Video: Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference – Liverpool 0-0 West Ham:

on 30.01.2016

Watch Jurgen Klopp‘s post-match press conference after his side were forced to an FA Cup fourth round replay by West Ham at Anfield on Saturday evening.

The Reds’ fixture congestion was worsened by the goalless draw in which a makeshift Liverpool side dominated most of the game, but again struggled in front of goal.

“My team played really good,” Klopp told reporters after the game. “We defended well and had our chances. We played football, we tried everything but sometimes you need a bit of luck in these situations. I think we deserved the win a little bit more.”

On signing any players before the January transfer window deadline of Sunday night, he added, “We will see what happens in the next 48 hours.”

The date for the replay at Upton Park will be confirmed shortly, and is likely to be on either Tuesday 9th or Wednesday 10th February 2016, sandwiched between Liverpool’s Premier League games at home to Sunderland and away to Aston Villa.

Liverpool turn their attentions back to the Premier League in which they face Leicester City at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday night. Kick-off is 19:45.


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  1. Klopp:”We played brave… I trust them”

    Can’t wait to take a time machine and watch us play in 2-3 years’ time. Our youngsters would have certainly matured and blossomed under Klopp’s tutelage.

  2. Thank you TIA for Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference! However is it not time to call it Jurgen Klopp’s response to unheard questions! Yes it is me again I have had my ears tested I have the results. No I am not going deaf! yes I have checked out the computers by listening on four machines and still I can’t hear the questions! I have read the snotty comments I have read the suggestions both polite and childish,I have been told lots by oh so many clever people but FFS I can’t hear the questions. TIA I ask you why bother? I bother as I am a Liverpool supporter and I like to hear what Jurgen Klopp has to say so I won’t give up but surely somebody in 2016, it is 2016 is it not 1950 ish when sound and TV was invented, can find a solution to the problem that the questions can’t be heard….. Is that so f in difficult? With love from Spuddy! No I wash my ears out there are no spuds growing in them!

    • But the reporters were louder today. I could hear them, albeit with some difficulty.
      You sure it isn’t your ears?

      • No I am damn sure! Like I said I have had them tested…. Honestly! I was told I only have selective hearing. I can’t hear the missus ask me to wash the dishes but when she asks if I want a beer from the fridge I hear her perfectly! I also have used different machines with the highest volume on each and it is difficult! Thanks anyway for the kind response!

        • Well, fair enough.
          I’d say this is the loudest I’ve heard the reporters in Klopp’s press conferences. So, lets hope they’ll be better and louder in the near future.

        • Maybe you should tell your missus to stop washing the dishes while you’re listening to the press conference :-)

          • Dre beats are massively overpriced though and just used as a style statement more than anything else. Read this on a ton of headphone reviewed websites.

            I’d recommend him the ones I’m using – Sony MDR-ZX600/BLK…pretty good for a fraction of the cost of Beats.

          • I agree! Beats are garbage. I have a pair of Audio Technica M50x headphones and they’re fantastic. Sony definitely make quality earphones/headphones too.

          • Yeah…Bose and Sennheiser headphones are supposed to be among the best and something audiophiles swear by but they’re obviously pretty expensive. What our friend here needs though (and perhaps us too) is for the audio to be amplified in certain parts of the vid.

          • Spot on! Amplify the questions just a little to make listening to Jurgen Klopp even more enjoyable!

          • Simple and extremely cheaper alternative would be getting TIA to write down the questions for us..

          • Great point and I have suggested that a few weeks back. But can they hear them? Seriously anyone who has a few minutes and has power hearing could write them in the comments for us. It would be appreciated!

          • Everyone gone earphone mad now , well i can hear everything crystal clear through them , thats all that matters :)

          • Dre Beats are not quality, but a overpriced marketing stunt fooling non-audiophiles into thinking they are any good. They are not.

          • I am sorry, Julia.

            I have headphones that are p.o.s, but also what I paid for, because I don’t use it. Then I have Bob Marley earbuds(smile Jamaica), that are quite nice and affordable. I used to have Sennheiser.

          • They’re not terribly bad either, they’re just a bit of a style statement but yeah terribly overpriced for sure.

          • Relative to the price they are. It is of course in this context I say it, because you are led to believe you pay for great sound quality.

            Of course if you are aware you pay for the imposed style statement foremostly, then of course you got what you paid for.

    • For once I agree with you. Little things like this reflect badly on the club. LFC sort it out. Have microphones hanging from the ceiling. It will cost £300 max to install. I blame Ayre.

      • I blame Rodgers!
        He did not want anyone else to be heard but himself during conferences, and so he scrapped all plans for hanging mics from the Anfield redevelopment blueprints.
        Thanks a lot, Bendan!

