Redknapp confused by Rafa

Former Liverpool captain and now media football pundit Jamie Redknapp, says he is baffled by the recent tactical decisions of Reds boss Rafa Benitez.

The Spanish manager has come under immense critcism from the media and fans after several tactical blunders seemingly allowed points to slip from under his team’s grasp.

Redknapp, who played for Liverpool between 1991-2002, wrote in the Daily Mail, “Liverpool are going backwards. The decision to take off Steven Gerrard – who was not injured – at Wigan is confusing. What message does it send out? Gerrard will win you a game standing on one leg, so I don’t understand what was behind the change.

“The manager has started tinkering with the team again and the body language of the players is not good.

“The destabilising of Robbie Keane is bizarre. He has not performed as well as many expected – me included – but he is better than he is being treated.

“Many clubs would like to have a player of his ability. Keane is a strong personality and a popular player in the dressing room, so the management of the Irishman can only have a negative impact on the squad.”