ll attract far better than Rodgers.

      • The club signing Steven Caulker doesn’t cause any doubt??? Or tell you something about attraction in Premier league football?

        It’s business -Caulker available at the right price ( cheap) got our interest- just like Victor Moses and Ally Cissokho in the past. It’s how Fsg run the club ( rightly or wrongly). This attraction nonsense has nothing to do with it

        • You still fail to take into consideration the fact that this move is very much a last-minute forced one. Had Klopp said in November or early December “I want a top class defender” I’m sure the headlines today would have been different, and we wouldn’t be talking about Steven Caulker. Do you think it’s possible for any manager or any club in the world to approach any other club and say “I want your top class defender, and I want him now because I need him to play tomorrow”? No, you’re right, it has nothing to do with attraction, or the way FSG run the club for that matter. Like I said, in the summer, when Klopp has decided whom he really needs, and whom not, and when he timely identifies his targets, that’s when we’ll see what kind of attraction Klopp really holds, and how much support FSG are ready to give him.

          • If you read my initial post I think it’s not a bad piece of business but it’s reality! We are not man city who can blow 30 million on bench options. Jurgen Klopp being at the club is not going to change the money we can offer players ( in the short term at least). Jurgen Klopp identifying players is not a problem, those players meeting Fsg wage criteria maybe- then which is more attractive Jurgen Klopp or an extra 2 million a year or living in London for the same money. The Manchester clubs got the players they did recently because they paid monster wages. Attraction of managers had nothing to do with it.

          • Not all players think like that, and not all players turned us down based on wages. Most players that turned us down did so because having someone like Rodgers at the helm displayed lack of ambition from the club. Getting Klopp was a big statement of intent for the long run, as even Ferguson confirms.
            Come summer, any interest from Liverpool in any player will be considered much more serious than it was these last three years.

          • That’s fantasy. You are confusing your own opinion for fact.
            You have no idea why players turned down liverpool.
            And no where is ferguson quoted saying anything of the sort.

            Man city have Auguero because they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Simple. The same for silva Toure Kdb sterling etc etc etc. get with reality it’s all about money- you will only be left disapointed dealing in that fantasy

          • What can I say. If you can’t see it, you’re blind, and I finally see what many people here were talking about, concerning you.

            And if you haven’t read about Alex Ferguson saying he’s worried about Liverpool becoming a great club once again under Klopp, than you’re misinformed as well. Here’s something for you to read, just replace the word (dot) with actual dots.


          • Somehow ferguson saying Klopp will do a good job equates to any interest in a player in the summer will be taken more seriously!!!

            Klopp is not in doubt- he is an exceptional manager and will do a great job. What is also not in doubt is that Fsg will continue to buy players they can afford. Pricing us out of the running for certain players. Attraction is irrelevant- to bring players to the rain in the north west of England you have to pay them accordingly, the bottom line is the deciding factor only naivety believes otherwise!

          • Yeah. A good manager being taken seriously equals comical. I’ve come to the conclusion that people are spot on right about you, and that I’ve wasted too much time arguing with someone unfamiliar with any logic.

          • There is nothing logical about your argument. You tried to pass of your opinion as fact.
            That Klopp is an excellent manager was never in question citing that as reason for your speculation is comical!

            The topic is liverpools transfer strategy- the signing of Caulker and Grujic confirms nothing has changed. You ignoring reality is your business as I said you will be left disapointed.

            Sure sign you can’t back your argument when you resort to playing me rather than the topic. How the summer plays out, what contracts liverpool pay and who is signed will educate you in laws of attraction premier league style perhaps!

          • even i remember ferguson being reported as making remarks such as veselin states.

            but then maybe you are confusing your own opinion for fact.

          • Ferguson praised Klopp highly everyone knows that. We have a world class manager everyone knows that. He didn’t say it would be different to the last 3 years trsnsfer wise!

            That is not opinion that is fact.

          • veselin never said ferguson made remarks that it would be different transfer wise.
            you state that and of course your opinion IS fact !

          • again thats how you wish to interpret veselin’s comment simply to twist matters to suit your opinion.
            sad very sad.
            but then you are confusing your opinion as fact, as usual.
            sad very sad.

          • only you find it open to your interpretation, again you confuse your opinion as fact.
            its a phrase you use so so often in an attempt to justify your comments as factually correct.

          • Perhaps you can explain where you believe im confused considering this appears to be so so interesting to you

      • Err, mate I think your overreacting. He’s being bought for cover and has experience with physicality to compete. Its a short term fix and makes economical sense with none committed shelf life. Its a striker we need, were not abysmal at the back. What you gonna do, buy another defender for the sake of it?

          • As a temporary solution, probably. Look, in Klopp I trust. he has the best interests for all of us. Hates losing, is emotional like us and knows whats best. We’ve all got to rally around his decisions and Bodgers has made us question every signing. If Klopp bring in this man then I’m 100% behind him.

