Fulham boss says Reds still in title hunt

Liverpool can’t be written out of the title race just yet, says Fulham boss Roy Hodgson.

Hodgson lead his team to a 3-1 victory over the Reds on Saturday, subjecting Rafa Benitez’s men to their fifth league defeat of the season so far.

With eleven games gone, Liverpool lie in sixth place in the league table, nine points behind league leaders Chelsea, seven points behind Manchester Utd and four points behind Arsenal who have a game in hand.

But Hodgson believes Liverpool have the players necessary to catch up the points and make an assault on the Premier League title.

He said, “You never know. They are a very good team, very well organised. They have some very good players and are unlucky at the moment that their talisman Steven Gerrard isn’t playing and Torres isn’t 100 per cent fit and has to be nursed through the games.

“But I can see them going on a really good run when they win seven, eight, nine games in a row and if that was to coincide with one or two defeats for the other top teams they would soon be up there again.

“With a quarter of the season gone it is very early to be writing anybody off. I remember not so long ago Manchester United were lingering in the middle of the table almost halfway through the season and went on to win it.”