Reports: Brendan Rodgers set for Premier League return

on 27.03.2016

Former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is set to become Swansea City manager for the second time this summer, according to reports.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 26, 2015: Liverpool's manager Brendan Rodgers during the Premier League match against Aston Villa at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The Express claims that the Ulsterman will return to management with the Welsh club ahead of the 2016/17 season, following almost a year without a job.

Rodgers took charge of Swansea in 2010, leading them from the Championship to the Premier League at the end of his first season in charge, after beating Reading in the play-off final.

In 2012, the 43-year-old was named Liverpool’s new manager, where he remained until October last year, before he was replaced by Jurgen Klopp.

Rodgers famously almost helped the Reds win the Premier League title in 2013/14, but they fell agonisingly short at the final hurdle, after an unforgettable campaign.

Swansea have been looking for a new boss since December, when Garry Monk was rather surprisingly relieved of his duties.

Francesco Guidolin is in charge until the end of the season, but it is thought he is in line to replace Antonio Conte as manager of Italy.

It would clearly be a step down for Rodgers, having initially moved to a club of Liverpool’s stature, but his reputation has been hampered after a poor final 12 months or so on Merseyside.

He is a talented young coach, and a return to Swansea is likely to appeal to both Rodgers and the club.


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  1. Much better fit for him, he should of stayed with Swansea then he could of worked on his name, to be at a big club you must also be a big person (not in size) big personality lots of character heavily animated these are vital for top profile players to want to listen to you.

  2. We should show a bit of respect to someone who brought Liverpool closer to the title than anyone in 25 years. More league wins, more goals, more home wins, and the best goal difference in the PL era. It was a sad, depressing end for everyone, but hopefully the presence of Klopp will serve as a model of class for the supporters.

    I wish Rodgers all the best in the future, wherever he ends up. I’ll be more than happy to see him bump some of our rivals out of the Champions League, just so long as we’re a little bit above that! YNWA

    • Respect for what? Wasting 200M plus on players? Having the 3rd best player in the world and not winning the league? Worst defensive record in Liverpool’s history?

      • Did you abuse Rafa for not winning the league with the best number 9 in the world, the best dm in the world, the best centre mid in the world and the best attacking mid in the world?

        • Rafa wasn’t given a 200M budget to spend and Rafa won the Champions League in his first year and he took us a to a final in 2007.

          • Rafa spent 229 million. Did a good job but failed to win the league with 4 of the best players in the world. Had Gerrard not pulled us out of the fire against Olympaikos would he be abused for not winning the 2007 final or the Pl with 4 of the best players in the world in his side? Not by me-going on your criteria for Rodgers your respect would have being minimal clearly.

          • Rafa’s net spend (buys minus sales) per year during his tenure was around 10M pounds per year.
            Liverpool had 4 of the best players in the world? Seriously? Are your referring to Gerrard, Torres, Alonso and Mascherano? Maybe, if we exclude the Spanish, Italian and German leagues from the equation.

          • Explaining net spend!really?
            Are you trying to suggest Rodgers had large net spends?
            Who was better in their positions at that time than those 4 players?

          • At least Rafa won trophies what did Brendon win Leicester could win the league this season the difference is that Claudio’s team don’t concede many goals Brendon’s team shipped too many goals .

          • Rafa won 2 trophies in 6 seasons in a time when Man city were not a force, H&G were putting the future of the club at risk to pay wages to buy Mascherano and Torress. Yes Rodgers team shipped them at the same rate as Klopps-when will the defensive coach call start for Klopp?

            you have a clear agenda- which makes depate with you ungenuine. We have already had this. Why are you even replying? What have written in these replies is childish nonsense or are you genuinely unable to see the bigger picture?

          • Rafa also got to other finals as well ,please be free to list which finals Brendon took us to .Mascherano was a decent signing and we got our money back.The defence is improving under Klopp with a pre season under Klopp the defence will be better next season we won’t be shipping close to 50 goals a season when Klopp has fine tuned the defence .Which clubs have been interested in Brendon’s services ?

          • Rafa won some trophies Brendon won second place you don’t get any trophies for second place .Rafa also came second but you don’t hear him talking about it every time he does an interview .Rafa bought Alonso,Mascherano and Torres Brendon could have had a better team with the level of investment but he signed Allen .Brendon failed in the transfer market .

          • Rafa was allowed compete on wages which nearly broke the club, Rodgers was not. Are you completely oblivious to what that means?

          • Brendon achieved one second place finish and he’s still talking about it. Talk about desperation when trying to list your achievements .H&G are the ones that nearly broke the club compete on wages Benteke £120,000 a week a Brendon signing that doesn’t fit the way we play .

