Big Sam out of his depth

Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce has decided to have his two cents on the war of words between Rafa Benitez and Alex Ferguson ahead of tomorrow’s meeting at Anfield in the Premier League.

Self-proclaiming “major tactician” Allardyce believes Benitez should not have launched his tirade against Ferguson in January. Since then Manchester Utd replaced the Reds at the top of the league, but also lost 1-4 at home to Benitez’s men.

Why big, fat, whatever he is, Sam, thinks anyone wants to hear his views on this matter is beyond me. No one cares about you, Sam.

You’d be foolish taking on Sir Alex because he knows every trick in the book.

Except he has been psyched out you plank, have you not been reading the papers lately? See Bitter Ferguson Cracking Up (16/3/09), Rattled Ferguson Babbles On (21/3/09) and Rafa Responds To Fergie Rant (22/3/09).

‘I’ve managed to psyche out a few managers in my time but nobody has ever psyched me out.’

No one cares enough, Sam. Nor did they even realise you were psyching them out. Have a gold star anyway.

Irrespective of what label they might give me, if I can beat Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United home or away, then I am a major tactician and a very good manager.’

But Newcastle Utd still sacked you after eight months and you’re in the middle of a battle against relegation at Ewood Park.

Know when to keep quiet, eh! You’ll never manage England.

Liverpool vs Blackburn Rovers gets underway at 12.45pm tomorrow and is live on Sky Sports.