UEFA are incredibly clever

Those clowns at UEFA have gone full circle with the announcement from President Michael Platini that “No they are not the worst behaved in Europe. It’s official, they are not the worst behaved in Europe.”

Platini also said “The issue is not that they are English or Spanish, one club or another, it is simply about fans who travel without tickets and it can be anyone.

“This is an old story. We know about this, it is just that more English fans follow their clubs than those from other countries. It is not as if one set of fans are good or one set bad. This is not the question in the end. We cannot go around saying that.”

Interestingly, after the meeting with sports minister Richard Caborn, Platini said “This not about laying blame, it’s about how to stop this from happening again and so we have decided to set up a special working group, a task force, which will look at ways to achieve this.”

So, UEFA are going to create a task force to look into stadium criteria such as the location and capacity along with issues such as the facilities for supporters outside the ground, transportation and access. Isn’t that a truely wonderful idea? They are such a clever bunch for thinking of this.

Quite why this doesn’t happen already isn’t clear?