        • A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets in between the Earth and the sun not when Brendon squeezes his buttocks together .

      • Before switching to a more attacking set up with Gerrard as the deepest midfielder in 13/14, we conceded 43 goals – much better than the 55 of both 92/93 and 93/94. Or the 44 in 10/11. Or 49 in 98/99.

        None of which saw us score 101 goals (our top flight record). Or have a goal difference of +51 (our PL era record).

        Learn your history before opining on it.

          • Well put, sir. But the 70 goals scored by his teammates was more than all the goals from each season for the previous 25 years or so.

            And Coutinho is “the magician.”

            I think quite a few people could do with taking the time to revisit that season on YouTube to remember just how amazing the other players were – Gerrard, Sturridge, Coutinho, Sterling, Henderson, et al.

            Sad that ended so tragically, but for me there are all kinds of glories and that season was a glorious ride. Suarez picking the ball out of the net at Palace – there are moments when football transcends mere sport and enters the hallowed realm of poetry.

          • We should have won the league with Rafa and Rodgers. The football Gods were not kind to us in both cases. They made us smell the cup but not be able to touch it. Rafa’s problem were the draws which cost us the league. With Rodgers, we should have played more like Chelsea in the last five games i.e. park the bus and play counterattack football.

    • well said, thanks for the memory’s Brendan so near but yet so far, I dont know about you but i still remember dancing around the work place singing “now your gonna believe us”

        • you can choose to only remember the not so good times if it keeps you happy , it still totally amazes that some people for some reason want to block out of there mind that we were inches any from our first title in quarter of a century. im not defending his tenure of the club only saying that he brought amazing joy that season, you keep up your negatives

          • I’m giving a balanced view he had one good season that’s an honest opinion the other 2 seasons were not great .He almost won the title so did Houllier and Rafa ,Evans also went close as well i’ll keep up the factual side of things.

          • sure the other managers nearly won I was not comparing managers was i only pointing out that his tenure was not a total failure. his first season was not great but at the same time we were restructuring the wage budget and sold a lot of players, but was pretty much the same as the season before, second season to be honest surprised all of us but what joy the second half of the season was just like it was with rafa 2009, houllier 2002 we were still 7 points behind. third season was a total disaster there is no question. roy evans was no where near the league best he finished was 3rd im not slagging him off just being factual like you wanted

          • 96/97 Roy’s team was contesting the title they didn’t finish second but going into the last month they were the only contenders but I think we ended up 4th .

    • Conceded nearly 150 league goals in 3 seasons .In truth Brendon had one good season the second place finish will be his biggest achievement in football .

    • Bump some of our rivals out of the champions league? he’s more likely to take Swansea down to the Championship .

  3. Not sure why this site and it’s writers continue to bang on about Rodgers when it only causes strife on here(unless that’s what they are going for).

    • I suppose because he was once a red and there is still an element of goodwill towards him. I hope he does okay in his new job, despite my annoyance of him accepting a huge pay off.

      • Those pay offs are generally dependent on when he returns to work. The payout is almost never the full contract if he returns to work before the end of the terminated contract. His actual payout will be closer to 8 months salary with some extras most likely if he is back working this summer.

  4. Loads of anti Allen comments here. Give it a rest. He has been serving Liverpool proud and a nice guy also. Also lets lower the vitriol against our ex manager please. I don’t like all the pay off money he accepted, but he is still human and was once a red.

      • That is not the crux of what i am saying. My main point is, he was one of us and a bit of decorum and respect would not go amiss.

        • Funny how the ones beating their chests about how much they love Klopp act in ways that would embarrass and probably even anger him.

          Klopp is passionate, but he is also humble and very much a gentleman. The antithesis of the (highly) vocal minority of meatheads around these parts.

          You know them, the ones who try to put down anyone who disagrees with them, even though they just make themselves look exactly like what they are.

          • I agree, Klopp is a gentleman and seems to have a high level of emotional intelligence. I am sure he would wish Rodgers the best. I hope we don’t turn on him one day like this. We all make mistakes, but we are all reds or were. I forgive souness, Owen, globbelaar etc for their misdemeanors. They will always be one of us.

  5. Swansea, about the right size of club that BR is capable of managing with ‘middle of table’ expectations at best, just the right match.

  6. bodgers there is a vacancy at Villa Park, try your best there, i know you can save the club from relegation in 3 weeks, show us your mettle, you are that good.

  7. I wonder whether he would take the job if Swansea went down (unlikely).

    He claimed he turned the job down already this season, and stepping back into the Championship might be too big a blow to his ego.