    • He’s not great these days not fulfilled his early promise but if we would only loan a player then options are limited.

    • Why rush back Sahko and Lovren when its obvious they won’t be 100% and get injured again. 5 games in 13 days… 2 against United and Arsenal…

  20. Hummels, Reus, and Aubameyang must surely be around the corner. A manager with so much charisma must surely attract the greatest players in Europe.

    Oh wait, the transfer committee is still very much in place, as is the wage structure. So, perhaps we won’t be getting rid of our entire squad of unproven potential and replacing them with Megastars of the Champions League. In fact, we’ll probably keep wasting money on prospects from Red Star Belgrade in the hope that we can turn over a profit.

    In any case, this is a sensible, low-risk move until we get to the summer. But people need to stop living in the fantasy land of their Fifa video games. Klopp is an excellent, excellent manager, not some cartoon messiah.

  21. Caulker looked slow & useless against Liverpool vs Southampton in the cup. I hope this is only to keep money for a proper signing in Jan, up front, or on the wings where we really need it.

  22. Probably the best bet we could make as far as a temporary solution goes, I’m thinking Dortmund wanted to sell Subotic outright instead of a 6-month loan. Caulker isn’t brilliant but he’s a no-nonsense defender with no history of recurring injuries and right now we need that more than anything.

    Guess it probably means Matip on a free in the summer, too, which would be nice.

          • Group 1 – Naive, those that expected Klopp to come and immediately bring Hummels, Gundogan, Reus, Lewandowski, Aubameyang, and get rid of Milner, Toure, Škrtel, Lallana, Benteke… Disappointed with this kind of short-term fix.
            Group 2 – permanently deluded, mostly those few who are still crying over Rodgers, and who gloat with satisfaction when those from group 1 get disappointed.

          • A vocal minority (majority on forums like this) who would complain if we got Messi because we should’ve gotten Ronaldo or something.

            The small group you’ll never please.

          • Absolutely. The way I see it is that Klopp is slowly pouring out foundations for a strong, stable structure, but as they are foundations, which means they’re mostly under ground, not many people can see them. It will be a long and thorny road building the structure, and there will be set-backs, but in two or three seasons, when the roof is in place, and the paintwork is dry, water and electricity installed, floors and furniture polished, it’ll be time to pass judgement.

          • I don’t even think it’ll last that long really. The core of this team is allready very good. Could use some upgrades here and there and some more players that are a better fit for Klopp. But that will take that bit of time. Two or maybe three windows before we’re there.

          • Depends on what you mean by “there”. Yes, that’s it for us being a regular top 4 team and an occasional cup-winner. But to be regular title contenders and regularly achieve significant runs in the UCL, it’ll take a bit more.

          • I’m not even looking beyond the first step yet … playing well and doing that consistently, to develop a winning mentality. Expect that Klopp will go about this much as he has repeatedly said … training training training, and fixing problems as they arise. Guess this is just an example of the latter.

          • If the majority of the lads step up we’re allready a title contender. Just need that preseason, that training, that understanding with teammates and Klopp and we can build from there. Then we add to bolster the ranks with quality.

    • Any time for a temporary or permanent CB who can defend from corners, free kicks, crosses in our box which our current CB r struggling at the moment.
      On other note he is only on loan. We may end up having a freebie this summer in matip n use the money on a world class player.

  23. Good short term choice he knows the league so he won’t take long to settle in ,caulking is good for filling gaps.

  24. Is Caulker that bad like many people here saying? Didn’t see him playing. At least he looks robust :-)

    • He wasn’t good when he played against us, sturridge tore him a new one.
      Did really well at Swansea under BR though Swansea have always conceded.
      Not a great signing it has to be said though hadn’t played much for soton, out committee probably rate him based on numbers but he needs to find a home and settle.

      • thank you.

        well, maybe he takes Liverpool as a big chance to play for a big club and level up his skills.

  25. I’m quite disappointed honestly, but I can understand why we have to do this. As some have pointed out, our main targets are maybe not available this winter and some clubs are haggling for overprice for their players. But I just wish we could do better. Anyway, if this tranfer does truly materialise, then good luck to the kid and let’s hope he develops further to his potential. A

  26. Everyone is shooting caulker. Do you know he turns out to b a bargain following training with klopp. That’s why I won’t say anything on him for now.

    Some players can b average in one team but turns out outstanding in another. We don’t know, so welcome Mr Caulker if reports r true.

  27. Worried…yes I get comments saying Klopp is looking at the bigger picture and not wasting money etc. But this isn’t a Klopp signing…he wouldn’t even know who Caulker is, plus the only time he’s seen him play is when we beat Saints 6-1 in the cup! Lol

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