      • I blame FSG, filtering money out of the club… Cheap skates… Can’t even spend money for the media…

        • Nice but I prefer them to spend the money on a striker with the skills of Suarez,Torres and Dalgish all rolled into one! Now that would be money well spent or?

      • I am not in the know but I guess it is not the club’s responsibility as they only provide a place for journalists to ask the manager questions. If the manager can hear the questions then it is good enough for them and they do not have to resolve my/our issue as they don’t have one! The questions are from individual journalists and they are after a response to the question they have asked and get it. They know their question I/we just can’t hear it clearly. There are others recording and filming the conference and it is they who provide a service to their viewers/ listeners that don’t appear to have a positive solution to improving their product that does not involve cost! I am not blaming anyone I just say I find it a problem to hear the questions and look for a viable solution whilst appreciating TIA for providing the service!

        • You could download some software, like DFX audio enhancer from FX Sound, you have a small window “remote control”, which you can tweak when a question is posed. Failing that, there’s programs for the hearing impaired, which can “listen” for you & show text.

          • I’m just being pedantic, they have gone up in price tho. I paid £240 for my last pair from Thomann.

    • You make a fair point and we can only apologise for not providing this. Just so you understand, this would require the camera operator to place a microphone next to every journalist that asks a question (as well as in front of Klopp as you can hear). The alternative would be to add subtitles when the journalists are speaking, but this would require a second person (besides the cameraman) making a note of every question as it’s being asked. Obviously either of these options dramatically increases costs, so I hope you can appreciate it’s something we’d love to do, but don’t have the time or money to do so. Agree with you though!

    • I wonder if there’s a website out there that can sample a youtube vid and return a version of it with the proper/fixed decibel levels. Tons of stuff out there on the internet so maybe there is one. Keep knocking on the door though, this issue is bound to be resolved sometime in the future if not now.

      For me, I can’t hear it through my computer speakers since they’re fairly weak, not bass stereo as is understandable. Though through my headphones, I generally can hear most of the questions fairly reasonably even though it is a tad bit muted.

      • called editing mate…not even all that time consuming.. merely increase the volume at certain points and edit it all back together.

        • Yeah but TIA’s turnover of articles is pretty quick…this is still something that would take time. What I was talking about was more of an automatic solution rather than a manual one. Think another commenter had even suggested a solution for it the other day, this is something that others have complained about too.

          Best solution would be to just give those reporters some microphones that can be activated at time of questioning. It really wouldn’t be all that expensive. But that’s not TIA’s responsibility I think.

    • I ve got my PC set up through a AV Reciever with great speakers, and providing I don’t want to deafen myself with Klopps response, I have to turn it to a level to hear Klopp properly, but can’t hear the questions very well… I think it’s not TIA’s fault, I think it is the fault of LFC in that they don’t provide microphones for the press…

    • I just make sure it’s in highest quality, turn volume right up for questions, then down for answers.
      It wouldn’t be too difficult to put an extra mic in the mix to be handed to each question poser (I’m a sound engineer), but the editing & post-production is un-worthwhile for a site like this.
      Remember these writers & techies are volunteers, so this probably takes up more of their time than they like as it is.

      (TIA techie, if you read this, maybe put the audio output thru a dynamic
      compressor & increase the ratio & make-up gain for each question).

  3. all i want to hear is Benteke sold,maybe Ayres and the rest of the transfer committee will make up the loss in cash from their fat wages

  4. There is a source (sketchy) reporting that we’ve made a £22 million offer for Isco.

    I’m guessing it’s more likely that Ian Arye spent £22 at Tesco.

    anyone else heard anything about this?

  5. our offensive game remain to be desired. the front 3-4 players should work like a keypad of phone. unless the right digits are pressed, a call cannot be connected. at this moment we dont have anybody of suarez’s calibre who can do a fast dial.

    • Kinda got sidetracked reading the comments above, but yeah, I watched the game, and the thing that strikes me, not matter what team is put out, everytime the ball approaches the final third, our players revert to school yard football…It’scrazy just how bad Allens shooting can be, but his passing can be immaculate, same with Hendo, pin point accuracy over 60 yards, get him in and around the box, and he couldn’t punch himself in the face.

      • Not punching oneself seems like the intelligent thing to do. Needless to say it becomes harder the further up the field you go, as it becomes condensed with players in the final third.

        • Tyson Fury has become World Champion in boxing recently, check out Youtube, and you can see just how easy it is to punch yourself in the face, and still be a success…

      • They just overcomplicate things so much. Remarkably, the player that showed the most poise in the attacking third was Brannagan. If we keep things simple, we will create chances.

