Summer View From Rd End: Man United

The second of our interviews with opposing fans this summer sees our friendly Manc forumite ‘kendoddsdogsdead’ give the United view on all things interesting – and not so interesting…

TIA: So, how did you rate the last 12 months? Disappointing or signs of hope?

Ken!: Err! in a word, awful. To go out of the champions league to two debutants and a team that had only won one previous game in the competition was dreadfully embarrassing. neh, unforgivable. The premiership quickly became a one horse race by october, so 2nd place was always priority.

Malcolm Glazer; describe the man in three words…

He kept Ferguson….(nuff said)

What about old Whiskey Nose Ferguson, should he still be in charge or should he have moved on years ago and left on a high?

Ahh, that old chestnut. Well, like many United fans, I was kind of on the fence when he did decided to stay on. When we last won the league and picked the trophy up at Goodison, we all knew it was Beckham’s last hoorarr, along with Veron and Nicky Butt. Most of us feel that day he should have announced his departure whilst we was in some kind of good shape, and open the door for a new manager with fresh ideas, someone to bring in some new legs. Its true what they say, you can be at a club too long, alas I fear this is the case now. But I feel this will be his last.

Who should we look out for next season then?

If you mean at United, then i’d say without doubt Guiseppe Rossi. He’s a New Yorker of Italian parentage and at just 18 looks the bogs dollocks. Reminds me a bit of another Olle Gunnar. Not shy to have a pop with both feet, always seems to be in the right place kind of player.

And who do you realistically see yourselves signing this summer?

Suprisingly, probably not anyone of note. We need to remember that Fergie’s close to the end now, and with finances being what they are, and the way Chelski fritter it around, its my opinion that it may be a season of consolidation, take your medicine time. Its difficult enough these days getting the right players, but when Abramovic steps in with his wedge, they’re only going to go one place. So what is the point in the board throwing millions at Fergie …(which they haven’t got) and when he goes leaves it all tits up. I reckon they’ll bide their time with big money and release it to a new manager who ever it may be?

Great stuff, so what about us, have you been impressed with the Reds and the Rafa-lution?

I rate Carragher highly. His concentration level seems immense, and don’t forget, he scored a great double for us once! Laughing. And of course there’s Gerrard. He can play a bit can’t he. Not suprised to see Morientes go back home, it just never happened for him, shit happens sometimes though. Benitez is part of the new breed isn’t he. Pity Cisse has broken his leg again, I’m sure Rafa would have been looking at offers for him, Cisse never looked happy at being played wide right too often and his performances showed it.

Looking forward to your trip to Anfield? I bet Gary Neville is!

Always do! I know Anfield is like a flat pack ground that you’d think you could buy at B’&Q, :-) But for us Reds its always the one to be at. Not sure about Nev though? Word is there was far too much mustard on last seasons complimentary burger!

And what of our squad, do you feel we can cut the gap on Chelsea again next season, and could we even win the league?

Cut the gap…maybe!……….. win it?………No, not a chance. Yes Liverpool have made steady progress and apart from getting a bit of a ruffing up by Benfica last season, they seemed to maintain their focus on finishing well, which they did. But i’m affraid barring a totally unforseen disaster from Chelski, it will be United and Liverpool up there again picking up what scraps we can get. I’d predict Chelsea to win it again by 5 or 6 points.

The World Cup: Care a little, care a lot or couldn’t give a crap really?

Care passionately. Not about England i might add, but the tournament in general. If England do well, fair enough. But fear earlyish tears again.

Your tips for next season?

Title: Chelsea
Top Scorer: Schevchenko
Relegated: Sheff Utd, Watford, Wigan.
Player to come from no-where and impress: Not sure. Difficult one.
Liverpool will finish: 3rd’ish
United will finish:2nd’ish.

Thanks to kenny for his answers, as ever, refreshing to hear praise for Carragher.

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