Introducing the TIA Kop Cup 2007

With no World Cup or European Championships to keep us entertained in the close season this summer, we have created our own version of the World Cup, with 32 entries playing against each other to find the all time Liverpool man of the match.

There’s 32 memorable performances in the first round where you can reminicse about the legendary performances from a bygone era to recent times. From Kevin Keegan against Roma in 1977 to Didi Hamann and Stevie Gerrard in Istanbul in 2005.

Remember David Fairclough the super sub against St. Ettienne, Bruce Grobelaar in the 1984 European Cup Final, Michael Owen in the 2001 FA Cup Final, John Barnes in the 9-0 demolition of Crystal Palace or Fowler’s 4 minute hat trick against Arsenal in 1994…

There’s also some surprise names in the 32 including Nigel Clough, Stan Collymore and Howard Gayle – find out which match they are included for as the competition advances.

We will begin with two ties this Friday (June 8th) then two more ties every two days there after until the first round of 32 is halved to 16. Votes will take place in the forums, so if you aren’t already registered do so now!

We will be encouraging users to give their personal memories of the matches and performances and we will be posting videos and pictures from the matches involved.

There’s been hundreds of outstanding performances by Liverpool players down the years, we have choosen 32 memorable ones and now you get to vote on your favourite to give us an all time Liverpool man of the match award!

Stay tuned to the site from Friday…