  6. Something may or may not happen in next 48hrs… its either Matip or Tex…. BUT NOW LETS LOVE OUR BOYS.
    Love the part when he said.. we gonna buy another team..and send them out later… that’s sarcasm!!!
    The trust… he has a huge one now for the boys…..

  7. Klopp totally non-committal when asked if we might still do business this window. I think it’s pretty safe to say we won’t see any £30-£40 mil striker or any other marquee last minute signing, that’s simply not going to happen but it would be good business if we could get the Matip deal over the line. My head tells me we won’t, if it was going to happen it would surely have been wrapped up before now, I’m not holding my breath but you never know, spare a thought for the poor guy from Sky who’ll be camped outside Melwood tomorrow night even if the gates are locked and the lights are switched off…

    • Why would they splash 30-40 mil on top of Ings, Origi and Benteke – not to mention Firminos false nine capabilities? This is not monopoly money used.

      We got Caulkner in. We still have players needing games.

      Klopp and club may be looking for a good deal, but January is not a great window for transfers.

      Klopp says it time and time again, we can’t keep buying players, the injured ones will return, so we have to work with what we got, and improve them.

      • I think you need to read my post again and comment on what I actually said, I didn’t advocate buying another striker this window but in case you missed it we’ve already bid circa £25 mil for an AM this window. As for our striker options next season, it’s possible that Mario won’t be with us, Sturridge is anyone’s guess and it’s by no means certain that Benteke figures in JK’s long term plans. Of course we won’t spend just for the sake of it, I would expect anyone we bring in during the summer window to be a replacement/upgrade on what we already have. Caulker by the way is on loan, the Matic deal which I hope to see is most likely to happen in the summer, by which time Caulker will probably have left, Kolo may have retired and Skrtel won’t be getting any younger or better. Regarding your last paragraph, I wouldn’t assume that all of our players will improve dramatically, some hopefully will but those that don’t will definitely be replaced over a period of time. For the record I’d love to see some of the younger players make it, I’m sure they’ll continue to get the opportunities..

        • You posts suggest that it would have been in the cards to look for a striker option, even though you think it is safe to say now that we aren’t, refering to Klopps responses. At best you are just mentioning what is self-explanatory, which my response suggests given the purchases we have already made to strengthen that position.

          25 mil is not 30-40. When they required 30-40(58), we left it.

          Not sure why you mention Balotelli, but yeah, he is still attached to the club, and so are all the other purchases made to strengthen the striker options. So until more than Balotelli leaves, it is not likely any more are coming in, when we have bolstered with 3 this season. So before we talk about getting new strikers – yet again, it is safe to say we will give these players a chance first.

          Caulkner is a loan, which means that it is a patch solution to solve injuries without damaging the chances of those we have that are out on injuries down the stretch. And therefore getting a defender in this window is not very likely.

          You are spending your post to talk about this window, and yet you end up talking about summers anyways. And that would be right, because it is not very likely that we would require to buy players in this window.

          At the end of the season the club and manager will evaluate what is needed, and who isn’t.

          • Okay let me simplify it, I would have liked to see the Matip deal done this window for two reasons, firstly he would be a great option/addition for the rest of this season and secondly for a comparatively low fee now it would have eliminated the risk of losing him to somebody else in the summer, for all we know we might have an agreement already in place, it’s all speculation at this moment and only my opinion, it’s your prerogative to disagree so let’s leave it at that..

          • Not sure why you think you need to simplify. Your initial post is pretty simple, albeit lacking meaningful substance for this window.

            But we got and chose a cheaper option until then, which likely puts a forced move for Matip in this window unlikely.

            You can attach Matip now to sign in the summer. That is how lots of Bosman deals are done. There is no need to force a “please come now”/”we want him now” to his club and player. If he wants to wait it out for more options, he will do so regardlessly, which makes the 6 mil fee redundant argument, unless we simply want him now.

          • I admire the effort you’re making to turn this into an argument even if you do have to put your own spin on what I’m saying, meanwhile it’s Sunday, my favourite sports bar is open and there’s a double header of football this afternoon, I’m out of here, enjoy your Sunday (feel free to have the last word)

          • Speculation is fine, but you need to look at what is going on, and what is logical. And that is what I am doing. Throwing a “you are entitled to disagree” will not remove what I said is the logical, and yours is empty of calories.

            I am not spinning anything.

  8. This is way to much games for Liverpool omg. Why don’t play like other leagues? One game until the end. Overtime, penalty shootout, winner, looser, next round.

  9. I looked and saw the press conference is from TIA. The volume of the questions were slightly better for some reason unknown to me. The post match interview blasted me out when I played that at the same volume as the actual conference. But thanks for your input!

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