    Perhaps he’s only interested in the job now that he’s reasonably confident they’re safe and better offers have failed to materialise.

    I hope we absolutely batter his Swansea next season.

    • Honestly, I had imagined him taking over at a place like Valencia (he does speak Spanish), but Neville’s relative fall from grace might put a stop to such a move.

      I remember his Swansea getting clapped off by the Kop. Here’s a report from Nov. 2011:

      Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish seemed unconcerned that some home fans booed their own team on the final whistle, preferring to reserve their applause for their slick-passing guests from Wales.

      Three home draws in succession were too many for a significant number of irate fans. And although Dalglish can play down the crowd’s reaction all he likes, the no-nonsense Scotsman knows this is not Champions League form.

      Michel Vorm produced a spectacular save from a delicious Luis Suarez drive, the inward curl created by the outside of the Uruguayan’s boot. And the Dutchman indulged in more acrobatics when Glen Johnson was close to stealing late victory.

      But the knowledgeable Anfield supporters knew that would have been rough justice on Swansea, and that is why many stayed to applaud the visitors for sticking to their football principles of neat passing and sweet movement.

      Visiting manager Brendan Rodgers was more than grateful. He said: “They know their football and they know when a team can play, so that was a mark of our performance. They showed a touch of class to give us that round of applause at the end, I want to thank them.”

      • Here’s one for you, from May 2015:

        “Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard endured a nightmare send-off in his final game for the club as Stoke embarrassed the Reds with five first-half goals at the Britannia Stadium.

        Stoke scored three in eight minutes, Mame Biram Diouf netting a brace and Jonathan Walters also on target.

        Ex-Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam made it 4-0 from 20 yards before Steven Nzonzi added the fifth from 25 yards.

        Gerrard got one back before substitute Peter Crouch headed Stoke’s sixth.

        This was no way for a player of Gerrard’s stature to bow out.

        The Los Angeles Galaxy-bound midfielder managed to mark his 710th and final appearance for the Reds with a 186th goal.

        But the 34-year-old was badly let down by his team-mates who were out-classed and out-witted from start to finish.

        Liverpool finish the season sixth in the table, enough to secure a Europa League third qualifying round spot.

        But boss Brendan Rodgers, who dropped young forward Raheem Sterling to the bench after he turned down a new contract, clearly has his work cut out this summer to rebuild his team.

        In contrast, Stoke end a productive campaign ninth in the table after a thumping win.

        Mark Hughes’s rampant side showed no mercy as they easily swept aside Liverpool in an astonishing first-half display.

        Diouf opened the floodgates in the 22nd minute after Simon Mignolet parried Adam’s powerful drive into the striker’s path.

        It was 2-0 four minutes later, Diouf letting fly from the edge of the area after being afforded far too much time and space.

        Liverpool looked shell-shocked when Walters made it 3-0 on the half hour after poor defending by Emre Can allowed the Stoke striker to pounce from close range despite Mignolet’s best efforts.

        The Reds were a shambles, Adam making it 4-0 after pouncing on a mistake by Lucas Leiva to power home from 20 yards.

        It was Steven Nzonzi’s who came up with the goal of the game, the French midfielder making it 5-0 from long distance on the stroke of half time.

        Rodgers sent on Kolo Toure and Jordon Ibe in an effort to tighten up the defence at the start of the second half.

        Gerrard did manage to mark his last game with a goal after a composed low finish.

        But another Liverpool old boy restored Stoke’s five-goal cushion as Peter Crouch headed home just five minutes after coming on as a substitute.

        At the end, Gerrard could not wait to get off the pitch after a miserable farewell appearance.”

  8. BODGERS job Hunt –

    Hi Chelsea, eh Yeah I heard you need an interim replacement for mourinho with top character.
    Chelsea: brendan we don’t need you thanks.

    Hi England, eh Yeah I heard you need an replacement for the dinosaur with top character.
    England: we will take our chances elsewhere.

    Hi United , eh Yeah I heard you need an interim replacement for van gaal with top character.
    UNITED : brendan we don’t need you we have philosophy.

    Eh Liverpool do you need a character coach?

    No brendan. P*** OFF.

    He should of just taken the Swansea job earlier

  9. Bayern needed a new manager so did Man City and Chelsea why on earth are those teams looking at the likes of Ancelotti ,Gaurdiola and Conte when Brendon is available the management at those clubs are clueless.

  10. Finally he will be re-united with Ashley Williams. and buy back Shelvey from Newcastle and Allen from Pool and Borini from Sunderland. Should be all set for relegation.

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