Carra: ‘˜This is worse than a bad spell’

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has made public is worry about Liverpool lack of form this season, with Saturday’s FA Cup blow at home to Barnsley being a new low for Rafa Benitez’s men.

Despite a good start to the season, Liverpool have faltered with very inconsistent and lacklustre form since the Autumn. A shaky early Champions League campaign saw the Reds only just squeeze through to the second round, where they face Inter Milan at home tomorrow night.

Carragher says, “I wouldn’t call it just a bad spell – it’s been longer. We realise we are not playing well enough. It’s not a matter of putting your finger on one reason. It’s simply because we have not been good enough.”

“We’ve still got Europe to play for and we have to fight for that fourth place, so every league game is going to be important. We have to make sure we are in the Champions League next season.”